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Home land sales
Home plus land sales in last nine months in newberry county South Carolina
I noticed that your website had my home appraised at a market value of $261,600. It also had the square footage listed a bit over 2400.
The heated square footage of my house is 2100. Could you tell me why there is a difference with your square footage estimate. I would like to speak with one of your agents or staff members if possible.…
You have information listed on your system that is negatively misleading regarding our property for sale at 29 Sunnyside Rd Scotia, NY.
You do not list our purchase price of the house in 2003 which is public record for $277,000. People viewing your page will think we are looking to profit $140,000 which is not the case. Please correct…
Unactive license then became active right before closing.
Can an active real estate agent in Florida get paid on a listing she referred because her license was inactive at the time of the listing, but activated her license before closing?
You have a small tax accounting preparation and bookkeeping practice. A new client enters your office and places a box of receipts and bank statements
You role in this scenario is to decide on what you will do, what you can do, and how to proceed. Do you complete the financials, and are you able to prepare the tax returns? What information do you give…
Based on the value of my current property, how much should be offered as a pay out to one spouse?
Spouses separated. Spouse 1 keeps the house to sell later once property is trasferred. how much can spouse 1 pay out spouse 2?
looking for quality rental property in the best areas of Detroit. Belmont, Rosedale, Bagley. Are these the 'best' areas? areas. Thanks
I am looking at 3bed 2bth at least 1000 sqf. I am looking to rent to working professionals (not section 8) in a neighbourhood with mainly owner occupiers. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks for all…
Our home is located directly on the 6th green of Red Hill Country Club golf course, with gate access. There
are only 28 homes located directly on the course, and of those only 4 have gate access. Only 2 are located directly on a green. These particular features are highly coveted by current and prospective…
i need real estate signs
i am looking for a company that puts up real estate signs
Appraisal came in higher than sales price
i am the seller and we bought the appraisal at the request of the buyer. we paid the appraiser and told her our email to send the appraisal to. The appraiser gave the appraisal to the buyer and will not…
How do I delete photos?
Some details and images of my home have changed. How do I delete some photos?
We have a three bedroom condo in Ketchum that we would like to put on the market. How is the housing market?
right now? Is it as depressed as the rest of the United States? We are not in a rush to sell.
I wish to sell my 1500 sq foot Custom ranch in Southern Maine (Arundel) for $297k and buy a home in Dover-Foxcroft Maine for under $150k
Cant I list my home for sale by owner on Trulia? I was forced to retire after 30 years due to illness, I can no longer afford my mortgage or maintain my own home.
How do I list Property on Trulia?
I have 6 wooded acres for sale and would like to list on Trulia.
I hear its a sellers' market in Houston now. I've owned my home for ~4 years but am considering on selling. Should I? What factors should I?
consider? I currently rent out my home (I don't live there) which is another factor. I'm afraid if I wait longer in hopes for prices to rise, I will be disappointed if the market goes down. I've…
Best way to market a teardown on a spectacular lot in Indian Wells?
Our agent has been marketing our property as a conventional home sale that needs a lot of work. Prospects love the house and are blown away by the location and views. When they come back with their contractor…
Taxes on a lost
I'm trying to sell my place to 190k, total amount that I owe to get out even. If I sell it to that amount or less, having a lost, do I still need to pay taxes on that? Don't wanna do a short…
Who can write Seller Financing documents?
I have a lovely home / property in Collegeville PA. I want to sell it myself and offer seller financing. Who would be best to write the mortgage etc? I believe I'd need a loan doc, an All Inclusive…
Recording a property with only copies of the deed transfer???
My parents home was transfer to my name in order for it not to be an inconvenience for their divorce. Now we are trying to sell the property and it still shows all 3 of our names on the title as it was…
My father owes $45,000 on his $200,000 house. Can he sell it to me for what he owes?
I would want to buy the house legally and take a home equity loan out to fix it up. He was going to transfer the house to me but was told I could not take an equity loan our for 1 year if it was not a…
Hi Tara, I am undecided on how to deal w/old carpet: give an allowance, go ahead & replace, or…I would have to up the asking price to cover
that cost I have been following your blog for some time. I have decided to put my 2/2 condo on the market in a couple of months. Your article re: “fixing this, but not that” was helpful, but…
how do I split two tied lots in the city of Los Angeles?
My property has one APN but two lots that are tied together; lots 33 and 34. How do I untie the lots so that each one of them can have its own APN
Need Advice Regarding Real Estate Broker
My house has been posted on the MLS system since February and has only had 1 showing and only 1 call regarding interest in our property. I have asked my broker numerous times about reposting new photos…
Trulia's estimate of my house price is very low
I've had two appraisals and Trulia is 40% below those. Why is that and how can I get it fixed on Trulia. I am trying to sell my home and the Trulia estimate is depressing the price.
I have a home in New Iberia that i have been trying to sell for over a year and i am in desperate need on
getting it sold. The home is in Timberstone Estates 3 Bed 2 Bath and i am asking $182k but im paying two mortgages and i just ready to get rid of the home. Its new construction. any advice?
Will $3000 to refinish wood floors be $$ down the drain or an investment in the marketing & sale of the house?
Getting ready to sell my house and I have wood floors. Is it best to refinish them before I show the house. cost is almost $3000 to refinish them. Wondering if I will get that investment back at sale…
My house is underwater and I would like to either short sale or walk away. I bought the home before I met my wife so she is not on the mortgage.
How is insolvency cAlculated? Would my wife's 401k saved be added to my assets to calculate an insolvency?
I have to file separate married because my wife has assets and I need to do a short sale . The property is in my name. I need to do this for
Showing I am insolvent. If my wife has a 401k in assets, do they consider half of that as my asset in my return. If they do I may not be insolvent and then cannot -afford to do a short sale. Any recommendations…
r can i short sale my home it is 80/20 and what are my consequences if does not sell in 2013 or i am not insovlent.
property value is about 60-70 thousand maybe 160 1st mortgage about 30 the second mortgage.
What is the standard practice with agents for selling homes?
Our house has been listed for 3 months, and we dont hear from our agent. Even after a showing, she doesn't give us any feed back.... if we should change something, lower the price. We are left wondering…
How do I cancel a listing agreement when I didn't even sign it with this realtor!?
Home Buyer in Fenton, MI How do I cancel a real estate contract? I listed my home with a realtor, and she required a one year listing agreement. She the pushed a family member of hers on is to complete…
Trying to understand a path forward on a rental propery
Hello, I own a rental property that I am currently renting for 1350 in East Norriton, PA. Looking at home values in the area, I basically am around 5-10 K underwater on the home. Living in florida…
How do I "claim" my home?
All I want to do is list my home here FSBO but I have to answer stupid questions that were written 3 years ago in order to go any further it looks like to me.
Selling our home ourselves or with an agent.
We are about ready to sell our home. We have met with 4 agents and they estimate we can list our home for an average price of XXX,XXX. They all indicate it will sell fast because of all our new improvement,…
I have a home in TN that we have a lease option contract on, I received an email last week from them saying that they found there foreclosure papers
and that they would not be able to puchase until aug 2014, the lease with option will expire in nov 2013 I can redo the lease with an extension that is not a problem. The problem is my 3yr waiting period…
Im looking to invest into some residential homes in Atlanta can anyone tell me were is the best areas to buy low fix and sell?
Seems a decent home runs between 20-30k for investments. I will be heading down there and buying in 2 months.
How long do FHA appraisals take to get the results back?
I accepted an offer on my house, and the FHA appraisal was last Friday, so it's been a week now. How long do these things typically take before the results are in?
We are looking for a bigger home, but owe more than its worth. What are our options? Do we have any?
We are in need of a larger home, we have family that will be moving in with us permanently, our existing house is underwater, I would guess we owe 100-150k more then it is worth. Do we have any options?…
We will be putting our home on the market within the next 30 days. We live in a gated lake community in a 3 story (full basement) 3028 sq. ft. home.
We have remodeled the kitchen & bath rooms. There are 5 bedrooms & 3.5 bathrooms. all new flooring, newly painted. the comps in the area aren't even close to what we would like to put it up for. should…
Looking for a completely renovated family home on a 1 acre corner lot in Ridgeway Estates?
Walk to Hillview C.C., 4 BD/2.5 BA with an additional 500 sq ft finished partial basement. New energy efficient heat system,windows,roof,2 zone A/C and much more! Great neighborhood! Call for appt 7814546844
How do I put my house on this website? it is already with a relator that has a house on this website?
http://www.pointseastre.com/detail.php?id=245 I am selling my home and would like it to be on this website.
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