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I am trying to list my home at 220 B Virginia Ave Greenville SC. 29611 and can't.
When I search the address it comes up near cascade court. It is the house behind 220 Virginia ave.
What is the timeline for a broker who has listed a home to have an open house for brokers or an open house for clients?
I feel she is not working for my fiance and would like to find another broker, She told him that her company requires you to sign a 4 month contract. Is that true of all agents? She did not have a open…
We are puzzled by the lack of offers, despite lots of showings with positive feedback. Could it be our $700k price range is moving slowly?
Built in the late 70's our home has been updated with great room concept, has 4 good-sized bedrooms and 3 full baths. Our property is truly park-like, with 2 ponds, heritage oaks, and a resort-like pool…
How can I correct the wrong/misleading information Tuila has on their web site about a home I have listed?
My home that is for sale. Your info contradicts what is on the MSL and what my house is.
All brick, custom built home, on 5acres in Barfield area. Should we consider Auction as way of selling?
We have a unique place as far as house, location, and land. We have decided to sell only because we had an opportunity to buy more land, we were outgrowing our 5 acres. The situation is this; when we built…
Hardwood floors verses carpet in the bedroom?????
I have hardwoods throughout my home. I'm going to refinish them but I want to put carpet in the bedrooms. Will that decrease the value of my home by putting carpet in the bedrooms instead of just…
What areas of the South City St. Louis MO are a sellers market?
My wife and I are relocating for work and are wondering if we should rent out or house or put it up for sale.
Hi we have properties for sale in Chicago IL Multi-Family Home for $40,000.00 Does anyone who is a real cash buyers?
Hi we have properties for sale in Chicago IL please see the attached files for more information. Multi-Family Home for $40,000.00 THIS PROPERTY IS BEING OFFERED WITH DOWN-PAYMENT AND OWNER FINANCING! (OR…
Are The Millennials Driving A Seller’s Market?
The average home price in Denver has increased roughly 35% since 2010. Millennials, the incoming generation of workers with an age range of 20 to 34, number about 80 million people, and they make up…
As a home seller do you know that you could be sued for in adequate drainage, gutter and downspout issues?
and other forms of homeowner neglect and lack and poor maintenance? Are you ready for rain? As an expert witness for the past 20 years in the construction defect arena I can't tell you how many assignments…
I listed my house with a real estate agent. The house was not selling so I asked her if we could discuss renting it instead. She said I could shop for
a property manager because I moved away. I hired a manager who will also get a tenant in there for me. Now she says I should not have done that because 2 companies are listing the house. One is to buy,…
I have a listing that is showing up under the heading, "unknown" I have submitted this questions a couple days ago (case #3240322) have
not heard back Can someone help me to get my two listing back to active, instead of Unknown?? Thank you
STOP agreement on the sale of our home
We signed a contract to list our house and added a STOP contingency. We were given an offer which we accepted but haven't been able to find an appropriate home to buy yet. When we contacted our agent to…
Suggestions on a patio. We want to move in 1-2 years, so we want to make sure this improvement has all things future buyers will want.
We plan to remove our old/rotting screened in deck with a patio. I'm in Wheaton, and have about 1/4 of an acre. We are thinking the cement patio will make the yard feel bigger. Any suggestions, or things…
Is Florida the top 2014 foreclosure state?
Answer: http://www.robisongroupflorida.com/71708/dsp_agent_page.php/407837
Would it be better to repair in-ground pool or fill it in for resale?
Purchased house to rehab and sell. It has a 16'x20' inground pool (vinyl liner type). Liner needs replacing and unsure of other repairs needed at this time. The home is in Vancouver, WA.…
My father in law, signed a Contract for Deed, for his girlfriends daughter to take over payments on his house (under duress) it was noterised.
bank not notified, no down payment, had 60,000 in equity, in deed she set for 30 years to pay is this legal?
How do I list my property on trulia?
I have a remote property in Alaska that I would like to advertise on trulia but don't see how to do it. PS: The property is on MLS but I am using FSBO
Can a real estate agent refuse to show property because he/she doesn't like the commission structure offered on the buying side?
I had an agent come right out and tell me that he will steer his clients to other properties where he can earn a higher commission. Is this allowed?
Can I get out of a contract with my selling agent?
Still 80 days and counting and my home. I have had one offer. My agent isnt very motivated if thats the closest word I can use to describe him... Can I get out of this contract and go with someone new?
How do I correct incorrect information you have for my home?
My home is 2400 square feet not 1400?
Buyer pulled her FHA case number 7 days before closing.
As of Saturday she is in default of the contract to have clear to close within 45 days of offer acceptance. Her attorney has demanded that we extend the closing 7 days or she is demanding her ernest money…
dear Sirs we own a liberty villa in Tuscany and we would like to show you . the estimated value is around 1.700.000 us dollars and we would like to
by successively an estate in Boca Raton with pool . Our mail adress is nicoletta@vsp-srl.eu . our telephone is 393382137948 . we own a security Company in Milan my name is Nicoletta
As a home seller who is listed with an agent in Georgia, am I allowed to request and see the potential buyers pre-approval letter?
I ask because I feel that my agent may not be getting the pre-approvals as I requested. I know, I need another agent if I suspect this. I just need to know if I have the right to see it for myself?
How much value will basement HVAC add for refinance/appraisal?
We are attempting to refinance our home, we owe about $150,000 on the mortgage and the house is worth around $165,000. We are finishing the basement to add a bedroom (with full size egress), a full bath…
Can a home with a note be sold with the new owner taking over the monthly payments of the note?
Sold a home in 2010, and hot a note which is not yet satisfied. The owner wants to sell the home to a third party, and have said third party take over the payments. The new owner would have title on the…
Convert swimming pool to a rainwater collection tank?
I have a 25-year-old pool that needs a $10k repair and renovation. With the same cost, I can turn it into a rainwater collection tank. Here is one example how it is done in Australia. http://www.elm…
Selling a house in Mandeville Canyon
Family Property since 1955 will come to market soon, ie., Jan 2015. The question is this: If I carry about $400k paper on a $1.5MM offering will this attract more Buyers?
What plumbing & electrical box updates have to be made before listing?
1979 Hampton. Where can I find info as to what are or if there are any legal requirements regarding these updates
What can I do to get my home listed on Trulia? FSBO?
What can I do to get my home listed on Trulia?
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My home is for sale and is listed on Trulia. It was put there by Fiberz from Zillow. I am glad it is on your site but I need to make some changes
and do not know how. my email is blee5353@verizon.net address: 2501 Cheyne walk Virginia Beach VA 23454 757-839-2502
Who is the most successful real estate agent for Hilton Head zip code 29928?
Who has sold the most condominiums? How many web sites do they advertise on?
I need to know time limits for selling a home I purchased with a USDA home loan. I have only lived in the home for 1.5 years.
I want to sell and move out of neighborhood. A particular nieghbor is making my life miserable and I am prepared to sell, if my loan will allow.
Hello, Our home in S.L. is 2600sf. We are thinking about converting the garage (400 sf.) to a family room b4 we put our house on the market. ???
Our home is on one acre of land and built around 1983. The kitchen, 2nd floor bath and powder room have been recently updated along with new texturing and painting through out the house. The master bedroom…
Local as is home buyer offering about 220- value according to other site is closer to 275. Creve Coeur mo area
I know 220 is on the really low side, but what are others thoughts on this?
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