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Is there a way to search simply for a cabin for sale without a local?
You would think there would be a universal way to search the site ...
Contract signed with property sold AS IS, now got positive termite report: on some locations:ext foundation, and bsmt floor joists. Please advice.
Contract signed with property sold AS IS, now got positive termite report: termites on some locations, but not found termite damage. Should this be a major concern?Please advice. Also please advice on…
BUYER REFERRAL OPPORTUNITY: Raleigh, North Carolina. Please email me at Phong.Lam@c21ag.com if interested. Need a GOOD agent soon! Thanks!
Dear Fellow Agents in the Raleigh, NC areas: I have a buyer client that is looking to buy a place in Raleigh, NC area. Buyer already have 2 active listings (around $50-60K range) in mind and is ready…
Mountain House..?
Can someone who is familiar with the real estate in Tracy/Mountain House area provide his/her thoughts on the following: The Mariposa power plant right in Mountain House's backyard 2.5 miles away. Setting…
Are any Home Buyers looking to buy a remodeled two story home in Vista, CA under $400,000?
Staged Homes Real Estate is featuring a Highly Upgraded Vista Property on May 19th & 20th from 11am-4pm. I am asking around to see if any home buyers are looking in the area. Call (760) 212-7355 for…
any 55oldermobile home parks in ogden ut own your own land health issues must move?
own my own land an mobile home in 55 older park in las vegas nv wud like saame in ogden ut
We want to buy a waterfront home over the next 6 to 12 months in the greater Tampa Area and we need an agent that is not limited to one city
We are very unfamiliar with the area and do not want to limit our search to one city until we have had a feel for the whole area around Tampa Bay
First time buyer in USA needs a short explanation of the role of a listing agents, buyers agents etc?
For instance, if I work with an agent that is listed here as a agent for Tampa, does he/she have access to all listed properties all the way from North of Clearwater to South of Tampa Bay?
Walkout basement in millburn, short hills or nearby towns
Are there any homes with walkout basement in millburn, shorthills or nearby towns? or is it very uncommon?
What is better- built or buy? I live in a very desirable area and prices of houses didn't drop as much as I would like. We are considering to
build a I live in a very desirable area and prices of houses didn't drop as much as I would like. We are considering to build anew house and find some cheaper lot. But everybody is telling us that…
Moving mobile home
I am thinking about buying one of my parents property. I want to move the mobile home I am living in right now in a mobile park in Barstow to the 5 acres property in Newberry Springs. It is 1984 mobile…
I am planning to put in $20-25k downpayment for a single family house, would that be enough for a $350-400k house?
Hi, I am currently working as a Nurse. I am planning to buy a house around early to mid next year ranging to $350-400k SF House. I was planning to buy somewhere by Santa Clarita, CA (and still looking…
I saw this property 8685 SW Wolds in Cooper Moutain, Beaverton.Behind the property is the Baker Resources .Will mining at Baker affect property value?
8685 SW Wolds property in Cooper Moutain has Baker Resources right behind to that property. Any has any idea on the affect of mining on this property. How bad is the polltuion in this area bcos of mining?
What's going on with the condos at 12600 SW Crescent Street?
I've seen photos of partially completed buildings, and google turns up old news reports about bankruptcy. Do these condos have a functioning HOA? Are they livable? Would they be a good investment…
I'm interested in a house that needs a RE-HAB loan. There's a second unit that has cracks in it.
I heard FHA could call this because of it being a safety issue?
Am I locked into working with the selling agent if they show me a home?
I plan to see a home in NJ. I contacted the selling agent and will meet with her, with out a buyers agent. Once she shows me the home, am I locked into working with her as my buying agent or can I still…
I was suppossed to close escrow on a short sale tomorrow. My agent called today to tell us that we can't close becasue we dont have the written
short sale approval from the second mortgage. The listing agent accepted a verbal acceptance 2 months ago and never got a written approval. Shouldn't my agent and the other agent have known that the…
Can you buy in over 55 community?
We just purchased a single family home and found out it is part of a 55 community. There was never any mention of this during the process of purchasing the home and we do not pay any HOA fees. Can this…
Poor credit: can I get financing with 80-90% down?
Started a new business a few years ago. Things were very bad the first two years, and my credit suffered. I am paying everything off, and now business is booming, and I have also been able to save quite…
Negotiating the price of a spec condo in Charlotte nc
I am looking to buy my first home in Charlotte nc. I was wondering there is any negotiating on spec homes. The townhouse is asking 165000 and is being built by Shea homes in ballantyne. My parents last…
Views on McCarley homes by Ryan
I m looking at townhouses in McCarley community by Ryan. What are your views on the property. The community doesn't have any swimming pool or play area. From the resale point of view does that matter a…
Why aren't there any homes listed, even in recent history, in the Pocantico school district, under $1M?
How can I find out when something comes for sale in this community?
Riverton Lofts in Hastings on Hudson, NY
Hi, I was hoping someone here could help me if they were familiar with this building. I looked at a 1 br there that is listed at 621k. It doesnt look like their prices have gone down at all since it…
Renting the home we are in escrow with?
We are currently buying a short sale property, we were to close 2 weeks ago until we were notified that there was a second mortgage and needed another bank approval. It took the first bank 3 months to…
How do I find sale history information for co-ops in Fleetwood, NY?
So far, I've only been able to find sale history for houses in Fleetwood and no co-ops. Is there a way to track co-op sales as well?
Closing Price, Grievance and Tax assed value of home?
I am looking to buy a townhouse in Westchester, NY (Greenburgh). With the market slump, The assessed value according to taxes will be ~50-75K higher than the final sale price. Is that grounds for filing…
What happens to the commission if I buy a house without a buyer's agent? Can I use it as a negotiation?
If I buy a house without a buyer's agent - can I use the extra 2% from buyer agent commission as a negotiable figure, or will the selling agent just take the whole 4%, like a dual disclosure agent…
how much money do you have to put down on a condo in crown heights priced at 300,000?
I saw a condon accross the street from me sellin for $299,000, so may question is what is the down payment?
how do i get my name added to my house that i bought under my sister name?
I bought a house back in 2010, my credit score was 710 and i was approved at first until the invester thought i was purchasing as an investment because at the time i worked in CT and lived in NY. So the…
VA Loan and monthy mortgage costs
If I am looking at buying a house with a VA load that is priced at 189K could anyone tell me what my monthy mortgage would be? Thank you
Hey i'm new here just filling profile.
Just check out my profile and send me house that fill my criteria. I cant wait to see all the hits i get!!
Slow title work--can buyer change title company and will this help speed up process?
My spouse and I have been under contract on a bank-owned (BoA) home for about 45 days. Our lender has everything they need from us, but can't give us full loan approval and close until they have the title…
Alternatives to Property Management.
We are thinking about buying a duplex and occupying it for a year then renting both sides out. We found this property that we like but the numbers barely net us any rental income after typical expenses…
How is the los portones community in 85255. We see that there is only desert on the opp. side and wondering if any development will take place soon.
We see homes selling/listed for $135 per sq ft while the one we liked is for $180/sqft. How is the community faring. Also one side of N.Scottsdale area in 85255 (after grayhawk) is completely barren, will…
What is the best part of town(suburb) to look in for quality of life, affordability, and potential return?
We are older looking for a home in the Phoenix area with 3000 SqFt on .5 acre for under $400K.
1) What's a reasonable offer on an REO? 2) How likely is it that my school will be redistricted?
In the current market, how low of an offer will still be likely to be accepted? We are looking at an REO that's $189,900 and want to offer $180,000. Will they counter, or just reject our offer? Also,…
anyone have any information on 405 atwood road, flourtown/erdenheim?
wanting to know if anyone knows what the issues are besides cosmetic and what a fair offer or what the bank would take on this house
Home Prices going down?
Do the home prices go down during the Fall/Winter season?
DR horton, aleris homes, regent, Khov , eastwood homes (I think i am forgetting one more). what are the pros and cons on all?
i know its difficult to answer when I call Realtor since they dont want to get in trouble with other builders So i was thinking it would be safer to ask here since we are "anonymous" e.x. I notice…
Rent/Lease with Option to Buy
I am looking for a Rental with Option to buy. Would you have any listing for any?
Any owner financing condos or townhomes in Reno, NV?
2 bedroom preferred with reasonable HOA fees and reasonable down. 80k max
Our first lender was country wide and bank of america took over our loan and we make payments to bank of america. Now our house is underwater and we g
we got a letter of default and date of trustee sale , my question is how come our new lender was bank of new york, who really owns our mortgage? Is bank of new york holding our notes?how they do not call…
What are some good questions for Agent Interviews?
I'm looking to get an agent very soon and want to know whether Joe Agent is worth his/her salt. What questions would you recommend I ask them?
Looking for advice on buying a vacant land (RH1 zoned) in San Francisco
Hi All, We have a "vacant" plot in mind to buy, but would like to get advice on how to go about buidling on the property. - This property DOES have a street address (in San Francisco) - The parcel…
If I have poor credit, is it possable to add my name to an existing mortgage?
I'm rebuilding my credit, and brother in law is concidering walking a way from his loan and moving to another state. I can aford their mortgage. They have offered to put my name on it but I don't…
Many of the dozen plus bank owned homes in Pacific Grove are not yet listed. What causes the time lag from the bank taking title to the bank listing?
the property for sale? Also, are there particular real estate agents that banks use for these listings?
Looking for a neighborhood with Mosque & halal meat, restaurants
Looking for a single family house within $300,000 in neighborhood with Mosque & halal meat, restaurants (Muslim friendly). Any thoughts is highly appreciated. Thanks
Why are there so many forclosures in Warren, MA?
My husband is recently stationed at Westover afb in MA... we are having a hard time finding a home that is suitable for us in the area... we are wondering why the housing in Warren is so much less and…
Ripon...supply and demand
looking into buying a home in ripon. how hard is it to get a house in ripon for $100k-200k? when a good deal comes up, are the offers more than the asking price? if so, about how much more?
When should I start looking for a house if I want to move in January?
I'm currently renting with my lease up on January 31st and would like to buy a townhouse for once my lease is up. I'm trying to figure out when I should start the home searching/buying process in order…
I have a pretty unique situation.
I have a mid 500 credit score with a low debt to income ratio and an annual income of 190K. My wifes credit is 660. How hard will it be for us to get approved for a home?
How much Percentage under the list price should I offer on a HUD foreclosure?
I am looking to buy a HUD foreclosure home that has been on the market for over 6 months. If I purchase this home I will want to do at least 20000 in renovations. How much less does HUD usually accept…
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