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Would a bank take a offer lower than what they are asking for?
The house is owned by a bank and asking for 309,990 and don't know if they would except an offer for 290,000.
Wisconsin mortgage while living overseas
I am an American who has been working overseas for over ten years, apart from a brief stint on the rez in Utah. I have always maintained an address, driver's license, bank account, etc., in the US.…
Realtors with real estate investment experience in Chapel Hill / Durham, NC
Hi - thanks for reading this. My wife and I are looking to start our journey in real estate investing - notably rental properties that will yield a positive cash flow and ultimately leverage that we can…
So many different types of loans FHA, VA, USDA …OMG What!?
Can you help me out with some details...
What is a "random" appraisal audit?
My loan process began over three months ago. Everything went fine until the appraisal was ordered. After regular updates that it was coming. I was finally notified the day after it was due that the loan…
New Construction
Is it true you need 20% down to purchase a new construction home? Anyone know the breakdown in funding/financing rules..can't get a straight answer from the builders
First time buyers
Please help we're first time buys who are currently renting in Troy for 1400 monthly. Our score is 580, and we were turned away from Flagstar bank. We have a 10,000 down payment saved can anyone…
Renting primary residence before 1 year of purchase - penalty ?
Hello I hope some of the seasoned RE investor or professional can help me with this question. I had purchased a primary residence home in Las Vegas but I am needing to temporarily relocate for 1 year.…
How do "podium" condos hold their values?
Obviously a home is a place to live as its first priority, but resale value is always a factor. We are considering condos in Los Altos (Peninsula Real). Los Altos is clearly a great place to live, and…
My banker quoted me an rate of 3.65 for a 30 year loan with no points today. He encourages me to lock in....is this a good rate?
I heard that the rate dropped to 3.50 earlier this morning and I just want to be sure that I don't get scammed.
are there farmers home administration homes in orlndo fl?
thankyou and what do you need to be qualified to get one
How to obtain a new mortgage?
I have a few questions here. The first is being my boyfriend and I are looking to obtain a new home. I have a substantial credit score, he on the other hand has terrible credit. I want to use his income…
i would not recommend keller williams to assist you, i have to call and almost chase this agent down to get her to return a call
i need two acres, and at least 3 beds. i have been approved and have my letter. -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/1091415896-213-Plantation-Dr-Mayflower-AR-72106
Does bank pay assessment balance on REO property?
There is an assessment balance on a REO property of $1200. Is this paid at closing and is it paid by the buyer or seller?
do you have homes in Parkwood, Oakwood and third community, near the high school?
Interested in a family home in Charter School vicinity.
We were told we are closing in less than 15 days, yet no approal letter in hand?
We have been involved in a shortsale for over 3 months, have all the preliminary stuff done, inspection, appraisal, signed contracts, preliminary documents and disclosures etc..... but now that our loan…
Would like to find top rated VA lenders in Pa and Delaware?
I am looking to buy a single family home for under 200k in Pa or De and am considering using a VA loan. I used my VA eligibility once and paid off the loan several years ago However,. I am not sure whether…
first time homebuyer looking for advice
First time homebuyer in Gaithersburg; what programs I will qualify FICO score is 620 My gross salary is 52K Any hope for someone of my situation I know Mont Co is expensive
I sold a house in September and a couple weeks later I got the property tax bill. I contacted the bank that done the loan and ask if the new owner
Was suppose to pay their part from closing cost. The banker said they didn't do that. How can I get the money from the new owner for their part? If I don't pay the taxes what will happen?
Houses between Thunderbird and Bell / 56str and Scottsdale rd area. From the quality of the construction standpoint what are the best?
looks like there are a bunch of different ones. My quess that brick one-stories are gonna be living longer and are better built vs wood-based ones. I'd appreciate some guidance on this. I consider…
queria saber si ustedes pueden darme una cita para ver la propiedad que esta 150 nw 24ct miami florida 33125
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3072116498-150-NW-24th-Ct-Miami-FL-33125
Do you think it is better to buy a studio in say Lincoln Park area or a two bedroom in Irving Park.?
Which one do you think would appreciate more. I would like to have the space of a two bedroom but I hang out in the LP area and really like it. Would appreciate your thoughts. I have never lived in a studio…
Is this neighborhood looking up or down?
We love the house, but we're not young and don't have years to wait for it if it's on a downward spiral. -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3077338906-52-E-…
I want to rent a 3 bedroom, 2 or 3 bath house in or near Lahaina for July 5th, 2012 for 5 to 7 nights. i want a house with a nice pool that is locate
I want to rent a 3 bedroom, 2 or 3 bath house in or near Lahaina for July 5th, 2012 for 5 to 7 nights. i want a house with a nice pool that is located on the beach
Ok somebody help me out here please. My wife and I put money down on a house and thought we had it...
Just got out of Military after 12 yrs.. The owner of the house said that he wants 1500 for a water problem that the house had. He had to fix the iron in the water. Then he wants $500 for having the house…
What is a resale home? What do you do when your considering a mobile home (windsor) that cannot get fha and?
conventional is hard to get? Its 1975, double wide, I think it is not on foundation. Im frustrated. Have been pre approved, and the asking price is too much. would need some updating but not in bad…
Is this house still for sale? 118 Sunset Dr. Mt. Juliet
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3045284829-118-Sunset-Dr-Mount-Juliet-TN-37122
Can someone point me in the direction of a nice home for lease?
I am a housing counselor helping a family of 6 relocate due to a bad real estate deal. They are looking for a large home in Monroe 48161 or 48162 prefer a subdivision. Finances are not an issue but they…
What is the average cost for 1. Home inspection 2. Survey plan 3. Property Appraisal for an average home
in North Port. I expect to be closing soon and I want to know as I currently reside in Canada
Looking to move into the area from East Coast.
Do I need to get pre-approved for a mortgage amount here on the East Coast or is it better to try and find a bank in the 54115 area? How is the area of 54115? Any information or advice would be helpful.…
looking for rent to own homes?
I am looking for a home for rent to own. money is tight and renting to own is the only thing we can do..
Couple questions regarding a first time homebuyer in Tempe, AZ
Does Tempe still offer anything for first time buyers? I found a couple things, Home Funds and CDBG Funds and was wondering if these are available still and really what they are?
What do you really own when buying a condo/town home?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3098647358-5505-Adelaide-Ave-9-San-Diego-CA-92115
Trying to find out when my 3 year FHA clock actually began...
I did a short sale on an FHA-backed loan over 2 yrs and 2 months ago, according to FHA guidelines I can get an FHA loan after 36 months from date of sale. However I just found out that for previous FHA…
We are looking at buying a home in the next 2-3 months. What neighborhoods have held their value and are in Columbia County? Jennifer
We love neighborhoods with mature trees and a little bit more room between the homes unlike the new builds. But we want to buy in a neighborhood that is still appreciating.
I Made an offer for a Homepath property. It went multiple offer and other bid selected. It is almost 10 days, still property is "Back on Market"
Listing Agent is not advising my agent to place a offer again. He is confident that buyer is a investor, and they are working on it. I like the property what are my options now
The seller signed and said everything is in working condition. I turned on the furnace but no heat. What can I do?
Seller had given me names of the companies that she had used. I called them both and one came out and said the furnace needs replaced 2500.00 the second company had called back and left a voice message…
I filed chapter 7 in April of 2007. I having been paying the mortage on the house I kept. Now I want to move. the house is still in me and my ex
husband name. He is primary on the house and I am secondary on the mortgage. I would like to take my name off and purchase my own property. Can I buy my own house?
what kind of rental return one can expect for one bedroom 2 bath duplex in saint johns place?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3099426829-524-Saint-Johns-Pl-5C-Brooklyn-NY-11238
Bollinger Hills/Twin Creeks View neighborhoods
We have not seen any homes come on the market that we would like to see for a while. Any speculation as to when the inventory may improve in this area?
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