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When did Southbourne Rd. become partof Grier's Fork? It was Southbourne Subdivision when built.
Southbourne Subdivision only had about 26 houses on Southbourne Rd., Kennetuck and Delshire.......
Under contract with a home and found another home i like more!
Hi, i'm a first time home buyer in new orleans and i a home i liked and put an offer in on it. my offer wasn't accepted so i proceeded to my second choice for a house and the offer was accepted. Two months…
What are a borrowers rights when dealing with a FHA underwriters mold inspection demands?
The FHA underwriter is demanding a mold inspection on a HUD home based on the appraisal(closing 5/13, contract expires 5/21). In the appraisal their was no mention of seeing mold just a notice on the door.I…
Why don't agents list condo fees?
I'm seeing some condos that could be good deals, but have no idea what the condo fees are. Any reason why agents don't list them?
what is the asking price for 5942 silver fox dr and whatn size is the lot winter haven fl?
I was told the lot at 5942 silver fox dr winter haven fl is 1 arce if so what is current market price
How are the elementary schools for the Pavillion neighborhood? why are there so many houses for sale in Pavillion?
Pavilion in Riverview, Fl. The location seems very accessible to Tampa via the crosstown, access to 301 and 75. why are there so many homes for sale in this neighborhood?
Can a Mello Roos be transfered from one house to another in the same neighborhood?
I paid mine off (in Lincoln Crossing) and am looking for another home in the same general area. Can a transfer be done?
Is seller required to repair failing septic after 14 months of sale?
Purchased a home in Michigan and septic is in bad shape. We asked about inspections and seller and Real Estate broker said o hno, it's in great shape, will never need a thing in your lifetime. Well,…
Why are so many homes for sale in Clayton Foreclosures?
I am looking for a home in Clayton but most of the ones I click on Trulia are Foreclosures and if I want to know more about them I have to join RealtyTrac. That feels like a scam or something. If a home…
I filed bankruptcy in 2007, but continued to live in the house and made payments until foreclosure after divorce in 2011.
The house shows the bankruptcy on my credit report but not the foreclosure. But I am sure it is in the county records. My new husband and I would like to buy a house but I am not sure if it is possible.…
.....The Realtor Just Disappeared!....
I am interested in buying a particular house. I spoke to the realtor whose selling the house over the phone, we set up a time Easter weekend to tour the house. The realtor never showed up. I waited…
i want to put an offer on a home i found, but i need to sell my condo. i would like to go ahead without selling i would like to find out i if qualify?
Are there any other good loan programs other than FHA that require less than 20% down?
Had a short sale (it will be 3 yrs ago in Feb 2013-guidleines for FHA require 3 yr waiting period) and want to put a contract on new construction in Summerlin and don't want to wait until Jan 2013.…
Hi We might be interested in relocating in YS. We are 2 freshly retired college professors. We will arrive in the area tomorrow, Tuesday evening and
would like to a a tour of houses 1800sq ft and up up to 270 000, walking distance to downtown. possibly wednesday afternoon (6/1) We don't have a cell phone with us but you can email us Thank you…
Mixed use property to stay in
Guys I see a commercial property (mixed-use) in the location I'd like to stay in. It has 2 offices and 2 apts. I have no experience with commercial properties but it's in my price range and…
Is it sketchy or just coincidental that right after I decide to place an offer on two houses another (higher) offer just happens to show up?
So I'm looking for a home in the 90K-110K price range and have placed offers on two in the past two weeks. The first one was on the market for about three months and the seller even contacted my…
Can you hear the planes if you live in Compass Pointe Vero beach?
The area seems nice, but the airport i nearby so thats a concern.
Jumping thru hoops!
I made an offer on a house and around 3 hours later the sellers agent [home is investor property] called and counter offered. Instead of 4% concessions and a new ac unit [the one in the home was not working…
Electrical Towers
How can I find the location of all the electrical towers in Las Vegas? I do not want to move near an electrical tower and that will greatly influence my decision in where I buy a home.
Foreclosure with a cloudy title, that I was able to close on.
I purchased/closed on a farm, last December 2011. Apparently it went on the courthouse steps, last August, for 2 years back taxes. We just received a certified letter wanting payment on taxes, and multiple…
We are looking for land, or a home on land in Tri Valley. We are open to lots of options.
We have been looking, while living in Bloomington, for a LONG TIME - about 5 years in the Downs/Tri-Valley School District area. If it has hit the MLS, I am sure we know by now. We would love to work…
lawyer needed for property deeds
I am purchasing a property but having trouble getting the property deeds to prove my ownership can anyone help?
Does secured credit cards really help your credit score? Where can my husband go to correct an incorrect report on his credit about a previous home?
My score is 589. I've never purchased a home, and have excellent rental history. Changes at the job had me on payroll, but no hours for income caused me to be delinquent on everything and end up with…
Family friendly communities in suburbs of Birmingham
We are considering a move to Birmingham, and have researched the areas of Homewood, Vestavia Hills, and Mountain Brook. Are there other communities that are family friendly, quiet, and a reasonable commute…
I am looking for a mortgage lender that will lend to an A2 visa holder (foreign government official). Can anyone help?
I have a permanent job here in the US paid in USD, however I do not pay tax here or in my home country. I have spoken to another lender who could not help due to my being unable to supply a W2. I can…
id like to know if it is a corner lot
can you just call me i hate the computer.whenever i read what i wrote i dont like feel like i said what i meant
If I'm a buyer using an agent does that agent become entitled to a commission, the minute they forward a ljsting to me, assuming I buy that
property? In other words, at what point does my agent become entitled to a comm? When she takes me to the house, when she makes an offer on my behalf? If I have 2 brokers sending listings, are they both…
I want to know if I am approved for a home mortgage?
I just received my Mortgage Loan Agreement. Does that mean I have been approved for a loan. I had a telephone interview and gave the lender all required documents.
Trying to get more info on property listed here 555 monroe st. Brooklyn? Every inquiry to listing agent I've made gets no response. Can anyone?
help? Currently it's listed on trulia as "address not disclosed". I would like to find out more about the property. It's priced lower than usual for that area, so I'm curious to…
houses in grady musgrave addition
what criteria affect price per square foot in this area?
What is the general thinking of Norris Canyon Estates? Worth the price? Not in the best school district?
Wnat to know what the local thought is behind this community as we have recently located from the east coast. It looks beautiful but is there something I am missing. Is it not in the best school area or…
Is it legal for a seller agent to call the buyers mortgage company to see what they are really approved for!?
Lie and say they represent the buyer to see if the buyer can get more and then counter offer with this knowlege?
Schools in 08817
How are schools in 08817 ? I checked greatschools.org seems not impressive .Is this reliable or is there an alternate source to get the schools rating ?
Short Sell situation
I made an offer for a Short Sell property. After its due course, got approved. Had to close in 3 weeks so hurryingly got the loan etc in that short time. The seller backed out of that date because they…
Are there any agents who specialize in Lease Option/Rent To Own contracts?
I am a single mother with 3 children and have been living with my parents for 3 years. The last place I rented went into foreclosure and we had to move. I don't want to rent again I want to purchase…
How long are homes remaining on the market before they are sold in Marquette?
South East Mi is now showing 1 month average for homes to sit before selling. How are things in the UP, Marquette?
My mom and I refinanced to buy another home, I co-signed for her and now the house is foreclosed.
With my husband good credit, can we both buy a home, since the foreclosed home is still on my credit report?
Can you get a 2nd FHA loan due to increased family size??????
Here is our situation. My husband has a home which my name has no connection to.The home is in his name. He filed bankruptcy (due to me having to come out of work due to me having twins. I have went back…
Relocating from CT,
what is the safest area in charlotte to live in with a family and where there are great schools.
FHA approved townhouses
How did find out if a townhouse is FHA approved
I received a commitment letter from Wells Fargo and they gave me a closing date of 4/27/11. They called me the day of denying me. What can I do?
My mid score is 614 and they said the min was 600 for the program I was applying for. Any lenders out there that can help.
How do I find out what the FMV is on a property?
House is 140 N. 8th, Carlisle, IA and it is a short sale. If I would want to make an offer on this I would have to know what the FMV is. According to Trulia recent sold comparable homes that is 25000 less…
i was deniad becouse of my credit bureau im now clean
so i want to know if when can i reapply again
have the master bedroom and 4th bedroom in down stair? please advise.
i am looking for house has 4 bedrooms, gas line, master bedroom down stair, office room down stair, 2 or 3 bath rooms and 2005and a up year built.zip cod 76123. like treeside drive,pallas ct.,sunsetridge…
We are puchasing a REO and Harmony Escrow is listed as title and escrow company.
What recouse do we have considering the Nevada laws stipulates we can chose the company. They are trying to make us pay CA fees and I feel we should be paying NV fees. We don't live in CA. We live in NV…
Financing an investment property>
.How to finance the purchase of sponsor unit in a cooperative building in Queens which will be considered an investment property since I will not be using it as my primary residence for about 5 years.…
Is it true that the property tax in Windemere is 1.6%? Also is it 1.4% in Gale Ranch?
In addition, what is the tax rate in the rest of San Ramon? Will the Windemere rate decrease ever now that it's built out & the schools are there already? In addition, does anyone know what the…
Can a USDA loan be used to purchase a bank owned (REO) townhome in Hillsborough County?
We are in an area of southern Hillsborough County and the address for the townhome I typed in shows as being in a qualifying area for a USDA loan....the townhouse is bank owned....
have a quick ? i have a job but its an under the table job and was wandering if there was
anyway to get a loan my wife has a job that she pays taxes on but barley any credit any advice would help
What is my recourse if a seller's termite work completed report states work completed for work not done?
I have a VA loan which requires the seller to fix termite report related issues. The work completed report states work completed by others in a few items regarding fungus and termite damage. The seller…
I would like to know the estimated vacancy rate of N Sheriden Road 1 bedroom condo apartment near Layola Univ. (higher floor with lake view)
and more specifically an advise re 6171 N Sheriden Road ? Since I'm thinking of buying it as an investment I would appreciate an advise on how much can I rent it for? M a n y - T h a n k s
Price for down payment
Need to know how much I can put down on this house.
Get ITIN loan or mortgage
I am hoping to buy a home. My husband works and has an ITIN. I am a stay at home mom with a SSN. My husband has been with his employer for over 10 years, we have all of our tax records, my credit…
Just bought a house I just got a bill from the watercompany saying that there's a lien on the property the title search was clean how can this
happen My Attorney did a title search and everything came back clean there was no liens and stuff how can this happen
why do people put their house up for sale and refuse to communicate?
why do sellers let homes go for short sale and refuse to sale in time of offers, or banks wont fix a home that wont pass inspection and still leaves home in the market, how about the homes that are listed…
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