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what are the steps one should take if thinking about buying?
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Pre-qualification sans credit check
I read online that pre-qualifying can occur without a credit check, but the two lenders I've contacted wanted to pull my credit. I know my credit is good and I don't want useless pulls bogging down my…
Purchasing a short sale for cash
If we were to buy a short sale townhouse for the full asking price in cash, how long does it typically take to close? Are our chances of getting the unit good as long as we pay the full asking price?
We put an offer on a short sale condo with the listing agent. It was chosen by the seller, but now the agent is ignoring us - are we getting scammed?
We saw a condo that we liked that was going through a short sale and it seemed like a good deal (after further research it is probably an OK deal). We were not seriously looking so we did not have an agent…
What types of agencies are out there to help us finance a home?
We have a very low price range, and are wondering if we could get help with a down payment....
We had a VA mortgage on our house that sold in a short sale in May 2011. Can my husband use his VA mortgage again?
Bank of America forgave the balance of the loan. Will the VA also forgive this loan and if so how long do we have to wait to apply for another mortgage thru the VA. If not can we get a FHA loan and how…
I have just moved & unfamiliar with the area.. Oregon city has nice houses. But Is it safe? Many
amenities? middle aged lady. I've looked for a small house, nice, quiet street, pretty area, near amenities. Could not find affordable in Lake Oswego, West Linn, Tigard, Tualatin or Wilson. Oregon…
What is the longest closing you ever heard?
What is the longest closing you ever heard? I am a financed purchaser buying a Fannie Mae property in New York (foreclosure) and it is been 5 months (date to date) I am waiting for a closing date from…
Our house has been on the market for 2 years. Should we empty it of all furniture and try that?
The house is 6,400 sq. ft. and was designed for much of our furniture. My husband was transferred out of the state. We decluttered but have left the house furnished. Maybe people are having a difficult…
Is there financing out there for Canadians looking to invest in AZ? If so, do you have names of the lenders?
I have numerous Canadian investors looking for lenders that will lend on investment property. I currently have one investor with 78 properties that he bought with cash. He told me he would have bought…
My husband and I would like to purchase a home but have bk discharged 2 years and short sale for a 17 months. We would like to know is it possible to
get a mortgage with 10 to 20% down? Are there any programs available for us? Could we apply for a loan knowing it will be 2 years for the short sale in June?
My brother has a mortgage with PMI insruance. He had an accident last year and now cannot pay his mortgage.
He hasn't defaulted yet; he is trying to sell it. But because of the market, he is having to sell it for $52,000 less than is owed. Will his PMI insurance cover the difference of the sale?
Does anyone know about what it will cost to completely gut and remodel a kitchen that is 10 by 20 feet. I am considering buying a home that has a 50
year old kitchen. Everything needs to go and start over. I would just like an idea of what it will cost to tear out what is there which is one wall of cabinets and then put in new sink, all new cabinets…
how much is the lot rent and is there any maintenance fees?
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do you have to have 20% down on your first home buy?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/1089752106-1114-S-Ferguson-Rd-Warsaw-IN-46580
What is the foreclosure procedure?
I am looking to buy a home in cape coral. there appear to be many foreclosures available. What is the foreclosure process? what should the buyer be aware of?
When a mortgage lender requires a borrower to have cash reserves, how long does the borrower have to have the cash reserves in their bank account?
My lender has said that we will have to have 6 months of house payments/PITI in cash reserves. Do we only have to show those in our account until escrow closes? Can the lender mandate how long we must…
Dear Lender, Which is better to pay off first IRS Installment payment or credit card debt?
I have a client who has to pay off only some of their debt for a better score. Which is more beneficial for them? Paying off an IRS tax installment plan or the balance on a credit card?
what do you guys think?
We have put an offer with the listing agent as my realtor on nov 12 2012 with citi financial bank. it's been 2 months 2 weeks since we put the offer but today bank ask for sellers updated 2012 taxes,…
20684-B Us Hwy 84, Abiquiu NM 87510 does this property have water and water rights
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3104138490-20684-B-Us-Hwy-84-Abiquiu-NM-87510
Looking into YRENTNY?
Are they a legal company, do they have any hidden costs, do they include taxes, what should I be aware of?
I am interested in 4561 golf brook road orange park fl (amelia w/bonus) asking price 324000 - is it worth it
I only have spoken with the agents at the model home and I am strongly considering purchasing this house. She is now asking for earnest money but I feel I need to negotiate the price down even though…
Is this property on acreage?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3097574958-894-Running-Deer-Rd-Crab-Orchard-TN-37723?ecampaign=con_day_propertycomp_bk&eurl=www.trulia.com/property/30…
looking at a short sale that"s been on the market for 2 months. i would like to offer cash for $40,000.00 less than the asking price.
i would like to do an inspection . would i get my deposit back on a short sale if things don't work out. i think there are issues with the pool. how long with cash should a short sale take to complete…
if i am a exclusive buyer agents what are the hourly or fixed cost for the following: relocating, righttimetobuy, issues that you should know about,
this is for a survey on costs associated with what it will cost the service industry of a exclusive buyer agents, if anyone knows of a actual website to research this i would be forever grateful
Are RV's prohibited from driveways in sandbridge?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3089914748-2921-Sandpiper-Rd-Virginia-Beach-VA-23456?
Can we get preapproved/qualified for fha loan before 3 year waiting period?
We had BK that discharged 6/2009. The BK included 2 foreclosures (husband was builder) if non-primary residences that last foreclosed (sold) 4/2010. The 3 year fha waiting period will be 4/2013. We…
Property Tax in the Poconos
I see homebuilders in PA (such as Classic Quality Homes) advertise in the newspaper that there is low property tax in PA and I have read mixed opinions on that on the internet. What would the property…
Hi I am from India and would like to settle in venice with my two kids and wife. We are 36 yrs old and our kid's are six and nine years. I would like
to invest around one million $ in which I want a decent monthly income to support my family please suggest what should I do.
Been a while since I last purchased a home. What are some of the crucial items of which I need to remind myself?
I need to make note of things such as sales commissions, homeowners insurance, and post-purchase ongoing expenses. No need to focus on mortgage, as we will probably pay cash. I just need to make note of…
Thinking of buying in Hayward hills (Stonebrae) a good buy?
What about the schools, safety & crimes, and the community in general?
What do I do if the seller refuses to sign the release even though I was well within my rights in the contract?
There was a contingency for mortgage approval. I was denied a mortgage and signed the earnest money release and purchase agreement cancellation forms well within the time frame listed in the purchase agreement. I…
Is the existing housing market a good one to get into for buying residential rental properties?
I am thinking about building a little portfolio of 3 to 6 fixer-upper homes in the Southern York County, PA area, doing some (hopefully relatively minor) renovations, and then renting them out. I have…
I need to commute into Boston for my job and we only have one car.
Does anyone know of any practical way of getting to the closest Commuter Rail station from Foxboro either via Shuttle service or bike?
home rent or lease to own up to 1500.00 month
would like to do a 3 year lease or rent to own we had a company that went out of busness we have a income of 80000.00 a year looking for a place out of the city but no more then 30 min ride to sandpoint…
Not sure.....PLEASE help.....considering purchasing a newer home and renting my current home?
Considering purchasing a newer home for about 60k less (sell price 350k) than what it would appraise at and currently owe about 140k on my home. So..... 1)Thinking this is a good investment since the…
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