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Can someone give me any descriptions of the theft/neighbor problems and disturbing peace near 395 Wheatfield St, North Tonawanda NY?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3038704519-395-Wheatfield-St-North-Tonawanda-NY-14120
Our family is moving to Park City area this summer - just starting our search.
Hello all! My wife and 3 year old daughter and myself are looking for a home in the greater Park City area. My wife will be commuting daily to SLC, and I will be telecommuting. Excellent internet access…
is this home location is good to live, any type of crime near by this area?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3099765011-2850-Highpoint-Rd-Snellville-GA-30078
is there ever a situation when a lender that has posession of a foreclosed property to rent the property?
we would be doing a move from another city & have a house there to sell -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3102922241-759-Ellsworth-Dr-Trotwood-OH-45426?eca…
difference in price between 94087 and cupertino
what is the typical price difference between 94087 feeding into fremont high compared to cupertino / monta vista.
I am looking at a house on Ventnor Ave and was wondering if that area is prone to flooding. The house is at 8003 block on ventnor ave. 7 blocks from
margate. Is this area known for flooding? I am also looking at a house on oxford ave in ventnor heights. Which area would be better? Thanks.
Thoughts on 37 Degrees North (Sunnyvale)?
Thinking of buying a 3BR townhouse in 37 Degrees North in Sunnyvale. Any advice about this property?
How does 1031 exchange affect buyer?
I want to purchase a property whose seller wants buyer to "coop in 1031 exchange". I understand the tax advantages of 1031 for the seller but not sure how it affect the buyer. Does this mean…
Can a 1031 exchange really work?
Considering purchase of rental property or second home in NC or MD beach vacation area. Can't afford beach front - walk to beach is best I can do. Will beach properties remain a strong investment when…
What is a state documentary stamp tax?
And does the seller have to pay that ? Also what would be the normal estimate cost of that in the state of florida?
Are there any homes in Bellwood, PA. for 40,000 or less?
Are there any homes for sale in Bellwood, PA. for 40,000 or less?
I heard there are issues with the water in Royal Beach...can anyone give me some detail on the issue .?
and how do I find out if the water for 5120 Royal Palm Beach Boulevard, Royal Palm Beach is affected.
Does any one know of three good contractors in the Destin Fl. area?
It is going to be a total remodel of a 1980's condo 3800sf
Looking for a rent to own house
I'm 22 years old and my boyfriend and I are looking for a rent to own house in sicklerville nj help!!!! Gotta be out by march
What is the area of 28 Cranbrook Rd, Tonawanda NY like?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3103683850-28-Cranbrook-Rd-Tonawanda-NY-14150
Is anyone familiar with the condos in Fairwood in Bowie, MD (12800 Libertys Delight Dr). What is a fair price?
to purchase one of those condos? Also, what website can I go to to search for programs for first time home buyers in maryland.
What is the area of 50 Floradale Ave, Tonawanda NY like?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3087957290-50-Floradale-Ave-Tonawanda-NY-14150
How much to remodel a 3800 sf condo in destin fl?
Built in 1986 a lot of mirrors need removed and a kitchen and a master bath redo
Trying to find a NACA approved realtor.
I was just qualified through naca and will be attending the purchase workshop on Thursday. The program requires me to use a naca approved realtor and I am trying to get ahead and find a realtor prior…
How much should I offer for a local bank owned property listed at $175? Also my buyer's agent has this
listing. Should I feel ok about his performing duel agency? Buffie
Roll closing costs into a conventional loan
im planing to purchase a short sale but im not sure if I can Roll closing costs into a conventional loan
Frisco, Allen, Lovejoy, or McKinney???
Need school input! We are moving to Dallas area in a few months. We have 600k to spend on a house. Our decision on where to land will be completely driven by schools. Of primary concern, what will be…
do you have to pay space rent on this property or is it land ownership?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3090659313-38-Hancock-Dr-Roseville-CA-95678?ecampaign=con_day_propertycomp_bk&eurl=www.trulia.com/property/3090659313-…
I was wondering does grant deed mean property pays off; have no lien to the property and the owner has the right to transfer the title?
Also, for quitclaim deed does it mean that the owner still has mortgage to pay but has the right to add and remove the person from the deed? Can anyone please help me answer these questions?
Mortgage company too small to purchase a home?
I have found a foreclosed home that I made an offer very close to asking price. However, my real estate agent said that the seller (bank) does not want to take my offer because my mortgage company is not…
My husband and I offered 111,500 on a house that is listed for 103,000. It was built in 2006, two story, HUD home.
It has Brazilian hard wood floors, three bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths. It is also 1800 sq ft, located in a gated community in the hills of Northern CA. We will find out on Monday if our offer was accepted or…
Where do you think I get the best return on investment balanced with high growth potential for $200k cash?
property. Planning a real estate investment road trip out west in October. I need to make my short list.
I am buying 5 acres with cash from the land owner and would like to know what steps I need to take to do this - is it cash for deed? Any specifics?
We are conducting this transaction without realtors or representatives - I just want to be prepared and know what documents and/or guarantees the seller should provide. It is unimproved land without utilities.…
What advice can you offer first time home buyers when starting our search?
My fiance and I are looking to purchase a home in early part of 2013, and are both first time home buyers. Are there any great resources out there that would help with us estimating property taxes on a…
Paying cash for a Atlanta, GA home.
I am currently interested in Atlanta, GA real estate. I've noticed a lot of homes that are listed for $35,000 and less that I'm considering investing in. If I were to pay cash for a home that…
Farmingdale Rd is next to a river - does anyone know if the houses get water?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3038973368-50-Farmingdale-Rd-Wayne-NJ-07470
hello! we need to find a property manager/realtor to find us good income producing units in Gillespie Park area. 2-4 units for $30K/unit. Thanks!
We live in San Diego (grew up here in Sarasota). Habla espanol. Looking for steady rental income with potential for appreciation in value. Thanks!
If I CAN add the purchase of a major appliance to a rehab loan, should I add the purchase of a fridge and w/d to the loan?
Does it make good financial sense? Instead of accruing interest on a credit card? Spread it out over the mortgage? (1st time homebuyer, sing fam house newark nj)
Can we submit new offer on REO property if it remains on the market in the next few weeks/months? Is there a waiting period between our offers?
We recently submitted an offer on an REO property. It's been for sale almost a year, and has come down about $30k from the original list price in Dec. '11. We love the property, but it was at the high…
409 Waco St, Conroe, TX77301 List Price: $775 What does this list price mean?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3088636654-1600-Old-Oak-Hill-St-Conroe-TX-77301
Are there any first time home buyer incentives? I am 22 and looking to invest in a cheaper home rather than rent.
I was looking into buying a house and rent out a room or two to one of my friends. I have good credit and a cosigner if need be. I am interested in a house in the lockport area and the price point would…
want to buy/rent a home not apartment
i have no credit and neither does my boyfriend who i would be living with, no one to cosign for us. how do i go about finding something?
How many rentals are in Los Angeles?
It looks like there's about 2,600 on this site but it seems like there should be a lot more but it's impossible to tell with Craigslist so I was wondering how many rentals are in LA and maybe how many…
Is it legal for a listing agent to with hold offers from another agent's client?
I put an offer on a house on 1/3 and I was supposed to have an answer by 1/4. The contract I singed is valid for 24 hrs. The listing agent withheld my offer until he presents his seller with multiple offers.…
I am currently renting. How many months before my lease is up should I start looking for homes?
Also, when purchasing a home, is it possible to write into the contract a certain month you would like to take possession to avoid paying rent and mortgage in the same month?
Im looking for a one month rental in Hollywood FL. Condo or apartment.
I am looking for a one month rental in Hollywood. condo or apartment. Please contact.
Property owners who live on Kiawah Island
What is the percentage of Kiawah Island owners who actually live there as opposed to rent out their properties?
does the price of 550000 include the rental homes on the property at 4204 Gillsville Highway Gillsville Ga?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3098699538-4204-Gillsville-Hwy-Gillsville-GA-30543
Are any of these condos on Holmes Beach allowing 2 large dogs?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3099433892-3000-Gulf-Dr-3-Holmes-Beach-FL-34217?ecampaign=con_day_propertycomp_bk
I have encountered an issue where a builder is unwilling to accept the standard contract Time Reference Date for inspections.
We made an offer and they want to write their own language because we asked for 4 options in the offer (sprinkler, 1 electrical outlet, garage door upgrade & fence). Their reasoning is the fear that I…
What listing service is better for a new agent? FMLS or GAMLS?
Trying to find out the fee structure for each, but having difficulty. Would like a comparison between the two. Happy to do the research, but would appreciate the right direction to look into. Happy New…
FHA Loan 521 middle score, 20% down. Good employment history
I have a 521 middle score, 20% down and I am only looking to buy a house for 40-50k. I have been with the same employer for 8 years and I make good money. My DTI ratio is 14%. Is there any programs out…
What percent of agreed upon commission for sale of property should be paid for a lease purchase?
Agreed to pay 5% commission on sale of property. may receive lease purchase for 6 month to year. Broker wants half. What is common? What provisions should be in place for buyer backing out of deal before…
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