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Need some contacts for Licensed Roof Specialist who will issue a roof certification for reasonable price
Hello Agents, How are you? Hope all is well! I have a buyer who request for a quote from his homeowner's insurance company that he wants to use for his house to be settling soon and they are requiring…
Purchasing a HUD foreclosure AS-IS, need help securing insurance.
We are under contract to purchase a home as-is from HUD. Unfortunately, while the home was vacant, the pipes froze, and the home is considered uninhabitable and uninsurable by usual means until the plumbing…
How can Coldwell Banker list a home for sale and not disclose it is in the permanent easement zone?
I seen this house, made an offer, got a home inspection, came down on my offer for a roof, furnace and air conditioning. Yep then I bout the house. Now I dial 411 and TransCanada marks out a 22",…
Hello everyone! My husband and I are looking to move to Florida in the next year or two. We are a young couple in our late 20's with no
children. We are avid fishers and want to be in a place where other young people are. We want to be on or very close to the water, we do not want to be in a big city, but a little bit on the out skirts.…
Insurance agent/company
Does anybody have an affordable agent or company they'd recommend? I got a quote from somebody that was quadruple what I hear the states average is. Would like to hear from other's, but unsure how to…
Need advice/help with my dilemma. Looking at moving to beautiful De Luz, Temecula. When checking on homeowners insurance I cant find ANY companies so?
far that will insure a home there because its a wildland area with increased fire risk. I know all the homes there have to be insured! Now wondering if the insurance will be super expensive. I appreciate…
Who is a good company to refer my clients to for home insurance?
The name and phone number and location please thanks!
What can I expect to pay for condo insurance on a 1 bed, 1 bath, 900 sq foot condo in North Quincy, MA?
Interested in purchasing this condo, but I'm trying to assess whether it's feasible financially, so I'm wondering roughly what insurance would add to the cost.
Looking to buy a vacation home in Rotonda West. Insurance quotes are coming in at $3400 to $4800 on homes valued from $200 to $250 K.
Do the quoted rates sound right? Will be offering the home as a rental when not using it myself.
How much does flood insurance cost under the Biggert-Waters act for your typical 2,000 sq.ft. single family home on Marco? Hurricane wind insurance?
We want to know full insurance ballpark costs when estimating monthly home costs to ascertain whether purchasing a home on Marco is really in our budget. Also, how much of a role does home elevation…
Just bought my house and got earthquake insurance - I am from NYC and not used to living in an earthquake area. Is this worthwhile?
Since you can only buy this within 30 days of buying your house, I didn't want to take a chance and not get it. After reading the policy and all the reasons why they won't pay you - I am wondering if this…
will it effect a seller if a buyer does not pay for property tax before end of this yr??
lawyer handed the buyer the property tax bill that came from the seller after the warranty deed was sign over from seller..on the property tax bill has the name of the seller..will it effect a seller if…
who have to pay for home insurance..the seller or purchaser if the purchaser is making monthly payment for a house
purchaser agrees to pay for property tax and home insurance but has not paid.seller want to find out what to do if purchaser doesnt pay property tax and home insurance(seller paid for both already)..purchaser…
Title insurance??
Do you always need to have title insurance when you buy a property? what exactly does it cover? how much a month is it?
Whom to insurance my auto and home most reasonably?
I am a senior living on SS so I do need very reasonable rates.
Thinking about buying in Falmouth area, primary residence
Can anyone tell me a little about how insurance rates differ for homes in the 2-300K range near the water vs inland on the Cape? Thanks.
My husband and I received a check from our insurance company.
The check was addressed to only us for a amount close to our premium. The reason states its for overpayment. When we closed on our home in August we were hit with the surprise that we would have to pay…
What is the basic idea behind insurance investment at low age?
People prefer to start insurance plan at very low age but what are the long time benefits of it ?
Warranty deed, Is that the guaranteed transfer of title in the event of a death?
My father passed away in Feb., he told me that there was insurance through the mortgage company that in the event of his death the house would automatically be transferred into my mom's name and paid…
Can you get a cheaper monthly instalment to buy an auto as soon as you hire that?
Can you get a cheaper monthly instalment to buy an auto as soon as you hire that?
no excutor to home left by mother, how can we insure?
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I purchased a home with a sinkhole claim. How can I get insurance for the property?
citizens insurance has a monitoring report saying the sink hole has been repaired but can't release the info because the report technically belongs to the previous owner . The previous owner is bitter…
Are "inactive" HOAs required to carry master policy insurance for the common area?
I recently move into a 2 in-a-lot unit. Our houses are detached. My backdoor neighbor suggested we render our HOA inactive and pay for our separate home insurance. I like the idea as I find the HOA…
Will the insurance company drop my policy and can the mortgage take my home if I leave it empty for more than 30 days?
I am going on vacation to Baja this year for 37 days. My home will be vacant while I'm gone. I shut off the water, elec, etc. I am told that my insurance company is could drop me? Also someone else said…
Closing on a house within a week and have a policy in homeowners policy in place. In the home inspection it was stated that the roof had less than 5
years of life left. This made actually getting a policy a challenge. The company that I did get a policy with is now asking for the report and I'm kinda paranoid that they will drop my policy. Should…
Question about homeowner's insurance
I recently purchased a house (primary residence) and recorded the title in the name of LLC (for asset protection purposes). So, now I am shopping for home insurance quotes and find that very few providers…
A client mentioned to us that there were "new rules" with regard to homeowners insurance in Wellesley:a specified number of trees needed to be removed
We were told that this new rule applies to new homeowners with numerous large trees in the yard, and that they had to be removed before the homeowner could be insured. Since Wellesley has strict rules…
I own a few condos in Florida(Orlando, Jacksonville), all rented out .
I wonder whether I really need to buy condo insurance to cover the condo internally? It means an extra cost for me, being an investor. Is it neccesary? Please advise.
I need to get a few HO-6 condo insurances, totally 4. Any recommendations? Can I get any quotes? Thanks.
P/S Mark LeManager it., your recommendation disappeared when the question was removed, so please repeat
Title Insurance Company recommendation with good reputation and reasonable?
I need a title insurance recommendation who has excellent credentials at a reasonable rate to handle my refinance?
Homeowners insurance, 08260
Looking for a homeowners policy for the Jersey shore town North Wildwood,
Insurance company threatening to cancel over age of roof
We purchased a home in Seminole on September 7th. On all websites including this one the roof was stated to be 7 years old. At the time of inspection it was estimated as 2000. The roof seemed fine, no…
Hazard insurance for investment property - why has it increased so much and do you know of any affordable optioms?
I have a duplex in Broadripple that has traditionally had affordable hazard insurance. I have checked with a couple brokers and our insurance for this year has almost tripled. We have never made a claim…
for a condo two bedroom in port Canaveral with security how much would it cost approximately to cover the buiding and structure and liability
etc i for a two bedroom 1 1/2 bath two storey condo. is the rate more if you rent the premises...can anyone please give me an idea with thanks.. Connie
I need Insurance ASAP on 4 unit Ft lauderdale property
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How to buy, where to buy, and what to buy property in the United States?
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Homeowner's Insurance
Know of any company that offer's home insurance that I may refer to my buyer's?
loss of use, which one is better
Hi, I am comparing two homeowners insurance. Company A provides 20% of Dwelling, for example, if Dwelling is $330,000, the "loss of use" is $66000. Company B provides "up to 12 month". Which…
Insurance for old mobile home?
Is there any company that can insure a 1973 mobile home? I've tried Liberty Mutual, State Farm, MetLife, Traveler's, and NationWide so far. I'm running out of options, and we're purchasing soon....
Home owners insurance coverage
I recently bought a home in a good locality in San Diego. I had no issues getting it appraised etc, but after 1 week of moving in, my home insurance company calls to tell me that they cannot cover me.…
Approximate insurance rates
Approximate insurance rates on a $200,000 home on the south side of ocean island drive ocean island nc. Wind, hail and flood
How to retrieve a copy of a title insurance policy from a defunct title company?
I'm trying to find a copy of the title insurance policy for a house I purchased in 1998. The Dallas, TX company I bought the policy from (American Title Company) is no longer in business and I've been…
Ahs flex plan combo- is it legitimate
Buying a house, seller offering ahs flex plan combo. How have others been treated by this company using this plan?
I am owning a rental property in forney, tx and would like to get the contact of a good home insurance
I am renting a property in forney, tx and looking for a good home insurance. Please let me know if you know somebody who can give a good rate.
I'm looking at buying a place in Rosenberg, TX. I'm not familiar with the area, but I see it's just a few blocks from the river, right
near Brazos park. Do I need to be worried about flooding? Is insurance going to be expensive?
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