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hurricane insurance? Is this a critical issue with federally mandated updates and waterfront properties?
Is it difficult to get? where can I find that information in a real estate listing?
i had a trust which could not tell me if their was mortgage insurance their was a fha loan what should i do.
tyhe property is located in desoto my phone# is 972-863-7744 arthur white.
Do you have any advice for someone who is looking into getting a home inventory?
I know that StateFarm is advising all homeowners to have an extensive home inventory in case an emergency does occur.
Does the bank continure to pay the insurance and taxes on an escrowed morgage payment after I stop making the payment?
My house is listed for sale as a potential short sale and I was just wondering if I needed to make the montly payment while waiting for the house to sell.
i have a ginnie mae loan throuogh us bank home mort in pasco county, fla.my morg co makes me buy addl sinkhole cov through citizens. can they legally?
us bank says my "insurer" ginnie mae, demands they do this. called the fha and they said no they dont. with the coming exhorbitant hikes in sinkhole ins in my county, i will be priced out of…
I am wondering if anyone living west of Hwy.19 in New Port Richey FL could tell me what they pay for flood/wind/hail insurance per mo/year?? /
I am looking to purchase a home in NPr west of Hwy 19 and just need to know what I might expect to pay for this type of insurance which is manditory when purchasing a residence. The flood zone is AE
DFIRM maps for flood zones in OSP, Jackson County
Where can you access the FEMA DFIRMs(without paying $10 to stinkin' FEMA) to see if you are in a flood zone in Jackson County or in Ocean Springs?
Looking to get homeowner's insurance after being dropped w/co. after 17 years. Underground oil tank has now been removed, need to find new ins.
co. This is our first claim ever in 17 years that we lived in our home. Our insurance company dropped us because of the oil tank. We are looking to obtain a new homeowner's insurance policy. There…
Should we contact ourhom insurance agent prior to an auction? This is a USDA action & there is a squatter in the home. How can we protect?
ourselves? The owner of the property passed away 2 years ago. His children have tried to claim the property, but it was determined that they have no legal rights. The home is scheduled to go up for auction…
How much can I expect to pay in taxes and insurance per month or year?
I am looking a house in Goodyear, Peoria or Litchfield Park and plan to spend between 120-170k. I plan to purchase a house with a pool.
How much to rebuild a 4BR 3.5 bedroom in new hope?
Just bought a home for 530k in new hope, pa. I am in the process of getting home owners insurance and they've estimated the limit to rebuild as 450 to 600k depending on the insurer. I am having…
Title Insurance?
Our title agency said this is optional is this something I should get? Can you get title insurance at a later time if you choose not to get it before closing?
Is it legal for a homeowners association to mandate that you aquire your own personal property (condo owners)insurance from a certain carrier?
I understand that there may be something in the bylaws- but even if there is I don't think that it would be legal. It appears to me to be borderline monopolistic. The association is really controlled…
Can condo associations regulate the type of insurance their individual tenants use for the coverage of their contents/walls in?
Our association wants us to use the same company that they do in order to "streamline" the claims process if one were ever to arise. Many of us owners are unhappy with the insurance company…
Full 203k (not streamline) - homeowners insurance?
Two providers I spoke with today told me flat out, they do not insure homes that are under construction. Since I have to have coverage at close, what am I to do? If you've bought a home with…
Homeowners insurance for a 203k streamline
I am closing on a house in 17 days, and am trying to obtain homeowner's insurance. The house is a 3 family, and I am taking a 203k loan to perform renovations on the house. It is currently vacant,…
I'm a 1st time home owner. I have had several people come out to look at my air conditioner because some rooms are either warm or cold. A rather
large Home Depot man came to inspect the air conditioner in my attic. While trying to descend the ladder, he fell and injured himself. 911 was called and he was taken to the hospital. Several weeks…
can my homeowner insurance company drop me because a credit card company sued me?
I was recently sued by a credit card company for 700 dollars. Next week after that my homeowner insurance company sent me a letter stated that I have been dropped. Can they do that?
House in foreclosure, pipe broke and flooded main and basement. Insurance called immed. Service Master 6 days later for dry out. Mold developed.
the insurance states that they do not under any circumstance cover mold. I stand firm that they dropped the ball and failed at their job b/c the mold could have been avoided within the 24 hr. peroid as…
Sell vs wait if we bought a new house - how to buy insurance for two houses?
We just bought a new house and selling our current one. We are not sure if we should offer reduced price and sell urgently as we do not know what to do with insurance. As our current provider wants to…
What is the average price for homeowners insurance in St. Johns county FL?
We are looking to possibly purchase a house in St. Johns County sometime in the next 6 months. What is the average cost for homeowners insurance in that area? Looking primarily in 32259 zip code, 2200-2500…
can we get our $500 insurance deductible back from our HOA for sewer backup damage in our townhome. Blockage was in area beyond our responsibilty
sewer was crushed and overtime blockage developed. HOA paid to repair sewer but we used our homeowners insurance to pay for interior damage. Thinking back we probably should of used HOA insurance.
Can't find an insurance company willing to insure investment properties (condos) with an out of state owner.
Being that it's in Detroit and I'm out of state seems to make it impossible. Any insurance agents out there that can help?
Does any insurance company sell personal liability ONLY of landlord insurance?
I am looking for a landlord insurance that includes personal liability ONLY. I don't need other coverages such as personal property, guest medicial, loss of use. I understand the benefit of buying…
are insurance companies mandated to only provide replacement vaule on homes?
my insurance agent says that she can only provide replacement value insurance on my home which they currently say is $177,000.00. I only paid $55,000.00 for the home in 1994. And market values have gone…
What is the average cost of hurricane and flood insurance on St. George Island, FL for a $200,000 home on an interior lot?
We are purchasing a bank owned home for under $200,000. It is on pilings and about 1 1/2 blocks from the bay.
I had a geyser burst in my T/hse and was horrified when told by M&F that I have to pay the full amount of R6,100.00 as my geyser is too old
At the AGM at the beginning of the Year I asked the Trustees and Manging Agent if geysers were covered and and I was assured that the geysers were insured.
Condo insurance
I have just purchased a 2bed/2bath condo in West Palm Beach area, to be rent out, I am looking for insurance advice, such as coverage, month fees,good insurance agent and insurance company etc... Please…
Home Insurance information
What is a reasonable price for home owners insurance on a 185 K house, 4 bed room, 2 story colonial on .5 acre.
What i have to do if i take a home insurance policy and now i want to cancel that policy?
what i can do if i want to cancel my home insurance policy from insurance company because i want to take a home insurance policy from the ICICI Lombard ( http://www.icicilombard.com ) because its provide…
Home insurance for fire hazard zone
Hi, Will you please recommend any good home insurance company for the home built in fire hazard zone?
My insurance is being canceled because they claim I don't live there, but I do! Will have problems with lender/new insurer?
I bought my home in May 2008, and have lived there continuously. I used first-time homebuyer loan to help with the down payment, which requires owner occupancy. My insurance company last month claimed…
homeowners ins
looking to buy homeoweners ins what co's in the 40873 area
is a release of mortage have to be shown in order for an agent to remove the lean holder off your policy?
Water problems from latest floods? has home insurance covered any of the costs for damage or repair?
I have a high ranch and my downstairs had a few inches of water. My pergo floors and carpet are ruined and I am aftaid of mold growing.
Detroit Rental Insurance
I'm looking for insurance on a tenant-occupied rental for a three bedroom in the 48205 zip code of Detroit. Can anyone assist with giving me a quote? Please provide contact information. Thanks.
I have 5 rent properties in my name with HO and umbrella liablity insurance.. If I transfer these to an LLC how do I cover liability for the LLC??
I am trying to protect my non rent property assets. It seems to cover liability within the LLC a business general liability and umbrella must be purchased.??
We bought a home may '10. This winter, the sunroom addition leaked the 1st time it rained. The sellers did not disclose, what recourse do I have?
The sunroom addition leaked the first rain and continued to leak all winter. (We live in CA) There is evidence of prior caulking on the interior, at one of the leak points and flashing on the roof that…
Home Owners Insurance
When takeing out insurance on your home, is their another insurance that you can take out that will automatically pay your home off in the event of the homeowners death. If so, approximately how much will…
If you own a condo and the homeowner association does not provide earthquake insurance, can your neighbor's lack of insurance hurt you?
Let's say you buy a condo on the fourth floor of a condo development. Let's also assume the homeowner association does not provide earthquake insurance. A quake strikes and damages the building.…
Can I return home insurance money after filing and settling a claim and receiving and depositing the check (but not having the work done, yet)?
Tenant caused water leak that damaged her unit and the unit below hers. I (Landlord) filed the claim w/my insurance company, received a check in full satisfaction, and deposited the check. I haven't…
First time home owner buying home owner insurance
I will rent out my 1000sq ft condo (no furniture inside, only appliances in kitchen). When buying a home owner insurance, how much personal property I should estimate? What is the common amount of coverage?
What would the homeowner's insurance likely be on a $64,900 house in the 65746 area?
I'm interested in a small starter home in Seymour, MO listed at the above mentioned price, but would likely offer a little less since it's a fixer-upper. The main thing I'm wanting to figure…
What's the sufficient amt. of home insur to purchase for a 2 story,4bdr,21/2bth,2600sq' 2 car gar,cac,fireplace,granite
counters,fence,patio Dix Hill Insur. Co. says $400,000 plus allows 50%overage if needed, totaling $600,000. Don't want to overinsure but don't want to be short if insur. is ever really needed.
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