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Young family relocating to miami fl
Hi my name is desi I'm 24 years old and i have 2 kids (a 3 year old boy and a 1 year old girl) we are relocating to Miami for my husbands job. What are some great areas to live in with kids. With…
I'm buying a home, and the insurance company keeps asking for a copy of my buyer's inspection. Should I provide it?
My thinking is that the buyer's inspection is neither conducted nor written in a manner that is for the purpose of assessing insurability. Am I being paranoid or is this a little shady?
We are looking to purchase a home in the Fairmount area of Fort Worth. How do we find a realtor that is familiar with the area?
We are also selling our home in S. Arlington, near Matlock. What are the first steps in selling our current home/buying our next home?
Wanna know a secret? Here's one of the best kept secrets in South Metro Atlanta - the Northgate High School District in Newnan,GA.
Top ranking schools in the Peachtree City area but located next door in Coweta County where property values hold steady & property taxes more affordable. Call me, I'm already here! http://www.cowetaschools.org/nghs/
How fast can I get a home?
My last day in my apartment is on the 31st of July, 2012. First time home buyer. I'm looking into getting a house that goes for around $250K give or take $10K. Credit rating is excellent. DP of around…
There are rating discrepancy between Trulia, greatschool.org, and Texas Education Agency. Which one is more accurate?
There are rating discrepancy between Trulia, greatschool.org, and Texas Education Agency. Which one is more accurate? For example, I known and have heard from many people that Plano East Senior HS is…
Nervous about underwriting and NSP home
Two things I am nervous about, one being that on my credit report my student loan balance is not accurate, it is showing at a whoping $230K. Will this cause my application to get rejected? Also I am paying…
Probate Sale with no court confirmation?
I saw this in an ad. What does this mean? Is it possible to purchase for less than listed or is a probate property price set? It is about $150K more than I want to spend but I am willing to go up half…
Update on my apprasial issue. The bank had "lost" the counter offer ...
now that it is "found" all seems to be ok. The counter made up the $12K difference between the appraisal & the purchase price. My agent stepped in & got things happening this morning. I don't know all…
I'm putting in an offer on a condo that’s a short sale.
I’m putting in an offer on a condo that’s a short sale. There’s a lien for the homeowner’s association dues. Will this be wiped out or am I responsible for paying it if I…
What happens when the appraisal comes back less than the purchase price?
Will my loan not go through? It is $12K off. Thanks in advance for the replies!
Buying a foreclosure property as owner occupant versus investor.
I'm seeing that bank will entertain owner/occupant offers 1st and after 14 days, they will consider other offers. If I submit the offer as an owner occupant (even though I'm not looking to move…
Getting pre-qualified
I did not get pre-qualified from chase but i can easily afford the mortgage of some of these homes and have a nice down payment what are some of my other options?
I want to buy a house in Katy as an investment. Which has better ROI a new house in Cinco Ranch or an older house in other area below I10?
I would like to buy a House in Katy but my budget is 125K. I won´t live in that house, it is just for investment and rent it. Which kind of house will have more return for my money, a new house (2005…
Looking for a home to buy in the areas of Naperville, IL or Bolingbrook, IL with a budget of about $350K.
Would prefer foreclosures, but resale would also work. At least 2700 sq ft.
Need a plumber experienced with old houses.
Water is leaking at the inlet pipe coming up thru the basement floor. My understanding is that the city needs to be involved in the fix. So far not been able to reach the city water dept to get an estimate…
What do you know about the Cordova Bend Subdivision, developed by Diamond Properties?
We are considering buying a lot there for a retirement home. But there aren't many homes built there yet. Is this a safe investment?
How did Rossiter Elementary School in Helena, MT get its name?
I have friends named Rossiter in Savannah, GA and would like to tell them how it got its name. Thanks
I'm currently looking to buy a home in Brooklyn NY, Any area recommendation?
I'm looking to work with an honestly and professional real estate in Brooklyn.
Can you give me any details about the home on 868 Bellville Blvd ? The zip code is 341014,
Also we may be interested in thee home at 18343 Fairmont Dr. Why has it been on the market for a year?
Home near great Elementary School with excellent pre-k program in Clinton/Brandywine, MD area???
My husband and I have been trying to find a new home in the Clinton/Brandywine area that's near a great Elementary School that has an excellent head start or pre-k program. Someone please help...
What are my options? The Fannie Mae chosen Escrow is killing us with fees. The new number is that we're going to be $1300 over our estimate.
We are buying a home that was foreclosed on and is now owned by Fannie Mae. We negotiated so that FM would pay our closing costs up to $7500. We are putting 20% down and I don't figure that 20%…
I'm looking for a property in Johnstown PA and I need some advice from a local!!
What areas are nice to live in and what areas should I avoid? I know Westmont and Richland are very nice but they're also a little out of my price range. Also what is the difference in the 'wards?'…
What is mobile home trend in Milpitas/San Jose?
Is buying procedure same as real property? If I buy a mobile home, do I pay property tax or rental for land? I heard that mobile home is different with other types, I'm not sure how to approach purchase…
Coming to Ft Myers in August, looking to buy a house, but really not sure what areas are safe.
I like Naples, Bonita Springs, can anyone give me someone information about the different areas. I would be moving there to retire, so I want a safe area.
Home listed at 300K, my offer 286K, seller turned it down and didn't counter.
House needs updating, highest listing in community, on market 5 months with no other interest. I'm thinking he doesn't really want to sell...any comments?
Purchase price of foreclosure home, 1120 Terrell ave, ft.worth Tx.
Need lots of work, but dom't want to buy out of range of buying price. Thanks
Looking to purchase an FHA Approved Condo in queens, any advice on how to find actual listings as opposed to co-ops inaccurately listed as condos?
Looking for: 2br Condos under 300,000 Avoiding Jamaica, Ridgewood, Howard beach, Corona and any sketchy neighborhoods
Are there any properties in the Middleville, MI area that would consider a land contract. or a rent to own. Yvonne
Went through a foreclosure with BOA. In the process of cleaning up our credit. We are employed. Have monies to put as a down payment Can you help?
Will I qualify for a home with a credit score of 586?
My gross annual income is $73,000. My monthly obligations are $850. I have $5000 to put down. Would I qualify for a home an if so what would be the ball park figure house I could afford? We are also a…
Short sale: What is a "net number"
Hello, The bank rejected our offer and said the "net number they will accept is..." It might be obvious, sorry if this is a silly question. I googled and ended up more confused. Can anyone help?…
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