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have a quick ? i have a job but its an under the table job and was wandering if there was
anyway to get a loan my wife has a job that she pays taxes on but barley any credit any advice would help
What is my recourse if a seller's termite work completed report states work completed for work not done?
I have a VA loan which requires the seller to fix termite report related issues. The work completed report states work completed by others in a few items regarding fungus and termite damage. The seller…
I would like to know the estimated vacancy rate of N Sheriden Road 1 bedroom condo apartment near Layola Univ. (higher floor with lake view)
and more specifically an advise re 6171 N Sheriden Road ? Since I'm thinking of buying it as an investment I would appreciate an advise on how much can I rent it for? M a n y - T h a n k s
Price for down payment
Need to know how much I can put down on this house.
Get ITIN loan or mortgage
I am hoping to buy a home. My husband works and has an ITIN. I am a stay at home mom with a SSN. My husband has been with his employer for over 10 years, we have all of our tax records, my credit…
Just bought a house I just got a bill from the watercompany saying that there's a lien on the property the title search was clean how can this
happen My Attorney did a title search and everything came back clean there was no liens and stuff how can this happen
why do people put their house up for sale and refuse to communicate?
why do sellers let homes go for short sale and refuse to sale in time of offers, or banks wont fix a home that wont pass inspection and still leaves home in the market, how about the homes that are listed…
When a home has a listed room size of 10x12 does that include the space in the room used for a closet or is it only the open floor space?
Not sure if the room I'm moving into will actually be 10x12 or if the closet will take up some of that
Looking at SFH in Bernal Heights, and would like to learn more about the area. How is the house market or earning potential living in BH?
I am quite new to SFC. I have been looking for an area that fit my living style. Earlier, I was looking at Noe Valley and Potrero Hill, but the inventory is limited and the condition is not as great…
How to figure out if my well is shared?
We bought a home on a street that only has one neighbor who lives down the road during winters. There are two other homes that recently went up for sale however we are unsure if we will be sharing a well…
Is there any way I could get property taxes lowered during the home purchase process?
-The last reassesment of this home was a valuation of $468,000 (before foreclosure and home damage) -the home is around 250k with the surrounding homes priced between 270k-370k. - The annual property…
School changeses due to home buying
My son has completed 5th grade in warmspring add wants to stay there for his 6 th grade too,as he has been there from the beginning and has good friend n/w. If I buy a house in weibel area , Would he be…
Thank you so much Mr.Scott Godzyk
the township just has a drawing of the house a foot print they called it and the big tax jump on the land value when the house just pop out of the ground thanks again sir
Could we look at some Prescott homes in June?
My husband and I are traveling to AZ on June 5 and will remain until the 13th. Would it be possible to look at some of our favorites in Prescott? (or any others you may think fits our budget and preferences)
resubmit my offer with short sale
I am waiting for a short sale responses for over 3 months. Now I am planning to resubmit my offer with a higher price for the same property. I want to make competitive offer because seller agent submits…
Why is it taking 48 hours to get my pre approval letter from my lender?
I was referred to a mortgage lender, I gave him our info and when I asked when we would know by, he said 2 days. I thought it was a matter of hours... is this a red flag?
Exclusive Buyer Broker Agreement & Agency Disclosure... Really?
Here is our scenario... My wife and I found a home on Trulia. We do not feel comfortable using a listing agent to represent us. My wife contacted another Brokerage and we were referred to our current…
Anyone know what kind of work this property needs? Or why the price is so low? I have emailed the listing agent but thought I would check here too
http://www.trulia.com/property/1049761815-21-Walnut-St-North-Brookfield-MA-01535 Thanks for any info!
Looking to rent 3-4 bedroom home in lake Orion/Oxford area
We are not finding many rentals but noticed there is quite a few homes for sale, some that have been on the market for awhile. Would it be worth our time to contact the agents to see if their sellers would…
Who does pay for realtors?
Don't say a buyer doesn't pay percents to a buyer's realtor. Seller put his price for a house plus realtors' percents( buyer and seller realtors) and this price a buyer pay for the house. For me it…
Can I buy a home in my situation?
I am a renter and I don't have much savings. My credit score is about 700. I am paying off credit card bills, plan to be done in a few months. I want to buy a home next year. I have learned about…
Is it enough ...?
to buy a dog friendly 1 bedroom apt in Forest Hills area if I make 65k a year and have 30k in the bank (and good credit score)? Or do I need to save up some more?
2,3,or 4 bedroom townhouse
Which would have a bigger resale value?
USDA guaranteed housing loans - where can I find impartial information about them? There isn't very much on the USDA's own website.
I would like to know the positives and negatives of such loans not just get some marketing stuff from a brokers website with a name thats based on a derivation of usdaloan - I thank you
Financing a home with green pool
Have banks been willing to finance homes with non-functioning green pools in MIami? I ask for conventional (not FHA) loans. I've heard there was some reluctance by some banks, but it seems silly to me…
I would like to sell any buyers 100 thousand
The price is negotiable give us a call with your best offer. 412-583-0992
What are of the northeast is in demand now?
I'm looking for a fixer upper south of NJ and north of Fla.
We got the radon test report back at 10 (above the US EPA Action Level of 4.0 pCi/L.). Any recommendations?
We have Radon inspection contingency in the contract, we got the radon test report back at 10 (above the US EPA Action Level of 4.0 pCi/L.). Any recommendations? any experiences with radon levels in Montgomery…
Realtor lawyer in the area of Davenport fl?
I am looking for a realtor lawyer just to represent me a closing. Can a reg. realtor do this too?. The buyer is not using a realtor so its seller to buyer all paperwork will be done by his realtor lawyer.…
915 Main St is 'pending'. How can I know if completed.?
We are interested in making a bid.
Looking for an agent who can assist with finding affordable co-ops in Brooklyn / Queens NY
2br, 1ba $150k max sale $800 max maintenance 20% down Desirable neighborhoods in Brooklyn/Queens NY. Is this realistic/achievable? Please help!!
If a NYS Real Estate Agent brokering agreement has not been signed and no long term relationship has been
established with this Broker, whom was asked to set up an appointment of a home that is an MLS listing as well as "For Sale By Owner", do I, as Purchaser, have a legal obligation to work with the Broker…
i am doing business in peru ,one peruvian dont want to return my credit ,total usd100000.00 ,before he wrote a dede for me ,
today i went his ofice ,but he dont want to return my credit ,and did bad for me ,what i can do now ??? my mail : ezheng2525@163.com
When is the next seminar?
my e-mail addrs is. Laurin-a@hotmail.com A friend of mines gave me your information she is a Broker Consultant. Ms Alvida Ahmad.
Home for sale no appliances, how do the closing costs work? I was told that I would have to pay a LICENSED
person in order to get the appliances in, so that the contract may be done. That would add around $3000, PLUS down payment, but I can get used appliances and a close friend who can install them for almost…
The owner from whom I am buying the property from said that he will not give home warranty
that a seller usually gives the buyer as the house I am buying is only years. In your experience - is this something that is needed?
Any sellers in Haverhill willing to enter into a rent-to-own agreement?
we lost our home 3 yrs ago and are interested in buying again but need help w/downpayment. heard about rent-to-own and thought it might work well for us (providing that we would qualify for n FHA loan…
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