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Have a credit score of 785 and need a $50000 mortgage. Lenders decline because of IL 5% limit on lender's charge. Are there any who would do?
this? Basically the lenders I called say their expenses would not be covered since the loan amount is low. Well the seller is offering 3% closing cost.
I would like to buy a house
through First time home buyer,my score is around 650,permanent employee for more than 12 yrs,saving $ 7.000 dollarsand my rent is $1200 monthly.
I signed a purhase contract for a home, got my loan commitment then find out seller had another lien on the house.
What now? The lien is 45000 . I am not going to pay it. I paid for an inspection and the appraisal like a fool before the IRS lien was unveiled The only lien disclosed to me upfront was the bank lien.…
Universal City off market property
Looking to see if anyone has any buyers for Universal City. My price does not include real estate commission so you can tack what you want to make on top of my price. Contact me at 210-710-1617. You…
Ask a question...
how safe is the area around 3706 w cullom?? my daughter is looking for an apartment there, is that area safe for 2 young girls??
What is your favorite style of home?
Do you prefer a 2 story or a ranch? Do like a contemporary or a traditional style?
Wanted High End Lakefront Vacation Rental Week of July 4th
I have a client looking for a last minute vacation rental of a high caliber lakefront home, in Harbor Country, with a great beach and swimming pool, for the week of July 4th, 2012. This client is also…
I wanna buy a house.
I would like to buy a house through FHB,but my score should be 640 and above and my saving is around $7.000 dollars.Im a goverment employee for more than 12 yrs.My rent is $ 1200.00 a month.Is there any…
I am looking for a realtor to help us with our transition to the Dothan area. We are moving from Japan (military). Looking for a good realtor.
We are transitioning from the military to civilian work. We have been stationed overseas for over 3 years now. We are looking for a realtor that can help us find the right neighborhood for our family.…
It is ethical or legal for the agent or developer of a condo complex to use escrow money before the sale is completed or the unit is finished ?
Is it unusual for a builder to deny access to the buyer of a house or condo during construction? Ex: to check on progress of unit being built. What is your opinion of the builder asking to "reserve"…
where should i go first if im a first time buyer?
I have a full time job.. Im only 20 years old. But I have never bought a house before. Where should I go first if I dont really have credit.
Hello! We have a pre-approval for 200,000. Having a hard time finding a good real estate agent. Please email me at mme.1118.ca@gmail.com
We are having a hard time finding a good real estate agent. We want someone who is responsive and available to show houses. We would like to be in something soon and really need the right person to help…
Condo in Manhattan or Multi Family in Brooklyn?
Am I better off financially (short term and long term) buying a condo in say, Alphabet City, or a multi family in Eastern Bushwick (Wilson L or Halsey J)? My mortgage broker says I can afford around 325…
How much does it cost 5 acre of land in Orlando at present time? high and low?
How much does it cost 5 acre of land in Orlando at present time? high and low?
Property tax related question
What is the property tax rate in secaucus, nj? Is the tax calculated on the home value or on the size of the home in secaucus? Any links to official property tax web sites will be appreciated. Thanks…
buying a house on a FHA 203 loan, will low railings and outdated outlets cause a problem?
We are buying a house that is a short sale so time is of the essence right now. Especially since we got the approval two days before i had the estimate scheduled with the contractor. However we were not…
Looking for a family friendly area of Clearwater, St.Pete???
My family and I are going to be relocating for a job to the Clearwater, St Pete, Bradenton area. We are unfamiliar with the area and are looking for a family friendly place to live. We want parks, safe,…
How to find best realtor/agent?
I am a first time home buyer, so please pardon me if this is a silly question. How do I pick the best realtor/agent to assist me in buying a house (will not be buying until 2013)? I want to make sure…
My ex and I bought a mobile home and it is getting moved, who owns it and can either of us live in it?
purchased a mobile home together, both of our names are on the title to mobile home. I want to know what my rights'
why was 8510 nw 51st ct taken off the market?
I thought that 199,000 was too much for it
cancel purchase contract based on inspection
Hi. We were going to buy a house but based on the inspection report we have decided to cancel the purchase. Is there an official document we use to cancel in this kind of way? Or do I simple email the…
transaction broker notice
what's the purpose of this notice and what are responsibilities as a buyer. thanks
Why has the house on 56 Hampden Ter, Alhambra CA 91801 been on the market for 157 days now. I am interested in this house, but it kind of scares me
that its it is a good price, seem like a good house, but its been market for that long?? Any input as to why?
Hello; I would like to purchase a beach front condo near La Jolla (92109). Is it possible that I can get a 1 -2 bedroom for $150K - $200K price?
range? Hi, here is the details of my question: I live in Cleveland OH but would like to spend my retirement years in the sunny San Diego beach area. I still have 7 years until my retirement. My plan…
Can I buy a home (sfh, townhouse) under 200k in south bay?
I'm about to complete short-sale of my condo and have some resources to get private money loan for sfh or townhouse. I plan to rent out this new purchase after 5years. Can I buy a house (not SS) in south…
Homepath mortgage loan
I live in Ohio and I am currently trying to buy a home. There is a home that I am interested in and the home is eligible for homepath mortgage. I have read that you can get a homepath loan with a credit…
FHA Approved properties?
Are there any of the townhomes in 75243 around Richland College FHA approved?
What is the easiest way to remove your client's name from an executed contract?
I need to remove my client's wife's name from an executed contract. Is there an easy way to do this with an amendment or does the contract have to be rewritten?
55 Plus community
Im look ng to buy a condo and its a 55 plus community(im 45) amd I want to put my mom on the deed( she 55 plus and will stay there at times) but she will not be on the mortgage, what i want to know is,…
where are the best condo areas in florida? where are the reasonably priced condos at in Florida in safe, vibrant communities?
Looking to be near a major university and college. looking $135,000-$160,000 I dont want to be in a highrise.
I am looking to buy a home for my disabled adult brother - does Fannie Mae Owner Occupant make exceptions for me to buy for my brother?
We recently went through a seven month process with a short sale on the house I am interested in, but the mortgage insurance would not approve even though the bank had. Now that same home is for sale…
We have been waiting on a seller accepted short sale 10 months.
We keep hearing the bank has everything it needs then 2-3 weeks later a new form to sign then silence for a long time.We know the seller wants to sell and the house has been vacant most of this time.…
I am relocating. Why would I pick you as my agent over another professional?
I am an agent, so this does not apply to me...suppose I am not an agent and I am a buyer seeking relocation like I did back to San Francisco Bay or any where else. What would make you as a professional…
Title papers have been signed by both seller/buyer. why can't the buyer move their belongings in the house?
All closing costs have been paid via wire and cashiers check. Keys and garage door opener was left on kitchen counter of home by the seller. Why can't the buyer move in before property is recorded…
Sellers counter asks for buyer to accept section 1 clearance per cost less pest company?
Is this a red flag? Their pest report says there were termites but they have been cleared. If we accept this then are we waiving our rights to do our own termite inspection? Also if we can do our own…
Finding out what homes are appraising for.
We are bidding on houses (and not getting them) but we are so curious what these houses will appraise at. We heard we have to wait until escrow closes. At that point, how do I find out what it appraised…
Can a non-US resident buy an apartment in New York?
Are bank loans available to non-US resident? If the property is intended to be rented away, is there property management company that can help to manage it?
Closing costs on a HUD Home?
I'm looking at a HUD home in which my agent says closings cost can't be negotiated with the sellers. How much does this typically costs?
What is the average percentage for a short sale negotiation fee?
We agreed to pay for liens, fees, and negotiation fees not to exceed $18,000 with a promise from the listing agent that he would be able to reduce the amount of liens. During the escrow process we were…
As buyer, is there any way to exit contract and getting part of deposit back after removing contigency in Southern CA?
I am buying a house in southern CA and it's at the last stage to close the house. The seller's report showed that the termite was cleared by local treatment, so I released the contigency, but…
What are typical carrying costs in SF?
What extra costs should one be aware of when owning a home in San Francisco? Is there a "ballbark" number on how much this could cost?
I am a foreigner, I would like to purchase a tenanted multifamily home in Rochester, NY for passive income. Where can I find references, please? Tun
I am a foreigner, I would like to purchase a tenanted multifamily home in Rochester, NY for passive income. Where can I find references, please? I can pay in full up to 45K, Thanking you. Tun
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