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How to get nyc bylaws?
on responsible of windows replacement and bad leaks if it should ruin neighbor ceiling and walls?
Unwelcome (Non) guest's, I own a house in Las Vegas. My name is the only name on the loan and title as well as the county recorders office.
I went out of state for 6 weeks, came back to find my personal belongs were move / displaced out of my master bedroom and moved outside. I am going through a divorce my EX WIFE to be had her adult daughter…
How to delete our new home pics from this site? We dont want it to be display.
How to delete our new home pics from this site? We dont want it to be display.
Is there a chance france can win over usa?
Why is ifaf Mexico better than japan?
Homestead Exemption. Who can qualify in Montgomery County?
I just recently purchased my first home in Mongomery County PA as my primary residence; my fiance will be moving in shortly but the deed / mortgage is in my name. My dad mentioned that I should look into…
Can new deed restrictions, passed years after purchase, be enforced on owners who purchased prior to the new restrictions??
We purchased in 1990 knowing the recorded restrictions. However in the last several years the HOA has passed new restrictions that they want to supersede the ones recorded at our purchase. Are they able…
How much would it cost to finish a 1,000 sf basement in Carmel IN?
Just basic finishes - waterproofing, framing, drywall, electrical (Recessed lighting, some additional outlets) and carpet.
Mold in attic after home inspection and purchased.
Mass Save tech came to inspect our home to help with insulation. It's a program in Massachusetts that helps provide a discount to save money on gas & electricity by providing a discount for insulation…
Is there hope ?
My credit is bad, Could I rent to own?
Is property still in escrow?
1237 N.1st. Street93021
I purchased a home and would like the pictures removed from Trulia.
I spoke to the seller's agent who stated that they did not put them on Trulia and therefore cannot take them down. Zillow allowed me to do this online. Please let me know how I can request the removal…
How to remove photos on Trulia?
We recently bought the single family home at 16218 Hershey Rd, Saint Robert, Mo and would like to remove all photos from this website. Any question or concern, feel free to contact me.
You have the wrong picture shown for the house on 17 Washington St. Newbury, NH 03255...I own this home, but the picture shown is not my home!
Please see Zillow.com for the listing on 17 Washington St. Newbury, NH 03255 you will see the picture shown by Trulia is not my home!
How do you update the photo of your home?
The picture of my house is from at least 10 years ago that is not a recent Google picture
How do I remove pictures my old realestate agent put on my homes account?
Last year my home was for sale and the agent put pictures the profile. I havent sold the house and I would like to remove the pictures.
Recent home owner and would like to remove house pictures thats on Trulia.
There are 27 or so pictures in Trulia of the home and the internals that I would need to get control over to maintain privacy. I have claimed the home in Trulia, but I dont see how the photos could be…
Trulia My home is at 132 Phiilips Street, Charleroi, PA 15022 I HAVE 2 FULL BATHROOMS IN MY HOUSE, CAN YOU ADD THAT, THANKS, BARRY BREWER
Trulia My home is at 132 Phiilips Street, Charleroi, PA 15022 I HAVE 2 FULL BATHROOMS IN MY HOUSE, CAN YOU ADD THAT, THANKS, BARRY BREWER
How do I update the pictures of my home??
The current pictures being shown are outdated. How do I publish newer pictures???
How do you claim a property on your website? I'd like to update statistic you have on a home I own to get a true trulia estimate.
Home at 15033 s 35th place Phoenix, az 85044. The house is listed as a 4 bathroom. It is actually a 5 bedroom, 3 full bath home. Appraisal has the square footage (enclosed and legal square footage for…
How do I remove pictures as the new homeowner?
I don't want pictures of my home on the internet unless I will be selling it.
A/C unit too small for the square footage of our home. Now what?
My Husband was medically retired from the military and we bought our first home this December 2013. We have had many problems with this home. It is a completely remodeled 1974 ranch home. Our latest…
Does Legendary Communities honor their warranties?
I just purchased a Legendary home (which I love). However, I am seeing some shoddy craftsmanship that I missed during my walk throughs. I know they are sister companies to Silver Creek, which had dubious…
Bought house 6 months ago septic failing who's responsible?
I met contractor and who told me he worked on system right before we moved in. We had no knowledge that there was a problem. The man across street tell us sewage comes into his yard after hard rains.…
HOA president claimed he didn't have a contract to include me in the Comcast cable fee agreement. Nor does Comcast. But they are still charging.
I got a statement from Comcast and an email from the HOA president that there is no contract for my property to be included in the Cable agreement. however the HOA is still requesting this money. What…
What are the consequences when a realtor falsely advertises the wrong address of the property for sale??
She sold the house to me, and is trying to sell the undeveloped property next to my home. She's advertising my house features for the undev'd property with my address. She is using my listing…
When Is Can You Sell After Purchasing A Home With An FHA Loan?
My Husband & I just purchased our first home when we first started looking we thought we wanted a fixer upper and passed up a really good deal on a home that was in my opinion perfect now that we're…
In terms of taxes (schools mainly), do 55 communities get better perks?
I know there are age-related savings but don't know if they apply regardless of residence location. I'm 66 and don't wish to pay taxes I paid when I was raising a family.
Information on this website is incorrect which devalues homes. I edited the information for 260 Vanessa Dr West Alexandria because the sq footage is
much more than listed. This needs to be updated as this house will be on the market soon and this is misinformation.
Why am I not allowed to delete some of the photos posted by a long ago fired realtor who did not have permission to post anything but exterior photos?
I agreed not to bring charges against her a couple of years ago if she agreed to delete the interior photos she was not authorized to take or post. I would like to preserve a copy of all the photos…
How do I claim my property for rental listing?
There was a mistake on my property description and I would like to correct it. How do I do that?
What the pay off on my case this fraudulent foreclosure and getting our home back?
My home was fraudulent foreclosure on by HSBC BANK this started back in 2007 I have the documentation of the letter of satisfaction paid in full also I have my deed to my home but on March 19,2015 we were…
I keep hitting edit and registering to update the facts on my home 26765 merced lane in Lake Arrowhead and it doesn't work!
My house burned in the 07 fire and was completely rebuild custom in 09. Get your facts straight it has 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, garage, etc. and was appraised in 2013 at $340,000..............
Wrong property claimed
I tried to claim my property at 714 Olivia Street, Key West, FL #6 but Trulia mistakenly claimed #7. This is NOT my property. Can you please unclaim
the house has not been sold in 20yrs
Add some detail about your question
How can I remove my home photos from Trulia. My home was purchased in 2012 and yet all the realtor photos of my home are on your web site.
I have logged in, claimed my home, but I am unable to remove photos of my home on Trulia. Provide me name and address to formally file a complaint regarding this issue. Thank you
Remove my home's photos from your Trulia web site please: 14459 24th Ave SW, Burien WA 98166
My home was purchased in 2012. The realtor photos should have been removed from your web site at that time. I respectfully ask that you remove all realtor photos of my home, which is NOT for sale, from…
homeowners association board
how can i find the names and contact information for my homeowners association?
I would like to know who I can contact to purchase a home.
I would like more info on how to purchase a home that did not sell at auction
Could you please remove property' pictures?
I would like to ask you to remove house pictures (780 Grace Street, Northville MI 48167) from trulia since it is not on the marker any more and because of the privacy. Could you let me know how to remove…
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