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Casting Homebuyers for a New Show!!
Are you an energetic, outgoing, fun buyer who's looking for an home in the Los Angeles area? If so, we're looking for you!! We're currently casting homebuyers for a new television series.…
I will be moving to HB within 2 years. I know this is a bit premature,
but I just want to know my options and be prepared. I need a 2 or 3bdrm home. My max budget is $250k. I know that isn't much. What would be the smartest purchase? Mobile home, condo, home???? I wouldn't…
If my inlaws are getting a loan to buy property and we will live there with the intention of my husband and I buiding our credit to take over the loan
can we: A) get on the deed at purchase? B) if we can get on the deed, can we have a tax deduction for any/all renovations we do to the house C) if our parents pass away does this give us the right to…
Is there a code violation on this property and if so, what will need to be done to correct it.?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3107499870-111-Lafayette-Trl-Chalk-Hill-PA-15421
Why is transfer tax on the full purchase price of the home including Realtor Commissions paid for at closing? This is a tax on a
"salary/commission and will be taxed as income? Is this a hidden Double taxation When we record a deed it includes the total value of the deed including all Realtor Commissions. On a 400,000 purchase…
Homes in East Lake?
We have been living near downtown Decatur in a condo and are looking to get more space. We love this part of Atlanta, but Decatur houses in the location we want are pricey so we expanded to look in Kirkwood,…
What is the easiest to get a home loan?
my credit score is a 656 but I have some things on my credit I cant handle right now...is there anyway to get a loan with that still on there
how safe is Ferndal between Woodward heights and 9 mile?
I am planning on buying a house on Symes St between Woodward Heights and 9 mie and I have some concerns about the safety
Home Prices in Folsom
I am seeing many new condos/houses are being built around Folsom..Will it put a break on price increase or reduce home price little bit in near future?
Should we sue for specific performance on a short sale? Or are there other options available?
After several months of waiting, our short sale offer has been approved by the bank, the seller has accepted our offer and all that remains is close of escrow. However, the seller has suddenly stopped…
Property with rock in basement will it have safety and resale issue ?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3114051058-68-Deforest-Rd-Wilton-CT-06897
Why wouldn't a homepath refinance eligible home not be able to be financed through homepath? I am in Cincinnati and cannot get anyone to put an
offer Why will no one do a 203k or homepath refi loan for me? I'm looking for a agent and lender....
Do you like quality or quantity or quantity over quality?
quality of home or size of home for the price
Hi, I am doing some research on Lower Pacific Heights homes. Just curious what people think is the best value of the following 2 homes:
http://www.zillow.com/homedetails/2005-Buchanan-St-San-Francisco-CA-94115/15075123_zpid/ or http://www.zillow.com/homedetails/1953-Webster-St-San-Francisco-CA-94115/15075175_zpid/ The 1st one…
What happens if the underwriter find out that we lied about our bankcruptcy in Canada? Would an underwriter find out about our bankcruptcy record?
We have been discharged a year ago. We have built a good credit score of 720 here in the U.S. and have a good steady job in a good company for 8 years now. We got pre-approved and then got denied when…
Which one is better as a first time home buyer is that a coop, condo or single family home
With 300k pre qualification I don't know what I should look for -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3015745304-9904-57th-Ave-2D-Queens-NY-11368?ecampaign=con…
Why aren't there any pictures on this property besides the main one?
I would of liked to have seen the rest of the property. -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3077085163-1112-Starshine-Dr-Edinburg-TX-78542
How can I finance a second home?
My wife and I currently have $37k left on our primary residence mortgage with a property value of $160k. We are looking to buy a home for $260k while keeping our current home which will be paid off in…
Broward or Palm Beach?
Hello, I'm retiring early at 58 and am looking to pay cash for a free-standing house not more than $250k. I had been looking in Broward County but several acquaintances have suggested PBC and specifically…
What kind of credit score do I need at a minimum to qualify for a mortgage?
I am a first-time homebuyer with a large amount of student loan debt. I also have some credit card debt as well (hopefully will be under $8,000 by the time I graduate and am ready to move).
Finance programs/location in Florida
We currently rent a house in Poinciana,FL but our lease ends at the end of August. Our realtor suggested we look into buying our first house. But our credit scores are around 450. We don't have any…
Gostei muito da: 2343 State Route 17c Owego, NY, gostaria de ter mais fotos do local, tambem se a casa sera vendida mobiliada ou nao.Obrigada,Telma
More pictures and if the house will be sold with the furniture showed in the site? -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3108418606-2343-State-Route-17c-Owego-NY-13827
I am looking to buy a house using the FHA 203k program. How complicated is the program to use?
The work will be done by a license contractor, but is it a lot of leg work between the work being done and the contractors getting paid?
Is it customary for landlords to bill tenants for the water bill in a 1 bedroom apartment?
I recently moved from CA to WA State and was shocked to see a bill on my door for $85 for 7 weeks of a water bill. This was not explained to me upon move in and it was not spelled out clearly in the lease…
My husband and I just recently started looking at houses. My credit score is terrible but his is good 640.We just recently purchased a vehicle
together.They are willing to finance the home in his name but we have to refinance the vehicle to remove his name. He has the credit but I guess does not meet the funds amount to purchase. I have the funds…
Why wouldn't a homepath refinance eligible home not be able to be financed through homepath? I am in Cincinnati and cannot get anyone to put an
offer Why will no one do a 203k or homepath refi loan for me? I'm looking for a agent and lender....
Can a refinance be done on sibling buyout if sibling is the Executor?
My sister and I inherited our deceased parent’s paid off home. My sister is the Executor of the will. I would like to buy out my sister’s portion of the house. I am told by a lender that…
Do monthly payments include taxes and insurance?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3103762168-4640-4644-32nd-St-San-Diego-CA-92116
Can I withdraw from this short sale without the sellers approval?
I've been involved in a short sale for 5 months now. I've signed four extensions to the P&S with the current one expiring in three weeks. We've had a very difficult time from the beginning getting updates…
What are the disadvantages of buying a home that is old (say by 20 years)?
My wife does not want to look for a home that is older than 2000. Is it true that there will be lot of maintenance work on it? How many years is the life of a home in CA?
what does back up pending mean?
looking at a short sale house and it reads back up pending on the statis list
Can somebody help me out here on trulia.?
I'm desperate... We're looking for a contract for deed or lease option home purchase in the Fergus Falls, Minnesota area.
need a great home rental agent
we own 3 homes due to economy and are not purchasing anymore at present. need to find great home rental agent to help us find a home in naperville
What's the best way to get financing for rural land?
I'm also looking at houses (USDA) in a specific rural area of Georgia due to some family related issues (care), but am wondering too if there are any programs to buy smaller tracts of land (10-15 acres)…
Can I purchase a $45k home NOW with possible funds required for repairs, similar to a 203K? Combined income is $95K & we have 25% to put down.
1 party has a chapter 13 (over in 5 months); the other a foreclosure due to divorce (4 yrs ago). Please advise on the finance options? I have a home worth the low $200K before the housing crisis. Unsure…
First time home buyer needing assistance with closing costs in 15642 area code. Seeing if anyone knows of any programs i might have missed.
I am a first time home buyer looking to buy a duplex with a FHA loan that i am already pre approved for. I am going to occupy one side and rent the other. I have found a duplex and have the 3.5% down payment…
Americans Showing More Desire to Buy
The percentage of U.S. residents who say owning a home is an essential part of the American dream has hit a three-year high, reaching 79 percent, according to the CNBC-All-America Economic Survey. What’s…
Can foreign nationals (with B-2 tourist visa) get mortgages or home loans in the US?
I am an international student in the US with F-1 visa. My dad lives and works in Turkey and he has a B-2 tourist visa. We're thinking of buying a house in the US for me to live in during my studies/as…
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