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Does tank-less water heater adds value to the house ?
It's time to replace our 50 gallon tank water heater which is located in the attic ! Would changing to a tank-less water adds good value to the house ? When later consider selling the house... Anyone…
Problem selling a house in Queens NY.
I have been told that I cant sell my house because there are no permits for an old extension on the house but it is on the blueprint. Is this true or is someone trying to make extra money off me? The want…
I can't seem to get any data about West Slope (Portland, OR). There are tons of "neighborhoods" but mine is not one of them!
Is there an intentional neighborhood "hole"... or is my address subsumed in some other neighborhood? I'm at: 9440 SW Malcolm Glen St, Portland OR 97225
Any good references for residential structural engineers in oklahoma city, oklahoma?
looking to get some independent opinions from people other than the pier companines....they are a little too biased if you catch my drift
Looking for Rehab Buyers
I am in need of a solid group of investors/buyers of rehab houses. Mostly here in Jefferson County, MO but some in St. Louis South County as well. I'm not going to say I will have a constant supply of…
I feel that attorney dropped the ball. There where supposed to be personal property included in the sale of my home,
but somehow byer didn't pay before or at the closing. I've only discovered month later. How can I get them to pay now and who's fault it is? thank you
Our 30 year old home needs a furnace replacement, all the flooring replaced,( carpet etc.) a new kitchen range, and refrigerator,
We would prefer to sell the house for less, and let the buyer choose a furnace, flooring, an appliances..... how do we determine the price with these factors in mind?
Is seller entitled to earnest money deposit if buyer did not remove loan contingency and it's past the closing date?
Contract signed by both parties on oct 7 in california. Buyer has 17 days to remove contingencies. Seller gave FORM NBP on nov 7. Buyer released all contingencies except loan contingency. Nov 11 was the…
How do I get my home listed on your website?
I have navigated around your site only to end up having real estate agents call me. I would like to list the home myself.
Can I sell my 1/6th interest in a house that my mother willed me about 10 years ago? (22280 Paseo de Los Portales) Sonora CA 95370
The person who lives in it now is my mother's second husband. They bought it together, she died 10 years later and left my two sisters and I her half. According to this website the house was taxed…
As the seller what can I negotiate during the option period? Incase the buyer comes back with a huge list of repairs I am allowed to raise the purchas
As the seller what can I negotiate during the option period? Incase the buyer comes back with a huge list of repairs I am allowed to raise the purchase price a bit?
Is it best to have your property inspected before you place it on the market for sale?
I'm curious to know what Seller's think. Would you like to know the issues with your home before, or would you rather find out from a prospective buyer's inspection report?
Is it illegal for an agent to send her husband to look at my property with her clients?
I had a man enter my home with no appointment and he was the agents husband and not an agent hiself. I kicked him out but want to know if it was illegal what he did.
How difficult is it to get into real estate?
I graduated in 2012 with a liberal arts degree and I've had a really hard time getting a job. I was thinking about trying my luck being a real estate agent. I live in the lehigh valley area. How…
Central air/heat upgrade using oil, gas or electric?
I have oil heat, and it is too expensive. I was going to upgrade to central air/heat using gas, but now gas prices are too expensive as well. What do you think about using electric for my central air/heat?…
If a home has been on the market for over a year and not being shown often should the price be reduced even if agent says it's still priced right?
The home is in the Crescent City, CA area. 25 acres w/3 bd./2 ba. 25 yr. old home and a couple older barns. All fenced/cross fenced for horses/cattle. A few blocks from ocean. Priced at $360,000.
Home on market 2 mnths and about 14 showings. Only 1 buyer said they would like to put in a contingent offer, they have yet to do so in writing.
Feedback is positive and according to realtors. Home is well priced and shows very well. What are predictions for house market In 2015.? Should I delist the house until jan2015, and hope prices go up?…
Thoughts please. Home is in a sub with resale and new construction. Since listing my home 2 months ago, 3-4 resale homes and 8-10 new homes sold,
My home has 11 showings in 2 months. Feedback positive varied. Great home, great location, shows well and is well priced. The dilemma is , 2 realtors/buyers did not like home's proximity to community…
I want to list my house for sale
I have gotten logged in, now I would like to list my house for sale by owner. Can I do that here?
Can I legally turn down the highest (cash) offer on my property in favor of a lower (contingency) offer to avoid selling to a greedy investor?
I've had a starter home (2br condo) for several years in San Jose, CA which I want to put up for sale. It was an emotional purchase for me several years ago and over the years I've made well into the triple…
If a Realtor sent you a letter saying someone contacted him because they are interested in buying your home. How do you go about handling this?
FYI, is a real buyer or marketing attempt. What would you do first? Realtor said for us to make an offer than they can go from there. Is it best to get a realtor of our own or can we trust him to handle…
I have a home that has several judgement liens and tax liens against it. I may or may not have a little equity in the home. Can I sell with the liens?
I dont expect to get anything from the sale I just want out of the home. Is their Realtor that specialize in this type of sale?
how to find a auto house?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DFasVcrGymw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ii6RF26S224 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wmJO7wKo8Mw http://www.larian.com/forums/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=563395#Post563395
estimating Capital gains
We're about to sell property for $125,000 that we purchased for $50,000 and added approx 10,000 in improvements. How do I estimate capital gains on the sale?
Exclusive Listing
Are there any benefits to the seller whose RE agent asks for an exclusive listing for the 3rd time (when only 2 showings took place over last year's summer season) and all the while, pushing for another…
how do I get my home listed in the featured homes section?
My broker will be listing it next week and does not seem to know how to do this. Please let us know if we can do it, they need to do it, how much it costs if it costs anything, if the fee is by the week…
House still for sale
House has been on the market since October. We have changed the price already. Priced according to appraisal. Not getting any foot traffic. I am concerned my agent (father in law) is doing whats right…
I want to know if I can buy new washer/dryer for the people who bought my home and take mine with me? Does it have to be the existing ones I leave?
I told my realtor that my appliances were to be excluded in the sale of my home.I don't think he listed it that way, not sure though. He brought me a contract and they asked for my appliances. He…
Open House Listing
How to add to Open House listing
Looking for investor to buy my short sale Montgomery home and rent it back to me
Home ion west side of Montgomery (Oswego schools). Listed for short sale at $209,000. Would like to sell to investor willing to rent it back to me.
Is it a Conflict of Interest for a listing agent to accept a Short Sale Listing in the same neighborhood?
My house has been listed for a month at market value. My neighbor has contacted my agent to list their house (Short Sale), which will be $50K less than my home. Should the agent list the Short Sale home?
Are there simple things I can do to get my house ready to sell?
I am thinking about selling my home. I know that there are a lot of things I could do to improve the appearance; however, every time I have a free weekend, I get overwhelmed by the sheer number of projects.…
Settlement costs for sellers - when should you find out?
I am selling my condo with an underwater mortgage and will be paying approx 10k at closing. I have stressed to my agent that I need to know how much I need to pay. I am closing on 18 Sept; is it unreasonable…
Selling Home on our Own
I have had my house on the market for 5 months now and have lowered the price 100K. I am currently at $450K and my contract expires on 9/15/08. Can I break the contract now and sell it on my own or do…
Why do people keep saying the banks are the losers if homes go into foreclosure??
In most cases the banks don't take the losses. The individual homeowner("home renter") takes the lose on defaulted mortgage. By means of lost downpayment and recked credit. These are the…
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