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Is It Unethical For A Real Estate Agent's Spouse To Buy A House for less than half of what the house was listed for?
Short sale, house put on market for just over 100,000. Realtor tells seller he is going to have one of his "lenders" put in a low bid to see what the bank's counteroffer will be, bank's counter is a mere…
Can I take over a person mortgage in Jersey City?
I am looking for a home for myself and would like to assume a mortgage of a person who is presently in trouble. I am interested in a condo first, in Jersey City with 2 Bedrooms 1250 square feet or more…
Where To Get Pre-Qualified?
Where can I go to get the pre-qualification or pre-approval (not sure which is the correct term) for a home loan? My bank is in Arizona but I want to buy in Idaho and they don't service that area.…
i want to buy a home
i want to buy a single family home!with 3 beds and 2 baths!!!my budget is $100000
We sold our home in a short sale in Nov. 2009
We are now exploring the possibility of buying a home 0% down - our scores are 570-580. We recently asked our bank to process a pre-approval to see where we stand. Are we been realistic?
Looking at a Builder named George Carlson. Anybody have any reviews? It's at the Hampton summit.
It's Carlson construction and I can't find any reviews on them.
Where do you recommend buying an investment property? Hunters Creek or Lake Nona? A townhome or single family home?
Our family is planning to move to the Orlando area by next summer 2013. Since we are not sure of the final place we will live, we are open to buying an investment home that we could rent out for a year…
Are there any Real Estate agents that are Investor friendly in or around Waterbury, CT?
Looking for an agent to represent me and don't mind submitting low offers.
Hello, I'm looking for a realtor who has experience with a USDA Rural Development Direct Loan. Not the guaranteed loan.
I am looking to purchase in the areas of landing, ledgewood, netcong,mount olive, roxbury, stanhope, byram, or randolph.
When is the best time to look for properties on the Cape?
September is a gorgeous month on Cape Cod, the traffic subsides a bit and we always have a welcome Indian Summer.
I am looking for a rent-to-own property anywhere in orange county ca. Can anyone assist me with my search?
I have great credit but my salary is only 30k per year. I have 20k (cash) to put down on this investment and can afford a monthly payment of between 1000-2000. Rent to own; buying on contract; whatever…
What is the difference between a "seller's broker" and a "transaction broker"?
Our selling agent claimed he would represent us in the sale of our house. Then his story changed and he is now a "transaction broker" because "the law has changed".
Praying to buy our first home using VA Loan
Hello every one. My husband and I are looking into hopefully buying a home for our family using his VA Loan for our family. Problem is we both have low credit scores in the 500's. Is there a way we can…
who owns house 2210 Richmond ave kcks?
who owns 2210 richmond ave in kansas city kansas
Will a energy efficiency new purchase appliance make your home qualify to market your home a green home?
Nope! Your home must have an energy efficiency audit by a energy certified professional. Your green improvements that reduce the cost of energy used on your utility bills are the key component. Your home…
I am soon to be a first-time home buyer and have no idea where to start the process- bank? mortgage broker? an awesome real estate agent? Help!
I will not have much to put down (any?), but have extremely minimal debt, steady income (from my salary I assume I will no qualify for a lowincome housing), strong 401K, etc. I am looking for a "fixer-upper"-…
Can I qualify for a home mortgage?
Hi, I recently found out that Midland Credit Management filed a judgement against me. My credit score is 630-650. Can I qualify for any loans. I do not know who they are and I have contacted Equaifax about…
I would like more info on this property as i am interested in purchasing
-- This question is about this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/37093269-2129-W-Mulberry-Ave-San-Antonio-TX-78201
How many homes do buyers usually visit before making a buying decision?
In my experience buyers often redefine their search strategy after they've actually visited a few properties. What can an agent do to assist during this process?
new construction mortgage broker
are there any new construction mortgage brokers ?
Why wouldn't a buyer choose to work with a "genuine" buyer's broker, especially, when there is no extra cost to the buyer?
Legally a buyer broker in Florida is the only type of broker who can agressively negotiate for the best price and terms for the buyers and must take care of the buyers best interest through out the purchase…
Buying a home after a foreclosure
Me and my husband never lost our jobs but the bank still foreclosed on our home last year.How. long do we have to wait before we can purchase another home? Our credit score 655 and the only negative mark…
Looking for a little advice.
Me and my family are currently renting a home in Concord, NC. I was informed that my landlord is not paying the mortgage and is going to let the bank take the home, so we have to move again. I pulled…
Refi on a condo with 54% of the units being rentals?
Are there any lenders who will do a refi on a condo with 54% of the units being rentals, and it not being our primary residence? We have great scores and are fully employed. Everything was all set to go…
Short-Sale with Wells Fargo
I'm a buyer waiting on a short-sale approval for over 4 months now. HAFA was denied, so the agent decided to resubmit for conventional short-sale approval. This week, the buyer's agent notified…
What can we do legally to a realtor that sold us her property without listing an un-pernitted structure?
She was acting as her own independent realtor. She stated 'not to my knowledge' when she had the pergola built. We found out while checking to get permits for additional work. It is almost two years…
The whitehouse shown in the pictures, is it livable and more details about it? How much snow during winter , lowest temparatures?
I am asking about the loon lake ranch. Please don't tell me it's no loner available!
. Is there a way to buy the house from the bank before the sheriff deed expires?
House was sold in April as ROE with Trustee Deed. Found out the Sheriff Deed expires on Sept 22nd 2012. Owner is still on deed to house and filed BK and included house.
Looking for an investor to purchase a property and let me lease it back for 12 to 24 months until I can purchase.
I would really like to lease a particular house I found. We were gong to rent it from the owners now but they moved and are now trying to short sale it. I need a good year before I can purchase it.…
I'm looking for a land contract home in bellevue mi
I can be emailed at boglebarry@yahoo.com, thank you for any help
The value of a home at 310 W. Jefferson Street.
I would like to know a fair price to offer. The owner is asking $139,000 but the home needs a new roof and a central unit immediately.
Should I stay or move?
Hi. My husband and I are 62 yrs old and we have lived in our house for 15 yrs. It is a ranch that is fully sided with a new walkway up to the house; plus all new top of the line windows; a 4 car garage;…
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