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Do I have to pay all the closing costs for a new condo purchase from the developer?
I just received the contract and prospectus for a new development in Williamsburg. The developer wants me to pay ALL the closing costs, including those that are usually taken care of by the seller. Given…
Looking to possibly move to New Providence but contingent on commuting options to NYC. What is best way to commute?
Train from New Providence doesn't work for me as trains are not often enough and take too long. Does anyone know of other alternatives? Thanks!
Having trouble deciding between Berkeley Heights and New Providence. Can someone give me the pro's/cons for each.?
Looking for updated or newer construction. Not backing up to train or powerlines.
My father would like to sell his trailer. The park he's in has Right Of First Refusal. However, they won't respond to any of our inquiries.
If they continue to be evasive, when can we retain a realtor and, furthermore, how long does he have to keep paying association fees?
If I am sued, how much can I be sued for if my rental property is bought thru a LLC?
I intend setting up a LLC & then buying an investment property thru this. If I am sued at some stage for a matter relating to the property, is the total amount I can be sued for, only to the value…
looking for some expert opinion
Hi Guys, I am looking for some expert opinion. I found few interesting projects at Post road near vickery elementary school(Cumming). My question is I like the neighborhood, area is new so chances…
Elizabeth moore
Can I purchase a home with bd credit. i live in ne jackson right now and love my kids school and would love to saty in the ne jackson area. Can yo help me please.
I just had my home inspection and my seller wants to do the repairs by themselves because they are handy. Is?
this allowed? Who do I usually ask to verify that they were done correctly? My home inspector is saying that that generally don't like to come back to certify that the work was done correctly.
Short Sale in Westchester, NY
We have had a fully executed contract since February 2013. We did an engineer's report before putting our in our offer, discovered an illegally abandoned oil talk (did soil testing), and learned the…
Can the lien be cured by court judgement?
I am buying a property in California. Right before closing, the title company found there is an old lien which cannot be cleared. There is a dispute between the seller and the lien holder. The seller's…
i do not know what areas are best for buying and are good deal for the money
can anyome help me out here on a limited income for so many years
whatare the costs in buyinh a home
in orlndo or surounding areas also what are the best areas in or around orlando to get a btter price on a house
Buyer wants to work without a realtor?
Any basic advice to give folks who are looking at buying a home through a friend and not using a realtor? Their concern is saving money on the transaction, of course, which is understandable. But they…
Paying more than appraisal in short sale.
Our appraisal is less than our offer? We bid on a short sale, and after 4 months, the bank accepted our offer, but our banks appraisal is less than our offer. We didn't have an appraisal contingency,…
hi how about crime and flood ?
hi how about shopping and hospital ?
Want to move from Philadelphia PA to Lincoln Ca, before we move, we're planing to buy a townhouse or condo, thrue FHA loan while working Philadelphia.
Can we get a loan at FHA loan to buy at Lincoln Ca, while working in Philadelphia,if yes how much our down payment?
How much rent for a house in Schenectady?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3042570008-16-Moyston-St-Schenectady-NY-12307
Looking for help finding an agent to buy a rural property to build a cabin/home in Gilpin or Clear Creek.
I have some listings in mind and would like help finding others, particularly in Russel Gulch area. Properties of interest would be several acres in size, South facing with easy acces and a rural feel.
everything in burbank worth buying under $400,000 is not out there.priced outta my own town.
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3096187902-2247-N-Naomi-St-Burbank-CA-91504
Is that possible to find out cond from range of 100k to 150k in Queens?
Please kindly give me some tips for apartment in NY. I have no idea about closing fee, taxes and so on cause I am foreigner.
Can a seller ask for more money after accepting the offer by signing the offer letter during attorney review - nj?
Put an offer on house - seller signed and accepted the offer - sent for attorney review - now refusing to sign contract and asking for more money through the agent
EFIS in Les Chateaux condos
has anyone heard about there being trouble with EIFS on these condos, theyre have been lawsuits filed by owners of Byport condos in Norfolk
Apprisal lower than seller price for a new home.
Our apprisal for a newly constructed home came 10k less than the seller price. We have already agreed to increase the payment by 3500$ earlier before the apprisal came because of the demand from underwriter…
Can you buy a house for a friend or family member without them taking a big tax hit?
I want to know if I purchased a house for a friend or family member, that would technically be income for them, so could I pay the cost of the house and the taxes or is there no way for them not to get…
What are the most impotant factors when choosing a new condo?
There are many things to consider when purchasing a new condo. Building amenties, condo design, condo fees, does the condo offer a tax abatement, a great view, location and many other factors to consider.…
House Price in 2013
Fed QE may finish by the end of 2013. Does it have any effect on house price in west Los Angeles? Any opinion or analysis is very welcome. Thank you.
Resale value because unit is on Busy street...Commonwealth avenue in Newton MA
Hi, I see two townhouses listed for sale(2237/2269) in Commonwealth Avenue in Newton. There is a small service road that is between these condo'sand commonwealth avenue. ( This complex is about…
Why are so many places for sale? do you know billyland.com and is it a scam?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3113565720--California-Pines-U1-B27-L30-Alturas-CA-96101
Mother of 4 children without a high enough credit score I can't currently get a mortgage as a first time home buyer. PLEASE ANYONE that could lead me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated!!
How common is it for a Buyer’s Agent to offer half of his own commission as a rebate to clients? Since his commission is 3%, that means I’ll get
1.5% How common is it for a Buyer’s Agent to offer half of his own commission as a rebate to clients? Since his commission is 3%, that means I’ll get 1.5% back to me after the sale goes…
Real Estate investor in San Diego County looking to connect with agents who specialize in destressed homes. REO's short sales fixers ect.
I'm looking to develop an ongoing relationship with agents who specialize in distressed homes all over San Diego county.
What is the difference between a planned development townhouse community ownership and a Condominium ownership?
Also I'm looking a some townhouses and some say single family attached townhome and other listed as townhouse/condo?
What organizations are there to help abused women get motgages for homes?
My husband of 20 years has found a "new sweetie." I am 60, and somewhat handicapped. Have never worked. I will have a lump sum as part of the settlement, but realtors don't seem to want…
This property listing & sale history..8975 dexter gables
Can some one provide the history of listings and history of sale prices for this property ? 8975 dexter gables
iam already in pha and i would like to live here .for my .home .always iam looking aloan and .savin
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3109449787-1621-S-31st-St-Philadelphia-PA-19145
Can/should agent advise interested client if another offer comes in on a property? Is this considered ethical issue by the industry?
I am very interested in a property currently listed as active. I live in CA. and can't get out to TX to view the property until 5/18. The property has been on the market for several years now…
Pre Closing Homeowner's Insurance Switch?
We were required to prepurchase one year of homeowner's insurance before closing and did so. We have three weeks to closing. The policy is not in effect yet, and we got a better quote. The lender already…
I'm considering buying a new build townhome in the RB area, and am wondering what the impact of working with a Buyers Agent.
How much negotiation room on price/upgrade prices do people think there is currently in the RB market? Does working with an agent help/hurt in this regard,i.e. negotiation for reductions. Looking at…
First time Home buyer.
I am looking for a 2bd/2ba house precisely in these areas: Hamilton Park, JC & Hoboken, NJ. I am earning around $120K annually. I have decent credit score of 690 but I have couple of credit card collection…
Can someone tell me a little about the Summerhouse at the Lakes community?
I am interested in teh quality of life, schools, neighbors and taxes to include HOA.
What is the market like right now in the East Providence-Riverside area?
I see some short sales, but I am curious if the buying process is competitive. Are there bidding wars and is it difficult to purchase a home with an FHA loan?
what documents need to be in place for a seller financed mortgage?
what document are necessary fro a seller financed mortgage on a residential property in PA?
Please: Looking for rental house (1-2 yr lease) for married couple (no kids/no pets/not smokers) within 25 mile radius of International Falls?
We are a stable older married couple who will need a rental home (preferably) with 1-2 yr lease. We just don't want to live anywhere near a railroad or pulpmill effects since we've done this for the past…
aprox how much of a down payment is needed or would be recommended?
My wife and i have credit in the uper 600s and lower 700s and are looking to purchase a house/condo between 75-125 in about a year or two.
About a week ago I sent you a question and so far, I've received 4 email messages from you but none of them answered the question. ETA?
We are looking at motor homes in Calistoga, CA. Can anyone tell me what the space rental fee is for that area? We are looking at the 55 variety.
We would like to buy a single wide mobile home from another person and finance the loan through FHA.
The home sits on 2 acres of land. It was built in 1996/7. We have talked with several mortgage companies and have been told they will not finance it becuase it is a single wide. We live in Texas and the…
First time buyer..Which one is the best option? Paying in cash or financing?
I see some very nice houses in the neighborhoods that I am looking to buy a house ( Union or South Orange, Maplewood, NJ ) but to my shock is that I can afford to pay in cash. Is that a good idea? I know…
What does MLS listing (T) mean?
A house was on the market and supposedly they took it off the market. Just curious what the T means.
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