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Are you on the fence about selling your house? What are the reasons for not selling right now? Please, no agents or lenders, just owners answer.
I am curious and this seems to be a good forum to find out, we agents provide our insight, it would be nice to get the tables turned and make these questions mutually beneficial.
If a buyer's offer includes a contingency, now no longer valid but doesn't remove it, and then decides to cancel, do they forfeit their deposit?
A buyer made an offer on my home with a pest inspection contingency. If a pest inspection revealed no current infestations, but the buyer decided to cancel anyway for unrelated reaons, would the seller…
6 months ago I had a CMA done on our house. We were getting ready to list it for the price 6 months ago, should we ask for a little more now?
From looking at the charts and statistics it looks like the median price is going up. I would hate to miss out on a few % points. People around the lake already know how much houses used to be worth before…
Can I sell my home, which is financed through an FHA loan, on contract?
Had an offer from someone to buy our home, on contract. They will be able to buy it outright between 6 months to a year from now. Is this even possible?
I have had no luck with my realtor. has never been available. has other agents do the work and they are not familiar with the property.
had an open house and live on a dead end street. they were late and no sign posted except in front of the house. isnt that a breech of contract?
Incorrect listing of my house
My house does not show up in results when pool is included in keywords. But, if pool is removed, it does. The house has a pool and my realtor has tried to get this corrected. What do I need to do??
Selling home for more than what we owe
I just bought a home and the house appraised for $15000 more than the purchase price and we put a good down payment. If we sell our home for more than what we owe How does it work with the lender. We…
Our house is for sale. Someone asked our realtor if we would consider doing a land contract. We have been
trying to sell for a year and are getting pretty desperate, plus our house is completely paid for. Should we do it? Our realtor seems to be against it, but he still gets paid if we do this, right?
Referral for a loan modification attorney
I am looking for a referral for a loan modification attorney who has dealt with Bank of America.
We have inherited a house that has a small rental property on it with a tenant and has 6 months left on the lease. What is our obligation to her?
We will be trying to sell the house within the next six months as it is in a reverse mortgage situation.
David Deschaine Roofing went Bankrupt. Does that mean any warranties and guarantees are now void?
I was thinking about buying a house that where the roof was installed by David Deschaine. I was just informed that David Deschaine Roofing went out of business. http://www.pressherald.com/news/A…
What are the required steps to list a home, for sale by owner, on Trulia?
I have a home that I co-own with my sisters. They asked me to list it on Trulia.
What level does your profile need to be to post a FSBO listing?
Previous answers were incomplete. Can someone provide a full explanation on this as naturally we are logged in and individual owners, not agents. Thanks.
my house needs minor repairs but i dont have any money to do so, well im wondering if i can put in cash back at my closing when it sells?
-- This question is about this property: http://www.trulia.com/homes/Florida/Port_Saint_Lucie/sold/25909244-628-Beach-Ave-Port-Saint-Lucie-FL-34952
-- This question is about this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3095405417-2414-SE-Melaleuca-Blvd-Port-Saint-Lucie-FL-34952
How do we finance the selling of our home if we can't pay off our mortgage after our home sales?
I have taken a job out of state and now would like to sell our home in Lynnwood, but due to market conditions, and other circumstances, it appears likely that it may cost us up to $15,000 to sell, this…
We have informed our realtor that we want to cancel our listing agreement.
He picked up his sign and lock box immediatly and dropped an amend / extend contract with broker. It states under additional provisions: This listing agreement is terminated, hold over provisions apply.…
North Is the North Shore development lot prices espected to rise soon. I purchased a lot and am curious of a real est
Is the North Shore development lot prices expected to rise soon. I just purchased and am curious to real estate expert for Sunset Beach NC
is 3322 buena vista st for sale?
Add some detail about your question
What is the market like right now in Menifee?
My house is at 28595 Autumn Ln in Menifee. I listed my house 10 days ago and I'm wondering if the price is right and how long it should take to sell? Wondering if I'm priced right for the area and for…
College park inventory
I'm selling my house in CP next year. I know the market has been hot here (somewhat due to low inventory), but I'm starting to see more listings. I'm wondering if agents are seeing prices begin to level…
My husband got talked into going with his friend's wife to sell our house. We aren't happy with her. Now what?
She is new to real estate. She listed our house almost two month ago and we have not gotten any offers. So far only about 7 or 8 showings and NONE have been with her, all with other agents. She has given…
What are my chances of selling my condo? Selling because upstairs neighbors refuse to fix hardwood floor. HOA DID nothing to help.ccrs now state no
bought unit in arroyo grande,When I asked realtor to make sure there would never be hardwood floors in upper units.They were brand new and there was no HOA yet. I had heard nothing but night mare stories…
Waiting period to sell home on your own after it's been listed with a Realtor.
Our home is currently on the market with a realtor. Once the contract ends would we as the home owner be able to sell the home and if so what is the waiting period?
The people that offered cash went through listing agent. So my agent is getting commission from both ends couldn't he just cut his commission to make this deal work for me
My husband and I are thinking about selling our house and land. What is the first step?
Our house and land are joined. We are looking at possibly moving soon. We are not really sure what our first step is.
Permission from the bank?
I refinanced my home a few years ago and because the loan amount was so small, around $15K, the bank approved me for a loan instead of a mortgage. Now I want to sell and I owe $8K on the loan. Do I need…
3 bedroom vs 2 bedroom
I am looking into buying a home that is a 2 bedroom but has a spear room that could potentially be a 3rd bedroom. Is it much more difficult to sell a 2 bedroom vs 3 bedroom in Seekonk MA?
Why did Your website change the status of my house for sale after I claimed it to correct major errors in your description of it?
How do I get my house listed as For Sale By Owner instead of "not on the Market" on your website. For fear of my edits going away, I do not want to release my claim to the property....... What…
I have a house on seyburn street, that I purchase couple years ago
house on seyburn street, purchased a couple of years ago, was going to renovate, but never got around to it, so it needs a lot of work, did prices go up in that area at all? wondering if I can resell…
Is there an agent in the Raleigh area that actively markets houses?
Our house has been on and off the market all year, with 3 different agents (Allen Tate, Fonville Morrisey, and another agency). Each has listed in MLS and then virtually disappeared. They don't contact…
Would like to speak to a Trulia representative.?
I would like to post my listing with photos and information
Price differences in close neighborhoods in Culver City
Do the different neighborhoods in Culver sell for different prices? Sunkist Park vs Downtown?
Should I sell?
I currently own a condo in Winter Park FL I owe $80,000 on the mortgage and I pay monthly HOA fee of $305. I am currently renting the property out at $700. So all in all I am loosing $300 a month for condo.…
How many CO dectors are required in a home? Are they only required near the sleeping areas? Also, Interior railing requirements?
The railing is from the main level to the 2nd floor. Only banister is currently present which runs half way up the stors and is open to the adjacent living room.
Selling townhouse in CT. Buyer and I sign contracts with contingency on mortgage. i get email from HER bank saying congrats and your approval. A
week later she says appraisal was a little low and wants lower price. i decline. Neither of us have agents. Working through attorneys only. i then get letter from her attorney that his client was unable…
Which agent or office will have the greatest success selling our property at a premium price not a bargain price?
We don't have the most modern & stylish home. A new owner may want to replace the carpet, paint or install wallpaper, update the baths, kitchen, windows, heat & a/c, but everything works & our house…
My husband and I want to sell our home (18049 area) and we need a good agent with low commission fees. What are our options?
We can't afford the 6-7% fees because we need the equity we have to buy a used mobile home cash. We need to get this home sold soon and want it on the market by Sept. 1. I don' t think we will…
Can a realtor tell me what I need to fix on my house to prepare it for selling?
I do not want to spend a lot of money on remodeling, just fix enough to have it sell quickly. Thanks
what can I do to get out of my mortage?
I moved north for a better paying job. after 8 months I still have not been able to sell my home. I have kept up all the payments etc.....but cannot afford to hold another mortgage to move out of the…
What happens if the sell of my house covers my first mortgage, but not all of the second mortage?
My husband and I want to sell our house and buy my mother's house in another state. I have a first and second. The second is in the form of a home equity. Can the home equity be applied to the new house?
Inaccurate Information Related to My House Listing
Why doesn't my property listing show up as a "new listing" on your website. It's been listing a couple of other times, but it should come up as NEW when it's been taken off the…
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