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I own a 2 bed/2 bath condo in The Reserve at James Island and thinking about selling. Thoughts?
I currently live in Texas and I'm thinking about just wiping myself clean of the place. How does the market look? The last thing I want to do is sell super low, especially since I'm already…
I am planning on placing my home on the market at the beginning of June. My home is in the 28117 area with a
very unique set up. The home is apx 1700 sq ft on an acre lot with waterview. I also have a 1/10 acre waterfront lot that is deeded with the home. The lake lot is on the main D channel of Lake Norman and…
I own a condo in a 3 unit mixed use building; bottom floor commercial, 2 units are residential. Fannie Mae wont underwrite now, so I can't sell.
Help! I have been trying to sell for 3 years, have had multiple offers, but every time they can't get a loan because Fannie Mae now will no longer underwrite it. They can get from a private lender,…
Is it a conflict of Interest if my Agent who is currently selling my house suddenly put her or her family house in the market 1 to two monyths later?
The description of my house & her house is in the same category meaning same area, same price and almost same description.
We just bought our second house, we currently trying to sell our 1st house. IS short sale a better option?
What are the drawbacks of doing this. I will still spend a thousand if I try to rent it out. The offers we are getting are low.
I need a buyer for my condo in atlanta within the next 2 weeks the condo is in dunwoody lakes in sandy springs
how do I find a buyer for my condo in atlanta within the next 2 weeks the condo is in dunwoody lakes community in sandy springs 2 bed 2 bath how do i find a buyer right away to save me from loosing…
I am thinking of getting solar electricity installed on the house roof. Will that help or hurt selling the house later?
It's a 20-year leasing arrangement with a fixed monthly payment and less than what I pay monthly to the electric company today.
My house is listed on Trulia as being off the market. How do I get Trulia to show my house.?
The house address is 1079 Greenwillow Drive, Saint Marys, GA 31558 and the MLS is 3152841. It is now listed for $575,000. Thank you for your help. Debbie Simeone
I have verbally committed to a Realtor but have not signed a contract, and I may have a potential offer through a neighbor. What should I do?
I am selling my house and have verbally committed to listing with a Realtor but have not signed a contract yet. Yesterday a neighbor stopped over and asked if we were listing with a Realtor because he…
how can a bank sell a note on a house that has been sold on short sale that they approved?
How can wilshire sell a note on a house that has gone through a short sale that they approved
How can I verify the number of closed sales of a Realtor?
In the course of looking for a realtor to sell my house, I'd like to be able to verify some of their numbers. Is there a public data base or can the office manager provide information about that?
Seller's Incentives for Buyer's
If i want to sell my property in current buyer's market, what kind of incentives will attract a buyer --> closing cost --> 1 yr HOA dues --> Home Inspection -- > Appraisal…
No Showings, what's wrong?
14109 S. Hemingway, 60544. Please look and tell me. I really need to sell this home ASAP.
I have a listing that's on Trulia with an incorrect neighborhood. How can I get this fixed?
I have a listing at 23 East 128th street in zipcode 10035. The northern part of this zipcode is in Harlem while the southern part is in East Harlem. The boundaries for East Harlem is East 96th-125th…
Can I sell my house to my husband?
I purchased a home and the mortgage/deed are both in my name. A year later, I married and have not yet changed any of the documents to include my husband's info. We have since moved out of this property…
SC Estate Property Help: Suddenly, I find myself in charge (after a death) of trying to dispose one of my
extended family's home in what is called the South of Broad (near where the Civil War started) area in Charleston County. It looks like a (fairly distant) family member near there wants to purchase it.…
What can I do about a real estate agent, who without my knowledge or permission gave someone a key to my home?
All of my furnishings and artwork were stolen by the person she gave the key to.
Your site does not cover market directions for Condos. Condo prices in Arden are declining rapidly to 2002 levels. When will they rise back to 2006?
My condo complex is not warranted for FHA loans; cash or conventional only. 2/3rds of owners bought in 2004 or later. What are our prospects to sell in the future?
What are my options if the appraiser issued a low report using bad comps and then refuses to adjust?
He used an estate flip and a house that is at the entrance to the neighborhood and backs up to a strip mall with pizza and chinese food restaurants with no location adjustment. I'm on a culdesac with woods…
How should we determine whether we should sell our home and rent for the sake of a better school district?
We can't afford the downpayment for a descent house in the neighborhood of our choice but we could afford to rent there. We have been in our home for 5 years, it's nice but not our dream house. By lottery,…
Underwater mortgage/sticky situation
I bought my home almost a year ago after a divorce, and unfortunately my realtor led me to think I was paying a good, fair price, which I found out (too late) wasn't true at all. Today I could sell…
We recently closed on a home with an FHA loan, but due to life changes we would like to sell. Is this okay?
This question requires a bit of background information: 1. We purchased the home for $87,000 (the prior owner purchased the home for $80,000 as a foreclosure but decided the required work was too much…
how to find owner of property in ohio?
who owns 1740 naylo lloyd rd in liberty , oh
how to find owner?
who owns a property
I plan to sell my condo back to the original owner. We have agreed a price plus/minus the percentage change
in Edgewater condo prices over the past 18 months. How do I find that information?
What is the market time for a 1 bdm in a vintage bldg in Edgewater Beach?
Seems there is a glut of 1 bdrm condos along Sheridan Rd that have been sitting on the market for 6 or more mos.
dear sir can you help i am looking to see if you can sell our rant out theses home ??
can you help i am looking to have this porperty vuled for may be to sale our rent out can you give me some info on this i aslo have another at 11306 hupp ave in warren looking to do the same thing for…
I want to withdraw my listing. The Broker refused to sign the withdrawal unless paid in full. I can only pay a little each month. Can they do this?
They also will not let me change the original agreement. Can they do this? Am I obligated to pay the commission if they won't let me make any changes? I really want to keep my home.
In case of the house sell - buyers with agents visiting house - how sellers can be protected against the abuse/negligence?
Is buyer agency liable for the agent negligence, like leaving the property not locked or the misuse of property? How sellers can be protected against clear misuse of the property e.g. bathroom? Should…
Can I legally raise the listing price of my home before I get a full price offer and would the offer have to be in writing?
I have my house listed but does not run out until July 2012. I would like to raise the listing price substancially. Can I do that. Also can I change some of the terms. EX: Buyer has to Seller pay…
What % of buyers looking for townhomes require FHA financing?
In your direct experience, what percentage of buyers looking at condos/townhomes are dependent on FHA financing? Have you seen a correlation between condo/townhome sales in your area and FHA approval?
Is ther a way to know how many homes have sold in Pleasant Prairie in the past 6 months?
I looked on Zillow and Trulia and they say that not one Pleasant Prairie home has sold in the past 30 days. I find this really hard to believe. Is there a way to find out?
how do i put my house on trulia to sell?
having a hard time trying to figure out how to list my home
1st time seller. Looking to upgrade. What steps do I take to get my home on the market and find a new one? I have done some research but I really
don't know where to begin. How many people do I need for the process? Do I need one realtor for selling and another for buying. Do I need a real estate attorney? What is a buyers agent for. HELP!!…
Is it Federal Offense short selling your house to a relative?
It has been said most of the time but what is the specific law and penalty?
If I have to do a short sale on my home, will I have to pay the difference between the selling price & what I still owe?
How does selling my home in a short sale affect my credit rating? Can my mortgage company take away my second home?
Does getting another "disclosure form" signed at closing rather than having a final walk through benifit the buyer?
We sold a house in Knoxville TN. They had an inspection done, only minor things were found, and signed off that they are taking the house as is. Are we responsible for any thing they find wrong that we…
Three siblings own a house as joint tenancy. One sibling has moved in and won't sell, another wants the house sold. What can be done?
The sibling that moved in took a mortgage against the house for 45K, with the others' consent and verbally agreed to sell the house when mom moved out. At the sale, the mortgage was to be paid and…
On average, how quickly does new construction sell in Middleboro?
I'm considering purchasing a plot of land, building a house, and selling it. I'd like to know what time frame I can reasonably expect.
Agent open houses / FSBO / procuring cause / commissions
Let's say our Realtor hosts an agent open house and we later decide to FSBO, if an agent who came to the open house brings a buyer, does our original Realtor have procuring cause (right to the commission)?
property tax assessment vs mortgage value assessment? Should we challenge the city assessment based on incorrect data?
Currently, it appears that our home is overpriced because our property tax assessment states our home is worth $25,000 less than our listing price. However, they have the details incorrect. Our realtor…
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