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is there a sample of fractional ownership agreement for state of Texas?
Two families own vacation property. Originally no agreement in writing. Now one family wants to sell but the other doesn't. Is it too late to write up an agreement? Deed held in both names.
What are the seller's options if a buyer does not terminate during the option period and does not close on the property.?
We granted our buyer the 10 day option period. Within this time the seller failed to get an inspection. However, I allowed them to do this after the option period. The closing in literally days away.…
Question about selling a home and pricing it correctly
I am about to list my home for sale. I know price is important especially in today's market. I want to list it priced already at the bottom price I will accept and at a price I can realistically…
I have 3 estimates on the value of my home. in the 850k to 1,000K range. !50K spread is hard to explain. any help.?
I don't want to leave money on the table but as a seller its difficult to get a true value. You always want the best price but i also want the best agent.
I don't feel as though my listing agent is holding up her end of the agreement. What can I do?
I chose my listing agent because she promised a lot of marketing and to always keep me updated. We discussed price and she told me I was completely realistic in what I was looking for (20K below a similar…
What do you thing about 2.5% vs 3% commission in Howard County, MD?
I'm ready to list my townhouse for 340K. I was going to listed with my realtor for 6% commission but several friends told me that their realtors charged them 5% commissions (2.5% 2.5% buyer). How common…
due to illness in my immediate family, I trying to find someone who may be interested in buying my home for what is owed on it.
Would any one be interested in it? 3171 Steele Branch Road, KY 40601 (502) 803-5998 Serious inquires only due to illness.....Thanks
Comparative Market Analysis
what are the methods (elements used for comparisons) that agents use to do a Comparative market Analysis to determine the "Right Price".
Making Unreasonable Offers
If a buyer is interested in a home that is priced way above market value and other comps in the area is it feasible to consider making an offer and chance insulting the seller? Or would it be more reasonable…
Do we have to accept the changes to the contract?
As a seller, if we already have a signed contract for the home sale, and the buyer comes back with more changes to the contract, do we have to accept the changes to the contract?
"Pocket Listings"
Like most agents, I receive the email flyers, lots of them! One thing I have been noticing more and more of are the homes being advertised and not putting them in MLS. Why? Would it not be better to…
Earnest money risk
If a buyer signs an addendum for sale of other property that's contingent on the sale of the buyers home and the buyer decides not to purchase property for whatever reason is earnest money at risk…
What color dining rm hard wood flooring would be most appealing to potential buyers?
We have pale almond walls and burgandy shades. Any opinion on laminate?
I want to sell my house (For Sale By Owner) using a MSL service.
Can you advice a reputable service that supposedly put this property in a MSL list.
Need to build a 2 car garage to sell home?
Considering selling 1952 cape cod home within 5 years. Has a 1-1/2 car garage. Bids to build a 2 car plus new slab and driveway = $23,000 plus. Value of Milw homes to drop more when law comes for allowing…
does anyone know of a person or company specializing in selling golf course homes. i need to sell one...
my house is im peterstown , west va. which is appr 3 miles from the va state line. the house is 5 years old and has 4 bedrooms & 3 1/2 baths. it has a 2 car garage and has about 2/3 acre. master bedroom…
Final mortgage payment
Hi everyone. My husband & I just sold our condo & our closing is scheduled for July 8. Our question is: do we pay our July mortgage? Our mortgage is due by July 15. Should we pay it or keep fingers…
My aunt is thinking of selling her 1,200 sq ft home with ocean views.
This tear-down home sits on a double lot and could be split into 2 lots (approx 5,000 sq ft each). Any idea of what a property like this might be worth.
Multiple Dwelling Law.
I understand that in some buildings it is allowed to sublet for a period shorter than 30 days. What kind of buildings are those?
Trulia is not showing my house for sale on 1644 Cornell Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94702. And the marker on the map is not even in the correct location!
My agent has the house on MLS for at least 2 weeks. You should be picking up the correct information from the MLS. The marker shows a completely different house down the street.
Unique property to sell but can't buy same needs in another home that is comparably priced...Now what....STAY?
I have one deed, two parcels #'s that include one older 3bed 1-1/2 ba residential home AND an 1 bed/ 1ba in law quarters. & one commercial office bldg. I need all this to move but my home is not in perfect…
Looking for a Realtor who can provide full service marketing of my townhouse in Newtown Grant from beginning to closing for a flat fee of $3000.
The services which I need are as follows - 1. Listing on MLS with at least 12 photos 2. Centralized Showing Services to co-ordinate all property showings 3. Listing on Realtor.com, Zillow.com and…
How to attract buyers to outstanding home.?
What features excite qualified buyers.
I have a property that was denied a short sale by the bank and is now in forclosure, I have a buyer. How do I get a HUD Attorney to represent me?
The Bank called me up to tell me that I am in forclosure and that I should not make anymore monthly payments. I am concerned because they called me told me this after I told them that I had a buyer that…
where is the direction of the house?
-- This question is about this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/1073525483-Single-Family-Home-Miramar-FL-33025
To whom should I report a realtor's unethical behavior?
My condo was recently under contract (during the attorney review period, for sale by owner), and the realtor that was helping me find a new home used the information I told her about the sale to call my…
Are duplexes valued on the rental income or is it a combination of rental income vs recently sold? (almost no recent sales in the submarket)
I am considering selling my duplex and there are almost no comps in the area. the property has been significantly upgraded and the gross monthly rents are $2,150 per month. any advice is appreciated
Short Sale Question
We are seriously underwater on our mortgage (nearly 50% / $30K). I took a job almost 3 years ago in Illinois and am commuting 125 miles a day to and from work. Our place is a one bedroom condo in Glendale…
Can I back out of the sale of my home if buyer issues a new addendum that I don't agree to?
I entered into a contract to sell my home. All terms were good. Sale price was agreed to, COE was to be April 1, with a possibility of closing earlier if my tenants moved out sooner. Last week the buyer's…
What are the total maximum fees a mortgage broker or lender can charge up front on a HELOC or Second loan against mt house in California? I am selling
my house and want to fix it up first using some money from the house equity. What is the max Origination Fee? Other fees? California
I am trying to list my house for sale but it keeps going back to my account without giving me any options to list.
I bought the house at 105 Sunrise Dr, Dover, TN in March 2011and now have it remodeled and ready to resell but I can't get it listed. HELP
Any Investor friendly R.E. Agents to work with a Canadian Real Estate Wholesaler with too many offers coming up from the states?
I'm a Cash Buyer living in Canada and I have numerous friends and associates in the states that are sending me deals, more than I can handle. If you are interested in presenting new offers to your buyers…
My agent wants me to buy a house that appears to me as overpriced. The house is a standard sale and it has been totally redone. It is most
expensive house in neighborhood. My agent says i should not look at the houses that recently sold near this house because they are not fixed up, and are properties that need work or updating. Is she…
Which Real Estate Brokerage firm is a good choice for "New Salespersons" for Training & Commissions?
I am new to Real Estate profession and am deciding which Brokerage firm to join to start my career? Will the experienced Agents in this website kindly recommend good brokerage firms in Glendale, Burbank,…
Any Investor friendly agents to work with a Canadian Real Estate Wholesaler with too many offers coming up from the states?.?
I'm a Cash Buyer living in Canada and I have numerous friends and associates in the states that are sending me deals, more than I can handle. If you are interested in presenting new offers to your Cash…
Is paying extra to my principle a smart move?
I've recently bought a house with a VA 30-year fixed mortgage. Since I'm military, I know that I will be moving out eventually, probably somewhere around 4 to 5 years from now. Is it financially sound…
What is the average time on the market for a home in zip code 80503 at price range $210,000?
What is the average time on the market for a home in zip code 80503 at price range $210,000? 3 bedroom 3 bath, 2 car garage 1650sqft
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