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Do I have to be a realtor to advertise on trulia?
have land to see do I need a realtor to advertise on this sight
How can I get out of this mess?
I'm a week from closing and am being told that after a horrific experience with our selling agent, not only will we make absolutely nothing on the house, we actually will go into debt! We were never…
I have been directed here on several FSBO sites as an extra listing I would receive if I upgraded. Do you list the FSBO without the use middle man?
Wanting to sell home in Johnson City, TN to move to Glendale, CA as soon as I graduate with my masters. Would love to go ahead and sell home if possible. Can you help?
best mobile home appraiser in carson city nevada
We used a guy a couple of years ago and cannot remember his name (husband and wife team) - really great service!
I own my home, but it is on rented land; can landlord refuse to let me sell it?
Someone offered me what I owe on it. I told landlord I had a buyer, gave them her name and number. They have told me they 'have heard things about this person' and won't rent to her, so I can't sell…
Listing my home over memorial day weekend
Hi, I plan on selling my home soon. I don't have an agent yet, but looking to get one soon and list the property for sale. Over memorial day wk end, should I have an open house. I know there are tons of…
What are the most important things sellers should consider when listing a home for sale?
There are many factors that have to be considered when sellers decide to list a home for sale, but some may hold more importance than others. In your opinion, what are the most important things sellers…
Trying to sell a house due to a divorce.
Its a 4 bedroom home with 2 bathrooms. The garage has been converted with no permit. Are able to sell as is or do we have to take care of the garage?
Reverse Mortgage …Their guidelines. They say do not submit the backup date until an offer is received, is that correct? Any Advice?
First Financial Reverse Mortgage … Got their package and we’re following their guidelines. They say do not submit the backup date until an offer is received. Was advised yesterday from…
What are my rights as a seller to cancel a contract after finding out that the market prices are much higher than the price I listed the house?
The idea was to sell my house and buy in another area a similar place. But I did not know the market prices were so much higher on similar homes to mine after I signed the contract. I called the realtor…
Moving from Tracy To Manteca. Wise choice?
It's very obvious that homes in Tracy, California hold a higher value than the homes in Manteca, California. My parents are very interested in buying in Manteca due to the fact that there's no…
We listed our inherited family home & got 3 offers immediatley. We took a cash offer contingent on inspection ,now w/serious regret, can we back
out? We have 24hrs to reply to a request for 4K reduction repair. We now intend to occupy the home. We could deny price reduction. Is this the only option for contract release? Can we back out, if so what…
We have made many improvements within our house, so how do I value it?
New roof, new interior & exterior door, new kitchen w/quartz counter top & new cabinets & tile flooring, new oil tank, new non clog gutters, new windows.
To home sellers; Do you feel it is important for your agent to advertise your home in the local newspaper?
National Association of Realtors studies have found that over 40% of homebuyers found the home they purchased on the internet and only 1% in print media. Knowing this, do you feel the newspaper is still…
If you had a magic wand to create the perfect Realtor & Home Selling experience. What would it look like? What would you change about the?
process. As a Realtor who is working on improving the client experience, I am surveying recent home sellers on their experience. What they Liked about their Realtor and what they didn't like. I want…
I purchased a new home 5 years ago, my job took me out of state. I still have the house leased, should I keep it or try to sell?
The house is 2700 sq ft, corner 1/2 acre lot, 4 BR 2 1/2 BA, hardwood, tile and carpet only in BRs. I am renting it out, but think it might be wise to sell. I know the market is not the greatest and…
We are trying to sell our home but are considering renting it as corporate housing.
Does anybody have any contacts who could assist with these types of arrangmenets
Own a condo, found a house we'd like to buy. Need to sell our condo first, but can we put an offer on the
house before we sell ours? WE can't buy the house until we sell ours, but we want to know if they will even accept our offer. What's the correct procedure?
Im looking into selling my condo that I purchased in October of 2011.
I purchased a 1 bed 1 bath 750 sq ft condo in a very nice, safe, and friendly condo complex. It was a short sale and I was able to get it for 80k, and it has been appraised for 100k at the time of closing.…
We're selling our home next year. Our roof is & looks fine, but is old & will need replacing in about 3 years. Should we have it do it?
before selling? We don't have an agent yet. We're a little tight on money and the roof will be expensive because we have 2 layers, so they have to be removed first. The roof looks fine. We would…
We are considering ways to not sell even though we are now obligated.
We have a purchase contract with a cash buyer who has listed contingencies on inspection, if this offer falls through due not removing contingencies does the other mortgage buyer who elected to be in…
How do I go about changing information you have on a property?
159 Tano Road in Santa Fe, NM is a $1.5 million dollar home. You have 159 Tano Road listed as a $300K home (should be closer to $1.5 million) and you also have 159-B Tano Road listed as a manufactured…
swap house, south to north
i have a property in south florida and looking to swap a smaller one in boston area, which website shall i look?
My wife & I have been trying to sell our home in Missouri for almost a year. We have taken the price down
over $ 15,000 and have only had 5 showings. The home has been listed with two different agents and companies. The current agent has suggested that we sell by owner since he cannot figure out what is going…
If agent said appraisal would come in $45k higher than purchase price but it didnt...can I cancel contract?
It was advertised as 6 bedroom but when appraised three bedrooms were valued at 1/3 of value of rest of house because they are in finished basement.
Does Craigslist work to sell a home?
I'm trying to make sure I cover all my bases to sell my home...don't want to leave any stone unturned!
We are selling our home and have lowerd our price quite a bit and finally have a very interested party.
However, there agent is saying they can't get it appraised at the asking price. What does this mean for us? Our agent got it appraised a bit higher than the buying agent but nothing has been official.…
Are home prices on the uptick???
How do you price a home to sell in todays market?? Many factors need to be considered. What are your concerns???
We have a tenant (Wisconsin) that we gave an eviction notice to, due to not paying rent. We still have to do the legal eviction notice as well.
We decided to sell the house, and now, even with a 48 hour notice they won't let us show the home. They also stayed in the house and it was a pigpen when we showed it last week. HELP!!!
I just signed with a realtor last night to sell my house. Is there a cooling off period where I can back out of the contract?
I am in Miami, FL. I don't like what my house can bring in this market and I realize it can't get me enough to buy a house I would want. I spent considerable amount of time last night looking…
We are planning to sale our home in Pittsburg, CA 94565. How is the market seem to be after the fed. cut rate
I would like to hear opionion from local feed back. Thank you so much in advance!
My house is falling apart all around me...what can I do?
A quick summary: I bought a house, owe more than it's worth and the house is falling apart all . What are my options on getting out of this house without ruining my life? More details: I bought my house…
signed with a bad realtor
I signed with a realtor for six months, I'm in my third month. realtor does not return phone calls and when he does respond he does so via email or text message. I find this very unprofessional. I am…
Should I replace the carpet in my home? If so, what material?
Our home is 3/1, 1300 square foot, built in 1967, brick/concrete slab. It is on a dead end street in Winnie. Our house has beige carpet in the living room, dining room, hall, and bedrooms. The kitchen,…
Am moving out of area...would it be worth it to try to rent my home instead of taking an estimated 80k loss?
If I sell, I would basically lose my down payment & hopefully the only out-of-pocket expenses would be closing costs, which would be enough! Don't know if I can get a rent to cover my mortgage,…
I have a 3 bedroom 3 bath condo in Lenoir City that just is not selling. It has been on the for almost a year and have had only a few showing.
It is only 5 years old and priced at $101 Sq ft. in a nice community. Can anyone offer any insight into what the problem may be other than a sluggish market.
Can a real estate agent who is also buying the same property change ANYTHING on the contract without the seller knowing, without voiding the contract?
he had us sign and then didn't give us a copy that night because of a broken copier...the next day there was white out areas, he said he did make changes...does this void the contract?
my home appraised 12,000.00 less than offer
Do I lower the price, or meet them in the middle
How do we compete with the foreclosures?
We have been listed for two months. Our house is move-in ready and we are not underwater. We painted, replaced flooring, bought new appliances. We reduced our price twice and offered to buy a home warranty.…
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