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Does the mortgage home appraisal list what the rebuild value of the home is?
I'm shopping around for homeowners insurance, and I just want to make sure my "dwelling" coverage is enough to rebuild the home if need be.
Help me understand westchester property taxes
When I see listings of houses in westchester, for a 550k house, I would often see property taxes in the 12-15k range. Do these values (from wherever they are pulled from) include school taxes, or are…
I am looking for a nice quite community in North Carolina to retire to. Looking for low crime but I don't want to be out in the "middle of nowhere".
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3102116102-1600-Independence-Rd-Greensboro-NC-27408?ecampaign=con_rlt_post_lead_agent_sale_fr&eurl=www.trulia.com/prop…
I am looking for for a new house or almost new (2006-2011) in Melbourne, FL area
I am looking for for a new house or almost new (2006-2011) in Melbourne, FL area, 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 1500 SF ? Any house for sale for under $140,000? My credit score is around 680-700 and I would be able…
I would like to buy a condo for investment in Silver Spring area. Need an attentive agent who can deal with oversea buyer in e-mail and skype.
I am a former MD resident and looking forward to buying a investment unit in Silver Spring area smoothly. I need an agent who can respond quickly in e-mail or skype since I live in Asia. Please contact…
If a home has a conservation lien, is the buyer obligated to pay it? And if so, can the price be negotiated?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3110216908-109-Rockland-St-North-Easton-MA-02356
How much are the association fees?
Ridgewood Club Condominiums -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3046010806-760-Ridge-Club-Dr-NA-Melbourne-FL-32934
does anyone know the income limitations for to qualify for the needham housing authority.?
I saw a posting today and it stated that there is income restrictions. MLS ID:71511128.
How do I change the info about my house? It has been remodeled.The sq footage is now 2,697 sq ft with an additional 336 square ft permitted sun room.
The total square footage of this home is actually 3033 sq ft. This home was remodeled and expanded when a master suite was built that includes a sitting area with fireplace, extra large bathroom with large…
Selling NYC real estate
I am a licensed agent with the state of California. Does anyone know what I have to do to sell RE in NYC. Do I have to get my NYC license all over again or do they take my ca license into consideration?…
I am trying to buy a house and will be going the FHA route. Can i use my sister, who has no FICO score, as a non-occupant co-signor?
I have a median FICO score in the 690's. The only thing stopping me from getting the house is my Debt-to-Income ratio. My sister has no FICO score due to lack of credit history. She lives with…
I must say that I am very disappointed with greed and unprofessionalism of some of the listing brokers.
When we made an offer on a house using our buyers broker, we were told that there is another offer on the table (listing brokers customer). She asked that we both present the highest offer to give to the…
Is it possible to get approved for loan with a 610 middle score, but I like to get into home before next school year starts?
found homes under $135k, or like some advice on what else to do to get score up quicker. already have paid off most bills and disputed things from id theft and have capital one credit card which I keep…
Hello. I am looking for some advice. I am on the brink of buying a condo in the Villa Borgata complex in
Fresno (2 bedroom, 2 bath) for 77,000. I have seen 2 bed 1 bath sold for 60000 in the last few months. There is another 2 bed 2 bath listed for sale asking 75000. Am i paying too much? Please, sincere…
Here is a (seemingly) unique case that I have, and wanted to know what experts feel/think about it.
Trulia values my current home around $190K, Zillow at $166K. I owe $150K on it. I am currently refinancing the home, so my monthly payments will go down by approximately $300, which I will be applying…
does a district judge in Texas have the authority to award 1 heir a partition of land?
Texas law of decent and distribution involving a surviving spouse with the right to a life estate and children of same marriage and of a previous marriage. When the surviving spouse still alive and occupying…
who owns property at 2300 meadowwood cir?
what real estate company has this property for sale?
Replacement cost of a 2 car garage
walls and ceiling finished off
what is the contingency on this contract? are the owners accepting other offers?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3065524018-8225-Bar-Harbor-Ln-Charlotte-NC-28210
is there anyway I can rent with option ,346 alden pl.?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3068050101-346-Alden-Pl-Orange-NJ-07050
Looking to buy around zip code 19116
Any Realtor having something to consider for buying in 19116 Price range $160,000 to $250,000 Three bedrooms, nice neighborhood
Can you use VA when part of requirement is to be pre approved by the bank owning the house?
part of the offer for house found is must pre qualify with bank of america to make offer
experian658, transunion631, equifax580 Can i get approved for a $155000 home?
My credit has been improving, but i think im just about as far as i can get it without waiting for some of the items on my credit stop being reported in a year or so. I've talked to 2 different lenders…
I bought a house a month ago and recently got a call from my homeowners insurance company stating that they are unable to insure my home due to....
...due to the age and condition of my roof. In the seller's disclosure, the seller indicated that the roof is 10 years old. They said that the only pprwork was left in the house when they moved. I found…
How do you find out the length (years) that a special assessment will be for ie 10, 15, 30 years in riverside county?
I pulled the tax info but it doesn't state for how long the assessment is for?
Does anyone know of any rent to own properties in the Monroeville/Penn Hills/Wilkins Township/Forest Hills area?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/18592974-108-Chanticleer-Dr-Penn-Hills-PA-15235
i really would like to rent to own i need help starting looking for places in Pennhills and Monroeville
just starting a new job need to find out more about these rent to own homes how does it work
Does anyone have any upcoming (or "not sure if ready to sell yet") listings in 80205, 80207, 80220 or near Sloans?
I have a ready to go, preapproved buyer looking for a home "with character", preferably fixer. 2 beds. Up to $260K. Looking to buy yesterday, so please let me know if you have anything that is not yet…
Choosing the Agent who has the listing of the house we want to buy?
We currently have our home for sale by owner. We were trying to save realtor fees, so we would have a down payment on our next home. It has been 3 months and we are ready to hire a listing agent. My question…
No money down morgage programs,are there any in oklahoma? Yukon, mustang, moore area.
My boyfriend has a score of 620 and not much history, I have one of 550 and not good credit. My bf applied at his bank but was turned down for noth aving a score of 650. Are there any programs to help…
We are planning move to Portland in 5-7 years.Please advice what part of city is good rentwise for next few years.
We are considering buying now and renting out for a few years. Our prize range up to 300,000.
What gives you the edge when making a bid?
I'm curious...Is there anything that gives you an "edge" when making an offer? (This is in regards to conventional sales, as well as HUD/FannieMae/Bank Owned, if there's any differences.) For example,…
Can I rent the primary residence house out for a couple of years?
I recently bought a house as our primary residence with the intention to live there because of the good school area. However, our plan might change and we probably won't move in within about 3 years. The…
I'm buying a 1br coop in queens. Before putting in an offer, my buyer's agent is asking me to pay X% for the buyer's commission. Is this true?
I thought the buyer and seller's commission comes from the seller at closing. Usually a % of the sales price which is split between the two.
Is Bollinger Canyon a good school ?
Planning on moving from fremont to San Ramon. My kids are currently going to private school.The neighborhood is Norris Canyon estate. The schools are Bollinger, Iron Horse and CA High. I getting torn apart…
How do I *break-up * with my realtor that I've been working with seriously for about 2 years, with whom I have a great rapport/friendship?
We keep losing out on houses because our offers are not strong enough, but I feel like we're not getting solid advice on what to offer and how, in order to get our offers looked at. I need a strong…
4 bdrm rent to own house in the Herbertsville area of brick?
We are in need to move within the next 30 days and have 3 school age children and 3 dogs. Can anyone please help? -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/309669…
When to choose a lender?
Sorry, I have asked a similar question but didn't get a clear answer and my situation has updated so I'm writing another question more clearly. So I went to multiple banks and got pre-approval letters…
what are the maintenance charges here?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3054704107-6-Leewood-Cir-5R-Eastchester-NY-10709
Seller of short sale property sold to another Buyer before I cancelled my escrow. What is the consequence?
Hi. I was in escrow to purchase a short sale property. Long story short, there was a dispute with the lender about the final sale price and escrow did not close. Seller signed cancellation papers, but…
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3061375407-218-Bloomfield-Ave-Montclair-NJ-07042
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