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First time home buyer.... need some advice...
I am a first time home buyer. I have no idea where to start.... What's my first step?
We are in 2nd year of short sale waiting period have one more year to buy
We are going into our third year of renting, in Oct 2013 we will be able to buy fha we would like to lease option or seller finance until that time and buy the house in a year. Prefer Henderson area Thanks…
More than one realtor (buyer/seller) when moving across state (Waterbury to Ridgefield)?
On one hand I would think it would make it easier to only work with one person as both a seller agent for our current house as well as a buyer's agent for our new house. On the other hand it seems to…
May I really buy this home that only taks me $1. Is there anything else I should spend?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/foreclosure/3079248652--NE-8th-Ave-Portland-OR-97212
How long does it take to build credit?
I want to buy a house and was looking at March of 2013. I called my bank and was told I do not have enough credit history. My first car loan was in 2006, I have 3 current credit cards and a score of…
Short sale addendum confusion, please help
I am putting an offer on a short sale but my agent asked me to sign an addendum which I have some confusions. The addendum said the seller shall credit me 3.5% for closing cost, yet I need to pay 3% of…
still waiting for your reply on 38 Pinnacle Circle. Where are the new pictures and how was this home improved. The house was vacant for 10 yrs prior
its sale last fall for $285.000 please let me know what constitutes the new price being asked. I am waiting for your reply and would appreciate pictures and documents to back up the so called improvements.…
i would like to pull home equity out of my house. Do anyone know if there are any lenders that would qualify without income verification.???
i bought a house 3 years ago for $240000 with 25% down-payment. I have a FHA loan. And balance's at this point is $114000. I cant use my husbands income because of the his bed credit, i have excellent…
how long after short sale can i buy a home?
The realtor did tell us to stop making payments.He said it did not matter.
Is a LIBOR Sales Agreement legally binding as it states right on the form, or is this some sort of non legal form given out by LIBOR to confuse buyer?
Hi, I met with the seller and his Realtor and signed a LIBOR sales agreement form with all the proper information filled in. The seller also signed, while realtor said we had no need to exchange money.…
I had to short sale after a divorce. I could not make the payments on my loan for 230k but am looking at buying a 50k condo with 10k down. Possible?
I know that generally I would have to wait 2 years for a loan but because properties are so upside down in my area there are great deals on condos. With a large down payment it would be cheaper to buy…
Is there a any mort beside hard money I can qualify for with a foreclosure?
Thru illegal bank practices my home was foreclosed and sold this year. I want to buy it back price 130,000 value 170,000. I don't have hard money 35% down is there any help any where?
Playa del rey future prices with approved LAX expansion
LAX already causes significant pollution for playa del rey. 5 days ago the city council approved the expansion of LA, which will make things worse for neighborhood communities like PDR. I am in the market…
My fiance is buying a home. Can i co-sign after a short sale?
I had a short sale this past year. I would like to include my income on a mortage for my fiance so we can have more options. We are trying to increase his pre approval by 15,000. Not sure if i can include…
How safe is Terrace at Riverstone? What is crime in this and nearby areas?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/1071052400-4215-Penrose-Ct-Missouri-City-TX-77459
Wasnt given the disclosure sheet saying my agent worked for the seller.
I am buying a house and my realtor forgot to have me sign the disclosure sheet saying that he works for the seller. He mentioned it in passing but never had me sign it. Do I have any recourse?
Would there be any chance of a smaller 2 or 3 Bedroom home w/ Private Mother In Law Suite w/ Kitchen be available or even exists for under $280k?
I know it's asking a lot and that typically only larger homes/estates have guest houses. Ideally this home would be around Yamato and I95.
Lender for lower credit scores and income tax question for self employed individuals looking to purchase a home.
I am looking for lenders that work with buyers with lower credit scores, below 620. I am also looking for a lender that takes into account present self employed income vs just looking at the last 2 years…
Curious to know if there are any other neighborhoods, similar to Palm Bay Colony..
that is a manufactured home community with pool, clubhouse etc, that do not have monthly lot rents, like this one. Where you buy your home, and do not have the additional 400 -500 a month typical fee ?
I have a fully executed Quit Claim Deed, signed, witnessed and notarized. What are my rights to the property deeded in this QCD. I also have the key.
The Quit claim was for a house that I was under to contract to buy. The QCD was executed 10 days prior to closing by the seller. At closing I signed and received a Copy of the HUD Settlement Statement…
What’s the deal with the ridiculous property taxes in the River Market area?
I am currently looking at a condo that has $3,500 annual taxes for 1000 sf. Is this fairly common for the area or am I missing something?
My credit score is currently 580, what are my chances for getting pre-approved for a home loan?
I have been told I need a 640 by all banks, but their has to be a way to get a home loan with FHA as a first time home buyer with a 580 right?
I am buying a new home, is the seller required to disclose to me the hazards in the area?
I am buying a new home built in an existing subdivision. Does the company selling me the home have to tell me about the testing done on the soil, water, noise study or any other potential hazards located…
Question about a short sale contract
My GF and I put in an offer for a short sale a couple of weeks ago. The seller was supposed to fill out all the paper work and accept our offer. The dealine came and went. The realtor tells me shes been…
I have bad credit, my mid score is a 580 and have been turned down for a mortgage. What if any options do I have?? Can someone help?!?
I have money for a down payment and make good money, looking to move ASAP! Tired of renting and want to buy while the rates are low, and the market is hot!
Why do you have so many homes on here that are under contract?
It seems like every other house I ask the real estate agent about is under contract. This is wasting a lot of time.
Looking for owner financing or lease to own. I have 50K for downpayment
I am closing on my house that was left to me Aug 1st. I will have money for downpayment and was going to pay yrs mortgage in advance because I am full time student and only working 12 hrs a week. I graduate…
Does this sound unethical?
We went out with our agent once. We found a house we liked and thought our agent had negotiated a price. After paying for the appraisal we were told there was a misunderstanding and the house would be…
What is the walking trail like at 3029 Vermont Rd Rantoul KS? Can it really fit an ATV?
Looking for acreage -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3088317029-3029-Vermont-Rd-Rantoul-KS-66079
Down payment assistance?
My husband & I want to purchase a 2 BR apt in the bronx but we need down payment assistance. Are there any realtors who have helped other clients with this?
How do loan programs for teachers/1st time home buyers work in GA? Who explains what programs are available?
I live in Florida, but am looking to purchase a home in Georgia in the near future. I am a teacher in Florida, buying a home for the first time. I'm looking to buy in Kingsland or St. Marys, GA. I would…
We are bidding on a bank owned home and was wondering if anyone can offer advice on strategy.
Right now there are at least 5 other bids into the bank. I know that at least one of them is $10,000 higher than mine. We have a strong offer with 30% down but we will not be able to stick with 30% down…
Ontario----Can I buy my mom's house without paying a downpayment and her take it off the selling price????
I want to buy my mom's house and don't have money for a downpayment....can she "gift" me the money for the down payment by taking it off the price of the house. The house is valued…
Why do I keep getting emails about Lots (which Trulia calls Studios) neither of which I am interested in?
I only want to see homes in the 90,000-225,000 range. -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3097942778-133-Vesuvius-Way-Silver-City-NM-88061?ecampaign=con_day_…
I have a newly remodeled townhome at 210 W Rockrimmon Unit D. Can you tell me what it might sell for on the market today. 3 lg bdrms finished LL
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3115607680-6002-Wisteria-Dr-Colorado-Springs-CO-80919
Searching for Properties on the Water
I am an agent with a listing that's a home on a river. It is waterfront, water view and has water access with a dock. How can I get this listing to show up when I search using the criteria "water"…
Where did I got wrong?
an agent had a home that was listed for sale and was under contract when i called to inquire about it. I left my number and contact information just in case. I went by and the house still had the sale…
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