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We already got one extension & the seller's agent is hard to reach & uncooperative at this point. Their delay is messing everything up
for us I feel as if the seller's agent would rather have us walk away and take advantage of the rising market in this area. Any professional opinions on this thought?
So many of the more reasonably priced listings are up for "Auction" what does this mean for the average buyer?
Does this mean the house is only available for cash? What if you are pre-approved for a loan? Can you use the loan to purchase the auctioned home?
need info on specific home 1177 Pleasant View Drive, Vandergrift, Pa 15690
taxes are being paid from escrow, foreclosure process started, trying to determine bank, interested in property
Is there any information available about the potential development at the Bamm Hollow tract in Middletown (Lincroft), NJ?
I'm looking to get an understanding of the types of homes they are looking to build, price range, and timeframe for when development will start. I'm looking to move back into the Middletown area in a year…
What is the property tax base in Sonoma County and what areas of Santa Rosa should I shy away from that carry the Mello-Roos tax?
What is the property tax base in Sonoma County and is the Mello-Roos tax evident in what areas of Santa Rosa?
Can a seller back out short sale the day before closng? Lnder apprvd seller wanted verbage changed & lender wouldnt chng standard contract, w/o
penalt Short sale had been approved by lender. All documents were ready to close and the bank would not change standard verbage in contract so the lenders have decided to let the house foreclose. Can they…
Escrow Holdback versus Prior to Closing
We're purchasing a REO which needs to have french drains installed. The lender is talking about having the loan proceed with moving this activity to prior to closing versus escrow holdback. Which is better…
Any agents with good investment properties out there?
I'm looking for single and multi-families in Brooklyn, Bronx, and Queens. Looking primarily for handymans, short sales, and reos. As I know from experience most agents who deal in this niche already…
I'm looking at new homes and townhomes in Winfield, that seems to have many older homes on larger lots.
What are the positives and negatives to buying newer construction (higher cost) in an older existing home location (lower cost)? Should I be concerned with lack of appreciation for the short or long term?…
Buying home without 2 year W2
We both have 700 credit score. We have 20% down payment. My husband have W2 for the past 2 years but he is having a hard time getting a job after he get out of Military. I didn't have W2 for the past…
Interpretation of FLA law
It my interpretation of FLA law that we (I am older than 55 and my wife is younger than 55) could buy in a 55 community and if I die my wife could continue to live in the community even though she is…
Looking for Home to Rent in Durham at least 3 BR. Must have Fenced Yard for Dog.
Relocating from FL. We are getting married in a few weeks and are hoping to find home to rent ASAP (we will be in area July 11 and 12th to see homes). we start our new jobs (in and around Duke in early…
1bdr condo in BK
Looking for a condo in BK (Sheepshead Bay, Gravesend, Brighton Beach preferred) min 600 sq ft, 1bedroom, around 230-290K. is it possible?
my home is no longer for sale, and i am no longer contracted with america choice,
they will not return my call - I do not want my home's photo or any listing detail to be on your web page, please remove it asap Owner 2030 jamison road east aurora, ny 14052 mitco21@aol.com
Can I make an offer on a home, even though it will be a month or so until I receive my money to pay for the house?
I inherited some money last year and would like to pay cash, but have to wait till all the paperwork is done.
Buying a renter occupied home
I am looking at buying a home currently occupied by renters. I want the home for myself. There is no real estate agent involved. My bank told me to write up a sales agreement stipulating that we agree…
How do I go about finding homes that offer seller financing?
I own a home but cannot sell it prior to buying another one. I have 20 parrots and showing my home will be a noisy affair unless the birds have been moved out prior to.
We are leaving Carson Ca to move to Adelanto Ca. The type of house we want we can not have in La county for reasonable prices.
How can I get the the house I want and stay in Carson? We will have our cars, timeshare, & credits cards paid off by this december. We already have a good credit score. So paying off those thing…
CHASE counter offer addendum required a 10% deposit
CHASE counter offer addendum required a 10% deposit. I just feel very uncomfortable. Should I walk away? I like the property very much but never paid a 10% deposit before. They also saying…
Im paying off the I.R.S would this hurt my chances of getting morgetage
Would this hurt my chances off get a mortgage Even with V.A paper I also file bankruptcy and its been 2two yrs
Auctioned property
I currently am renting a property that is going to be up for auction on July 3rd. I am very interested in possibly trying to purchase the property. I'm a first time home buyer and don't know…
Current Interest Rate
I am working on closing escrow. The lender let me know that the current interest rate is 5%. I am putting down 5% and I am getting an interest rate of 5%, seems too high. My credit is excellent my husbands…
I'm very interested in this house can you please inform me on who lived there in 1985. The bottom family as well as the top. Thank you and GOD
bless -- This question is about this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/1047346904-52-Wolf-Pl-Hillside-NJ-07205
Hiring a buyer's agent after being shown houses by selling agent?
I recently looked at new construction homes with the selling agent that works for the home builder. I filled out a card that I was not currently represented by a real estate agent. If I hire a buyer's…
I short sale my home recently, Can I be able to buy home right away based on Mortgage Letter 09-52. I am relocating because of job to CA.
I have never been late in my payments. Can anyone help me, find me a mortgage loan. My credit score is 790, the bank has not hit my credit yet with short sale..
Want to buy a rental condo/townhouse in Mass. Which town has best rent/price ratio?
Hello, I work in Boston and I would like buy a condo/townhouse. I am considering townhouse because I have two kids. I am also thinking of renting it out after 3 years once I move to a house or some other…
What does it take to buy a home in Florida?
I'm a potential first time home buyer in Brooklyn, NY. I'm interested in moving to Florida (possibly the Jacksonville area near the beaches). I have been researching online, and I want to know…
Do you have any homes where the seller is willing to do a lease to own contract?
I will be moving to Arizona and would like to live in Mesa. I am currently rebuilding my credit. I would appreciate if a seller would be willing to hold a 36month contract. A portion of the monthly payment…
please send me something like between $150k - 175k , single family in woodbridge , va # 22193 or get me intouch with one of your agents .
Need ALL THE help I can get "First time buyer"
Mid thirties couple looking to buy a new home. Looking to move in Oct 2012. We are both working on our credit. Currently mine is 620 with 3 accounts in good standing and 3 negative accounts that are paid…
How often do older homes on small streets behind the business district (near river) in the downtown area get flooded?
I see the newer homes are built higher, but worried about older homes. Is this a yearly thing in the section of town behind Main Street near the river? Looking for Shore home for investment and use. Looking…
Hi, I going to stay in NJ (Red Bank or Rumson) for 3 month in 2010. Is it possible to rent a house for 3?
month? How much are the rental fees normaly? Thanks a lot for your answer Sandra (from Germany)
does anyone know when 62 ocean drive was purchased? i heard it was for sale; but so sign of realtors on property
I understand the property has 6 bedrooms/6 baths. Does it have a swimming pool
My property listing without my permission
Although it is mentioned the property is not for sale under "public record", you are listing it. http://www.trulia.com/homes/New_York/Brooklyn/sold/20799439-435-49th-St-Brooklyn-NY-11220. Please…
We have been looking at homes in Williston,Fl.
This will be our first real home purchase. We would also like to know how do the appraisal and assessed value effect the price of the home? How much can you ask a seller to come down?
In your expert opinion, which builder would you choose: a Landon Home or Horizon Homes
Both are newly built homes that are 2,900 square feet, has all your requested upgrades, and a nice floor plan. Horizon's estimate runs about $10,000 more.
are there any lease option homes available in lees summit mo area and agents who can help?
Want a buyers agent who can help me find a lease option home in lees summit area, whom i can work with in the future to purchase the home
Chapter 13 discharge
I was told that I could buy a home while still in Chapter 13 but with the approval of the trustee. Now, I've completed all of the payments and I'm waiting on my discharge letter. Is there a waiting period…
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