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I want to sell but concerned there are few real buyers at this time of year. Should I wait till March for a larger field of buyers before listing?
My home is older, nice, but not ultra modern & I have carpet & wall paper. I know buyers are very picky about these issues & don't want to have my listing sitting for months before the right buyer comes…
We want to sell our condo and buy a single family home. The problem is that we owe $220,000 and it's worth
from $180,000-$190,000. Do we get pre approved for the new home loan now?We have some credit debt and want to consolidate but then our credit score wouldn't be as good. What do we do first? Irma home…
Empty versus lived in - which is better?
With plenty of foreclosure inventory out there, does it make sense to stage a home or remain in a home when the sign goes in the yard? Does the owner's furniture help - if the pieces are in good condition…
How do I get a listing on here?
I am trying to put an individual listing on and It will not take me to a listing page. Can anyone help?
Selling house for tear-down?
Wondering how the market is now in Northbrook for selling home that would be a tear down (needs a lot of work). Very desirable neighborhood near downtown, but not that big of a lot.
My father in law past away February of this year and left his Atascadero home in a trust for his 3 children,
My father in law past away February of this year and left his Atascadero home in a trust for his 3 children, my husband (the executor of the trust) and his 2 sisters. The home is on the west side of Atascadero.…
seller closing costs in a fha loan
what are the closing costs that the seller has to pay when a buyer gets a fha loan?? what fha costs are given to the seller and not the buyer..it would seem unfair
fha loan appraiser
i am selling my 3 family home. i have 2 buyers. the first buyer is applying for a fha loan with 3.5 down and the second buyer is putting 20 percent down(no fha loan). the first buyer is offering 10 thousand…
what would be grounds to sue for specific performance?
I have a buyer who backed out at the last minute, 2 days before closing, of the purchase of a house. Now they do not want to reimburse me for $2500 of expenses incurred based on their assurances to go…
I recently lost my job. I would like to get a small home equity loan to fix up some things around the house and put it up for sale.
the area i live in is a sellers market and homes are selling on average less than two weeks in my neighborhood. is this at all possible?
How can I get the price corrected on a listing, You are showing the price on 304 Greens Court at $179,000 it is incorrect. Please correct to $219900
I need the price corrected ASAP as the sellers are quite upset with the incorrect selling price. Please change the selling price to $219,900 ASAP.
I have a 30 year fixed VA assumable loan at 3.25% with 29 years left. If I sell the property how much is the assumable feature worth to the buyer?
How can I get a premium (if any) from the assumability feature on a sale? The loan balance is $275 and the home is worth $315.
Getting accurate appraisal of condo in Chicago Edgewater area
In Chicago Edgewater area I am looking to buy my mother's half of the condominium where she lives. I know of 3 sales of the EXACT same unit in the SAME building within 1 year of each other within the last…
Broker Analysis Needed?
If you are looking to sell your home and need the current market value of your home, then please contact Laura Wasson at 812-629-8418 or visit www.LauraWasson.com! I will happily provide the information!
What are the laws in NJ/Hudson Cty. regarding selling property with tenants?
Hello Everyone. I own a 1 BR condo in Jersey City Heights and I am looking to sell. I have tenants who are currently default in over $5000,oo in unpaid rent (over $6g's including security deposit). Unfortunately,…
House has been on and off the market for 3 years.....help!
As the heading states, our home has been on and off the market for 3 years. We have had two agents and more showings than I can count but we have had no offers. I am so close to walking away from this…
Dual agent scenario question
I am a seller and if I sign with a dual agent and the agent finds a buyer but then a 2nd buyer comes along at the same time from a different agent and the offer is higher, then is my agent required to…
I am trying to sell my home "by owner." I have had good traffic and am a former realtor. What can I do that is special? What "EDGE" can I have?
There are two other houses for sale on the street (good, valid reasons...transfers) and I am getting their traffic. I have open houses nearly every weekend. Having been a realtor, I know how to do them…
I'm very unhappy with my listing agent, want to cancel and they wouldn't let me. What I can do?
My listing agent past 3 months , she didn't do anything, no advertising, no open houses, no showings.. I want to cancel my listing and now she saing she cant, or I need to pay them 285$ , I spoke with…
Can anyone give me advice on who might be looking for bulk investments?
I am part of a nationwide investment group that is selling turnkey rental properties in the metro Detroit/Michigan area. All of our properties have been completely rehabbed and are currently rented out…
Should I sell or rent my 1 bedroom condo?
If I sold the condo I would walk away with approximately $5K. If I rent it I would have a positive cash flow of only $100 per month.
Our house was on the market with a realtor for 1 1/2 Yrs and didn't sell,Help Kay
We have a 4 bdr. cape cod in two rivers, wi on the eastside close to the lake i have seen houses around that have been selling, we want to sell because my MS is making it difficult to do household things…
Do you want to save Money when selling your home?
Let Green Tree pay for your buyers closing costs and that way, you the seller isn't asked to contribute for closing costs of the buyer! Contact me to save money on your closing costs! Purchase…
How do I make sure homes for sale are shown on Trulia?
I have two houses listed for sale that don't show up on Trulia. The homeowners would like to make sure they are posted. 5913 Tchoupitoulas St New Orleans LA 70115 35 Davis Blvd Jefferson LA 70121
Would you advise hiring a professional property assessor? I have a one acre property (low bank) on Dakota Creek.
Property was formerly a shipyard. Delisted from the Hazardous List and have approximate clean-up costs.
Can a Buyer hold someone in a deal even if an extension is Breeched?
I've got someone purchasing our property and there are a couple of outstanding questions that the buyer's lender (bank) has been asking regarding FHA. The buyers were denied the loan and exceeded…
We have a friend who lives in Sandy Springs, GA who has been approached by a potential buyer for their home.
Can you share the required process of selling a home when it is not listed on the market? Are title/escrow companies used as they are here in AZ, or are attorneys required?
Our broker agent just informed us he is leaving the company that we signed with for another company
who is our contract with, the company or the agent. We told him we wanted to stay with the company we were with and he told us the contract was with him.
We have to sell our home @ 5201 Jim Ave, Killeen, TX. I need a realtor.
This house is a unique build. Not a cookie cutter home. 3 bdrm office/2 bath, dining rm, big kitchen w/island, french doors leading to backyard, landscaped backyard. Large master bedroom that opens (french…
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