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is it legal to use old listing pictures of my home from previous seller to list my home for sale?
I have copied pictures from listing when i bought my home and house was empty. I like those pictures and want to use them for listing my home again. I assume that prospective buyers will like to see pictures…
Got an investment property @42K, rent=$800/mo mortgage=$500. May be able to sell between 79-85K. Possible roof repairs & plumb issues. Sell or
keep? The property is due for a full roof update (we think this includes supporting beams). The water heater may be on it's last limb along with a huge plumbing fix to the main water line since tree…
how much could i get for my home as is?
It is located at 17324, its a 5 bed 3 bath, with a sun room, and in ground pool, brand new roof, brand new septic system and sits on 2 acres.
Can the board turn down my buyer bc he has a 14yr old son????
Selling a large 1br coop.. have deposit, ,mortgage commitment, etc... apt empty.. newborn son, down to 1 income w 2 mortgages... and religious board president says no w/o interviewing buyer bc buyer has…
Can anyone tell me what is the going rate for the agent that sells the home? Is there any room to negotiate the agents commission?
I'd like to put up my house. My husband has specific preferences as to days and times of showings, Amount we are willing to sell for etc.. We are located in Chicago Heights, IL cook county
Kew Garden Hills co-op market outlook come next summer/July?
We currently have tenants in our 1BR apartment and are renting it out at a loss. I'm curious to know what the projection is for the co-op market in Queens (specifically Kew Garden Hills) come next…
How do I put a price on my house?
I put info. about it, but it doesn't have an asking price. It says I'm following it, but how do I claim it?
I currently own a rental home in Cordova and would really like to get rid of it. I need help estimating the value and getting rid of it.
My ex-wife and I own the home and we both just want rid of it. The property is in the Crossings at Shelby Farms. I have had trouble getting realtors to talk to me about it.
If I short sale and am not granted a waiver of deficiency what are the time frames the bank has to come after me?
What are the benefits of a short sale and is there any helpful websites with additional informaiton in regards to short sales and Obama's HAFA program?
In Nevada, is my home considered my primary home or investment home if the loan was taken out for primary home initially?
Original loan was for a primary home in Las Vegas. Then we moved and had to rent out. Its now an "investment" home if you can even call it that. If we do a short sale, would it be considered…
how can i terminate a listing agreement?
I am in columbus oh. I agreed to a new listing agreement via email but has changed my mind. How can I legally do this?
Home still in my name after being sold
I signed my home in Texas back over, tranfered the deed, to the lien holder nearly five months ago. They have never filed the transer with the county so it still reflects myself as the owner and I am getting…
in the world of short selling, I've got a contract but am requesting a short sale of my mortgage holder. I'm told 4-6 months. My buyer
wants to stick with the deal, but move in under the realm of a "early occupancy agreement"... thoughts on risks to me as the owner
My brother is selling a home and has a contract on it. Now it has failed inspection and he does not have the
money to pay for the repairs needed to pass inspection. What can he do? Can he break the contract if he does not agree to pay for the repairs because he does not have the money or is he legally binded…
We have moved out of state but cannot sell the home in the state we moved from. We can do nothing without the
sale of that home. Will the home loaan institution or bank help in anyway
I own a lot in Mass
and am looking to try and sell it on my own before hiring a realtor. Can anyone offer advice as to what I need to do to begin and also how to determine the price?
Postponing a Foreclosure
My home was listed as a short sale since Jan 12, a week after, an offer was accepted. 3 weeks later, i received a notice of trustee sale scheduled for April 15. 10 days ago, the buyer walked away, but…
Should I sell my house or rent it out?
this is probably the worst market to sell a home but I recently was offered a job overseas and I really want to take it. I have a 4bed room house in Cupertino and would like to sell it, but market seems…
Help! How does one go about choosing a realtor who will be aggressive and work diligently at selling our home?
We first listed with a good friend who passed away suddenly. We then listed with an agent from the same office at the suggestion of a mutual acquaintance. We can't get much help from the new agent!…
Can I fire my agent after 3 weeks?
My house went on the market for $274,500. My agent set the price. I aked if she was sure that was the right price and she said yes. Now after 21 days and not a single showing she wants a price reduction.…
Would my house lose value if I converted the livingroom and diningroom into a master suite?
I live in a two story house with three bedrooms upstairs and two baths (one is a mastersuite). Downstairs are a livingroom, diningroom, kitchen, eating area, familyroom and laundry room.
Would like to get our home front picture updated.?
It has a picture from the winter and I have a summer picture that would be so much nicer. What can we do?
How to choose a realtor?
How to choose a realtor to sell my house in thornton, co (Villages at Riverdale, Taylor Morrison development)?
Who pays the title insurance in Vriginia, specifically chesterfield county.?
I'm trying to figure out what our costs will be as sellers. I can't figure out who pays for what.
Is it worth trying to sell my house FSBO in order to reduce the loss I take on my house?
I bought my house just under a year ago and am looking to sell it and move for personal/family reasons. My house is in a great neighborhood, great condition and I got a good deal. I am hoping to break…
How is the condo market in the Post Falls, ID area?
Specifically, the condos on River (Street?) Avenue (?) where the old water tower and boat marina are located? Price of those condos? Homeowner association dues?
We currently own a home in Oak Grove, KY which we bought 3 years ago. We live on base and are renting the home for about $200 less than our mortgage
just so we have someone in it. We had it on the market for 6 months 2 years ago but it did not sell. We are now PCSing in February and it is possible the renters may be moving as well. We currently owe…
Finding the right realtor.
We are planning to sell our house in Mebane and would like to buy something around the Apex area but only want to work with one realtor to make this happen? What's the best way to locate a realtor who…
I am looking to put my house on the market I4 bedroom, 2.5 bath, .74 acres in westhill school district. I've
upgraded the kitchen and a few other updates that have totaled about 20,000$ I've owned the home two years and will be relocating for a job at the end of the year. My question is can I expect to get out…
Update on Exxon in The Woodlands?
Looking to sell home.Comps are selling with owner taking a loss/bringing money to closing. Forcast for Exxon influence? Should we hold off...for how long? Rent?
can your agent tell a potential buyer that another offer has been made on the house?
OUR agents response "Yes. It is really a moot issue and nodody's business at this point."
How to submit a listing on Trulia for sale?
How to submit a listing on Trulia for sale? Do I need a agent?
Cash Sell vs Home Loan
If i want to sell my home, would it qualify for a loan? How do I find out?
I need to know time limits for selling a home I purchased with a USDA home loan. I have only lived in the home for 1.5 years.
I want to sell and move out of neighborhood. A particular nieghbor is making my life miserable and I am prepared to sell, if my loan will allow.
how long does it take after dropping a sale price for that to update to all the different sites?
Our home price has dropped 5k in the last two weeks but none of sites with out listing seem to have picked up on that. Is there a quick way to get that word out?
trying to list my mom's house in as many places as possible..
aside from here, craigslist and hot pads, what else should I do?
Selecting the listing agent
I am selecting a listing agent for my home in Edgemont, Westchester County, NY. Based on what I read I know that it is mostly the agent's experience and drive that matters, not the agency. However,…
Should a buyer be contacting the seller directly?
We live in a rural area outside Boise, ID, and have had our home on the market a few months, which is typical for the area. It's not unusual for people to drive into our driveway to ask us questions…
Is a refrigerator/freezer Blomberg 11.8 cu. Large enough in a 1 bedroom 6 x 5 kitchen? 24 inch stove 22 inch counter
We are remodeling . The kitchen is 6 1/2x6 1/2 we would put a 24 " stove with a 30" microwave above. The counter top will be 24" with a refrigerator 13.8 cu' or 28" with a 11.8…
I would like to know what the value of 1.25 acres in Ridge Manor Estates, Ridge Manor, FL is worth.
Lot is heavily treed, is not lakefront and has not been developed. Owner has had lot since 1972.
I live in the University Park neighborhood and own a 6 bedroom home with a joining build able lot next to it.
I'm getting it ready to put on the market and would like to know what would be the best way to sell the lot and home. Together? Or Separate? I'm a widow, and concerned about the capital gains tax…
Negotiating the listing agreement
I can see that most listing agreements are very similar. In talking to my lawyer she recommended that I request some changes to the wording. How flexible are usually the different brokerages in acommodating…
brandon florida: any rentals which can be purchased within time?
need to move there(job relocation) within 2 or 3 months & haven't sold my house here in NY yet
Getting out of a bad mortgage
We bought a house to turn on an 80/20 loan 6 months before the market dropped. The 179,000 home is now assessed at 116,000 and we can't do anything because of the 20. Can I negotiate a buy out with…
I am confused about the role pre & foreclosure homes play in a development.
Our house is currently on the market. Unfortunately, right after we listed, several of our neighbors have had to list short sales or their homes are in foreclosure. Each time one comes on, our agent…
I'm considering selling a property in PG, and am tentative in hiring a local realtor.
In the past 15 yrs, as executor for family members, I’ve dealt with selling three other PG properties ($750K to $1.2M). I interviewed extensively, and all three realtors that I retained were complete…
Looking to sell my house in Troy
I have relocated for a job in Grand Rapids and need to sell my home in Troy. This is my first home, so I'm not sure what steps I need to follow to sell my house. Does anyone have any suggestions on finding…
about how long could it take to sell a 3bdr home on Johnathan Drive in yuba city, Ca? Also about how much can an seller expect to pay a realtor?
The home is about 1,750 ft, 2 car garage, and has 2 full bathrooms. Are homes like this selling during these economic difficulties? Currently, how long is it taking to find buyers in this neigborhood?
My house has been on the market in Cypress TX for 57 days. We've had one low offer submitted (30% below ask) where buyer was not willing to
negotiate. A lot of showings with a lot of positive feedback with one common negative - upstairs laundry room. Any suggestions??
Cost to sell a home
How much does it cost to sell a home in Westchester, NY, including all realtors' fees, closing costs, attorneys fees, etc? The zip is 10530, Hartsdale and the home value is around $500k.
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