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Oakland Affordability program discriminating because I DON'T have kids?
I've been looking to buy a house in Oakland for several months now. I have now found 2 properties that I was very interested in, only to find out during the offer process that they were originally built…
interested in a home in fairfield..what are schools like and how is commute to nyc?
hello all, So there are some nice new construction homes in Fairfield and I'm curious to know what the schools are like in fairfield, and what is the commute from Fairfield to NYC?
Looking for single family home not in private community.
i saw homes in sawcreek and didnt like the private rules. Went on there site and read the rules and regulations and knew i didnt want to live that way
Can a bank foreclose on a house during closing?
I am in contract on a home purchase. The house is a short sale. Both the seller and the bank have approved my offer. The sellers have not been paying the mortgage however. Can the bank foreclose on the…
Advice on a Redstone/Foxpoint vs. Bear Hollow for a 3bed/2 ba vacation home.
My wife and I are looking for a place that we can use in the nonski season and then rent out as a vacation rental during the ski season.
I am looking for a realtor to rent my house
Lake Oswego. Beautiful. Furnished. Can anyone assist?
Why lender can not give me the exact closing cost?
I am closing in my house by the end of this month. The lender is giving me estimate closing cost. Why is that? How the law changed and is protecting home buyers from extra charges? I was charges 450 for…
It seems that orange county homes are losing value.
Rockland, Ulster home values are increasing and let's not forget Manhattan. Any thoughts on why this is happening? I love Middletown but see no investment in the near future.
Need an investor friendly real estate agent who is familiar with the Tampa area I am a real estate investor looking for a new real estate agent
The agent should be able to Pull comparable sales / rental rates from MLS Have access to properties / availablity to show properties Availablity to submit offers to individuals, banks, short sales,…
What would be the best strategy when making an offer on a home that has been on the market for two years?
Property needs updating in every room, new kitchen and master bath needed too. Two homes in same neighborhood - one sold for 70k less than this one and the other home is for sale for 100k less. Both…
We are pleasure boaters and love the beach and trying to find a coastal area to Move to we are mid 50's work in EMS and nursing Family in
Jacksoville to Port Stucie where is best area for small pleasure boating 19 ftbay boat We are in medical field RN and paramedic grand kids in Jacksomville would like tone within 1-3 hours away
How will QE3 impact real estate market?
I am hearing that QE3 will end U.S. fiat currency and cause hyperinflation and that US will be in great depression after QE3 happens. If QE3 happens, how will it impact real estate market? I am trying…
did anybody die in the house on 32 locust grove road, bainbridge pa?
my dad is telling me stories about people dying in the house and its creeping me out and will the spirits from the cemetery actually take a bite out of a donuts?
My proposed tax assessment increaSEed 60% this year. Any comments?
I own a small frame cottage on the Toccoa River in Blue Ridge. Build about 1950, I think. Two small bedrooms and one bath. This is a vacation home, so I'm a nonresident owner and I realize tax assessors…
I want to get a rent to own home but I have bad credit. What do I do in this situation?
Do I have to fix my credit first or is there people or programs that help you and work with you on that?
Hi. I need to rent a 2 bedroom furnished apt for my 2 children and myself for the month of August as close to Frank lloyd Wright Drive as possible.
My dad is sick and we want to be within walking distance. Please contact me with any suggestions. I will be in Madison next week. Thank you.
I AM buying a condo for investment/ to rent in Portland...I am doing a conventional loan and paying around 25% down.
My appraisal ordered by my lender cost me 600 dollar. It seems a little too much, I got a copy of the appraisal from the lender, and it still seems steep to charge that much for appraisal...Is that industry…
Sponsor Unit- 2 Bedroom
Hi, I'm looking for a two bedroom Sponsor unit in queens, ny. 10 min walk to train station. around 200k, maint no more than $800. Is there anything close to that?
I am looking for an agent to help us find a 4 bedroom home in the Niceville high school district.
We will be in the area mid June to house hunt and hope to close end of July. It could also be a 3 bedroom with a bonus room. Any recommendations?
Long Term Rental In Yancy County
Do you think that there may be someone who has a 3 -4 bedroom 2 1/2 bath home up for sale, that may be willing to rent long-term to someone who has excellent references and credit. Preferably a move in…
Rellocating from NYC within the next few wks and interested into apartment communities in Gastonia, NC.
my husband and I are looking into Gastonia and would like advice on the best areas and apartment communities. Being from NYC safety is a must and amenities are always a plus. We would prefer not to use…
We just put in an offer on a traditional sale. The listing agent responded that we were one of two offers on the table.
So he asked us to have our best bid to them tomorrow. Now we already felt this was a reasonable offer based on the condition of the house, so with your expert history, is it best to let a house go or do…
Question a NH agent advising a buyer when not contracted (mis-respresentation)
I have a house under contract. The listing broker was so nice that I thought that he could do no harm. Well I never signed the dual agency form because I thought if this property fell through that I would…
Developments which are friendly
Hi, We have been looking to purchase a home in Medford for the past year. We have talked to residents in Headwater Village and it seems to be a development which is very neighborly. Are there any other…
Should we accept repair credit in an escrow account?
We are buying a house with a 26 yr old roof. After lengthy and painful negotiation with the sellers, they agreed with $4900 credit for roof repairmen. However, the credit has to be hold in an escrow account…
Do I owe my agent if I decide to take my house off market before end of contract term?
I live in Indiana and house has been on market since June 18.
I am looking for maybe a delequient tax home or something similar
My dad and my brother want to move here so I am looking for something fairly cheap maybe a deliquent tax home or a foreclosure something under the $40000.00 range
Lender says Home Appraisal not needed
I'm buying a >300k house with 37% down payment. My mortgage broker says that our lender told him that they don't need a home appraisal for mortgage approval. Our broker says that this is very unusual and…
Should we sell our home?
My husband father recently passed and my husband has been paying the house mortgage, we want to move but we still owe around 18,000 and we got an offer to sell the home as is and the home is on a great…
Can an agent who normally handles sales of 300K - 500K also accurately handle a multi-million dollar sale?
Would that agent be in over his head if he's not accustomed to dealing with a much higher priced home?
A realtor's service area
Is a realtor limited to show a house in only certain areas of a city or can a realtor show a house about 20 miles across town from their office?
Is it true a real estate agent can not show me a house until I am pre-qualified with a lender?
This real estate agent told me this was standard. I'm new to this process so I really don't know. He also told me he doesn't have time to see houses with clients until they want to make an offer on it.…
I'm looking to buy my first house. What are some good questions to ask potential Realtors during my initial interview. Dont say google it please.
Honestly I've seen such great answers by actual agents here I thought I would post on here to see what I get back. I'm all for using google but this site lets you know you're getting an…
I'm a first time home buyer
I've had communication with two realtors but they don't seem to be interested in my business due to the lack of availibility of houses and the range we are looking to spent - we are a family…
I am looking at buying my first home utilizing the SC Teachers Loan program in the LowCountry
As an educator, I would like to take advantage of this loan and reap the 5k down payment assistance and 3.75% rate for my first home. I have been looking and am really intrigued in homes under 120k that…
House near Brookchester Apartments
I'm interested a house in new milford, NJ. It's on Pleasant Dr and a 5min-10min walk from Brookchester apartments, which I've found many bad reviews for on line. It's a low-rent complext filled with a…
Are there any different rules when buying with a VA loan v.s. a regular loan?
My hubby and I are moving from WA to FL and will be getting a VA loan to purchase our first home, I was wondering if there are any particular restrictions we might face by using a VA loan v.s. a regular…
More info on On Top of the World and other 55 communities?
These look like very nice homes for a low price, but I am coming across comments online about leased land, etc. that have made me almost rule this out from consideration. (The idea of the homeowners not…
I have put an offer on a boa home in San Jose
Boa counter offer me and I have accepted their counter offer, waiting for their response on the counter offer, today I saw it back on the market on MSL from hold to active again.. Do anyone know how the…
Does anyone have floorplans for the various models in the Crestwood villages in Whiting?
Preferably online or in a format that can be e-mailed. Thanks.
What is west Chester, PA like?
My husband and I are thinking of relocating there from Manhattan.
Why the lender is hesitant to put my wife "home maker" with good credit score?
I apply for a loan and I qualify for it and during the application process, I asked to put my wife name with me on the loan. The lender was hesitant and then she agreed. What is the reason? I am adding…
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