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I might sell my home and buy another home. But, I owe $30,000 more than my current home is worth. What is the best thing I should do .?
I am thinking about selling my home and buying another homeHowever, I owe about $30,000 more than my current home is worth. What is the best thing I should do if I might sell my current home and buy another…
Our home has been on the market for almost a year, we have only had one showing since being put on the market in 2011. My question is can we pull the
listing even if we re-listed it back in Feb. for another 6 month listing? Our relator hasn't really done anything to help sell our house. What do we do?
closing costs for a cash deal of $286,000
This is a short sale and will be done at a settlement company but we do not have the HUD 1 yet
When should we start looking for a real estate agent?
We are finishing up remodeling our house in Pottstown, PA and I was wondering when we should start talking to a real estate agent to sell it? I'm hoping it is ready around June. Also any advice…
we received an offer; before opening it we were told another offer is coming in two days. Our realtor said we will look at the both offers together.
However, he called us later that day and said we had to open the first offer right away. We were confused; he said his broker said we had to look at the offer now. What is the reason for this? Does…
How to price home ready for sale, if selling by owner?
Would like to sell home by owner. Tried zillow, and priced $5,000 below zillow's estimate, after one month, no offer to buy. Had traffic, people liked the house, but no offers.
market value my home
3 units 3500sq st Victorian flats circa 1880, 1 car parking... good condition on Pine at Divisadero. Bought in 9/2006 for $1.4mill. What is value today?
Since I would be taking the place of the bank and the notes would be paid to me, I would still have to "be the landlord"?
The house that I am trying to get out of selling is paid off and clear of any leins. TTG! Just trying to get out of dealing with tenants all together.
What does a deed that states primary and secondary persons mean.?
My father passed away a few years ago he owned a home with his girlfriend. He is the primary owner and she is the secondary owner. She just passed a few months ago. I want to sell the home and is having…
Can I remove my name from the deed of a house if it was inherited?
I have a house that was inherited by my siblings and me. I would just like to remove my name from the deed and give it to them. The mortgage is "in the estate of (our father)". Is it possibke…
How do I make my listing active?
My house is listed on Trulia- by a previous relator. I have been able to 'claim' the property- but cannot get the listing active.
How to list a land sale?
I am interested in selling land in Coram and would like information regarding the fee to the realtor
Best big Real Estate agency to start out in?
Hows it going, don't have my license yet and I am wondering which big Real estate agency has the best training for new agents? Thanks.
what is standard commission for an agent selling your home? We live in San Francisco.
we've been quoted 5% of sales price (which would be close to $1 million) which seems very high to us, is it?
When selling homes, do sellers usually leave behind their refrigerator?
What do buyers usually expect? What about dryers/washers?
What does TFT No Fault of Property mean?
This is shown in the description of several properties, and I am not clear on what this means. Please advise.
Recd an escrow refund check issued 10/2011 in 03/2012 but i Shortsaled that property in Dec.
Am I legally entitled to that escrow refund money? Can I deposit that check now?
I am a private rehabber/seller looking to put on an agents open house-how do I attract agents?
While I will not sign an exclusivity agreement, as I actively market my own properties, I will certainly pay an agent a full 4%-no splits if they bring me a buyer. How do I attract agents to my open house?
Why are seasoned Real Estate Salespersons still taking over-priced listings?
This additional inventory is hurting the market and slowing the recovery; foreclosures, short-sales, and REO's are too plentiful. The homeowners are not selling their homes and the Salespersons are…
Is it better to use cheaper handymen (sometimes unreliable, quit, etc.) or more expensive contractors to complete work on a house we're selling?
We've had some good "cheap" workers but most have quit mid-job and we're facing a month time frame in which to market our house. What do we do?
Any tips on selling a coach house?
We have a 2000 sq ft 4 bed/3 bath sfh in Lakeview but because it is a coach house (fee simple, no assessments) and priced similarly to 3 bedroom condos/townhomes we aren't sure how to market it. We want…
how do I edit my house information?
We have added an expensive well and lots of landscaping. THis should count for some value on the listing?
Keep as a new duplex or split units into two?
I own a duplex on the 190 block of Easy Street in Mountain View. When I eventually sell (1 year), am I better off keeping the duplex as whole, or splitting it into two separate units, and selling them…
Is this a good time to sell or wait?
I own a 2 bed 1.5 bath 972 sq ft. Condo, in Mountain View. From recently sold similar properties in the area, I am getting a feeling that overall market is still distressed due to excessive foreclosed…
Indeed,this is a FSBO.The Buyer`s agent communicates directly with us.We just spoke with him and he said
that,shuould his client won`t perform,then we`re entitled at the 3% deposit placed already in the escrow. Regarding F (buyer`s investigation),the contract states clearly that it needed to be done within…
Breaking even by 2013?
Military family would like to sell and break even or close to it in order to relocate. Home is 3 bdrm, 2 bath 1700 sqft and has more upgrades than the comparables in the area. Would like to try and sell…
Our realtor moved buyer into our house without us knowing. They lived there for 3 months rent free, and trashed the house.
When the buyer finally backed out of the deal, the house was in terrible shape. Our realtor keeps giving us excuse after excuse as to why she can't try and collect for damages from the buyer. She…
How can we sell our home? Was up for 9 months with no response.
Our home is in very good condition with many newer features and completely paid for. We have a pleasant neighborhood with a new rebuilding program going on with retail and recreational additions.
Selling for less than you owe
We have to relocate for a job and have only lived in our house for 2 years. In meeting with our realtor it looks like in order to sell we will have to come to the table with nearly 25,000 dollars because…
I'd like to cancel a listing agreement and take my home off the market. How can this be done legally?
It's been listed for about six months. I've had one person look at it but no offer.
What bonuses and or commissions are the new home builders paying in Las Vegas at this time is lender part of it?
Normally, does the buyer have to use the bulider's lender to earn the bonus or commission? What is the standard commission for a new builder?
Basement additions done without permits
I was a first time homebuyer. Our home was cute but we needed more rooms/space. My friend knew someone who was a contractor and offered to finish the basement as a side job. I asked if premits were needed…
Should we rent, purchase or short sell? Future retirees
Add details about your quesMy wife and I are about to retire and plan on moving to the gulf coast. We are currently upside down $100K in our home in Orlando. We have savings and good credit scores. Our…
Will a finished basement be included in square foot when selling?
I live in a 3 bedroom, approx 1600 Sq.ft. 2nd floor (top level) condo with just 2 units in the association. It was a new construction back in 2003 and we have already upgraded appliances and granite counter…
I have a house and a job few years back. my mortgage is to much for me now on disability. i want to sell
it. I cannot fix it and it need some little care .... Can it be sold if is not polish a little bit?
The agent we are working with has violatedArticle 1-16 of the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice of the National Association of Realtors.
Standard of Practice 1-16 REALTORS® shall not access or use, or permit or enable others to access or use, listed or managed property on terms or conditions other than those authorized by the owner…
I need some help with a house I already sold. I did disclose about the fence being on the neighbors property (the neighbors said it was fine) but now
the neighbors who said not to worry about it...went and told the new owners they have argued with us for years about. Now the new owners want us to move it (and incur the costs as well) Do I have any…
can a buyer withdraw their offer after they signed the contract and submitted their down payment? We, the
seller, wanted to make some changes which were expressed orally to the buyer's attorney, but when they refused these changes, we agreed and signed the contract as is. They said they were withdrawing their…
How long do I have to wait to sell after a loan modification?
Hi, I am currently in a trial payment plan and I'm hoping to get a successful loan mod. If I get a permanent mod how long will I have to wait to sell my house? I'm trying to loan mod because…
CMA- I'm interested in a CMA for my home: 126 Pistacia Lane Pomona CA 91767.
This would be a short sale. I would like a CMA giving me a good idea what I could get for it. The home across the street with the same exact floor plan went for $325K. I'm expecting something…
it is a good idea to rent to buy my home?
There is a lady who wants to buy my home. But she wants to lease myhome with option to buy. Do Ihave to have an attorney? should I give my home without the option money? what if this family trashed the…
Is it normal for a contractor to ask for 100% of the cost for the materials? I am trying to replace my floors and the contractor ...
...says he needs money to purchase the materials. The price is nearly $7000 and I am not sure if I should do this or not. There will be a contract and everything but is this normal?
Where is the best place to advertise my lake front lot for $49K?
We have a 1 acre lake front lot on Lake of Egypt, Illinois and did have it listed with a realtor but no offers. We want to advertise it and sell it ourselves and have a website www.landwholesaler.webs.com…
$13,000 down, fin. $39,000 at 5% 7 yrs. Can I deny owner fin if he fails credit check altho attorney has papers ready?
Buyer can't get full financing for closing on 4/18/2012. After reading contracts, I don't like what I see to owner finance. I also don't know how to get a credit report since I am not…
Our home buyer lost his job a week before settlement. The lender allowed an extension for him to find a new job. Should we wait it out or reslist?
We were supposed to close on the sale of our house on March 23rd, but found out a week before closing that our buyer lost his job. The lender allowed a 30 day extension for him to find a new job. He…
My husband died in October. He left the LR & Kit 1/2 completed (renov.) The house was built in 1954 (Smyrna). I would like to move closer to
family (Wilm) after getting a job there (milford now). Should I pay to have the jobs completed or sell the home "as is" and risk a lower payoff. FYI we didn't overpay when we bought &…
I havent gotten one offer on our home. After every showing, potentials say its beautiful. Our year is almost up...help!!
Stuck on coventry...need to sell home. 2400 sf. Great neighborhood but no offers at all.
I am looking to sell a property in 43160 and am having a difficult time finding agents that are willing to take a commission.
Is this a difficult area to deal with? Regards, Jason Holloway Asset Manager Express Estates 1500 Walnut St. Suite 206B Philadelphia, PA 19102 Office:(215) 545-1316 Ext. 111 Fax:(215) 545-0845 Cell:(215)…
How do you get an idea of the price of a house, do agents give this or do you have to sign a contrcontract with one?
We live out of state, house wanting to sell is in Sumter, SC. near Shaw AFB
Trulia has my home listed with incorrect information which may be misleading for any potential buyer.
I went to Ask A Question and attempted to log in to see if I could edit the information. A small screen then popped up which says "Error". How can I get to edit this incorrect information?
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