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I recently entered a binding agreement with Pulte Homes. Now they ask us to choose a different elevation. Do I have another option?
Three weeks after I signed the papers, they contacted me to tell me there has been a problem with their system. Apparently, we choose the same elevation has our neighbor. They told me that the system should…
Did my mortgage broker mess up? Can I ask him to compensate my Inspection fee and appraisal fee if I did not get the house?
This is my first time buying a house. We were so excited when our offer was accepted. And start to work with the loan immediately. My mortgage broker ask for some additional documents from me in the following…
Is there a transfer tax for transfer of title to family or to add name to deed?
My parents want to buy a summer home in Texas and either put it in my name or co-own with me. I already own a primary residence. What are the tax implications of this, both transfer tax and income tax…
Buying a lot and building a house? What are the hidden costs to be aware of? Realtors who specialize in land?
It seems like it might be a smart (and patient) way to get into a house I really love. Can this be true for areas in the Oakland hills?
I'm looking for a sharp buyer's agent with short sale experience in Pasadena, CA. What's the best way to find one?
It seems that many agents are unwilling to go through the hassle of dealing with a short sale unless you have a giant pile of money to spend -- the more expensive the house, the better the commission,…
Real Estate Agents Most Successful within 30 Minutes of Doral?
Looking to relocate to Miami area not too far from Alligator Alley access. Which agency is the most successful in that area for assisting clients to buy a home that doesn't break the bank? Does…
Do you expect sale and/or rent prices for a 650 sq/ft 1BR in Sunnyside to increase significantly over the next 5-7 years?
I am looking to buy a 1BR in Sunnyside this fall at $250,000 or less with 10% down. I have very good credit and my parents with excellent credit can co-sign a mortgage. I would like to find a sublet-friendly…
First time home buyer, what should I prepare to save and spend.
I am looking into buying a home this coming fall. How much should I save and what can I afford? I have no debts and a credit score of 770/780 somewhere in that range. I make 30,000 a year (teacher).
Can I get preapproved to buy a house making only $14,000 a year? And for how much money?
I am considering taking a Part time job, it would pay around $14,000 per year, was wondering if it's even possible to get a home loan when making such a small amount? Wondering how much I could…
I am in the process of buying a home in tracy,ca. Got into contract, and have the loan approved from my brokers preferred lender.
I also got a rate and fees quote from bofa. I was pre approved from both lenders. My bofa rate is .5% less than other lenders rate. But the home I am buying is less than 90 day flip, and bofa will have…
We are relocating to Ct...will be working in Rocky Hill. Can anyone suggest nice towns in the area (schools?
are important, conveniences too). Also we would rather not travle north of Rocky Hill as there will be frequent travel to NJ as well. Also, a referral for a knowledgeable attentive realtor would be very…
want to buy home, draw disability, and have bad credit mostly hosiptal and doctors
would love to buy home, want it to be taken out of our banking account each month, can't afford high payment, and alot down, can someone help us, please
I asked earlier about whether or not I could sell two homes
and use the proceeds for a DP on a new one...to be clearer...We've lived in one in the mountains near Boulder, CO for 4 years, the other I lived in for 5 years, but leased out (in Thiensville/Mequone,…
Looking for advice on how to come up with the right offer on house I'm currently renting.
I'm currently renting and the landlord has been counting 1/2 my rent toward purchase IF I decide to buy. I like the neighborhood, and the house in general but it does need updating and maybe repairs.…
We are looking for clear and concise information on exclusive vs non-exclusive buyers rep agreements.
As soon-to-be first time homebuyers, we want to make the best possible decision.
Are there any properties that may offer owner financing?
Moving to the area within a month, never been there but am wondering if any of the listed properties may have an owner financing option. Rent to own or with option to buy even...?
Can we sue the sellers if they showed a house that they were unable to take any offers?
we live in Chicago and are moving to NJ. We saw a house on Trulia that we liked and called our realtor to make an appointment. We were told that the house had a current offer with a RFOR and a contingency…
Active Duty Navy transferring to Tampa, FL from Norfolk, VA
Im transferring to Tampa, Fl but not until December of this year. What kind of problems am i going to run into trying to buy a new home? I may only be able to make the trip down once or twice and would…
how far from 27 in haines city to disneyworld.?
looking to retire will have plenty of visitors from maryland
Why is my "mortgage advisor" (recommended by my Realtor) including a "realtor fee" on my GFE?
I've read online quite extensively on common fees on the GFE, but I can't find anything about a "realtor fee".
First Time home buyer
I am first time home buyer looking to buy 2-3 bedroom condo/town house in a nice community w/ 350k-400k price range. Few of the things I like is good school district,easy commute to NYC,nice neighborhood.…
I'm looking for a mobile home in sonora, CA area 2 bed 2 bath
with small area for yard and parking area to two vehicles
WF is our 2nd lien for our SS. They are requesting we pay 80% of loan balance in order to approve.
They are rec'ing 8% from 1st lien and we are now offering 2,000 to contribute (as sellers) to closing. Any possibility this will be approved?!
Currently went to see a house that went under contract the day before we went to see it. Turns out we fell in love with the house and the realtor
said we could still put an offer in. The buyer accepted out offer and the realtor said that she would contact the attorney to see if there was anything that could be done. She called us the folowing…
Hello. Is the house at 580 Hampton (GPW) sold?
The house at 580 Hampton is shown as Not Listed. Has this property sold? Is there any way to find out the status of the property or pending sale? Thank You.
looking to retire in South Florida, one hour to 2 hour south, east or west of Orlando
we are looking to buy a three to four bedroom with 2 bath. We will be in Orlando for 2 weeks at the end of July to explore the buying opportunity
I'm baffled by the fact that condos are so much more expensive than houses with lots. Why is that?
How can a 1000 ft2 condo with no lot cost as much or more than a 1000 ft2 house with land around it? And one doesn't even own the condo outright since there is always an HOA fee to pay which, to…
Is it possible for a parent to help a married/adult child buy a home as a first time buyer? This is in Las Vegas.
Child (couple really) have bad credit, no down payment, but child working at good, steady job $35,000 py. This would be a home home big enough for daughter/her husband and widowed parent, or maybe two…
I am first time buyer. I presently rent in Philadelphia and working in King of Prussia. I can not afford or
want to live in King of Prussia. My credit isn't great. A family member is willing to help me purchase a house as long as the payment is equal to my present rent. I have been searching for a lease purchase…
Power company won't restore power for appraisal/inspection because of exposed wires from missing light fixtures. HUD won't fix and I of
course can't. Can't proceed with loan without appraisal. Anyone else experience this? Did you get around it? I am located in NC if that makes a difference.
I'm looking for a house to buy.
I need a 3 bd 2 ba house for sell under $90,000 in the 78227 area, but is their any owners that don't ask for 20% down.
Besides hard money, what kind of lending options are there for a double close?
The traditional loans I had lined up for a house all require the previous owner to have held title for 30-60 days, so i am looking for lending on a double close where the previous owner would have held…
I'm debating between homes in Huntersville and Concord. The primary concern is school system. I know Huntersville is known for having great
schools; but I know nothing about Concord. Any opinions on Bethel, CC Griffin, and Central Cabarrus? I have three children that would be attending elementary right away; but we plan on staying in this…
How can I search for homes by school district?
I'm looking for homes to buy/rent in the Cox Mill school district.
USDA Loans for condos and townhouses in Mesquite and Las Vegas
I see that some USDA loans are allowed for condos and townhouses in Nevada. How can I find out which ones qualify?
Are there any condo/hotel properties that aren't cash only?
I'm interested in purchasing an investment/vacation property near the strip and the condo/hotel looks to be exactly what I would be looking for. I would like to use the property about 5-10 times…
boca raton FAMILY FRIENDLY neighborhoods ?????
Which neighborhoods or developments in Boca have MOSTLY children and families? Please reply if you have specifics , as we are narrowing down a rental and a buy. NO need to reply if you do not know…
What is the property tax rate in South St Paul?? versus the normal 1% of the homes value- like in IGH or Apple Valley, ect?
I've been comparing property tax rates in several cities, and South St Paul's property taxes are quite higher than some of the other cities Im looking at like, IGH, Apple Valley, Lakeville, and even Woodbury?…
What Down Payment Assistance Programs are available to Northern Nevada Residents?
I have been doing research on Down Payment Assistance Programs and other than the NHD Down Payment and Closing Cost Program, they all seem to be for residents of Clark County. I am looking to buy a Condo…
what is active capa????
i want know what is active capa please?
Is the Louisville housing market in the sweet spot?
Stabilizing home prices and interest rates under 4%. I say YES.
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