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I'm interested to buy a house in Bedford, NH. I see quite a few houses that are in a 'Contingent' status. Should I consider these?
houses not available as they seem to be under contract, or is each house situation individual and even the houses in the Contingent status are worth pursuing? I'm namely interested in the house on…
Are the buyers from out of State?
I am working on a housing project and interested in knowing if the market is shwing a turn around for persons who live in Beaufort County. Thanks for your time..
We are selling our home. It was inspected (and passed) two weeks ago, but we've still not gotten a call regarding scheduling the appraisal.
Thoughts? The buyers has a loan pre-approval for over the agreed-upon price, but it is an FHA loan. We were scheduled to close on July 31st. We also already have a contract to purchase a new home.
Are there any 3-4 bedroom homes with rent to own options in the Verona school district area?
We recently sold our home through a short sale (after trying unsuccessfully for 2 years to sell it conventionally) out of state and relocated to Verona. We are currently renting but are looking for something…
Misrepresentation by the seller's realtor
I am devastated because I just signed a contract for a house that hasn't been built yet. The seller's realtor showed us a house that has already been built and we were told that it was going to the be…
I was told by a rep with the city of Raleigh that the city doesn't require a minimum credit score for the $20,000 down payment assistance program
but the participating lenders would have their own criteria. I had a loan officer at one bank tell me the minimum score for NCHFA funds was 650. An officer at another bank had a lower minimum score. I…
Can we get our money back?
We gave earnest money on a house we want to back out of. Everybody who seemed so nice and professional before is now being rude to us. All we want is our 'good faith' money back. We have decided…
Negotiable stuff
Folks Apart from the negotiated sale price, what else is negotiable in this general area? The house I'm looking at is it in the 700's. I don't believe any sellers help out with closing…
Is no co-broke / no commission split "allowed" in brooklyn?
When selling a house, I thought that a co-broke / commission split would always be offered to attract buyer's agents and receive more offers. Doing otherwise I would've thought would be against the seller's…
I wanted to see if you had any realtors who deal with rent to own aparments or coops?
Im looking in the Queens areas of Kew Gardens, FH, Rego Park-
Re:70 st.2Family home in Middle Village. Why is the wrong Public School nearby mentioned, or why does the Map Pin Point the House By Eliot Ave.?
Am I the only one that see's an over priced home, miss information, or Open House Flyers with No Price plastered on most store windows in Middle Village?
Can a bank get out of the contract because the title was never cleared?
Ryan, I have been in the process of buying a bank owned house and it has been over 4 months. We have had the property inspected and appraised and everything went well; the only thing that is holding us…
Is agent conduct reportable to California DRE?
1. My agent (seller) did not report an offer until 5 days after it was made. The offer summary sheet from agent was hand-written and illegibile. Legible copy was not provided until 2 days later. I did…
Cancel contract
Thanks so much for all your answers! Do I have to pay any fees to escrow/title for cancelling the contract? Do we need to give any explanation in the CC form, or just check 1.E. (as otherwise permitted…
I am a young professional earning around 45,000 a year in Seattle and renting in Ballard.
I am hoping to eventually purchase a very small starter home or Condo, but I'm worried that the house prices will outpace my income growth. Currently, it seems that I would have difficulty qualifying…
I am thinking of using a credit union for my mortgage and am pre qualified.
What are the pros and cons of a mortgage loan with a credit union? Would you recommend?
Do I have to pay a real estate agent to find me a land contract home?
I have been looking in Allen Park for a land contract home but haven't had any luck. So I want to use a realtor to help me but I want to know if I have to pay them for this or if they somehow make a commission?
Tips for young first time home buyers?
Hi there. My husband and I are 21 (me) and 20 (him). We have a young daughter who is 1 right now. I am soon to graduate from my community college with my paralegal studies degree, and have a job that I…
Does buyer or seller pay the transfer taxes, city and county, on new construction in San Francisco?
The seller is telling me he will agree to pay $5,000 of transfer taxes on a property to be sold at $875,000. Aren't these taxes usually paid by the seller anyway? So is this a non-offer?
Recently qualified for monies through the HOYO Program, which requires owners to do all work/repairs of the property before buyer moves in. Asked by
P Recently qualified for monies through the HOYO Program, which requires owners to do all work/repairs of the property before buyer moves in. Asked by Paula And Truman, Lancaster, TX • Earlier today How,…
i'm in escrow. i have signed off on all contingencies EXCEPT the contingency removal form 4/10 (CAR) the 17 day contingency period has
expired. i have signed off on all contingencies EXCEPT the contingency removal form 4/10. am i subject to loosing my deposit money if i dont close?
Will I need a co-signer?
I have perfect credit about 40 accounts of credit paid off in full or in good standing (all student loans paid off, 1 car paid off, etc), but low reported income from self employment (about 40k/yr) and…
My friend is a single unmarried mom in Santa Clara county. She applied for an FHA 203 K loan to do substantial remodeling to her home.
My friend is a single unmarried mom in Santa Clara county. She applied for an FHA 203 K loan to do substantial remodeling to her home. She is trying to get the maximum of $ 250,000 from Wells Fargo. She…
what is usually an acceptable offer?
2-3 bed/2 ba condo, grd. fl. or elevator bldg. not on beach
is there a realtor than can send me info on foreclosures or short sales in the area?
my husband will be retiring from the military next summer and we are thinking of moving to ark city where my parents live.
how can i rent a single home without paying a realtor ?
i been looking on craigslist but i need a cheap house with no realtor , the money is short...
where can i report this agent or seller?
I am a buyer in florida and 2 days before the closing date the seller change the new appliances in the house for a used ones. what kind of acction should i take? thanks
Coral Springs- gated communities with community pool. Seeking 4 bed 2.5 bath. Any advice?
Possibly relocating to South Florida and seeking more information about gated communities with community pools in Coral Springs. Ideally would be 4 bed, 2.5 bath. Good schools (young children) and daily…
How does the number of rental properties in a gated community affect the value of homes for sale?
Is there a percentage of homes that are rentals that if exceeded will negatively impact home values?
Helping with buying a lehigh valley pa home
I went thru a chap 7 bk 2 years ago and a foreclosure 3 years ago. Since then I have reestablished my credit w a score of 680 not fantastic, but fair. I am looking to buy a new home and I'm very…
What is the status of the Medford Crossing project?
What impact will the project have on the community, and what elementary school will the additional students be attending?
Would like to sell in NC and buy in Florida can Trulia help with both.?
Saw my home on Trulia site (jt's not currently listrd for sale) est. at 120000. A little low but would sell for 90000 to buy another I saw on a Trulia site in Ormond Beach Fla. if it could be quick…
What determines how much STAR reduces from school taxes?
I'm in the market to buy a coop/condo/twnhse. The greatest concern is the HOA's; I'm aware of the STAR abatement - I need to know what it is that determines the actual discount. Listing…
Inspector found leaks and ponding
I had an home inspection and the roof inspector found 3 areas that were leaks and ponding on the flat roof.Is it his responsibility to replace or can he get away with repairing,now that he knows there…
Why doesn't the palm beach county school locator site work?
what are the zoned schools for evergreen for elementary and middle? thanks
Looking to move closer to uptown Charlotte, have looked through several neighborhoods, would like to get into
a good, safe neighborhood. Wondering what neighborhoods we should be looking at and what would be the best investment, with best equity?
Seller want's more time...We closed on a summer house on July 7. In the purchase agreement the seller
asked for 30 days rent free after closing, which we agreed too. The 30th day would be this Wednesday, August 6. We were planning to go get our keys the following day. The seller has now called and told…
What is Denver's next "it" neighborhood?
My clients often ask which Denver neighborhoods I think will be the next "it" areas. While I realize many factors affect the desirability of a neighborhood for each individual client, I personally think…
Which appreciates faster in which neighborhood? Condo or SFR? Temescal or Upper Dimond?
I'm considering purchasing either a SFR in the 94602 zip code (slightly above MacArthur) in Upper Dimond or a condo in 94609 (in Temescal). The Homescore rating for the home is 71 and the rating…
How safe is the neighborhood?
My family lived in Cincinnati for almost 150 years.I want to return to my ancestral home. I want to know how safe this neighborhood is,versus Hyde Park,where my father grew up.
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