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I bought my home in Dec 13. Went on SSDI in Feb. My mortgage is 3400.00. This house is eating me alive. What are my options?
Do I sell and if I do sell can I buy a smaller home i.e.: will I be able to get a mortgage? Any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you.
Mobile Home in a Park
I need to sell my Mobile Home in a park Fast. I own Land elsewhere and need to live there fir financial reasons. Help Please.
I have a mobile home which I cannot sell. I am running out of time and money. I really cannot afford to keep it anymore. I want to get rid of it FAST.
Can I ask someone to come and tow it away and give the land back to the park? Will that release my name on this place?
Sellers rights on contract to buyer . the buyer has not maintain insurance on the house I am selling him it is in the contract. He did for year
Then he dropped it . I am out of the USA living in the Philippines . He will not take my call to get this matter take care off . What can I do ? is he in breach of contract
I have listed a property for sale in Clifton Heights with my realtor of 8 years. Not getting many showings from MLS.
I want to consult other realtors and see if they have buyers looking for newly rehabbed 3 BR house with central air.
how do I claim my house? It is listed as sold but it is not.
I need to claim it so I can change the listing from sold to for sale, I am the owner.
I sold my home in Dallas. The title company comes back and says they made a mistake and forgot to input the HOA resale certificate in the HUD form.
I sold my home in Dallas. The title company comes back and says they made a mistake and forgot to input the HOA resale certificate in the HUD form. Where would this reimbursement be listed on the HUD form…
Is it ethical to switch realtors if I haven't signed a contract?
I am listing my father's home to sell for his estate. My probate attorney recommended a realtor that they often use, and I spoke with her a few times. She looked up some comps and sent me a contract,…
Has anyone partnered with a interior designer to increase marketability of properties in need of remodeling?
In my area, buyers seem to value looks over value, and it is difficult to locate buyers for properties in need of remodeling - even when they are priced aggressively. It strikes me that it might be easier…
I'm unable to add a listing and claim it as my own.
I searched for my listing on Trulia and it was there, but not yet claimed by me. I went to My Listings and searched for it so I could claim it. I claimed it but it never showed up--48 hours later--in…
Doe's it make sense to stage a home for a real estate sales brochure if the home is going to be sold empty?
We are building a new home and will move into it prior to putting the current home on the market.The home is exceptionally clean and well kept.
I am looking to sell a rental home of mine in Maricopa.
Are homes selling now. I could use some help selling my home I have a realtor but I feel like nothing is being done. Its a 3 bed 2 bath home about 1650 sqft, 1 story
Why would my broker refuse to give me an unconditional release?
We have had our house on the market with Signature Homes of NY for 9 months now and they have not brought 1 potential buyer to our home. We have lowered the price five times now, based on our agents recommendation,…
Selling your own home
How do you go about selling your home by yourself?
Are broker/agent rates negotiable?
How do I determine the market rate for a listing agent/broker in my neighborhood? What is the best way to negotiate the rate? I want a motivated agent but I don't want to overpay a commission on…
i am the home owner how do i claim my home?
cant get brokers off detail page
I'm trying to sell my co op in Bronxville NY PO
I'm not happy with my broker. Others are selling in my area. I haven't even gotten 1 offer since Dec 2013. I'm so frustrated. Reduced price 2x Even put my own ads in classifieds. Help please
Would a large real estate corporation be likely to budge on length of inspection period?
Our for-sale home has received a cash offer from a large real estate corporation looking to lease it. One of the stipulations is that they have 14 business days (not including weekends or holidays) to…
Picking a selling price for a home.
What is a better price point to sell a home in Raleigh, NC? Assume a FMV of 490K. Is it better to list at $499K and be willing to come off that price by 2% to a buyer or list at $525K and be willing…
Is an agent's failure to provide feedback unprofessional or just a lack of common courtesy?
Half of the agents that show my house don't even bother to respond to my agent's repeated requests for feedback. I find this appalling and unprofessional. I'm thinking of reporting the offenders to their…
Agent works for the seller, right?
Selling my parents home...listed 7days ago, received offer yesterday. Home listed below appraisal for quick sell. Offer is 10k less, buyer wants ALL CLOSING COSTS PAID BY US and brand new wall to wall…
Why can't I find a home by typing address in search box? I also cannot find another home. Addresses are: 126 and 136 Fountain Way, Scott
Depot, WV I know both homes are on Trulia because I saw them previously. But now I cant get them to come up when I search.
What, if anything, can be done to bar the buyer's agent from getting his portion of the commission? Please read details.
I know if any agents are reading this, I can guess what the responses will be. I'm asking you to try to view this from a purely objective perspective. The buyer's agent has done *nothing* to earn his commission,…
price of my home
4 bedroom 2 full baths laminate floors security system basement double lot washer dryer
Is it best to have your property inspected before you place it on the market for sale?
I'm curious to know what Seller's think. Would you like to know the issues with your home before, or would you rather find out from a prospective buyer's inspection report?
Hi, I'm selling a house in Cardiff by the Sea, CA, 92007. The map function doesn't work.
If I type in the address, I get the proper listing and photos. If I type in the map, the listing doesn't show up. What gives?
received an email from a real estate investment firm wanting to buy our home. what is this? is it a scam? they say to buy homes and close quickly.
we just want to sell. we are not late in payments, or in forclosure. what's up with this email?
Is an agent's failure to provide feedback unprofessional or just a lack of common courtesy?
Almost half of the agents that show my home by appointment do not provide any feedback to my agent despite repeated requests. I consider this unprofessional and lacking in common courtesy. Should the offenders…
I'm a realtor representing several developers in central florida ( single new homes at amazing prices ) I have too a very good list of used properties
I am looking for partners in New York , New Jersey , Washington , Atlanta and Philadelphia for marketing this amazing properties , if interested email Me at robenca3@yahoo.com , VENCORP REAL ESTATE .
My property is listed at the wrong price, wrong realtor, wrong days on market, and wrong address description. How do I get you to correct?
You are hurting my chances of having people be interested in my home with all the misinformation you are giving out. PLEASE CONTACT ME FOR THE CORRECT INFORMATION.
Why is there so much inconsistency with deadlines in this process??
Why is it that some things have specific "due by" dates, and others just kind of happen whenever? If the buyers have X days to get an inspection and send an addendum, why do they not also have X days to…
So our home, purchased for 570K, was "rated by Trulia" according to our bank, that the home is worth 390K now.
Obviously, the banks want to low ball us on real estate but THIS SITE is what was cited as the valuation of our home. It's complete crap - the house was originally 4700 SQ FT and we renovated the…
Carport Issues in Chicago
We own a condo in a three flat in Wicker Park and the condo association is trying to install a carport with garage door in the parking area in the rear of the building. We all feel that this will definitely…
House for sell---not selling
My house has been on the market for 12 days. We had some people looking at it the first week but now it's been 5 days since we have gotten any calls. I'm freaking out! Homes in this area (South Hill, WA)…
Selling a house un-permitted (bathroom in bedroom)
We redid the bathroom in our master bedroom. It originally only had a small wash basin and toilet. We made a bit larger and added a shower stall as well. We would now like to sell within 2 years time.…
My property just lost zoning from 3 family unit to 1 family, and I want to sell if off "AS-IS", I am an out of town owner. Good deal for a
local. I am an out of town owner and want to sell off asap, its too tiresome to manage from hlaf weay around the world. 3 family unit is now 1 family on Locust St, Rochester, NY. Will sell to best offer.…
Trying (tried?) to sell in Chesapeake, VA.
Put our 4bed/3bath house in the market in Chesapeake VA back in March for approx. $380k (to give room for negotiation. 6 months later price was down to approx $340k with still almost no interest. Good…
Does it really take 72hrs, or can you post a listing immediately?
I was told by my agent that I have to wait 72 hours for my listing to post since it is on his MLS feed. Is there a way for him to just upload the pictures and list it now? I have a time crunch, and every…
can i find out the realtor that sold a particular home?
i'd like to find the name of the realtor that sold 15 manor knoll court baldwin maryland 21013 in approximately may of 2007.
It is available at website easily ?
I am astonished by its tremendous results! It’s reworked Pine Tree State into slim and lite ladies with slightly of high confidence and nice energy levels.Lots of dietary supplements square measure out…
It is available at website easily ?
I am astonished by its tremendous results! It’s reworked Pine Tree State into slim and lite ladies with slightly of high confidence and nice energy levels.Lots of dietary supplements square measure out…
I tried to update the info on my house but the web site would not let me. How can I update info on a house I trying to sell myself (sale by owner)?
This is the address of my house I am trying to sell myself: 6004 Lakeview Rd, Baltimore, MD 21210.
Can I find an agent that will work in my side? Or are all agents, double sided. Here some of my experience, Terrisa, patty, Jaimy, Mirand, coldwell,
Reason I need an honest, agent, is that what I sell are all updated homes, and not junk. To be sold at price of a shed. all have new heating system and 220V.
Buyer Demands at Closing
I was selling a house to a buyer with a VA loan (last time I will ever do that), and I was required to make some repairs, including one involving a beam in the garage for $750. Repairs were made and paid…
The people buying our home are doing a VA loan. The appraiser appraised our home for $30000 less than the contracted sale price. He used three low
comps. He is notorious for giving low appraisals. The comps he used did not even compare to our home. He did not consider the updates we have done to our home. Long story short, we are going through…
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