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Can I list my home for sale myself or do I need an agent for this sight? If I click 'list home' it repeatedly sends me back to the login
sight. At this point I can't list it even though I have already successfully claimed it. Please let me know. Thanks Dave
I am selling a new Manufactured home, which was built in 2006. It's a new 3 bed/2 bath home in a great location less than half a mile from the
lake. The asking price is $449K and it's been onthe market for about 30 days. What should be the average days on the market for this type of house in this price range in Westlake Village? I purchased…
how is it best determined on what realtor you should pick for selling your home.?
I have a home for sale. Everyone loves it and they will think about it but no then comes back.
Broker suing for commission in NYC because I refused to sign a contract without the purchaser agreeing to a set date for board interview/closing date
A board interview is required in the sale/purchase of a co-op and the buyers and agents involved did not get the interview "package" ready in time for a quick closing. Thus we would have been…
House has been on/off mkt for 9 months - lower price and use flat fee mls or add granit and pay 7% commi
A relator who sells a lot of property in this metropolitan area is suggesting that adding granite to the entire house and raising the price to cover it and the commission is the way to go. This relies…
I am wanting to know how sales in Harriet Creek Ranch (76247) are faring & what the current average days on the market is right now for 3/2
1800sqft. The subdivision was hit quite hard by foreclosures and not to mention the builder significantly dropping prices in the last phase. Homes in the first 4 streets were finished out differently then…
In a short sale, what comes first, a BPO or an appraisal?
Also, in a short sale, how long until after the BPO and/or the appraisal is the closing date, usually?
What services do buyers and sellers most value from Realtors?
I'm always looking to improve my services, as the industry progresses... please let me know what service you value!
How do I find someone who buys houses for investment property? I have seen the signs that say we buy houses for cash but not sure if they are real.
I want to move and purchase a house in another neighborhood in the city. I have been in my house for 11 years, I am not interested in the hassle of renting it out and this just isn't a good market…
sinkhole disclosure
I have a small sinkhole in my front yard and pretty sure its due to old debris buried during construction of my home about 25 years ago. I've filled it with dirt before but have been given different advice.…
Why would a broker push a seller (prospect) to sign exclusive right of sale agreement with lease to own/rent options ?
Broker is pushing us to sign ERS-14tbRev.11/09, line 91 and 93 set at 10%/ Can somebody tell me why ? They do not give me a clear answer. Why are those options so important for a broker to alienate a…
i read that era will buy your home if it is not sold, if that is true why wouldn't everyone use them? what is?
the catch? do they offer you something so low that you wouldn't take the offer?
I would like to know what is the average list days a home is on the market in Menifee?
In order to qualify for another house, I will have to get a contingent approval and have my current house sold within 6 months before my new house is built. My current home is in Menifee near Autumn Breeze…
I need an experienced realtor in Boise, Idaho who can aggressively market my home. My home has been on the
market for 80 days now with a discount real estate company. The current contract expires in 10 days. I intend to remove it from the market and list it with a realtor who knows the market well, has the…
What would you charge a client to sell his condo to his sister?
I have a client who owns a condo in Oahu that he wants to sell to his sister. They have already agreed to terms. He just needs someone to draft a contract to purchase. He's looking for a minimal flat…
Looking for investor friendly realtor on Oahu
I am looking for an investor friendly realtor in Oahu that could pull comparable sales for me in exchange for leads that I cannot use (no referral fees or anything, just leads that don't fit my business…
should i keep a second home that is under water?
the home is now 100k under water. We have a 15 year loan on it & the bank (B of A) wont change it to a 30 year. the renter we have in it only covers 1/2 of the mortgage. I'd like to walk away…
I claimed my home and would like to add a listing price, open house date and update all of the pictures.
I am unable to list it for sale, I am only given the option to list it for rent and no where to upload new photos or a listing price. Everytime I click on the List for Free under the Buy tab it takes…
Is it recommended to wait to sell until the housing market improves?
My parents recently moved to an assisted living apartment. They would like to sell their Winter Park home, but do not have to sell immediately. The home is on a desireable, good sized lot and the home…
buying house, been separated from husband for 7 years and don't know where he is. Title co. wants him to sign intevenor form. Why everything?
in my name and mortgage in my name. But I can't find him and don't want to. What are my options?
Title company questions..please help?
I closed on my house Feb 6, 2009 and my mortgage was paid off on 10Feb 2009. On the 13th of FEB he money was frozen at the Title company and the mortgage is back on my account as of today. What do I do?…
Adding a modular to vacant lot for quicker sale???
We have a vacant lot on the sound side of Hwy 24. It is not selling. We have thought of adding a small (1300-1400 sqft) modular home (not a mobile home)(3bed/2bath) To sell quicker. If we did this we could…
how much did this house sell for?
-- This question is about this property: http://www.trulia.com/homes/California/Orange/sold/5174293-4037-E-Fernwood-Ave-Orange-CA-92869
I have my one family home on the market in queens, ny and need to replace the roof. I have no leaks yet.
Is it better to wait for an offer and give the buyer credit or should i replace now? How much does a shingle roof cost for a single family home and 1 car garage? (estimate)
my seller sold withdrew the home from the market 15 days before expiration. I now find out the home sold 18
days after the expiration date but I have a gut feel that a contract was entered before the listing agreement had expired. Is the title company obligated to give me the contract date if I request it?
My loan is with Bank of America. I owe $55K to them to bring the loan due.
I am willing to pay them $25K to bring the loan current. How can I find a negotiator who can help me get this done? I will pay to the negotiator only after we have the results, not before. I am willing…
I have a question about whether to do a small repair before listing our home for sale.
There is a small area of the bathroom vanity in our master bath that has been discolored over the years. Would it be smart to paint it before listing the house or is it reasonable to handle that problem…
I'm looking for the best, most motivated and driven Realtor in Sagamore Hills.
I'm looking for the best, most motivated and driven Realtor in Sagamore Hills to sell Greenwood Village condo. Have had very bad experiences in past. Desperate to sell. Where can we turn?
Is it more difficult to purchase a townhouse/condo versus a single family home?
will the taxes be separate from the price of the condo/townhouse or rolled into one
Realtor a no show for our open house
Our realtor did not show up for a open house that HE scheduled. This was the biggest issue ao far but there have been many more, What can we do?
I don't think you have found the right people . Horse owners, hobby farmers, people who want to supplement their income agriculturally. This WAS
a small farm with chiickens, assorted livestock. close enough to the city for jobs, riding trails galore. Horses not gas powered vehicles. Boarding is one option, there are none left in the area.
I hate the house I just bought! I'm miserable here! We were living in a 800 sq foot apartment with a toddler and bought the best we could find
in area Before we had to sign another year contract at our apartment. I realized a month after moving in, our purchase was a mistake. It's a 90 year old home. It has been nothing but a long list of…
i am considering selling a rental property (all paid for) but next door, there is a short sale for $30,000 less than what I paid for my house? sellnow
it is move in ready, no waiting for an answer. if i hire a realtor, then there would definitely be no profit? are there people out there willing to pay for what the house is worth? is october a bad…
Selling home after relocation...
There is a 75% chance that my company will be relocating me from the Seattle area to the Tampa, FL area this summer. Will a "full service" realtor help me in maintaining the grounds (I pay of…
what's the average square footage price of a brick house in San Angelo that's 20 years old
with the house that has real wood burning fireplace sprinkler system central and hate
Adding a modular to a vacant lot to sell quicker...
I posted this question under Newport, NC zip (that is where the lot is located)and got no response, so I thought I would post it here as well.-We have a vacant lot on the sound side of Hwy 24. It is not…
Why can I not add a home listing?
I have my free account, and when I try to Submit a Listing it ask me to create a free account?
How do I advertise the house I'm trying to sell?
I have been trying to list a house for sale on Trulia and can't seem to find the page for the listing?
we do have 2 lots for sale at 2033 Nellie drive slidell la - house is a drug den now and cannot be repaired. holes everywhere and winders broken out.
Need a quick sell due to needing bills paid. by linda and Michael fleming at 985-863-8447 or 985-290-4326 - across from slidell little theatre and not far from town or interstate! make offer.
list my house for sale
how do i list my house for sale
Our home is in escrow, but our buyers are not financially solid so we asked our agent to accept Back- up offers. We found out we had a very solid
Back up offer for which our agent did not disclose to us and turned it down. What can we do about this?
HELP with getting my FSBO listing on this site please thanks
I think I have completed all the info to list on this site, but need further assistance. Thanks luba@integra.net
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