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is there an affodable 4 bedroom home in the country with atleast 5 acres of land in the Greenbrier, Ar area?
i am a first time home buyer. we'er lookin for a place in the country. were looking to buy horses and fourwheelers. we have two dogs, three kids, and then theres my wife and I. we need at least 4 bedrooms.…
Will appraisal appeal be successful?
Ok.. So I've posted a couple of questions pertaining to my wife I's situation--We've been in contract for months now for an apartment in Brooklyn and the initial appraisal from 6 months…
I am looking to spend no more than 150K that will appraise for 300K. Is that possible?
My husband and I are looking for a good mortgage broker. We are looking to purchase I elk grove.
The person we are dealing with right we believe she's not good At communicating and keeping us up to date. It took us a long time to get our credit up toward It needs to be and now we need to get…
Why is the name in spanish when the area is actuality located in the USA ???? Oh come ON now.
It's highly inappropriate. My ancestors have fought in every possible war we ever had and I have to look at a Mesa area, where I grew up by the way, named in SPANISH ? Who approved THAT ?
How long does a short sale take?
We are looking at a house that is in short sale with Wells Fargo and are willing to pay what they are asking but don't want to wait forever.
where to start?
I'm trying to buy a studio or 1-bedroom apartment but have limited financial options. Where and how do you start? Any help is appreciated.
I am relocating to the Houston area and I want to know what suburbs are good to live in?
I would like to know the area with good schools, not alot of crime, and a comunity where everything is close. Schools, shopping, restaurants, etc.
How do I apply for a FHA loan?
I want to get more information about FHA loans and how I can qualify. I've been to the HUD website, but It doesn't really say to much about interest, payment, or the specific qualifications. How can I…
I'm looking for a home in Hartsdale and White Plains, but I would like the Ardsley school system. What areas or towns can I search?
I heard negative things about Greenburgh schools and Woodlawn schools and it seems every house I found so far is zoned for these schools.
I am a Canadian and want to buy my a home in Florida (madeira area). Do you have any guides or information that can help a Canadian?
Question is related to the purchase process, taxes, etc. I understand it's different than Canada and want to know more what to expect.
Buying a home in Union NJ
I'm buying a house in union Nj, a scan was done for underground oil tank and nothing was found. This house was built in 1940 and started using gas in 1984, there is no records of a permit issued by the…
Any reason why there is no result on TRULIA for a listed home with active MLS?
Hello, I was looking for this search that generates no results on trulia.com; it is though listed on other sites. 116 SUNHAVEN LN, Lake Norman - Mooresville, NC 28117 MLS #: 842973 Thank you
What is the new up and coming area of Greenwood Village? What is the area that is starting to develop the?
I need advice on Greenwood Village. What is the new trendy and up and coming arae of Greenwood Village?
How good are home rentals in Highlands Ranch. We would like to rent our home (have 40% Equity in it) that we
purchased in 1998 and move to Greenwood Village. Also are Greenwood village property values stable ?
Does asking to have closing costs included increase the total price of the home?
For instance, we are pre-approved for $65K. If closing costs are $2K - would the total cost be $67 if we offer $65K?
Listing agent contacted the appraiser to get appraised value
Is it ok for the listing agent to call appraiser and check regarding the appraised value? This is even before me as a buyer was able to get the appraisal report from the bank. The reason its concerning…
I was wondering is it possible to find a co-tenant to purchase a home with me?
I've found a house I would like to purchase. My credit rating is > 775. The house is a foreclosure and the price has been reduced several times now at a low price of around 150,000 from 180,000,…
Ask a question...
Is there an open house for this property and who is the realestate agent ?
How can I get our escrow $ back if seller is incooperative?
An agreement was signed and escrow $ was given with the contigency that we get our loan. The home failed our loan standards. We agreed to pay 1/2 or $2500 toward a new well if our the loan goes through…
We would like to move from the city to the suburbs. Possibly western suburbs but open to suggestions. We both work in the city. One would train in and
the other would drive in. We are looking for a bit of everything. Okay commute, great schools, nice down town, plenty for all the family to do..... Ideas greatly appreciated...thanks
Trustees fee - does buyer have to pay?
Found a home in the mukilteo area that we really like. However, the seller is asking buyer to pay a trustee fee. What is the fee and is it legal for the buyer to pay it?
I am interested in buying a condo in San Francisco as an investment / vacation home. Please suggest a good property that is likely to appreciate
I need to be able to leave the place uninhabited for months at a time so good management is essential. I'd like an ocean view in a safe neighborhood and spend not more than $1million.
Picking a home zoned for either Siegel Elementary, Walter Hill, or Wilson? New contruction or Existing?
My wife and I are currently renting, trying to save up for a down payment, after selling our home. We definitely want to buy in an area zoned for one of these elementary schools with Siegel being our first…
First Time Home Buyer
I'm a first time home buyer, female in my 30's. I have no debt, and make about $50K a year...how much house should I be looking at buying? I'm single but am hoping to have a family someday,…
Looking for NYC apartments that permits a Washer/Dryer under 400k. Is it Possible?
Hi all, I reached out to a couple agents but haven't heard anything back so far so I thought I'd give this a try. I'm pre approved for a 400k mortgage, and looking for something close…
I have a recent credit score of 780, retired income of $49,000.00yr., $50,000.00 to put down on a home
and a paid off 5.25 acre lake front property in N. Idaho. Credit cards are all paid down and no outstanding debts. What value property can I reasonably be expected to qualify for in the Thurston Co, WA…
I'm pre-approved for a jumbo 30-yr conv, at lowest prevailing rate at lock-in, 5% down. FICO 810. Found Bucks twnhs $300k. Lender charging .94% PMI!
That seems awfully high. What PMI rate range should I expect to pay, as a top-tier, low-risk buyer (no debt, not even auto loan, plenty of cash to close, high FICO etc, 95% LTV)? My research shows .56-.67…
Mobile not in a park?
I am looking for a mobile/manufactured home in the Greenacres Fl area. I am pretty flexible in locations south of that area. I do not want to live in a park, I want a stand alone. Does anyone know of…
Thank you all for responding to my questions. Now i have a new one for you.
First of all il fill you in better, I sold my property which was a bungalow no water no hydro and it had 3 acres. A guy bounced back and forth with offers. Finally we settled and the deal was to be final…
What do I do if I haven't been able to contact my realtor during the end of my option period and I want to terminate the contract?
I have been trying to get a hold of my realtor for several days now to have him terminate my contract. I have called, emailed, texted, and I get no response. He may be in the middle of a very unfortunate…
Why do they list propertyh with realthy trac? I search for properties but when I have to sign up to see specifics that makes it a no go.
Realty trac is a scam to get money, they make money on the property sale so why hit is twice?
What is the market like for higher end homes?
We are looking to purchase in the 450-550K range and wondered if homes where homes at this level were selling in conjunction with asking price?
need a agent in Rochester, Troy area
My new company will be in the Rochester area, so we are looking for a house around the area. We have high requirement on school district. Which areas shall we look? We are seeking a knowledgable real estate…
Ron, Do you know if it is possible to go with another mortgage co. to do the harp?
I heard about GMAC, but are we stuck with them? We don't want to just refinance and start all over again, not to mention the closing fee. Thank you
Lease with an option to purchase homes
I am looking for a home to lease with an option to purchase. I am finding a lot of websites that offer to find these homes in your area for a small fee. Of course, I am not paying them my money because…
I'm seeing a lot of property out there but when I ask my agent I get that's too high. How do I make sure my agent is really looking out?
for me? My approval is for $350K, I'm asking about homes with a few acres that I see are foreclosures in the high $300's or lower $400's. I'm told about the properties that was a steal…
Looking for a home where owner will hold mortgage
I'm looking for a home where owner will hold the mortgage until I get my credit cleared up in the next few months. Areas I would be interested in are Amherst, Williamsville, Lancaster, Depew and Clarence.…
price of house near power lines in san ramon
we are considering bidding on a property near power lines . I am looking for an answer strictly from numbers perspective . Pls do not go on the path of health side effects as that is a separate thread…
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