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Why does Trulia not offer a search index feature for various price ranges of homes across ALL states?
Certainly where a home is located is important to a prospective buyer but with the cold reality of a person's budget and their affordability factor this feature could be useful, particularly for retirees. For…
How much to build a home, 2500-3500 soft, on an empty lot, beachfront, in St Augustine, FL?
Interested in purchasing some land, but want to know how much it would cost on the other side to build the house. Looking for recommendations for builders, and a range for cost. We would be looking…
Who is responsable for this bill seller, buyer or contractor?
We purchased a home the well pump was suppose to be replaced per contingency that both party's agreed to we got a paid invoice from seller it was done before closing a month later we had to have it…
as used in a home buying contract, what does "unless previously reported" mean?
My (buyer) son's atty added a rider to the standard sale contract, in it there is a clause about roof, basement and other leak conditions. it also turns out that my son's atty & the buyer's…
Why are homes in San Angelo overpriced?
I accepted a job in San Angelo thinking the homes were very affordable. Median price in June 2014 was $102,600 [url=http://www.bestplaces.net/city/texas/san_angelo]Best Places to Live in San Angelo, Texas[/url]…
Just signed closing disclosure forms Friday. It's been a very long and stressful journey to this point. Seven been through 3 extensions and are
currently on our fourth. Since we signed closing disclosure form, the three day waiting period is up Tuesday. What are the odds of a delay? Our closing day is Friday August 19th (it's currently August…
How to cancel purchase contract in Florida?
In Florida and changed mind on home after inspections revealed too many issues. Written statement requesting release of contract and offering earnest money to seller in order to expedite release made last…
Can you buy a house and pay monthly?
We can't get loan from the bank. But we can pay so much every week. It wont be a thousand. But we could do about 183-187 every week.
Commitment letter with Wells Fargo but our loan officer wasn't aware of it ?!
Our loan application has been with the underwritter 4 weeks. Back and fourth with endless documentation . Credit score in low 800s. Excellent credit, the only thing holding us back was two brand new car…
Are you able to view this house at the present time? Are there any pictures of the outside?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/foreclosure/1071563488-200-Godwin-Ave-Wyckoff-NJ-07481#photo-2
Help! Im a single mom to a son in a wheelchair. I have looked for months for a rental that can accommodate his needs better than where we are!
Notice, I say accommodate vs accessible! That tends to scare people, when in reality all I really want is ranch style and no stairs. Anyway, my credit is awful and most places I find want a good credit…
Property in unincorporated Alameda Co soon to be annexed by nearby city.
We are considering a property in unincorporated area Alameda Co, CA. We think the property will be annexed to the nearby city soon. 1. Any gotchas for these cases where property will be annexed soon?…
A major issue - Vandalizm - was not disclosed when I purchased condominium.
Just purchased a condo (closing happened two weeks ago), started remodel and before moving in I found out that this particular unit was targeted by some local vandal. Previous owners just now admitted…
Does college count to 2-year employment history?
Hello all, my wife and I are trying to buy our first home and unfortunately we are in a potential pickle. Some background: my wife works full time as a medical assistant, and has been there for about a…
Need Real Estate Agent specializing in helping Canadian buyers : West Palm Beach, Lake Worth, Boca Raton - Florida
I am looking for a real estate agent who can help me find a suitable home in West Palm Beach or its vicinity. I would like to get in touch with someone who has experience in dealing with Canadian buyers.…
New construction: Can I negotiate for upgrades because it's too late to use a buyer's agent?
Earlier this week I visited a new construction subdivision that I really like without a buyer's agent, not knowing that most builders only pay a buyer's agent commission if the agent attends…
How much negotiation room is there in a new construction spec home?
I just fell in love with a finished new construction inventory home listed at $216,000; however, it's been listed since June - is it realistic to wonder if they would come down to $200,000 pay closing…
New construction. Should I buy at pre-construction price?
I'm thinking of buying new construction and there is a developer offering pre-construction prices. Can someone explain to me exactly what pre-construction prices are and if it makes sense to get involved…
Toll brothers construction quality
How is the construction quality of the local toll brothers
Do New Construction Builders typically pay or help with paying closing costs?
I'm going with New Construction and have a meeting next week, but my realtor is out of town until that day and I can't ask them. Basically I want to be prepared before the meeting to not only…
Construction loan process?
We are interested in seeing if we can build our dream home from scratch using a local builder (first time homeowner/buyer). Do I need to pay full amount for the land on day 1? Do builders work in a way…
Effects of backing out of a new construction contract?
My husband and I are first time home buyers with a baby on the way. We rushed into a new home construction contract and ended up signing our lives away on a super high mortgage payment. Since that time,…
new construction--pre-approval and deposits/contract process?
If you bought a new construction home (where the lot and home were a package deal from the builder)... What was the typical process in regards to when you put down any lot and home deposits, got pre-approval…
I am interested in rent-to-own in Nashville, TN. Are there any reputable companies available to assist me while I re-establish my credit score?
Low-credit score now, ready to buy in next 2 yrs. Nashville, TN (Madison,TN) preferably NOT Antioch, TN
What is "Built on your land plan?" Is land in OR often owned by someone else and leased out?
I don't live in OR, but looking in the Lincoln area for a new house and I saw this. Is land in OR often owned by someone else and leased out?
Private money lenders
Hello, I was wondering if anybody knows of any private money lenders in the Chicagoland area? I have a somewhat unique situation that will require an all cash deal in Chicagos East Avondale neighborhood.…
Montgomery vs. Princeton. I am looking at these two school districts mainly for the H.S. But my main concern is that once my kids graduate HS
(6 yrs) I want to sell the house. Which town has a better resale (or potential appreciation) value?
Is there an equation that I a loosely apply to what an ocean facing home might cost (in NC) and what the rental return would be?
I want to know a ballpark figure that would show me expected return after taxes, mgmnt co. fees, maintenance etc. Is there a ballpark %? e.g: annual net income is on average 15% of home value? Thanks
I want to buy a home but am low income SSI
Are there programs that are willing to help someone like me a single mom and disabled with limited income
Is there a way to download the an actual list of houses for sale. It would be best if an export list function to Microsoft excel.
just an entire zip download or if a more specific download is possible that would be best.
Home Details for 11724 202nd St Queens
Home Details for 11724 202nd St Is jet in sale? -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/foreclosure/3207555482-11724-202nd-St-Queens-NY-11412
how much does it cost to put in a pool?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3030646926-3015-SW-6th-Ave-Cape-Coral-FL-33914
Getting a mortgage after bankruptcy.
Due to the death of my spouse my income was reduced and I had great difficulty paying my credit cards. Finally, after getting drastically behind I was forced to file bankruptcy. This was discharged in…
Is it possible to view this property?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/foreclosure/3207579095-413-E-139th-St-Bronx-NY-10454
Interested in discussing this home
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/foreclosure/1091646191-1951-Vermillion-View-St-Fresno-TX-77545#photo-6
Why do you keep changing your webpage? Just when you get used to using it, you change it again. This time it's really not good.
I like being able to look at the satellite map of the location and it seems to have gone away. This version is really not user friendly.
Am I ready to buy a house, or when should I buy?
So a bit of background, we've been renting our apartment for 6 years now, and its an incredible deal for the area. $850 a month and we only pay for electricity and cable/internet. It's not…
who owns the property at 153 Edgehill Ave. ,Creve Coeur ,Ill. and is it for sale
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/foreclosure/3235063940-153-Edgehill-Ave-Creve-Coeur-IL-61610
How common is lender's appraisal at exact value of asking price/bid price of sole offer?
How often is it the case that the lender's appraisal comes back at EXACTLY the asking price? Wondering if this is somewhat fishy, especially in a situation where there is only one offer on the table,…
How can you bring me an "available" home to my email that actually "sold" in 2010 & isn't avail? This is bait and
switch and extremely dishonest!! This is has happened numerous times and I am beginning to think I need to share with friends NOT to use Trulia!
My apartment building had an auction date posted saying the building is going into forclosure and a court date was set for auctioning of the
property.the notice claimed the owner owed 1.3 million dollars..My apartment building is cockroach infested and filled with drug users and in poor living conditions. I have less than perfect credit so…
Looking for rent own lease option after 1-2yrs..in Blount County, TN..
Need a home rent to own lease option 1-2 yrs..Steady income of over $80,000 ..We want to move then do repairs to ours to sell thats why we ask for rent to own lease option up to 1-2 yrs...
Spanish speakers
I need to know if you have spanish speaker agents cause im interested in a rent to own with a low credit thanks
I do apologize but I need to buy with my VA home certificate.
I said rent before I have to buy a home in the south of Dallas, Texas.
Looking for Usda approved homes
Does anyone know where i can find a list of USDA approves home, The real estate agent i talked to last week and yet to respond to me other then the "im going to send them" response.
Help with USDA loans being a first time home buyer....
payment assistance only to find out that it was discontinued by Pres. Bush's bill in Oct. 2008. My new avenue is trying to find a step by step on a USDA loan. Per their website, we would qualify for…
is there a credit score requirement for Rural Development loan? if so what is it?
I am trying to buy a home but my credit score is only a 598, i have been trying to build it for a year and get nowhere. The only things on my credit report are child support and my truck note. Child support…
What do the USDA underwriters look for?
I am about to be a first time homeowner (hopefully) and had a few questions about the USDA loan underwriting process. Im nervous about not closing. I make about $4200/mo with about $530 in monthly debt…
What do i need to qualify for USDA loan program for home in Hampton, Ga?
Me & my fiance are looking to buy a home, Our credit history is fair, she is working part time and I am working full time. We both have fair credit history.
Can I get approved for a USDA direct loan with a 600 credit score?
Monday my fiancee and I put in an application for a usda loan for a 70k house. We met the eligibility guidelines for income. Everything seems good but I'm worried about my 600credit score, and my fiancee's…
USDA Loan or a VA Loan, which do you think is best?
We qualify for the VA direct and guarantee loan and we also qualify for a VA Loan, we want to buy a foreclosure.
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