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is it possible to get approved for a mortgage,with less than perfect credit?
my credit score is 577 right now and i know you need a 620. i have a downpayment,but cannot get approved.
I want to keep in touch with realtor on short . How to politely?
Haven't heard anything... made offer over a month ago that was accepted by the sellers, and waiting for bank approval. I just want to be in touch in some way... how should I approach the realtor…
Is it a losing battle to counter the bank on a short sale?
We were countered on a short sale by about $25,000. Our max is $15,000 below that. My husband says he won't go above our max, but I am so in love with that house that personally I accept!!!! So…
do you do a inspection before you get the acceptance letter on a counter offer,also we got to send in the depost check too?
Today we got a responce about our counter offer we sent in,the person who is workign with us,said to go ahead and do the inspection and also send in the deposit on the short sale,she said the letter of…
is it still fos sale?
is it still for sale?
im coborrower for home i cant paid full amount for home ?
my brother is the home owner, he wants to live home without responsability for home.
How do you make offers on foreclosed properties in Seattle?
This question comes via Thomas in Seattle. Can you help him understand how to find foreclosed homes, and the process of buying them?
what is the average price of a 1-bedroom condo/co-op in Astoria (allows small dogs)? Not new, walk-up
preferably a row house. I cannot find much listed. (to buy) Thanks.
Coop building bank reserves.
I am wondering how to read the financials of the building in which I would like to buy a co-op. Are there general guidelines as to what is a good reserve? Is there a rule of thumb, like percentage of…
I am looking to purchase my first home, however my credit score is currently around a 550-- is it possible?
I graduated college in May and I now have a job where my gross pay is a little over 43k a year and I also have a second job where I bring in around an additonal $1,200 a month.
How does being a co-borrower on a loan impact future qualifications for a new home loan?
I’m the co-borrower in a loan with my brother. Got married and now looking for a place of my own, In order to qualify for a new loan, Would I need to qualify for the mortgage on both the current…
what's the difference between a concrete block foundation and a concrete slab?
I'm seeing some foundations listed as slab and some concrete block.
I already asked a question but never got an answer here. Okay I'm going to be moving out of state or I want to and how do I go about buying a
house? I need to know what to do and how to go about it. I'm looking for a ranch home 3 BR and 2 BA on a nice size lot and I'm paying cash when my house sells. Tell me how to go about it with…
If you listed a home would you show me the house if you knew I wasn't going to purchase it?
A home was just listed close to my house. I just recently purchased a house and am not in the market for another. I always have the financing ready and a pre-approved letter just in case I find a great…
Best neighborhoods in Atlanta Ga.
I would like to know the best neighborhoods in Atlanta, Ga. Base on school ratings, academic status, crime rate, flood or natural disasters, or any more info you can provide.
is it possible to buy a home listed for 80000 to 90000$ for 50000 to 60000$ cash?
live in illinois, moving to okeechobee when isell my house.
Homeowners: What green changes will improve the value of my home?
My family owns several properties between the five of us - two in California, two in Maryland, one in Austin, TX and a few condos in Providence, RI - so we are always looking for ways to "green" our homes…
I am looking to move into the Atlanta market but am looking for good areas to purchase for both myself and my clients. entry point $25k to $40k
I am looking for net returns of at least 15% in good neighbourhoods with a high ratio of home owners. I am very wary of areas where vacancy rate is a huge issue after having a tough experience in detroit…
What is the responsibility of the listing Realtor to disclose to buyers an issue like running bamboo?
Say a property has running bamboo and the realtor cuts down all of the random shoots (rhizomes still intact) dispearsed through the entire backyard , coming up from the deck, and from the side of the house.…
I'm thinking about buying a house in Tahoe Donner for vacation rental. It's a 3 BR / 2.5 BA house. Possible to cover mortgage w/ the rent?
I'm curious to know what's the average # of days a house in this area can be rented. Do you think it's a wise investment?
We placed an offer for a short sale in Feb 12 that was listed in Oct of 2011. Now they're holding the offer so the owner can stay longer Isthis
Legal? The first foreclosure notice was listed on the deed the week before we placed our offer. They now want the contract rewritten t reflect later dates. The realtor said they want to stay in the house…
Will my closing cost be lower with Homepath financing than FHA financing since there is no upfront Mortgage Insurance Premium?
Will my closing cost be lower with Homepath financing than FHA financing since there is no upfront Mortgage Insurance Premium? Anyone have experience with closing cost for home path loans and how they…
Hi I'm planning to invest in income-generating-properties in the Bay Area, and am looking for a qualified and experienced buyer agent to assist
me with the process. If you have previous experience in investment properties, please post below or email me at zzrealestateinvesting@gmail.com.
Any dangers to paying a loss mitigation company through a buyer's credit?
Short sale situation. Seller is using a loss mitigation company to work with the bank. Asked us to sign a form agreeing to pay the loss mitigation company through a buyer's credit from the lienholder.…
When do you actually "own" a house you purchase?
Apologies for the first time home buyer question. I am looking to buy a house with a 30% downpayment and a 30-year loan. Under this circumstance, do I own the home when the sale is closed and I become…
What actually counts as an open line of credit?
My husband and I applied and were denied for a pre-approval due to our lack of four open lines of credit. I feel this is unfair, but I guess that is why everyone needs to establish credit. We have fair…
How long does the fha 203k generally take from start to finish? Is 45 days realistic?
I am expected to close April 14. I just sent off the paperwork to have the utilities turned on so the inspection and contractor came come in. I am hoping this will take place early next week. I've…
Why aren't the banks accepting our bids? Nearly 2 years actively shopping..
We have made bids on over a dozen homes. We have a good portion cash and the rest is financed- not FHA by BOA.Nearly every offer has been full price or very close to. We are technically investors but have…
I live up North in New England and I'm looking for a newer house in North Port. Around 2000 sq. ft.-I waited to get cash to buy in order to be
in a more favorable buying position.Any suggestions to me about navigating thru the North Port housing market from where I currently live
i want to buy a house but worry about some complaints of this house. Is there any problem with me after i bought this house?
This house that i want to buy has 4 complaints in 2009 and the newest 2011. the first complaint is about illegal conversion because there is an appartment in the basement. the second complaint s about…
i put an offer on a short sale and now it was sold at the foreclosure auction. The listing agent said they still have time.
Is this possible once it was sold back to the bank is it now a foreclosure or does the homeowner still have time to sell the home.
I have a mid credit score of 611 n have one unpaid debt that was sent to the collection agency, i have about 3 credit cards 2 i dont use for three yea
Rs no balance. I have 1 i use to help my credit. I also have a loan n a car never late never missed payments. The only thing is that unpaid debt, can i get a loan to purchase a home?
Buying a house on a Zone A High Risk Flood Zone, is it worth the risk?
I am very interested in a house, however it is in a Zone A high risk flood zone. According to the seller, the house was not in a flood zone before construction but with the new FEMA flood maps it now…
I am on disability and I have a dog and can no longer rent how can i find a lender willing to work with my limited income?
I recieve approx 940 a month would like to purchase a home with land for approx 70-80,000
Almost time to semi-retire. Looking for multifamily property walkable to downtown, trendy neighborhood. Up to 300k down.
I will soon be semi-retiring to Sarasota from cloudy Portland, Oregon and looking for an owner occupied multi family opportunity. 4-12 units. Trendy area. Walkable to downtown. I have 300k for a down payment,…
Can property address be switched during mortgage process if seller backs out?
A seller is willing to accept my offer with a mortgage, but "prefers" a cash buyer, so she says she may back out if my mortgage comitment doesn't arrive soon enough. If this happens, would…
Total final land value versus selling price
I am looking at a piece of land with the only improvement being a well. The Missoula County Property Info System has the total final land value/2003 full reappraisal value of $62,416.00. The sellers…
Are there any multi family properties in Dixon? I would like to find a duplex or triplex, but would settle for an in law unit with separate entrance.
I will be selling my home soon, and I would love to relocate to Dixon, but I need to find an income property. I never see any multi family properties when I look on the internet.
HI MY husband and I are moving out to California. He's being relocated to bank of America in Brea, CA. I am a pediatric clinical nurse specialist so we would like to be within a 30 min commute from…
Who are the good / better rated builders in berks county to build a house? How little can they build a good house for? Is it better to build new?
Does it take a long time to build? Are builders competitive in price? If i find or have a piece of land is it easy to get a loan/mortgage to build?
SFR in Belmont, San Carlos, San Mateo
Hi, I recently moved from Sacramento and am looking to buy a 3bd/2ba SFR in Belmont, San Carlos, San Mateo. I like to stay below 500k but am not familiar with the average price, neighborhoods and schools…
owner financing what should the interested be that the owner charges?
looking to buy home for owed finning in wilmore
I am a first time home buyer looking in Memphis and surrounding areas
First time home buyer. Looking for an agent in Memphis who specializes in foreclosures and short sales. Also somebody with experience in first time home buyers. I have already started the pre-approval…
If comision is less than 3000.,is it common for buyer to pay the difference to bring realitor comision to 3000. min.?
Agent says with rates so low they need buyers to make up for low percentages.This is in Arizona .
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