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Our house was on the market for over a year and no offers. What should we do?
We have had our house on the market for over a year and we have had no offers. The realtors asked us to lower the price of the house several times. We have lowered the house over $18000. In doing so,…
I recently went under contract for a single- family home in Brooklyn, NY. The home I am in contract is
numbered 345A. It sits between houses numbered 345 and 347. The lots for all three houses are the same. Why does the home I am in contract in have an A attached to it?
Can I complain about a rude listing agent?
We are currently trying to purchase a short sale and the listing agent is the rudest woman I have ever encountered. She is sending nasty emails and cussing out our realtor and lender. As soon as both mortgages…
Chatham/Summit/Short Hills Area versus Rumson?
We are tryiing to decide between the Chatham, Summit, Shrt Hills area and Rumson. We have two children elementry and pre-school age and need trains to the city preferbly trains we could walk to. We would…
We are considering relocating from new England to Florida. We would like to be in or near coastal community.
We would like to be somewhat close to Orlando, as we have family there. Looking, on a map, in the Melbourne or Tampa area. Making our first scouting trip next month. What's the best areas and why? Thanks…
Anyone familiar with Rosewood Park Subdivision at Crested Moss Drive, Alpharetta, GA 30004? Is the crime rate really high there?
I am interested in buying a stand alone new house there, but I was surprised to see the area of Rosewood Park was marked red on Trulia's crimes info part. I thought crime rate in Alpharetta is generally…
Need Loan Officer Who Doesn't Do Business Loans to Refer Clients
I'm looking for a loan officer who doesn't do business financing. I'm advertising to investors and realtors a new program we have for investors and am coming accross people who would benefit more from…
Home buyer looking for a realtor in Moreno Valley
Someone who knows the area and can help in finding a good condo in ranch area.
Is there a website equivalent to www.listingbook.com that is for Central NJ area?
The listingbook website allows one to see all the info that is in MLS database including the pricing history. Trulia or realtor.com show the listings from MLS, but don't include all the detailed info.…
Can a realtor list a home that's in probate? And not know who's name is on title of house?
Than not be forthcoming with the buyer about the house being in probate..until 60 days later......??? Isn't that against realtors laws?
What is the mello roos and hoa fees for talega.. looking to buy
I have an offer on a condo on Via Almeria in Talega. I am trying to figure out what the total monthly cost is going to be for the Mello-Roos and the HOA fee. I've been told anything from $600-$1200 a…
Would you tell me about the River Tree Subdivision? There are some nice homes, but would like an honest
opinion about the neighborhood, and also if it is children friendly. Thanks, Barbara
Foreclosure offer
What is the average accepted offer percentage by HSBC BANK USA?
Any feedback on the neighborhood "Paradise Grove" in Laguna Beach?
Looking for a property we can rent out and eventually move in ourselves. This seems like a decent deal, but we don't know this area very well.
Buying in Santa Rosa - question
We would really interested in purchasing a condo or town home in Santa Rosa Beach. We are specific to the area where Beachwood Villas is. However, my concern is about financing. Are there no other options…
Why is Vista Oaks not listed in your neighborhoods for Round Rock?
This is really a great safe neighborhood.
why would i have to sign an unilateral termination notice?
If I signed a contract on a short sale property and am still interested in the property. My real estate agent wants me to sign a unilateral termination notice because the bank LP is more than the signed…
We are interested in finding a house in the Wallkill CSD that would consider seller financing. What is the best way to accomplish this?
We had a bankruptcy and Deed in Lieu in 2010 and have recovered. We currently pay almost $1900/month in rent and are getting killed with income taxes because we have no write offs. There is no doubt…
How is the short sale process with AHMSI?
How are they with response times, approvals, acceptance of documents?
Buying a home when you are on a TN work visa (Canadian citizen)
Can a person on a TN visa get a bank loan with only 10% down to buy a home in GA, if they've been here 3 years and have a good job and US credit history?
From Puerto Rico to Orlando/Kissimmee Area
My husband and I are planning to move this time next year to Florida, and we are thinking on buying a second home. We don't know much about HOA and property taxes on second residence and home insurance…
Looking for an EBA in Philadelphia (center city)
When we bought our first home in PA we worked with an EBA who charged 3% up to a flat fee. Any amount paid to them above that was refunded to us during settlement. I'm not sure if this practice is common,…
If I have a piece of land in Acton, CA,(about 10 minutes South of Palmdale) could this house be built for the same price advertised here of $253,360?
I have been quoted a much higher price/sq. ft to build a home in Acton, CA and want to know why when only 10 minutes away it seems like the price is much cheaper. I understand location is important in…
How is it that a mortgage company can pull a loan couple hours before settlement?
Settlement was schedule for Monday. We moved out over the weekend. Signed lease with apartment late Saturday afternoon, paid for movers, and paid for storage. We did not find out that the buyers were not…
How long does it take to get FHA approval for a condominium that is not on their approved list?
I am buying a condo that is not on the approved FHA list because it is new. Since "spot approvals" are no longer done, does anyone know how long the new FHA approval process takes?
What banks are lending with a sub 620 score?
I live in Massachusetts and my mid score is 560. Is there anyone who knows any banks that will go down that low? Any help would be great.
What do you think of seller financing for a condo (not approved for bank loan)?
Here is the situation, I got approved for a loan but the condo I want to buy is rejected due to 2 exceptions: Exception 1) Some commercial condos in the building account for 60% of the total space. Exception…
Im trying to purchase an investment property (no job)
Im trying to purchase my first investment property A have no job...Im planning to get a hard money loan and then refinance ...can i bank refinance without a job and only using rent income....
I have a client interested in a property that is owned by Deutshe bank
how do I get more info on the property. It is not listed
Who's contract agreement is primary?
A seller and first buyer agreed on a contract. First buyer can't come up with financing. It isn't looking like they will be able to close by the end date. They then sign a new contract with me.…
Question about a cash purchase and possible HELOC or equitWey loan.
I've recently learned that we don't qualify for a mortgage loan as our debt to income ratio is too high (we own a couple of investment properties and have a sizeable mortgage on our primary home).…
I'm looking to purchase handymans and short sales in the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens.
Any agents that can assist me in my search? Can provide financials.
Investment property lender question. Is it true that lenders won't lend to me because I own too many rental properties?
I have 8 rental properties. Some garden style condos, a couple of single families, and a townhouse in Cambridge. I have 100% equity in these properties and would like to pull some money out to buy more.…
How do I find out the actual selling price of the coop?
How can I look up the actual selling price of a coop, I checked ACRIS and it shows a recorded price that is higher than the actual asking price and I am assuming it includes transfer taxes and other fees,…
Give it to me straight
I desperately want to be a home owner;I'm tired of paying rent. Unfortunately I don't have the money for the down payment. I make about $50,000 a year and I have $5,000 in saving/IRA. I want to live in…
What should I expect if I find a home that is a short sale?
I have notice their are a lot of short sales and I was wondering how the process works.
Looking for a three and up family house under 700K in brooklyn with good rent income
with a fully finish basement, possibly a garage or driveway, close to M or L train.somewhere that's safe, close and short transportation time to NYC, will consider anywhere else in brooklyn such as…
Is this property available?
1543 West 1st Street #E3, Brooklyn NY
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