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Crestwood village
If i buy a co-op,i was told i do not need a lawyer for the closing,is this correct,thanks thomas luggiero.
Are there any incentives for a senior on fixed income to purchase a home in Lancaster County? Property taxes r too high.
I am wanting to buy a home in Lancaster City, near the Market. I am looking for a pedestrian village environment, low crime , honest, caring neighbors too.
Is a real estate broker required required to submit all offers the the seller (LLC)?
There is a local (CT) real estate broker and owner of a local real estate LLC that is representing a seller of a property my wife and I are trying to purchase. When our realtor first approched him he stated…
Can an HOA refuse to approve a cash buyer because I am an International Investor? They charge a higher fee for Internationals as well? Discrimination?
I am an International Buyer from the UK and have put a deposit to the title company already. HOA said they will not approve foreign buyer. Also HOA application fee for foreigner is $200 compared to $35…
Please help...need advice/direction for first time home buyer!
I am trying to begin my first time home buying process, and am not sure where to start... I am a full-time nursing student, but also work full-time. My student loans will not enter repayment until…
Looking for a good buyer's agent in Chicago
Hi, I am an out of town investor and I am looking for a good buyer's agent with experience with bank-owned properties and short sales. I am looking for a foreclosure that I can purchase for less than…
Seller asking for SSN and W4
My agent informed the property I placed a bid (price offer) is requiring me to give the seller (agency) my SSN and W4. Is this the process of placing an offer for a house? I'm skeptical about it?…
how do you get to view an engineers report of a sinkhole and how much is it to fix it?
are there any pet friendly condo townhouse or villas in the dunedin area.?
when checking the properties for sale in dunedin there is no info if any of these are pet friendly.
The price of the condo for sale on Hawthorne Ave. in Greenville.
What is the price on the condo on Hawthorne St.l owned by Juanita Crawford?
My husband is transferring to Alpharetta, we are overwhelmed with all the options!
We are moving to the Alpharetta area. We are looking for a family area and would like to own at least .5/1 acre. We are on a budget and would like the most bang for our buck. However, we would settle for…
I want to see 3467 Sagecrest Terrace
My son is purchasing 3467 Sagecrest Terrace and wants me to take the virtual tour.
Standard Pacific Homes
Does anyone know about the quality / reputation of Standard Pacific Homes and/or Brookfield Homes we are looking in the Dublin area. But any information other than their website would be very useful.…
what percentage lower than an asking price on a house should an offer be?
If the house is priced at $260K and has been on the market for two years in a neighborhood where the average home is $325K, would it be OK to offer $200K cash?
thanks the site....but the most important you don't put....is the monthly fee....I see many apartments that I like, but without monthly fee,
so... I think if you show the monthly fees, the people can start a negociation...is very importat you show the monthly fee...think about....thank you.
Why are housing prices so rediculous in Belle Chasse?
Take for instance $169,000.00 for a 1400sq' house on .12 acres. You can go 40 miles north and buy a 1800sq' house on 1 acres between $125,000.00 & $145,000.00. Honestly can someone help…
I am relocating to Houston from Ohio, looking into Ponderosa Forest area. My children are in college so schools aren't an issue. Looking for
safety. I want to know about the community, crime, and commuting. I'm not a big fan of sub divisions and like areas where houses don't all look the same. What is this area like.?
Summer Village- why are so many for sale?
My husband and I are seriously considering a purchase at Summer Village but are wondering why there are 20-25 cottages currently listed for sale. Prices are all over the place from $159,000 to over $200,000…
Looking for Buyer's Agent for Wicker/Bucktown/East Village/River West/Ukranian Village
First timer here. Been renting in Wicker for the past 3 yrs. Own a business in River West. Looking to find a dedicated agent. I know this is a long shot with my price range - but I need someone to work…
I don't like paying someone to tell me if I can plant a flower garden etc.
We thought when we found the home we were purchasing a house in a sub division, it turns out to be a condo with association fees and regulations. We were never giving anything to sign about condo fees…
First time homebuyer, when should I engage a Realtor?
I'm in the early stages of planning to purchase my first home within the next 10 months and I'm not sure when I should start searching for a Realtor. Thus far, I've attended a first time homebuyers seminar,…
The Bank requires me to wire the funds to close at least 1 day before closing
I'm planning to purchase a bank REO property. The Bank requires me to wire the funds to close at least 1 day before closing to their Title Company. How can I best protect my funds, since I will…
I am looking at the home at 10409 w. Magnolia St. In Tolleson. What is the likihood of this division being finished?
Beautiful home, but who really wants to buy in an unfinished area that may never be finished?
Boston Real Estate - Good time to Invest?
I am exploring real estate investment and would like to work with someone who has experience in and around Boston area. Any recommendations? Thanks!
How often do the condo fees go up and by how much?
Are there any properties that do rent-to-own or are willing to rent for 3-6 months and then sell to the renter?
Getting ready to purchase my first home thinking on new build company LGI. Anyone dealt with them or negotiated prices with new builds?
Looking for new build 4 bd 2 bath 2500 sqft able to afford payments of 800mo which needs to include mortg,taxes, and fees.
An incredible 6000 square foot home in our neighborhood with a pool tennis court and 2 acres of flat useable land just sold on a short sale.
I think it is a scam and I ant to report it. The home is easily worth 3 million. It was owned by a famous sports figure, it's in a prestigious community.. The MLS listing went up with just one random…
Should we sign off on all contingencies before we hear back on credit repair request and loan?
We are purchasing a short sale an have been approved by seller's lender. Our own lender is requesting that all mold and another water damage to exterior stucco be remedied before we are approved for…
how long should I wait after a foreclosure to get pre-approval for a new purchase whether primary or investment.?
ex foreclosed on property she received in settlement agreement. procedure started in 2008 and was finalized in 2010. I was the co-signor on the mortgate. My low vantage score is 709 as of August 2012.
My family and I may be moving to the Los Angeles area this fall. What are some options of good places to live for families in the surrounding area?
My husband would work in El Segundo and doesn't want a nighmarish commute.We have two elementary school-aged children. We're interested in buying a home for under $600,000 and want to live in…
Short sale / FHA guidelines...am I truly stuck?
We completed a short sale in Florida in August 2011 and had to move to Ohio as part of a job transfer. In order to proceed with the short sale, our lender instructed us to default on the loan and miss…
Without down payment and qualify as a new buyer
I might not have a down payment. And I am divorced and own a house with ex spouse. Would I still qualify as a new buyer? And what kind of a loan with no down payment.
Is Detroit a good place to invest in property now as compared to rochester NY?
Hi Planning to invest in a home for rental passive income? Could someone advise. Budget is around 20k to 30k and need a good tenant in place .. probably at a good location and house should be in good…
I've had my eye on a bank owned property for about 4 months. It finally went on the market, but when my agent tried to get the lock box code his
phone calls weren't returned by the listing agent. He repeatedly called with no response. When he finally got in connect with the agent, he was told that the house wasn't available for showings…
cost per sq ft to rebuild a 1500 sq. ft house in Safety Harbor?
My house is valued by tax collector for $137,000. What would the replacement cost be to rebuild and bring it up to present building codes? The house is in GeorgeTown subdivision in Safety Harbor, FL.
home inspections
Home Inspections are all very different. Each inspection I go on I learn something new and must prepare in different ways. For eg. If there is a detached structure on the property make sure you have keys…
Looking for a 4 bedroom Villa home at Carriage Gate Flemington NJ , preferrably a Saratoga model. How do I?
find the recent? closed price for this model so I know what to offer?
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