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Is this a mobile home or a modular home?
14037 Fawn Drive Festus, MO 63028 -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3102314462-14037-Fawn-Dr-Festus-MO-63028
I filed Chapter 7 because I was no longer able to afford my home. It was discharged in November 2011. How long does it stay in my name?
BOA apparently sold the (discharged) loan to SLS, a company that is vigorously attempting to collect the debt. I mailed them a copy of the federal ruling, but they are still pestering me. I thought that…
Does anyone know any lender that will take 5% down on a conventional loan with less than a 680 credit score?
My wife and I are looking to get a condo. Right now I have a 671 so I am really close to the 680. We really don't want to put down any more than 5%. I am not sure if I can get my score up as soon as…
thinking about rent to own
i was recently looking at houses to rent and found one that I fell in love with but it is rent to own only....i really don't know anything about buying houses or rent to own.. it's price is about $80,000…
I purchased a home about months ago. I really liked a house about two blocks away from the one I am in but
the price was about 20,000 higher than I wanted to pay. now that house has been reduced to even less than the house i am in now. is a house swap really an option? the house I am in is also a newer house
I have an apartment rental ad on postlets that is not showing up on Trulia.
Syndication tab has been checked and two other ads created and posted thru postlets BEFORE this one are showing up on Trulia. Any suggestions on what may be going on?
Do you have to sign disclosure forms from realtors on Long Island when you go to a open house?
I notice that when I go to open houses there are two forms to sign. One is a disclosure form ( to tell the potential buyer that the agent represents the seller and not all open houses have this) the other…
we are researching relocating from long island to the irmo, summerville, mount pleasant vicinity. i would like to know if there is a possibility of
swapping my home on the south shore of l.i. for something i. the areas ive mentioned. greatly appreciate your assistance in this inquiry. kathy ferragu.
Should seller use same attorney as buyer?
Selling a house in Naples - already agreed upon price, contract, etc. Attorney fees will cost $800-$900. Attorney representing buyer will do it for less than half the price. Seems like a conflict of…
more pictures and info
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3056068251-900-NE-17th-Ter-Cape-Coral-FL-33909
I would like to setup a time to see this home, and others this size, with a sizable backyard, and with nice views of the mountains.
The best time for me is anytime after 2pm on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and of course the weekends. My email is: gilparguitar@hotmail.com. My phone # is: 760-565-3365. Take care and have a great day. -- This…
how far to delta junction?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3109198344--Barley-Way-Delta-Junction-AK-99737
How long does a short sale really take?
We recently had an accepted offer on a home (August 28) and it turns out that the house is a short sale. We are waiting for the approval from the bank and our agent gave them until Sept 24 to give us an…
What can be done about a closing date not being met?
Situation: Put offer in on house and it was accepted. Original closing date was November 9th, things needed to be repaired on the home so we changed the closing date to November 16th to give lots of extra…
New Listing just posted in Alexandria (MN) Chain of Lakes area. MLS 4336694 $200,000 5-acres with additional 36.41 available to purchase.
Property includes 5-Acres (3 bed/2 bath) log sided cabin/year-round home. 10-car heated/insulated garage. Additional 36.41 acres available as well of multi-use land. Current owner renting the tillable…
How do you find out who owns a "private lake"?
We have seen many places for sale and listed as "on private lake", so where does one go to find out who owns, them. Noted on "dream home" on "sickle lake" it is "private…
70 Circuit St Halifax, MA 02338
is there a reason why 70 Circuit St Halifax, MA 02338, is assessed almost 80,000 more than the asking price? It appears the Halifax town assessed value seems incorrect
How are the schools in Castro Valley? I am looking for a house with 2000 sq ft with a maximum range of $350,000.
How would one get access to the foreclosed properties listed on Trulia? Thanks!
Has anyone worked with selling a home through HaloAmerica?? If so, Is this program a good way for someone with bad credit to buy a home?
Recently discovered and heard about HaloAmerica, just wondering if any realtors here were involved or worked with this company and what the results were? Whether they were negative or positive. It sounds…
Jumbo loans for less than 20% down?
Hi, I am looking to find financing for an NYC condo. I have high income, 795 credit, no debt but am looking to pay 11-12% down on a jumbo, is this possible?
How do the taxes and insurance run on a $150,000 home in Baldwin Co.?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/609040-148-Lakeview-Loop-Daphne-AL-36526?ecampaign=con_day_propertycomp_bk&eurl=www.trulia.com/property/609040-148-Lak…
I need info about: 1) least polluted Huston neighbourhood 2)most family friendly neighb.3) best public schools neighb. 4) best walkability in greater
well you allowed tiny space for questions,,so? To start buying (or renting) one needs to know about air, soil, water quality, crime rate, distance from major roads, presence of plants and factories,…
Are all bank owned and foreclosures homes listed on MLS and FMLS?
I have been recently window shopping online for bank owned and foreclosed properties until we are ready to seriously consider purchasing. Are all homes listed on MLS and FMLS? I was under the impression…
New Build - Buyer's Representation
I am planning to build a new home and like to engage a buyer's agent. Are there any interested buyer's agent to share the agency comission with the new home buyer?
Is the street view the same house shown as photo 2 of 3????
Looks like 2 diff/house to me. -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3102882718-Single-Family-Home-Largo-FL-33774?ecampaign=con_day_propertysearchforsale_bk&am…
Searching for house in NE Sacramento County - is it a good idea to write a letter to go along with my offers?
I've seen several articles talking about the merits of writing a letter to go along with my offers, but I've seen conflicting information as well. I'm looking in NE Sacramento County…
Purchasing home for mother close by
I'm just starting to look into purchasing a condo for my mother who is unable to afford one on her own. The property would be within 10 miles. I know Chase still offers the Family Opportunity mortgage…
Buying a house as investment to live in now (in the next 1-3 years) and for future rental, managed by an agent?
Is it feasible to buy a home in Los Altos or other reasonably good neighborhoods around Long Beach, and then when we move away to another city or state (possibly in 1.5-3 years' time), to rent it out,…
would auburn be a good place for a 65 yr old former grad to retire?
recently widowed,in houston tx looking for active life possible job but want to rent not own and protect retirement savings.how about cost of living versus quality of living.
i"m new to the Orlando city wich place is the safes one to life and closed to the DYSNY PARKS
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3104633010-4280-Nimons-St-Orlando-FL-32811?ecampaign=con_day_propertycomp_bk&eurl=www.trulia.com/property/3104633010-4…
325 sw des moines st ankeny iowa, I have been watching this house and was contacted and told it sold. I am very interested in this home..
I have looked at several homes have been working with my bank to raise my mid score to 660 what I have out there is a student loan which could be paid off with an expected inheritance or maybe a personal…
My question is is there a way to remove the real estate agent after signing the contract?
hello i am buying a new home in alabama when i am in search of house i got introduced by a real estate broker, after that my self searched a home and signed a contract ,while signing the contract i…
Are there any brokers or agents in Huntley familiar with owner finance?
Creativity and understanding of the process and actual laws are a must. Don't reply if you think the home needs to be free and clear. I'm sorry, but you don't know owner finance if you…
How do we change our original Square footage to new suare footage after addition made to our house ?
County shows final square footage say 3604 Sq. Ft But, when I tyoe on Trulia 9261 S. Greenwich Ln Anaheim CA 92804 shows only 2400 Sq ft
what is a fee simple building?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3031193926-2453-Brazilia-Dr-31-Clearwater-FL-33763?ecampaign=con_day_propertycomp_bk&eurl=www.trulia.com/property/3031…
should I wait to start the buying process until my debt is paid?
income tax return is coming and we're going to pay most of our debt to better our credit score, does it make a difference to wait to start the buying process or should I start now?
What are the association fees for condos in Berkley Square, Hamburg?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3079238082-4242-Tisbury-Ln-Hamburg-NY-14075
could you show some more house in forest park and college park Ga please.?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/1079313572-610-Syreeta-Ln-Atlanta-GA-30349
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