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Am selling 3500 sq ft log cabin home on 2.5 acres in duchesne , utah with garage loft, mt views stainless steel appliances, two decks, walkin closetsl
laundry room , vaulted ceilimgs, two fireplaces, biltins, furnished or unfurnished. 275 k or make offer . Great retirement or family vacation home , lots of room and peaceful area 80 mi east of Park city…
Berwyn Heights MD House For Sale Near UMD
Selling my 2BR / 2 BA house, fully fenced yard, quiet street, Central AC. About 2 Miles from UMD. Near UMD Bus Route, great location. http://www.flickr.com/photos/forsale8511/ pictures at the flickr…
Advantages & Disadvantages of selling your home furnished (while you are still living in the home) or empty?
Advantages & Disadvantages of selling your home furnished (while you are still living in the home) or empty? And if the house is in a good selling market area, would furnished or empty home matter?
I am starting a new job 500 miles away. We cannot sell or rent for what we owe. Will GMAC let us short sell?
Our lender is giving us a loan without needing to rent or sell our current home. We should close next week. We are buying a new home, but have just found out that we cannot sell our current home for…
Looking for a realtor near Pike township
Looking for an active and experienced real estate agent who can sell my house quickly.I prefer someone who is familiar to pike township (chestnut hills subdivision) and live near by.
What should I do with lower bank appraisal?
We thought we had priced well, below others in the same development. had two offers, but now the bank is appraising the condo substantially lower. The only other sales in the complex were at the end…
Property not selling. Price reduction?
Ok I bought a house in a great neighborhood. I gutted it and totally remodeled it! All the latest design features. I live in a relatively small town and I know all the properties in town that are for sale.…
Very "unique" property in Cuy Falls area - large, lodge style. 2.5 acres, on the mkt for 1 year - with no offers. Any ideas or Help?
Lodge style home - double brick construction (inside and out) - 2 fireplaces - Mother in law or teen suite, first floor master - 3500 sq ft - 2.5 acres, minutes from Rt 8 and Blossom (desirable Northampton…
How much is an acceptable buyers broker commission in Ridgewood, Queens? (11385 zip code)
I've been told different things by different people. The range seems to be 1.5% - 3%. I plan to list a house with a flat-fee listing agent, and want to keep the buyers commission in line with the…
Where can I such for a real estate, who will sell my house?
I am looking for a real eastate in New York state.
I'm looking for a (certified) short sale RE agent (local) to sale my new 2fam house in Jersey city, Greenville area. Very atractive property to
sale. Also will need my first loan and second home equity loan negotiated to accept a short sale. Sale contract and all terms should be acceptable by everyone. You should have an attorney who you already…
if you'll know of anyone looking for a good house in Daisetta mine is forsale
If you'll know of any good places i can list for free please let me know patricia flores on facebook my house is remodeled forsale $65.000 4 BDR 2BTR, 1400 SQ FT.. TELL ME IS THE MARKET BAD FOR…
what if after my home is listed though an agent, and I find a buyer on my own, how will the agent still get his/hers full comission?
what if after my home is listed though an agent, and I find a buyer on my own, how will the agent still get his/hers full comission?
What are the benefits of energy audits for owners?
Victory Realty 4002 1/2 Oleander Dr. 1A Wilmington, NC 28403 Serving Wilmington area, Carolina Beach, Kure Beach, Wrightsville Beach, Leland, Ogden, New Hanover County
how many homes where sold in this city this year?
compaired to last year how many home sales where there
agent wants to extend contract to july 31st
agent wants to extend contract till july 31st so she can try to convince the new buyers to take the house, but I chose not to do this, my contract ends today and I want out, do i have to extend even though…
How do I list my home for sale on Trulia?
I want to advertise an open house for sale by owner. I want to post a photo as well. How do I do that on Trulia?
PLEASE change the info to be accurate. Our home has dropped $10,000
and here is the listing: http://steven.exitmurfreesboro.com/homes/4860-Whittier-Dr/23307674/
Life after a Short Sale
I recently met several very high end strategic short sellers, high income professionals, entrepreneurs. They purchased homes at the markets peak in the $1.5 to 3 million dollar range and/or cash out refinanced…
What are the taxes and fees involved with selling a coop apartment worth about $800K?
I know there is the agent's fee ~6%, and taxes....but how much can I expect to pay in closing costs? Are there any other fees? There is no flip tax.
can i tell estate agent to take house off market?
if i have put my house up for sale with an estate agent, can i take it off the market without paying the fees
How are real estate agents compensated?
I am getting jerked aroung by the seller and his agent and am beginning to doubt whether the property is actually for sale. I can't imagine why the real estate agent would go along with this, unless…
Does anyone have a disclaimer/form for the sellers to sign when you install a lock box so you are not liable?
We are running into problems and just wondered if you have any protection as a REALTOR when you install a lock box? What if there was a theft or other damage by unlawful use of the lock box? Who would…
Does anyone have any creative ideas for selling condo's?
Are there any agents out there who specialize in selling condo's? Any unique marketing ideas?
We are considering buying a condo in south beach, if we could rent it part of the year we could afford to spend more on a unit.
How can we find out the ins and outs of rentals including management of the rental along with realistic income potential.
House insurance when house is on the market?
Also a very important question I want to ask you. My house insurance for this house expires on July 15th, I will be out of town from Monday to July 10th. I pay for the house insurance of 1400.00, and…
Can a short sale also be an land contract?
Can a bank offer an short sale home on land contract?
Trying to buy a house. I got a preaproval, and made an offer on a shortsale that was already approved.The bank wanted $2000 more. I agreed.
Now I have received a commitment letter for the original amount from my lender. But I am 8.5 months pregnant and they want to induce me a week before the closing. What can I do? If I hold off on the birth…
Does escrow start from the date on the original Purchase Agreement if the offer is accepted with no changes?
If a buyer made me an offer dated 5/15/12 and I accepted it with no changes, did escrow start on 5/15/12? Thank you
Home is on 4 acres (Kempner, TX). I am not interested in making money just getting the mortgage company off my back.
Willing to let go for what is owned approx.114K! Home is two story ranch style with detached 2 car garage. Hugh yard all around. Backyard has seasonal creek that runs the length of the property with…
Can you sell a home by letting someone take over the payments?
I did that in another state several years ago, and the buyer had to qualify with my bank for the mortgage. I think I was liable for the loan for up to a year if the payments weren't made, but I don't…
Are Cartus home inspections more ridge?
We are selling a home and have been lead to believe that Cartus will have inspectors find things that are not real inspection items.
Anyone interested in gorgeous home in the heart of OldTown, Alexandria?
I am not sure how this works. I have a home in Old Town, Alexandria for sale.
Can a property in trustee sale status (postponed a few times) be leased for one year period?
Owner in default and property has been in trustee sale status and the sale date postponed few times claiming dispute with lender. He executed a one year lease without revealing the trustee sale status…
Can I go back to a contractor 10 years later to have them fix a plumbing problem? They ran the water pipes
for the second story bathroom along the outside wall. The first year, we had the plumber come back and he said to hang a light bulb on the pipe so it didn't freeze. Since then we have been dripping the…
House Expiring with Agent What happens next if she sells my house today?
She came to us over the weekend and found us a potential buyer who made an offer we did not approve and got back to her yesterday for our final offer out the door for 160,000.00 no closing costs. She is…
Under contract; three weeks till close. Buyer pre-approved, inspections done. Buyer caught lying and denied loan. Wants me to extend closing.
Committed to purchase another house. Buyer says she will seek another loan. Can I terminate contract to minimize my losses now?
Want to move but don't know what steps to take! Help!!
My husband and I have lived in our townhomehome for 11 years. While I love our home we now have 2 kids and have outgrown it. We need a home with more space and would love a backyard for our kids to play…
We would like to move, but we currently own a home. Is it better to rent our house out or try to sell.?
We live on Kersey Dr 32216. We have a 3/2, approx 1700 sq ft. and owe $140K.
Our house is for sale but it is showing poorly. What can we possibly do to have it show better?
We live in it with three dogs and three children. Our budget is very tight.We are trying to box up what we have but have no place to put our "stuff" until the house is sold. Once sold we can…
How should I find a qualifed listing agent in my area?
What services should my Realtor provide?
How does one find a reputable realtor for selling a BROOKLYN CO-OP?
i am selling a co-op apartment in brooklyn and am searching for a reputable, realtor who is not intimidated by intelligent questions, reasonable terms and a cancellation clause after 30 days with a 90…
What are the seller's cost if the buyer wants to finance with a VA loan?
What does the seller have to pay that a VA buyer is not allowed to pay? How much would the cost be on the average?
should i keep my intex pool put away this summer?
looking to put house on market and have a metal frame intex pool that i take down every fall and am wanting to put it up again this summer (while house in for sell) is it a good idea? i have a "dead"…
How to disclose past leakage from ice?
I'm getting ready to put my home on the market, and the seller disclosure is freaking me out because I am scrupulous. The previous owner did not disclose some big problems, and I want to make sure the…
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