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like to find a program that would help me get into a home with bad credit. Are there any kind of options like OWC?
I would like to have a 4 bed 2 bath 2 car garage in Las Vegas area. It can be a older house or a fixer up. I am just tired of having nothing to show at the end of the year. I can afford the monthly rent…
I am in the process of closing a short sale for a condo, which I bought from Chase...I had asked the Seller (Chase) for 2000 closing cost contribution
And Chase agreed in the contract to pay the 2000 dollars towards closing cost. But only a less that a week from closing my loan officer fron a credit union has JUST discovered that by law the maximum the…
How much it will cost to build a home with 2200 sq. ft, 2 story in Michigan.
How much it will cost to build a home with 2200 sq. ft, 2 story in Michigan, preferable with 3 bedroom, 2 bath and 2 car garage. Is the cost to build vary depends on which city .ex: Farmington Hills…
Is there any one bedroom apt.(top floor) available for sale on boulevard gardens, Woodside?
My name is Luzia Horvath.I am looking for one bedroom apt ate Boulevard Gardens -Woodside, my E-mail is luzi.ash@hotmail.com
Why Reduce List Price When Short Sale Is Pending??
We have an offer at the bank on a short sale in Tigard, OR. It's been at the bank over two months. On 5/27, the bank responded to our original offer asking for additional money. We revised our offer…
Looking for a 2 br 2 ba ranch home to purchase with owner financing available.
Lehigh/Northampton counties. With Basement and Garage. $150k - $225k
how long does it take to get an answer regarding an offer on a short sale?
I made an offer on a short sale back in February and haven't heard anything back yet.
does anybody know the average price/sft on hudson st in hoboken North?
looking to refinance a 2bdr condo I own on Hudson St
Looking for an agent to send a Referral for a estate sale in Zebulon, North Carolina.
I am looking for the right agent for a friend who to sell her mothers home in Zebulon, N.C. A RE/MAX agent is preferred.
Why isn't my property showing as a listing on this site?
Owner financing Dogwood Rd Roswell, New Mexico
Looking for first home, not condo, in greater Miami. What are the best neighborhoods for mid-30s married couple looking to start a family?
Currently live near Arsht Center, wife works in Coral Gables and I work on the beach. Ideally looking for place <$500K that is move-in-ready and not too far from coast.
Can you have a RV behind your RV gate in Sundance?
Considering buying a home in Sundance (Buckeye, AZ). We have a large RV and the home has an RV gate. Can a RV be parked inside the gate? Also, we have a truck with extend cab and full size bed, it won't…
I placed a bid on a house for 96,000. This was a short sale that was listed for 109,000. Bank of America countered with 100,000. I accepted.
Now, a week after that, the negotiator told me that B of A will not pay the negotiators fee. I want the property, so I agreed to pay it, but as a broker fee on the settlement sheet. B of A stated that…
I'm 2 weeks from closing as a buyer & just received HOA docs, which disclose a cap. contribution that wasn't listed in the MLS or
elsewhere. My buyer’s agent didn’t even tell me about it when she read the HOA docs herself before sending them to me. Nor was it included on the Est. Closing Costs she sent me, or on the…
I can't seem to buy a house, what's going on?
I followed the steps of getting pre-approval from a well known bank. It sems that when I make an offer, the selling agent doesn't care about my offer or doesn't really care about responding to…
I want to buy home in Nj ceties with the lowest taxes
I want home price range from $200000 to $ 250000 with the lowest taxes in any city in Nj close to route 80 east or rt 3 east
Seller wont sign title documents due to fight with his agent
I am the buyer and I just signed all the title documents and gave them my funds for the house. The Seller has been fighting with his agent and after looking at the title company final paperwork now refuses…
I'm looking for a real estate agent in the near future.
What's the best way to evaluate an agent on Trulia and select one (I'm a buyer)? Thx.
O'Hare expansion - concern about noise & property value in Lincoln Square?
Should the expansion of the O'Hare airport (including two new east-west runways, one of which will be positioned over Montrose) be a concern (both noise and property value wise for a purchase near Montrose…
654 credit score
Is 654 credit score good enough to purchase a home
What school district is 124 Rustique Lane, Butler PA 16002 ?
I may move here and i want to know what school district it is. some say knock and some say butler. thank you
Property Price Question
A property listed at $371,900 in Southfork. Property address is 2669 Graceful Ln Henderson NV. I would like to find out if this price is reasonable compared to others in the same area.
How do you compare sale price with Assessed price ?
I'm finding two good houses to buy 529,000 and 539,000 ranges priced very aggresively - 20,000 - 30,000 lesser than the assesed price in 2011 ? What are the sales patterns you are seeing in brookfield…
Trulia, you listed 244 12th St, Brooklyn, as a new listing when it was really listed 2 years ago for the sale price indicated.
The agent was good at getting back to me saying that this happened to several of her listings. Any insight as to how this could have happened?
List homes 5yr old or newer
Brick, 3 BR 2-2 1/2 Bath
Can anyone help me with selling my six plots in Bayside Park Hancock County?
I own six plots of land and need to sell, what are they worth and are there buyers/investors out there
what is bare land worth in ponderosa pines worth? tract 341
we are located on seasonal road as of 08, don't know about the improvements
We asked our agent whether the seller/agent could give us the opportunity to match the 2nd bid after our offer has been accepted...
but our agent told us that the seller/agent can do whatever they want to do. We wish our agent at least had tried with the seller/agent.
Is there any options for someone to get a mortgage loan without having a 2 years W2?
I was reassigned to Europe where I been getting my income from the same company for the last 13 years. However during these 6 years reasignment I was getting paid in europe so with no W2 in the U. Now…
Is the quarry near communication hill still active?
I'm thinking of buying nearby, but I'm worried about the dangers of asbestos exposure. Communications hill contains naturally occurring asbestos rock. There's what looks like a cement quarry at the base…
Rental Property in Arizona City
Been looking around Arizona to purchase an investment rental property and with how competitive the Phoenix market is, have been looking at some of the outer city areas like Arizona City. Found some good…
I am looking to buy a short sale house
3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms would like a pool, I am easy so please help me?
Foreclosed Homes
How do you find out where these foreclosed homes are located?
Can anyone help us search for seller financed homes in Fredericksburg, TX?
We are looking for a 3 bedroom home in the Fredericksburg area in the 100000-200000 range.
Meridian, ID Fixer Upper
A house that is currently in foreclosure, not bank owned was listed at 135,000, and offer was accepted but the inspection came back with water damage and more so the buyer walked. Idaho Housing came in…
Prices in Crestwood Village, Whiting, NJ
I'm planning on buying a coop in Crestwood Village in 2013-2014. The prices seem to be staying pretty flat, in fact decreasing a bit. In your opinion, do you seen prices rising significantly in the next…
Do you think it’s possible?
I am locking for a 2/2 in Rancho Cucamonga. I am not subject to obtain a credit but have 95,000 to pay with cash. Do you think it’s possible?
child support court ordered
I recieve child support for my 20 year old thats in college but its not court ordered can I use that for income when I apply for my home loan
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