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how cani find insurance amounts and tax amounts for a coop?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3106908752-2719-E-28th-St-6D-Brooklyn-NY-11235
HELP! Appraised value is too low! What are my options?
We are in the process of closing escrow when the appraisal report came in. The report states that the home value is lower than our offer price. It is a difference of $65,000 which we can't make…
I have a home in Jasper In. That I rent out to my daughter for the past couple of years. I live in Ky now. Me and my husband want to buy 26 acres and
With a new 3 bdrm 2bath home. Iam wanting to use the equity in my home to put all my bills in one which is $54000, house appraised at $77000. To get my debt ratio in order, then I want to borrow…
What do you think about house on corner lot. Is it good or bad? Will it be difficult to resale?
I personally don't like corner lot. The house is in quiet area, low traffic. But i'm concerned about safety issue. There're more chances it would be break into?
House prices/sq ft in cinco and seven meadows
Hi...I'm curious if there is a way to find house price for houses in cinco and seven meadows. I'm interested in trendmaker and highland homes in the master planned communities but not sure how the pricing…
Is anyone seeing more "Pocket" listings these days, it appears that the new signage is "Coming Soon" then the next day it's shows under contract.....?
The reason I ask is that it seems very prevalent here in my area of Texas and especially with Keller Williams.....
How do I contact a real person to purchase a rental?
I am interested in renting the property seen on your site located in Tucson, AZ, at 1919 W Calle Guadalajara. Who do I contact to progress. My email: cunninghamj91@gmail.com.
I am based in Germany and would like to build a buy to let porfolio in the San Francisco and other parts of the USA.
Any suggestion on mortgage lenders or brokers I can contact in the area. Also any suggestions on what up and coming neighbourhoods to invest in.
I like to buy an apartment 1 bed or two bed on cash .will any agent get in touch with me S@SHARMA.NAME or 416 275 8688 Thanks. s sharma
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3109187402-816-826-W-Grand-St-1C-Elizabeth-NJ-07202?lead_followup_id=975191&email=s@sharma.name&responded=0
Can a seller add "as is" to a counter offer?
We made an offer on a house, to which the seller counter offered that he wanted full asking price without the home warranty we asked for. Reluctantly, we told our realtor ok send us the papers. We get…
FHA loan after Chapter 7 BK that included a home loan (mortgage)
I am aware that the waiting period after BK that included a mortgage is 3 years before qualifying for a FHA loan . But after much research, it's my understanding that it's up to the lender whether they…
Weird short sale hick up
I had a weird hick-up in short sale. My offer was accepted by the seller 2 months ago. After getting the first trustee sale date postponed and being done with the BPO, the bank decided to proceed with…
can you get approved for a home loan with a credit score in the mid high 500's. im coming back from a bad relationship
I have the income. My ex just left me with bills that dropped my score. They will be paid by July but I want to buy a house. I need a lender who wont focus so much on my score.
Does a new home builder have to sell you a home?
We are an all cash buyer, so financing is not an issue. The builder insists we get pre qualified. We showed him the available funds to pay cash. Since they have more buyers than current homes, a list…
how long as this property been on the market?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3074140040-101-E-Main-St-Campbellsport-WI-53010
I need a realtor
I am looking to purchase a two bedroom condo in the NoVA area. I am looking to spend around 185,000-200,000. I currently live in Arlington (love it), however I am willing to look in surround areas of…
Re: the foreclosure buying question.
I recently talked with a realtor in the Paso area and mentioned a home I was possibly interested in. But, the minute I mentioned I noticed it was a foreclosure she made a very verbal downturn to her voice.…
CoxMill elementary - Concord NC - Buy a new home - Christenbury / Winding Walk / Skybrook North - How much i can negotiate?
As am new to buying a new home, i am interested in Christenbury but their base price is way expensive and more than my budget. But I would like to understand in general about -how to negotiate? how to…
Non US resident interested in purchasing a house in South Floriday (Maimi, Ft. Lauderdale or nearby).
I am not a US resident, but visit quite often on a visitor's visa. Is it possible for me to get a loan in the US to purchase a house? What are my options?
I am not a Realtor in Terryville, CT -- I am a Prudential CT Realtor in BRISTOL, CT.
Please correct the above mistake. Thank you, Mary Flo Cleaver
I am not a Realtor in Terryville, CT -- I am a Prudential CT Realtor in BRISTOL, CT.
Please correct the above mistake. Thank you, Mary Flo Cleaver
How to I rent to own??
Looking for a rent-to-own home in concord, NC. How does this process work? Do I need to find a realtor?
Hello everyone, just wanted to thank all you that had kindly answered all my questions I had made. You all are so sweet and professional...
Now down to my question, I recently ask Realtors on home buying in Houston about REO/foreclosed properties with my cash budget $40,000 and they technically told me NOT to dream about finding a home in…
Military Family moving to Albany GA
We are a military family looking at buying a Home in Albany or Leesburg area, we need best schools and safest place for our two school age sons. Can somebody give us some information about life in Leesburg/Albany…
How do I isolate the homes with a lake view from the others.?
Right now I am only interested in properties with a short distance from a boat ramp and with a lake view preferred. Is there some way of wording this on some site that will show me only these locations?
Are appraisers required to answer questions directed to them by the buyer of a home.?
The house we were purchasing was apprasied for about 30% less than any house in the neighbor hood has ever sold for. We had several questions concering the comps used and called as well as visited the…
I am looking for a investment condo/loft/studio in the city .
I will be financially comfortable if I buy it end of year hence I am thinking I should go for new const where I have to pay builder 3% now and the balance 6 months down the road when the structure is…
How much land goes with this property?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/1086563432-1225-SE-260th-Rd-Clinton-MO-64735
Help me understand the whole credit when asking for a mortgage loan? Seen & heard different numbers. Bank won't give specifics.
Once house sells, I will be looking to buy soon. Credit isn't ideal, but alot of debt will be taken care of, leaving high income to debt ratio. Just looking for agent or anyone who can steer me in the…
What homes and builders do you think are better and why? This is for the new homes - Pulte homes or Celadon in San Jose
Which homes should my client buy? They cannot decide between these two developments in San Jose. Pulte or Celadon?
we,re retired could this be a rental agreement?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3104182526-218-Oak-St-Bath-ME-04530
how far is cedar lake from gary indiana?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/1096286101-7510-W-134th-Ct-Cedar-Lake-IN-46303
What are the HOA's for Mission Hills CC? Are there other fees for this property?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3115967504-34918-Mission-Hills-Dr-Rancho-Mirage-CA-92270
We were told by another agent that the house had some structural issues to stay away from. Really interested in the layout, area, pool garage.
Living in MO and moving to Florida area end of this month of May. -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3116430651-5090-Florida-Palm-Ave-Cocoa-FL-32927
Do underwriters look at the cause at the change in credit score and take that into consideration before closing?
My husband and I are self employed and about to close on a short sale that has taken seven months. My husbands score changed from a 780 to a 740 due to a high balance on his credit card. This card is…
I am a first time homebuyer trying to buy a short sale that is scheduled for a trustee sale. It has been several months of back & forth until
finally receiving approval from the bank on 3/17/11, with a close date of 4/4/11. This date was fine with me (18 days), but my realtor insisted that there was no way to get this done by then and we would…
Can I legally sell a home that I have a forbearance contract with?
I own a home in California and am currently on a forbearance agreement. I am paying an extra $1000 every month and will be current in August. We've decided to sell our property and wondered if I will come…
What if I don't use all of my loan?
Say for instance, I am approved for a $200,000 mortgage but I find a home I want for $160,000. What happen to the remainder of the loan? Does the bank only give you want you need?
My boyfriend and I are looking to buy a forclosed or rent to own home. We are first time home buyers .
3 to 4 bedrooms 2 or more bathrooms and doest cost a whole lot. Needs to be in brighton school area
Lost job waiting for loan committment. 2 weeks to close.
I recently bought a house using the VA loan process, was preapproved, have the insurance, inspection, as far as I know everything is done except the underwriting/ loan commitment? I close in 2 weeks. I…
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