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the acreage posted is not correct
please change acreage to 2.89 acres instead of 1.85 for 19326 Feather Hill Rd, Elkins, Arkansas janet.milt@gmail.com
What does a "Featured" home listing mean?
I noticed there are two separate categories for Featured and Newest. What is the difference?
We are due to close on the sale of our house any day and we have found a crack in the floor
We are due to close on the sale of our house in the next few days. inspection and appraisal has been completed and we are just waiting for the underwriter to approve our buyers mortgage. Our problem is…
We are selling our condo for sale by owner. A property manager/neighbor whom we only know vaguely stopped by our open house knowing we had potential
buyers there and said to me loudly at the door " you have overpriced your condo and as a realtor I am letting you know". I was upset and dumbfounded at her statement. Is this unethical behavior…
My house is no longer on the market - how do I get it off Trulia?
My agreement just ended with the Realtor and I'm still finding my house on a couple websites, including this one. How can I get it removed since it's not longer with John R Wood?
Not sure if I should try to sell or rent my house out
I purchased my home a year ago... I informed myself very well concerning the market and the neighborhood that I wanted prior to finding this home, since then I have not really paid attention to the market…
We put our house on the market a month and a half ago. After lowering the price just once, our agent wants to change to a short sale. Must we comply?
It is scheduled for a foreclosure sale in less than two months. We'd rather live our lives in peace until then and let the bank take the darn thing back at this point.
Take over house Mortgage Payment
I own a 4/2 House In North Miami Fl, I owe more than the Market value on the house, even that the mortgage alone with taxes and insurance is way below the rental market price since it has and efficient…
How do I save a listing via Trulia?
I went to the Trulia Site and found my home. I want know how to save my home for sale listing on Trulia.
Trying to sell my home very quickly in baltimore city
ello. I am trying to sell my home preferably to an investor within the next 2-4 weeks. I received a job offer in another state so i have to move very quickly There is no mortgage on the home. The home…
What are the sellers responsibilities in regards to a swimming pool safety barrier?
Is a seller, by law, required to meet the current safety requirements for a pool barrier prior to selling his/her home, if the pool was installed prior to 2007?
I need to sell my home in syracuse ny how do I go about it
my home is at 4329 fay rd Syracuse Ny it is west genesee school district
My house is for sale 102 Catnip Drive, East Stroudsburg, P.A.18301 contact Realtor Joan Loveless at Weichert 570=629-6100 or Marietta owner 5706295154
This is a move in ready home. Safe neighborhood, 2 car garage, completely renovated inside. New ,flooring,water heater,kitchen cabinets, electric heaters, sump pump, walls, closet shelving and all freshly…
Can I sell my condo if they only have 5% down?
I have the possibility of selling my condo, but the buyer only has 5%. Does Monticello/Millpond qualify for a 5% down loan?
Is it common to research cost with different escrow companies?
I sold my home and my buyer is waiting for me to find my home. Most people talk about negotiating fees with realtors and lenders. But how about escrow companies? My realtor assigned his preferred escrow…
Probably moving out of state from 20874...bought 2/2 townhome in 2012....rent or sell?
We were first time home buyers....should we sell or rent it out? What would current rents be for neat 2/2 TH with some nice upgrades?
I recently purchased my home in Chandler, in the Arrowhead Park community. But, due to family problems back home in Louisiana I am going to sell it.
I recently purchased my home in Chandler, in the Arrowhead Park community. But, due to family problems back home in Louisiana I am going to have to sell it. I purchased the house about 3 months ago and…
Any Realtors with experience on selling homes that have a MERP - Medicaid Estate Recovery Program claim or lien attached?
Also interested in how title companies are dealing with this & what types of issues come up. How does disclosure on this run as it is an estate / in probate property situation? Has it made a difference…
My house is listed on Trulia yet in never shows up in the Open Houses when Trulia sends out a new email with the latest open houses. Why?
There is also a new listing in Cascades Isle where I live (8932). Listing details says it is the only house on lakefront. Not true, mine is on lake front. It also says it has one of the largest lots…
HUD-1 on rental property sold became incorrect & I'm owed money for 3 days of rent. Cash deal. No bank involved. How can I get my money? And when?
Hud-1 provided on 08/25 became incorrect as initially prepared & signed because buyer's attorney then delayed at scheduled closing. She had me sign HUD-1 and closing docs at scheduled closing on 08/25…
What rights do sellers have to cancel a purchase agreement prior to the close (date) of escrow?
I just signed a contingent sales agreement to sell my house. My upgrade house (that I planned on moving to), however, just fell through. Now I'm stuck waiting for my buyer to remove contingencies while…
I have a house on the market. t has been up for over 90 days. We first had numerous looks but no offers.
Our house has been listed for 109,000. We soon lowered it to 105,000, which is what we paid for it. I am willing to take a loss but what do I need to get people looking again that doesn't cost a lot…
My home is in the early stages of short sale with a firm offer and a negotiator assigned by the bank. Title report just run shows 40K in liens for
co-owner (ex partner). Any options for getting these off the report and allowing the short sale to move forward or is foreclosure or bankruptcy the only options?
slow sales in rocky point-burgaw
trying to sell a home in burgaw-rocky point area. have had zero interest. i hear the same story throughout central and western pender. anyone have any insight as to why? seems like hampstead and wilm…
Can a seller back out of a signed Buyers Repair Addendum. One of the repairs is much more than expected, over 5% of the sale price.
The house is an out of town rental. The inspection said there was some attic mold. The realtor said it just need to be sprayed with some bleach. Less than $500. Turns out it's $6,000 to $7,000 to do…
My agent made a mistake when he entered the listing price of my home. He corrected it but now it looks like the price of my home increased.
Is there a way to remove the history? It should not have happened that way & I believe it sends the wrong message to buyers. As a potential buyer, I would see that history and offer the lowest listed…
How do you trust a realtor?
I had an appraisal done on our home before I called a realtor to come out. I did not tell them that I had it done just to see if they knew anything about my market area. Our home appraised for 459,900.00.…
can my mother-in-law pay cash on a short sale of our vacation rental property that just has my name & not my wifes on the bank loan?
we have an investment property that has 2 homes on it that are vacation rentals..not our primary residence. my mother-in-law wants to purchase as an investment. she is going to pay cash. Is this allowed?
Are you thinking about selling your Glastonbury home? The market continues to recover. Still on the fence? Want to review your homes value now?
I can view your home and provide a current market evaluation at your convenience. Just let me know how I can help you with your next move.
I want to sell my home quickly and am thinking about using one of those buy my home quick companies.
Is this a good idea? I'm not behind on payments or anything but I can't stand the thought of people walking in and out of my home. My home is assessed at over 1.4 mil and I'm in a top school district.…
I heard Widener University is expected to buy my neighborhood by 2013. I live off of Melrose Ave in Sun Hill section part of Chester? How do find out?
if this is true or not wanna know if it's worth the update my kitchen and my bathroom if they are planning to up neighborhood
What is the normal agent commissions on selling a co-op in Ossining, NY?
I am a fist time seller and am not sure what to expect, our place was listed with 4% commissions but over $5,000 to an agent to sell our co-op seems like a lot, maybe its just me!
Seller Agent Only?
I have found a home to purchase in McKinney. I am selling my home in Allen, walking distance to Mary Evans Elementary. The Builder is giving me what appears to be a pretty good deal, what are some adv…
stuck in a high rate loan and falling behind. My property has no equity, but is not upside down. Can I sell?
to my husband--who is not on the mortgage? Do I need a realtor or just title and escrow? how to I go about doing this properly? I live in California. Thanks.
Hi there, I'm thinking of selling my manufactured home myself in CA without a selling agent....
and I wonder who is responsible for buyer's agent's commissions?? Since I didn't hire an agent myself, if my buyer has someone, is he responsible for paying his own agent?? I'm listing my 2000 manufactured…
Our feedback is always the same, "great house, yard is too small". Not sure what to do, how to make it move. It has no backyard at all. Suggestions?
We have a single family home, with a one car garage. 3 bedroom/2.5 bath with finished basement. At least one showing a day so good traffic. 1600 sqft.
sellers Commission
how much is the sellers commission on an average ?
"I'm from southern California, I just came into a house in San Francisco, can sell it for a high price despite its small size?"
The fact that San Francisco is at the heart of many technology companies, and in close proximity of the heart of the bio-tech companies, and a short drive away from silicon valley certainly gives the City…
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