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looking for raised ranch homes (sq ft top 1380; raised basement 1280) that have sold in Grayslake recently
looking for raised ranch homes (sq ft top 1380; raised basement 1280) that have sold in Grayslake recently to compare to - any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
What is a short sale?
A short sale is when a home owner is upside down on their mortgage. They owe more than it is worth. Therefore, when the homeowner is having difficulty in making their mortgage the homeowner asks the…
This question is for sellers and brokers. How do the sellers feel when their house it empty and has been on the market for a very long time aprox 180?
days or more. Now comes a buyer with a low offer of 30% less of the asking price, should they work with that buyer or not?
Termite Inspection - no warranty
I am a seller with a contract with a buyer in the state of MD. The contract and settlement are contigent upon a termite inspection. The buyer paid for the inspection and it was arranged by the buyer's…
Why do I need an agent?
I didn't have a good experience with agent while buying. I was looking for houses with multiple agents as usual. The agent who got lucky showed me only about 3 houses one of which I ended up purchasing.…
Underwater - Keep on renting out or short sale?
Hello, like many people out here we bought our house in Oakland in 2005. It has since lost nearly half of it's value...We refinanced in 2009 which gave us a recourse mortgage. The house is located…
Can a Florida resident (husband) sell property he owns in Canada (his name alone on the deed) without the consent of his wife?
Husband and wife have not lived together for almost 10 years and were married in New York. He is now a legal resident of Florida and she is in New York. Their marriage was in New York and their property…
I am not represented by an agent and I asking the buyer to deposit 10,000 into escrow and 5,000 be released to me as I need funds to survive until Jun
Selling to an investor, I do have a error on title that can be cleared with a letter of opinion from the attorney that handled the transaction which I have and just discovered i have several leins from…
We are looking for some feedback positive and negative is fine we can take it here is the mls# 10101463. Thank you very much.
the house has been on the market almost a month. we are listed thru home real estate
Our realtor has not been responsive to our needs and our listing agreement is expiring soon. Should we change realtors?
Our house has been on the market for 2 1/2 months. We have lowered the price twice. We have done many things at great expense to make our house marketable. New paint (interior/exterior), remodeled kitchen/baths,…
Need advice on selling house from now to March 2013. Is home price is going up/down in Salinas?
want an advice on which time will be the best time to get best price on a home selling from now to March 2013.
Can I sell the property to my wife, so that I can pay off the whole mortgage.?
My mortgage does not allow me to pay off my whole mortgage, in between the five year period. I can only do that if I sell the property, after paying the penalty. To do so can I sell my property to my…
*What is the current average selling price of condos at 7161 East Ave. in Rancho Cucamonga, 91739?
*Also, what is the projected/predicted increase in that value over the next three years?
Is there anyone out there who is motivated, aggressive and can help me sell my house in Hempstead quickly?
If you are an expert in Hempstead in the form of a Broker, Realtor or a Finder. If you have a client looking for a multi-family home in Hempstead and you believe you can help me sell this property quickly…
I am an overseas seller. I instructed an agent and found a buyer. I signed the (standard)contract sent to me. The realtor never mentioned anything about FIRPTA, which I was totally unaware of. About 2…
I'm a seller of short sale, we already signed a contract ( seller and the buyer ) but I decided to cancel the short sale, there is an attorney
Involved, tried to asked the atty and he said that we cannot back out. Can I still back out?
I signed a purchase contract to sell property in PA. Next day I called to cancel, he gave me the contract back & signed an agreement to cancel
it. Am I out of the contract? How do I know for sure? Should I wait until the deadline is over before moving forward?
listing agent statistics who are top listing agents
Who are the top listing agents in the Burlington area?
I want to paint entry door before I sell my home. What color is best?
My front door stain is very worn and tired. I want to refurbish it before I sell. What colors are best for sales. I have a Tudor style with the cream with brown trim.
How is the market in Doylestown, PA? I am very interested in selling, but our house does need some work and
it would be financially difficult for us to complete it. Thanks for any feeback.
How should I sell my moble home asap?
I have a well maintained but old mobile home (1967) in Torrance, CA. Several buyers in pervious six months were interested to buy the house. However, high space rent (over $1,200/month) scared every…
Speaking from a sellers point of view. I have seen quite a few young folks come to my home (21yrs. old) wanting everything done for them at below m.v.
What ever happened to location, location, location? I will move to a desired area expecting to make the home mine with the touches I make.
Buyer wants the sellers to suggest post-inspection repairs??
We are selling 100 yr old, heavily updated home. We bought it only last year, and are selling due to work. When we had it inspected in 2012, we got a good detailed report...lots of little things, but nothing…
How is the market for mobile homes in Rancho Cucamonga, CA? We very recently put a two year old home on the
How is the market for mobile homes in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. We very recently put a two year old home on the market.
I'm selling my 3BR/1.5BA ranch in Southwestern Hills and need recommendations on where to advertise!!!
We are attempting to sell our house at 2508 Watrous Ave (right across from Jefferson Elementary School) and were wondering if anyone had neat advertising ideas. We already have a few signs up here and…
Closed on property and was credited money we might have to give back...need advice!!!!!
Just sold a property. We allotted 6% seller's assist. Around $4800 Closing came in at $3900. Attorney gave us back the $900. Realtor thinks we should return the $900 to the buyers. He said it's…
About sell my property in spain
Hello, i am looking for websites where i can publish my house which i want to sell, im looking for those which are free or cheapest. Could you let me know if trulia is free? if is not how much and for…
Does having an open house attract more buyers?
I am selling my home "for sale by owner" and was wondering if having an open house brings in more buyers.
Does anyone know a top realtor for the Oceana condos in Brighton Beach? I have a client int. in selling
I am looking for a top broker who is interested in a 25% referral for a 2 br/2 bath unit -- This question is about this property: http://www.trulia.com/homes/New_York/Brooklyn/sold/21000960-65-Ocean…
What is the catch with companies that advertise they will buy our "unsellable" home quickly and painlessly?
We are looking to sell our townhome quickly while not losing a lot of money and not paying at lot at closing. We do not have the kind of money for realtor commissions and closing costs and are trying to…
Selling home but can't get past appraisal due to short-sales, foreclosures, and lack of general sales activity in the past year. Any suggestions?
I am selling my home in Troy. After being listed for just three days, an offer was made. Unfortunately, the deal fell apart due to the fact that the only recent activity in my area has been short-sales…
We have tried repeatedly to create an account and the password
keeps kicking it out. Any suggestions. We are sellers of a home in Livingston
We are waiting on our home to sale in Hawaii, on the Big Island while also attempting to make a trade to
Austin/The Woodlands TX for a home of the same value. Our house is currently appraised at $94,750, but is an unpermitted building so banks will not lend against it. Do you think the trade option is the…
I live in Cadiz KY, I have been having some issues with our realtor, mainly she has not shown our house and
seems to just wait for someone to call her. We have decided to go with another realtor this time since our contract is about to end. While calling to other realtors, some in and out of our town, we were…
Trying to sell an HDFC not sure where to start, board currently in middle of agreed term to sell themselves but has no sale price yet!
My Brother in Law passed away was living in an HDFC, my mother in law was never added the board did not approve her to continue living there(she DID meet the income req). Now she's homeless, they told…
I just sold a home to a friend of mine on 1/13/13. Arrangement was he was saving me from foreclosure bought it for 195,600K, and I would help him
resell it ASAP. I got him the bank, etc.loan was FHA and he got really gd deal on loan. I got him a buyer but w/realtor so comm ate up any small profit. We have buyer @ 200K but netting 196K after realtor…
I sold a home to colleague who in turn is selling immediately after purchasing from me. He actually bought the house to help me from losing to
foreclosure. Arrangement was that I would help him sell ASAP so he could at least get his money back. We are in contract as of tomorrow. Now my question is although he bought 195,600.00, we have buyer…
short sale specialist
Does a short sale specialist (negotiator) have to be a realtor
I just noticed in the Trulia summary for Laguna Beach that there are 82 Foreclosures on the market in Laguna??
Most all of these listings are actually homes that have had a Notice of Default posted. They are not Foreclosures and many of these homeowners will resolve their issues with the bank. In reality, there…
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