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need home on some land like 1 - 2 ac
would like to fine a home with some acres
Looking for a qualified Real Estate Agent in Kendall Florida.
My wife and I would love to buy a townhouse or a house. We currently rent a place in Kendall for $920 and figure if we can buy instead of rent for a little bit more this would be a great time to…
When a listing is wrong 534 Bellevue Ave Lake Orion (listed as double the size) and have contacted the listing agent and not fixed.?
Current listing of 530 Bellevue has over double the size that is actually there! held accountable??It also has a second listed bedroom that does not pass egress requirements. Are realitors
Regarding short sales: Do you typically get an inspection done on a house BEFORE you put in an offer? Or,
Is it most common to put in an offer contingent on an inspection? Thank you so much.
Buying a home with an FHA loan and poor credit. HELP!
Hello my partner and I are interested in buying a home. We both have poor credit but have been working hard to fix our scores (Hers: 575; Mine: 566). Her mother recently purchased a home with an FHA loan…
Short sale and my right
I am a buyer. I am very frustrated with the seller agent. I received the contract with the seller signed on July 2012 for short sale,but I haven’t heard from him since then. My agent and I contact…
what is the time these hoa fee are for?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3090717556-7121-Dubonnet-Dr-Boca-Raton-FL-33433
what is the hoa fee per month on this property?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3092966112-6636-NW-23rd-Ter-Boca-Raton-FL-33496
distance from downtown everett. how far off clearridge road. is there a basement. does dishwasher, stove and fridge include in price?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3096288560-493-Calhoun-Rd-Everett-PA-15537
VA Interest Rate Reduction program - any lenders that actually WANT to do this?
I have two parts to my question. Thanks for any advice. 1.) Am 12 years into a 30 VA home loan- 75K at 8.5%. I now owe 60K on the loan- house is worth about 95K. I know there is a VA interest rate…
VillageWalk vs Laureate Park and Townhouse vs Single Family Home
Hi, I am an overseas investor looking to invest in a property in the Lake Nona area. My intention is to let the property out on long term rental so I can have some cash flow coming from the property and…
How much does it legally cost to convert a single family home to a 2-family home in 11103?
Hi, We recently saw a single family one in zip 11103 (zone 5) that has great bones but is pretty much a gut inside. I really like the house but my husband didn’t want to do all that work since…
What is the crime rate in Spartanburg ? What can be expected?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3071103182-659-661-665-667-Ravenel-St-Spartanburg-SC-29302
Is this house still on the Market??
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3034981258-5142-Castor-Ave-Philadelphia-PA-19124
Poor credit scores!
We would be first time homebuyers how can we get a loan approved? We have been trying to buy a house! Is there anything we can do to get an approval with low rates and a low down payment!! We have poor…
Wondering about the noise from the Boonville Airport in Estate Drive neighborhood which is less than 1/2 a mile from the airport. Thank you.
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3082196995-13400-Estate-Dr-Boonville-CA-95415?ecampaign=con_rlt_post_lead_agent_sale_fr&eurl=www.trulia.com%2Fproperty…
Info on 171 Swanton street, "the villages".
We are first time home buyers looking for homes in winchester. Came across few townhomes in "The Villages". Was surprised by the condo fee..$450 pm. Is that normal in winchester area? It is worth ? considering…
I, like many, am concerned about buying a KB Home in Petaluma, CA.
I have read nothing but negative reviews about KB Homes. From Warranty issues, to build out discrepencies, water damage, sagging roofs, ect. How do I protect myself from absorbing the costs to repair things…
I'm looking to relocate to either georgia or sc. - owner finacing
we will be visiting Georgia and SC soon to look at homes. we want a larger home w some acreage. pool a plus ... we want a few or more acres BUT will settle for an acre if its the right home... i just want…
I'd like to find the homeowner of a propert address
This address says it is a foreclosure with no other info -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/1076518136-Single-Family-Home-Monroe-MI-48162
What options are there for a buyer when the seller tries to file for bankruptcy to stop the selling of a house?
In our situation, the house was in short sale. We are a little over a week from closing... Purchase contract is in place and signed by all parties (seller, buyer, and banks), earnest money has cleared,…
What are new construction costs in Stafford?
I'm getting a little frustrated with all these 1980's split-level style homes I am seeing and am considering building. Would greatly appreciate if someone could tell me the average cost per square foot…
How much does insurance cost for a mobile home,in panam a city beach and average electric for a 1200 sq. ft. mobile home.
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3097918851-1623-Acre-Cir-Panama-City-Beach-FL-32407?ecampaign=con_rlt_post_lead_agent_sale_fr&eurl=www.trulia.com%2Fpr…
The mortage is in my name, but fiance paid the mortage payments for 3 years. We seperated 9 months ago, I moved out.
Agreed he would pay mortage still since he would live there (renting) He hasn't paid for the last 6 months. I want him out and i will move back in. Is he entitled to anything since he paid mortage for…
HUD Home bid help
I was hoping to get some advice on a HUD home that I would like to place a bid on. According to my realtor, the listing price is the FHA appraisal which is $5K higher than tax value. When my realtor did…
Why would an offer of $106,000 be choosen over an offer of $125,000?
My husband and I put in an offer of $125,000 on a CalVet Repo. The house has posted as sold for $106,000.
Could somebody provide me with a CMA for 2633 Farmers Branch Lane, Dallas, TX? Jason Mattson jmattsonlv@yahoo.com
I am an out of state Real Estate Broker trying to assist a friend in unfamiliar territory. I will be happy to pass your help onto them. Thanks
Homes in Richardson area with zipcodes 75080 & 75081
I was looking for a home in the Richardson 75080 & 75081 zip codes with 3 beds, 2.5 baths, built 2000 or later. For the last three months or so, I did not find any home except one or two townhomes.…
Moving to Creekside from Castle Hills North
What do you know about the area where the new Lionsgate homes are. The address is 12231 Jackson Creek Dr, Dallas, TX, 75248. My wife works for the Dallas ISD, so have to be in the dallas area. I noticed…
New home construction in Richardson
I know lionsgate has a new construction division on Audelia Walnut. Does anyone know any other builder constructing new homes in the Richardson area?
Area between Coit Campbell, Campbell Waterview Parkway
How is the traffic in the North Richardson areas of Coil Campbell and Campbell Waterview Parkway? Considering to buy a home on Lake Park Way. The traffic to the university is a concern. Also the university…
Brand New home on Plano Parkway (East Plano) & 14th street
Does anyone know any brand new construction in East Plano (Plano Parkway and 14th Street) other than from GRAND homes?
Buying with FHA loan?
Because I won't have a 10% down payment and because I short sold my home two years ago, I can only qualify for an FHA loan in a year. I'm reading that many sellers (most of the sellers in my…
We are thinking about moving to CDA in the next year or less. We are wondering on where we should look for a place at. We are a newly married couple.
We are curious about the area and what it would be like for an interracial couple to raise a family there as well as the best place to do that in or near CDA. -- This question was asked from this property:…
Can I reduce the price in the last stage of inspection (BINSR signing)?
I asked for few repairs from my seller found in my inspection in BINSR doc. He said will do couple and declined many. He also said I don't see any problem when the inspection report clearly showed the…
Can someone suggest a good mortgage company in Owasso?
We live in Tulsa, but are looking to buy a home in Owasso. Any suggestions on a mortgage company in Owasso?
looking for a condo hat we could live in as transition to Chicago in a few years that would have ability for short term rental. Suggested areas?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/1062809288-5000-N-Marine-Dr-15D-Chicago-IL-60640
Is anyone out there aware of the new regulation and taxes being talked about and when, if ever it goes into effect.?
I have been hearing about a 3% transaction tax that looming on the real estate horizon and more restricting regulations for lenders. No one seems to be discussing these subjects and how they will effect…
Can someone with bad credit qualify for a mortgage? If a house is 52K, can afford down payment and mortgage could I get the mortgage?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3077681966-190-Andrews-Ave-West-Warwick-RI-02893
I encountered this property on Trulia and VERY INTERESTED in it: $247,612 South St #2, Boston MA FORECLOSURE (2 br/1 ba/728 sqft)!
Would any real estate experts kindly help me look into this property or be able to advise me what I can do to see the property? Many thanks in advance!
Looking at a Foreclosure that is listed for $760K, tax value of $1M. Bank foreclosed for $657K on $606K loan. Thought on starting offer?
This is new construction that has never been lived in even though it was completed in 2008. The bank has had it listed for 200 days. With the Foreclosure amount being $660K and the original loan being…
Freeway noise around sundrop circle
Hello - We are interested in the new community called Sundrop Circle at Milpitas. This is at the intersection of 680 and calaveras. We are concerned about the freeway noise around the community due…
Does anyone know of any home owners with *EXTRA* land here in North Andover?
I am working with a local builder who is interested in building a handful of new homes in North Andover and we have searched all of the publicly available options without finding the right parcel. Any…
Underwriter results
How long does it take until the underwriter approves my loan? My file went to underwriter 1-14-13
Can I place an offer and bid...?
Hello, I was just curious as to being able to place an offer on a Fannie Mae house and a bid on a HUD home at the same time? Is there any difference between the terms? A couple of friends have encouraged…
Are home buyers in California, Texas, and Nevada aware of KB Homes home building?
Here's a great website for reviews, comments, complaints, issues, problems, and ratings on KB Homes, http://TheKBHome.com
Firing buyer's real estate broker in the middle of the bidding process
I am in the middle of the bidding process for the apartment in Manhattan. The broker who I was recommended by some acquiescence has turned into the worst kind of used car salesman, full of misrepresentations,…
Owner financing in pompano beach-boca raton?
I m looking for homeowner financing on a single family home or condo. No country club houses. At least 250k for the house or 60 k for the apartment. do I need a realtor for that or there is a website where…
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