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I own a fourth of a home with my siblings I no longer want the property and they do not have the money to buy me out. Is there anyway I can sell my?
share to an investor? Its a two family, in annadale. Mother/Daughter. I was under the assumption that it might mean I can get an investor like a company take over. If someone buys my shares and the others…
Can we claim Capital Gains Exclusion on a house we have owned 2 yrs if it was rented out for the past year, after we lived in it for a full year?
My husband and I have owned a property in Humble TX for 2 years. We resided in said home for the full year of 2012. In january 2013, we moved to Plano, because my husband got a new job. The property has…
We have some very potential buyers for our home that according to their realtor, tends to sit on tings for far too long. Our realtor has suggested tha
t we(the sellers) write up an offer to them to get things moving..has anybody heard of this?If so how effective is this move really? Isn't listing our house at a very fair price like an "offer"…
Currrently in loan mod process which dropped my credit score to 630. I want to sell and buy another house. Is this possible, or should I wait?
I need money from the sale to purchase a new house. Can I sell my house for more than its worth? What steps should i take to get started? Thanks!!
What is your opinion about the 680 Lake shore Drive building ?
With the Veteran building and CBS Studio now gone, will the future North Western Hospital development enhance the value of the property ?
I am having a hard time selling my home because the buyers I am running into are having a hard time qualifying for the full amount of the loan.
I want to know if a lender would agree to give the buyer the loan if I, as the seller, wanted to owner finance the buyer on 50% of the sales price. Would a lender like this structure if they have 1st lien…
Agents and Brokers: Are you using single property websites?
If you are using them, what company are you using??? what are they charging?? what's your overall opinion? If you are not using them, why not? I look forward to comments. thanks, fred
Replace or allowence?
Bedroom carpets removed, is it better to replace with real estate beige carpet or give a flooring allowance? Same goes for refinishing wooden floors!
How do I attract excitement & get people to view my listing?
I have a fsbo listing & want people to come through the door & make offers. I'm also willing to work with agents for a fee or reasonable commission of 1-2% depending upon the sale price. The asking…
how to determine good selling price of home?
Have a 1700 sq ft house with 3 bedroom 2 bath, 1/2 basement. carport, storage building, 3 bay covered parking and 3.4 acres of land, main highway frontage.
Does offering a right of first refusal on property lower the selling price?
My wife's elderly parents have owned an undeveloped lot on which they have created a garden since 1997. The lot does not have any water. A neighbor allows them to use his water but they pay for their share.…
How do I get photos removed from your site?
OWNER ...7610 Fleming Hills Dr., Huntsville, AL
my 3 family home has been on the market for over a year and have not yet sold....
my 3 family home has been on the market for over a year with my realtor and have not yet sold it.even though she has been trying her best...i am selling it a little above market value so that i have room…
Capital Gains Tax and Relocation
I'm selling my home in California and relocating to New York where my son and I will be buying a double. We both plan to live in the house. I am low income, Social Security Disability. I have quite…
This real estate thing looks pretty easy. Just list the home and get a fat commission check. The internet does all the work. Prove me wrong.
Seller agents do nothing. A marketing plan now is to put it on the internet. It appears all I need to do is get a listing and put it on the internet. The buyers agent and buyers use the internet and…
Sell Your Home & List -...!*
Like a Zillow App allows you to list & sell your own home ... Quick time none wasted...to " closing"- contingent orders - no problem...!
Sell home contingent upon a move months away?
We’re planning on moving abroad. As an example I am using a moving date of June 1, 2014. My question: can I currently put up my home for sale and have the sale be contingent upon our move in June…
I am considering putting my home for sale on your site and wrote up a description in that section. However, what I saved does not appear
How do you get to create a description of the property and correct the estimate? The comprehensive details that I entered show up when I go into edit mode, but do not appear on the web page when I save…
Looking for a cash investor to buy my home at market value. Please help.
5 Bedroom 2 Bath House Living Room Family Room Fireplace Screened in Pool 1 acre of land We can't continue to pay both our mortgage and rent so we are looking for a cash investor to buy our home…
What can we say to tactfully break ties with a realtor we do not have a contract with?
We have had her do a walk through/market analysis and have seen 4 homes with her. We are happy in our current home but were just curious of our options for possibly moving closer to my husbands job. The…
How can I market my home to international students that go to Shoreline CC or their parents?
Are you or anyone you know thinking of selling in Farmington or Kaysville?
I have some clients moving from out of state and are looking in those areas for an updated home, good neighborhood, and priced between $225k - $275k. If you have any referrals please have them contact…
If I am supposed to bring money to closing but do not have enough, what are my options?
I was just notified by the title company that after satisfying the 1st and 2nd mortgages and paying closing costs I would still have to bring approximately 10K to the table. There was a maintenance lien…
egress needed for a basement bedroom in cambridge?
what is the defintion of egress needed for a basement bedroom in cambridge? And is there a square foot minimum?
Information regarding for sale by owner
Trying to sell our house for sale by owner, where can I find a contract?
Buyers wont sign cancellation with clause " due to buyers breach"
The buyers are in breach of contract. Agent/& Broker/& Title co will not give me the cancellation paperwork that says buyers r in breach. Because buyers still want to buy the house. Im done with…
I have a highly motivated seller that will like to sell her studio coop in Portchester, NY 10573. I NEED A GREAT AGENT!
The coop is located at 360 Westchester Ave Portchester NY 10573. Unit has been fully renovated and sellers are highly motivated to sell. Please call me at 917-848-4655 if you can help!
I am a local seller looking to move my property in bed hts. The house is paid for and has been fairly extensively rehabbed and updated. I am thinking
of lease option as I am tired of dropping the price (taking a beating) the house is on a large lot in a decent area with good neighbors. I have bought real estate out of Ohio, I need to move this property,…
why would you make one of your most important financial decisions of your life without hiring a Real Estate Professional?
Buyer needs extra days to close Escrow - What's appropriate in exchange?
If a buyer wants 5 extra days to close escrow, what is appropriate for him to give in return? I had told my realtor (now doing a dual representation - yes, I've learned my lesson!) from the get go I needed…
When to sell a Boulder condo?
Greetings, I noticed the values in Boulder were up a little last summer and then came down this winter. I know that is in part due to the economy and likely the winter months. I am an investor from…
Our real estate agent says he prefers to figure out what is the real price of the house even if that means a lower price. Why would he do that?
Real estates are paid a percentage on a sale, right? I asked our real estate agent, and he said he didn't care about that, all he wants is to help us find the right house. Sherman Oaks and Studio…
Does the seller have to pay the repairs?
I was told by the realtor that the loan representatives were willing and are going to pay the repairs on my house now that the house is not going through with it sale the agent says that the construction…
Since the sell of my house isnt going through can i fire my agent?
since the agent is a dual agent and cell is not going to can I fire my agent because I don't need him anymore especially because he's not on my side anymore
I'm curious as to why there are only 10 homes in Sebastian advertised in today's (Mar 2) Sunday paper.
By appearances it seems that the realtors in this area don't do much work. According to Realtor.com there are around 300 houses for sale in Sebastian, mainly in the Highlands. Almost all of the…
How many times can the seller change the settlement date of closing?
I still have personal belongings in my home. I do not have enough time to get it out before the house goes to settlement. We postponed it once already. May we do it again?
How do you list a property on Trulia?
It says you can on the top of the page but it always just brings me to my profile. What gives?
What is the effect of doing a deed in lieu on credit history/credit score?
What can I do to have the least impact on my credit score in giving the house back to the bank?
Are the benefiaries on the will allowed to be present at settlement along with the executor of the will?
My parents passed and left myself, and my two siblings our childhood home. The eldest is the executor of the will. Myself and my other sibling are benefitiaries named on the will as well. The executor…
I live in Rockland County New York and have a Hi Ranch/ bi level for sale by owner with a fully enclosed elevator, phone and light in it.
What is the best way to market it? Who or what agencys, companies or organizations can I contact to see if my home could be put to good use since I have the elevator. We also have comfort height commodes,…
What is the intrest amount on a purchase price payment?
Is the intrest rate like 10% or is it more
condos for sale, 1 bedroom, 1 bath
garage, washer and dryer within, balcony
When calculating offer for sale, how important in $ is the floor in that building?Translate floor into value $ difference, flr 9 vs flr 19?
Some people prefer the view from a lower floor plus faster access in and out for convenience and safety reasons.
How much would it cost to build a 2 car garage?
I am selling my house in Rutledge Ga. when I had my house built I had what was supposed to be the garage built into a 880 sq ft apartment instead. most people want a garage. I have vinyl siding
I am trying to find a rental or newer condo near town ( within a few blocks) in Summit, New Jersey. Don't want a place damaged by Sandy or Irene.
No mold or old carpet. Must be clean hard wood floors. First floor bedroom if possible. at least 2 bedrooms. Don't like the Parmley or Summit place. Would like to live near or on Summit Road. 2-3,000…
After the home sale...what happens to the cash?
What happens when you complete your home sale, but are unable to find another property that satisfies your requirements? I'm specifically asking about the proceeds from the sale. If i'm unable to find…
Sell now or in two years?
I have the option to lease my primary residence for two years or sell now. I already have buyers and I already have a tenant lined up who would sign a two-year lease. WIth your knowledge of market…
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