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I need to find a residential leasing agent to represent me in negotiations in finding an apartment for rent or rent to own home.
Recently, I was released from prison after serving 17 years for drug distribution. I am being refused housing because I've been employed only 2 months or because of my incarceration. Any assistance…
owner will carry a good idea for buyer
does this involve credit check and how safe is it?
We're interested in a home here on Trulia that is listed as Notice of default but is not listed for sale.
The estimated remaining loan balance is probably BELOW fair market value (would be affordable for us to buy). How does this work? We haven't had any luck with short sales, so don't want to wait until…
Can you readjust the real estate taxes after you buy to a much lower tag price, ? Thank you
the home is ion the santa cruz area, the land is over assessed by 10, my experience in the passes was the new sell price is the new assessment, please help if you can
New Home Construction
In the process of purchasing a new construction home(Beazer) in the Spring Meadows community. Seems like a pretty quite area. Any advice or insight?
I recently place an offer on short sale approved property (the prior buyer fail through escrow). Soon my realtor told me my offer has got accepted
and I notice the on line listing updated pending. It has been a week, I have not received any confirmation, counter offer, or addendum to sign. How is this sale pending without even opening escrow?…
Is it a good time to buy a house now or should I wait on buying a house now in Moreno Valley area?
Hi I'm looking for a house in Moreno Valley, CA area now but I'm not sure if I should wait or just buy a house now I mean I don't know what to do I'm afraid after the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac mess.
Purchasing a residential lot...
About how much money can one expect to pay for adding water and sewer to a lot? Also, is there usually a lot of maintenance and troubleshooting required to keep the system running smoothly?
Raising home prices?
Why are the prices of homes, both new and resale increasing when it is evident that the market is still the same? Looking in 30152 area.
just got out of school and got job making 35k
hello. I just finished school and got a job in the field i was studying in making 35k working for the school district as a computer tech. Pay will go up to 40k after 6 months. Its a very secure job with…
Have owner finance house want to refinance. may move in 6months to year.?
I have a house that I have been owner financing for 2 and a half years. My credit score is 656 and I make 40k a year with no other dept except the house. I am wanting to refinance to get a much lower note.…
Can seller cancel contract?
The seller would need extra time to move out but the short sale lender would not give any extension. I don't want to close if the seller doesn't move out at COE. The dual agent said they have the right…
How Can I get financing on a nowarrantable condo?
I would like to buy a condominiunin Okemos MI but this property falls into category of a non warrantable and I'm trying to get financing. Which is the best way to go about
I am a fist time buyer and i want to know what it is going to take to buy a home, nothing fancy in fact something cheap is what i am looking at.
We are currently looking at a place by the port of Stockton but really dont have any idea what steps we need to take to buy a house
I'd like to buy an old carriage house/small warehouse or a similar space and convert it into a loft. Any ideas how I could go about finding it?
I'm also interested in how this typically works: could I get a mortgage or is it usually all cash; are their some brokers who specialize in this, websites? Primarily interested in Park Slope/Prospect…
Can I still get an inspection if I already bid on a HUD home?
I know traditionally you get the inspection after your offer is accepted, but now I see on HUD's Web site it clearly says to get the inspection BEFORE you make an offer. I'm having a hard time…
I would like to know if this area of Boynton ,boynton cove is a good area.
This property came on the market recently5689 Boynton Cove Way Boynton Beach, Florida 33437 Palm Beach County REO ID: A120QLG MLS ID: R3282680 I need to know a little about the area. we are investing…
Relocating to Boca w/kids. Need community w/ NO expensive HOA/ Equity fees and homes up to $400K range. What communities would you recommend?
Moving by 8/1. Kids in elementary and high school. Need at LEAST 4 BR 2500 sf prefer pool. Will consider nearby cities with easy commute to Boca for work and good school districts.
My boyfriend and I were about to take the plunge and buy a house together but
we recently discovered that Nevada is a community property state and he is not fully divorced yet. We are not even sure if she will give him a divorce. Regardless, we were told by the lender that she must…
Is there a reason for lot of foreclosures in Nash Lee estates S/D, Lilburn,GA.?
I was planning to buy a home in NAsh Lee estates S/D, Lilburn GA. When I saw the previous home sales, there looks to be a lot of foreclosures in the subdivision. This is a recent subdivision, developed…
Would it be difficult for me to purchase a home as afirstime homebuyer?
Im looking for a 3 bedroom home, one floor, 2 baths, big kitchen, and in the price range of 79,000.
Short term living- better to rent or buy?
If I am planning on leaving the bay-area in the next five years, does it make sense to buy or should I just rent? A friend also mentioned the idea of buying now and renting it out once I leave. I don't…
corner lot in residential subdivision
Is a corner lot on a quiet street in a subdivision more or less valuable than a regular lot, given the same buildable area and same size lot?
We have been looking into purchasing a split level single family home in edgewater park, nj 3 bedroom with 2
baths-my question is how much is appropriate to offer on a house in decent condition listed at $235,000? we can only really afford about 200,000-210,000.
When are you obligated to a real estate agent as a buyer? I have been shown a house I am interested in placing a bid on by an agent who is NOT the
sellers agent. I have NOT signed anything at all...do I owe this person anything if I was to buy this house. Additionally, what happens after the contract with a sellers agent runs out? Is there a…
suggestions please!!! Want to cancel contract because of frustrating agent
buyer and seller both signed the contract. agent not sending the contract for attorney review. agent not responding my emails, agent not picking up my phone calls, agent not responding back my phone calls.,…
Do you know how much fun you can have contacting a buyers agent and searching for a great house?
Beats getting poked in the eye with a sharp stick. Many programs available to help first time buyers.
Looking for a Buyers Broker in the 97601 (Kalmath Falls) area who is familiar with VA loans.
Sorry I didn't specify the area in my earlier question. Thank you, Regina
any rural property for sale by owner in shirley 3-5 acres preferrably with elec, & well or water?
Looking for property around shirley or eglantine area.. 3-5 acres.. Low down payment or trade Mobile and lot in FFB for down payment. 884-3913.
any property for sale by owner?
looking for 3-5 acres around the eglantine area. Would like to have utilities on property and would like to build. Have a mobile in FFB with lot would use for down paymetn. 884-3913
Hello Trulia Community, I'm looking for a buyers broker who has done and is familiar with VA loans.
My husband and I would like to come up to Oregon to start looking for properties on the first week of July. Thank you, Regina
What to do if the agent doesn't want to accept my offer.?
I made an offer (in writing) yesterday for the house and left agent a message to let me know if my offer was accepted. I also specified in the message that if it's not accepted I am open to further negotiations.…
How much (appx) are closing costs for a co-op price of $162,000.?
My lender has given me a good faith estimate but it seems to be more in line with a condo or house rather than co-op in Queens.
Realtor Questions- want to sell home in Oxford and buy in Loganville.
I have a home in Oxford, GA that I would like to sell so we can move to the Loganville area, and in general a larger home. I am concerned that I will not be able to sell my house for enough to cover relator…
Am I legally bind with my buying agent? and ethical issues problem
I have an agent, never sign agency agreement. But he does not fulfill my needs and does not protect my interest as buyer. He seems to care about getting the deal done so he can get is commission. I…
If the house I am considering in the Goldsmith area is more expensive than the areas general stats, what should consider before purchasing?.
Although the home is on a very nice block, I am concerned that the home is significantly more expensive than other homes in this general area. How can I get an accurate picturre of the homes worth and…
How much more costs is there to hire a property manager to take care of a single than a condo?
I am a foreign investor and have difficulty choosing a property. I know it is more costly and difficult to maintain a single house than a condo, especially for a remote owner. But I feel more good singles…
What is the name of the list of costs associated with a home purchase in Miami? What would be the initial outlay on a $40,000.00 condo?
I came across the name of such a list which, I believe, could provided by the Real Estate Agent, but I haven't been able to locate it again.
Good Faith Deposits.
I am a Canadian who will be traveling to Fort Lauderdale in a couple of weeks to look at vacation condos. If I want to make an offer on a place while there, how do I handle the good faith deposit? I don't…
What secondary inspections are essential?
We're having a general inspection next week. We're also contemplating specialized inspections for chimney, sewer and possibly pool. Are these inspections necessary or is this overdoing it?
I need to information for $14100 at Hickory New Smyrna FL
I like to know about a house for $14100 in Hickory New Smyrna
Buying a home from a relative....
If I want to buy my sister-in-laws house, is there any type of regulation in Texas that requires a 25% down payment due to her being a person of interest?
Looking to buy my dream home :)
I am done of hopping and compromising living in JC currently want to move to either North Edison or surrounding area. I am looking for tranquility, aka low to zero maintenance house with 4 bedrooms, a…
Investing in condo vs buing first house
We are a young family thinking about buing a 1 bedroom apartment in Myrtle Beach. We have $50-60K in cash, but we would like to use some of it as a downpayment and finance the rest because we plan to buy…
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