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What is a market bearing close sale?
I just need help figuring out what this type of sale means please
My contract with the realtor is due to expire in 2 days. I have a family friend who is possilby interested in buying my home. Now my realtor had
nothing to do with them being interested. Is there a penalty if I sell my home to this family friend?
Any suggestions for a listing agent in Binghamton NY?
The home is located in the Village of Port Dickinson. I am seeking an agent that has a heavy internet marketing presence and can price my Mom's home to sell !!!
Residential home bordering a recently zoned agricultural property? Will this have an adverse effect on my home value for resale?
Seven years ago, I built a home in a residentially zoned neighborhood. It is a modest sized two story with an inground pool and tastefully landscaped. Recently, my neighbor, through a zoning dispute,…
can I sell my home land contract or lease to own if I still owe a mortage on it?
I would like to sell my home lease\rent to own or land contract,is this possible because I still owe a morgage on it?
I have a old house for sell to reuse the lumber for designing
I want to sell this house to someone who can use the lumber for designing in mew homes or businesses
Who determines a home's value?
I listed my home with a realtor after interviewing a few. Three realtors gave me about the same number I should sell my home for. After weeks on the market - I got an offer. A few dollars less than…
I am carrying out some market research on what type of mobile apps Realtors really want. Own listings or MLS?
Own listings or MLS? Pros and Cons of MLS on Mobile App? What would be the ideal App and price?
Can a seller cancel a deal and what will the penalties be?
We are in contract to sell our home ( New York State).Our buyers had a 30 day commitment clause in the contract to obtain a certain amount of money within 30 days with a specific lender. We called inquiring…
Our home is FSBO. We had a buyer's agent contact us to show our home to her client. Are we required to pay her a commission?
We can handle all the financial and legal paperwork ourselves. We really don't need her services, that's why we're FSBO.
Hi, I have a question regarding the sellers legal obligation to the selling agent.
We put our property up for sale literally 24 hours ago, and I mentioned it to a neighbor of mine this morning in our building who wants to buy our unit. Basically, the agent has had nothing to do with…
Our buyers had their agent's husband do the whole house inspection. Came up with a bunch of nit-pick repairs. Is this not a conflict of?
interest? Not only is the agent's husband an inspector, she is too!! Our home is 11 yrs old and in pristine condition (no lie!). These buyers contracted our home for a stealing price AND closing…
I've had land listed with a broker for a year, but the signed contract was only for 5 mo. Can I sell it on my own & do I still owe him a?
commission? I signed a contract with a broker almost a year ago to sell some land. The contract was until March 2010 & I was never asked to sign an extension. The broker is a nice man, but he has not…
When should you drop the price on house when trying to sell ...?
Our house has been on the market for just over 30 days. We are in a town where 47% of the listings are bank owned/short sales, etc. We did price our home a little on the higher side because we figured…
If you rent out your condo, does it decrease your home's value?
Also, if many units in a condo building (e.g. 50%) are rented out to tenants by the homeowners, does that decrease the value of other units in the building where the homeowners actually reside in their…
I have a renter for the next 12 months in my condo that is worth $30K less than what it's currently worth. When should I begin the short sale?
process? The studio condo is in Chicago. I'm losing about $500/month and am tired of throwing money away. If I foreclose on the place, could they possibly put a lien on my house?
Should I be paying for ancillary cost on my No Cost Short Sale?
My selling agent is asking me to pay for the negotiator fees of $5000 as well as the 2500 difference between the offered payoff of my 2nd mortgage by the 1st mortgage holder. They said if I don't…
I own a house (my late parents') that I'm going to market as a teardown. How should I price this house? Near the assessed value? Any other?
tips? The house is in a area of '60s ranches and split levels, and is in the Hinsdale South school district.
What is the next step when people have stopped requesting to view your house?
My listing agent does not seem to want to answer questions I have or when I request imput regarding taking the house off the market, DOM issues, follow-up with agents or getting real answers from other…
act of god delayed closing - what are options?
I'm selling my house. Three days before closing, we had a freak storm and a tree fell on the roof, damaging the roof and the chimney. There is some cosmetic damage as well. The closing was delayed…
as a seller what can I be compensated for when buyers breached contract?
I have complied with all areas of contract and buyer does not want to close because she wishes to have new roof. Roof is structurally sound and free of leaks but buyer still wants new roof. Today is…
The house I'm renting will be sold 2 days before my lease expires, and the buyers intend to live in the house... My rights regarding vacating?
Am I required to move out right after lease expires? Or does the new owner have to give me some sort of notice before I'm required to vacate? How much time do I legally have, before I have to vacate?
Can you guide me in the best thing I should do being the trustee and exe of the estate, When she passed she owed 22,500 in may 2010,now owes 11,2?
a agent had me list the property for 77 grand , I didn't want to , within 4 months he had me drop the price 20 grand , I think he cost me time and prospects. I didn't resign , and rented it…
My father died and left his kids with a home? 1 out of 5 don't agree to let the youngest daughter move in the home. So now the lawyer said that
we have to sell because it is in probate court because the 1 son won't agree. What can we do to not have to sell this home and keep it as a family home?
What is the good, bad, and ugly of owner financing in today's market?
pitfalls with taxes, insurance, better to just rent until market recovers?
Staging a home is really annoying. How do I get top dollar & a DEVOTED agent?
I have listened too so much "crap" that my head is spinning. The home is clean & ready to sell. It just seems that I have to move out in order to sell. I am not going out of my way anymore.…
How much more valuable is my recently fully upgraded single family home 3/2 in NE St Pete with a view of the?
bay and across from a popular playground and park than my neighbors homes without the water view? I am preparing to list and need the facts.
Is it legal to mis-represent your property when selling? Recently we looked at a for-sale-by-owner property
in rural SD. Owner claimed home was built in 1975 and at one point even told us the house & 3 acres had been appraised at $220,000. This sounded like BS and of course, when I checked with the county…
Are there any fellow realtors out there successfully writing Contracts for Deed in Texas? And, if so, do you have a third party servicer?
I've heard there are third parties out there now who service these contracts like a title company, or property manager. They collect buyer payments, pay seller mortgages, and store important documents.…
Does any realtor have any unique marketing strategies?
They all seem to be the same - postcards, websites, newspaper ads. Anyone do something different? And don't tell me price - a low price is not marketing. How else do I make my house more attractive…
An upside down homeowner calls wanting to sell, what must they know to make the right choice?
The other day I received a call from a past client who still owns the house I helped him buy 16 years before. His call was to ask if I could help him out of a jam with a house he helped his son buy by…
Where can I find a school boundary map for the Town of Apple Valley, CA?
I would like to have a great resource to be able to provide the schools that serve any particular neighborhood.
My mom passed.She was in hospital for over 2 months, then arrng funeral and I can't find out who to pay the back mortgage to. I just went to
probate and received administrator of estate. I don't know what to do about selling the house so I can pay her remaining mortgage and other bills. I don't know who to pay the back mortgage…
Is it normal for a buyer's agent to write disparaging comments to the seller's agent? I thought the buyers agent would want to sell, not
discourage. We had an offer on our home only to find out the buyer's agent is writing very disparaging comments about our home, and about the appraisal process. I understand trying to secure a good…
Why do realtors obscure/hide facts when it just wastes everyone's time and effort? We just finished our house-hunting adventure.
We saw properties that supposedly were in "move-in condition" - that I would be ashamed to have claimed to be in move-in condition. One had a roof leak. Another had a water actively dripping…
I am the seller going through a broker whose home was damaged by prospective buyer (licensed realtor) while under contract in search of asbestos.
With exception of a 1” hole in diameter in living room & four 1 to 2” goughes, the majority were the size of a ¼” drill bit. There are perhaps three dozen holes in all. The damage…
Relocating. Should I sell or rent? House values are way down due to foreclosures. What are chances that I get appraised at $50K down on a $350K house?
I have a job offer that require me to Relocate. I am in Round Lake, IL in Lakewood Grove. I predict that the value of house is going to be very low due to bunch of foreclosures and short sells. I don't…
Who gets the earnest money? Buyer or seller. We are the sellers and have signed two extensions. Last extension expired, buyer does not have mortgage.
We signed a purchase agreement in July with a closing date on or around Oct 31. We signed an extension to end 11/11 and another to end 12/1. Before the second extension was signed we asked for more earnest…
Hi - Im selling and want to know if I can negotiate a VARIABLE commission based on the SALE Price and TIME on market?
Seems like this might incentivize the Realtor to maximize price and minimize time on market.
I owned a second home in MA while my primary residence was in another state. I paid the Capital Gains Tax to the Fed Gov. Do I owe MA any tax?
I paid all the Capital Gains to the Federal and my state government. Do I owe MA a tax on mty capital gains if the property was a vacation home?
What do you value most in a Realtor?
To better help the public, it will help Agents to know what you as a buyer or seller want most out of your Realtor, agent or broker.
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