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What's next after the BPO is completed by the seller's agent? How far am I to the closing?
My agent send me a Short Sale Purchase Contract Addedum to sign after he got an email from the seller's agent. Does this mean my offer has been accepted by the bank?
Thanks Dan and Marcin.I have applied my loan also through BOA and the appraisal co. is Landsafe,a subsidiary of BOA.I am not sure if I made a good choice by selecting the same bank who owns the property…
I'm in the process of purchasing a property in Boca Raton. Should my realtor discourage me from wanting to call the HOA and ask questions?
My realtor has dragged her feet on giving me the phone number to the association even though I'd like to ask them questions about restrictions, what the master policy covers, etc. Is it normal for a realtor…
I am interested in apartments at the following address: 1216 S Missouri Ave. I am ready to pay immediately by cash.
I am interested in apartments at the following address: 1216 S Missouri Ave. I am ready to pay immediately by cash.
I am looking for a house in Roseville (zip,95661) or east Rocklin. We don't want to stay under $400K.
I know people who have picked up really good deals in this market. Most of the decent homes that I find are over $500K. It is kind of frustrating that even in this market I get the house I want. I have…
Seller assist to pay realtor commission?
I am a potential home buyer. I have not yet identified a property or signed a purchase agreement. The realtor I'm working with had me sign a form prior to showing any properties. One of the items…
I am going to be moving shortly to work at the NASA Ames Research center. I will also be working in Almeda and the VA hospital in San Francisco.
I want a reasonable area to live while researching areas to house hunt withone a year. Where doe you suggest?
Any chance of getting a two years after foreclosure with score of 591?
I would love to be able to purchase a home again. Unfortunately, my company closed up and left 1100 people in a small rural area out of work. I was unable to sell my home as a short sale so the bank foreclosed.…
Would a home sold at auction be a comp for the home I would like to put on the market?
I would like to list my home on the MLS and after doing research on my own looking at public records I was able to see what comparable homes sold for. I recently discovered a home that would be an exact…
which lower school does this house go to?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3113693730-6635-Harborside-Lndg-Mentor-OH-44060
can i put a trailer on this land and live in it?
living in a trailer for 4 yrs on this land ,now i was told to move by the sheriff
why is it best to have a real estate agent?
Im new to the whole hunting thing and this will be my first home buying experience.
Can I qualify with one year employment for an FHA loan?
I got pre qualified for an FHA loan but now they told me I need two years of employment. I got my visa a year and a half ago and have been working for one year. I worked before I got my visa but will they…
Why Escrow officer give us "Instruction to pay commission" to sign?
From my understating, seller always pays commission, not buyer. We're using seller's agent because we like the house & contact seller's agent directly, and she automatically become our agent. But why we…
We refinanced our house recently. The original mortgage stated "husband and wife as community property w/right of survivorshp".
Our latest document states just "husband and wife". Any problem with "community property" or "survivorship" if one of us was to die?
where are these condos located at 9369 Dorchester st?
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I am a first time homebuyer and my boyfriend and I don't know where to start.
Our Lease isn't up until November but we don't want to start looking to soon and find a house we love only to have to wait and lose it. But before we being looking seriously where do we start? I know we…
What kind of compensation can a licensed assistant expect from a producing agent?
Would it be hourly with a % of a deal depending on my involvement. I was a sellers agent in Vegas but I am not ready to spend the money on promoting myself and I need income right away. I want to learn…
A "Will" vs "Joint Tenancy"
My wife and I are going to buy a home in the Highland, CA area. My question: If my wife and I have a "Will", can we avoid probate if one of us dies ? What is a good way to hold title to the…
Someone has posted my For Sale listing as a scam rental and is asking people to mail him the deposit check.
Have been unable to reach Trulia to take down the fake listing.Any suggestions from fellow real estate brokers.Its the weekend and their number does not answer
Savoy Park Condo. Falls Church. Do the condo fees include electric and gas?
Hi. I am looking at Savoy Park Condos off Seminary road. My question is in regards to the condo fees. I am getting mixed inputs from different sources on wheather electric and gas are covered in the fee?…
What can anyone tell me about the Panther Ridge area versus the Lakewood Ranch/Greenbrook area? I see lots
are small in Lakewood/Greenbrook and there is a lot more space for families in Panther. What are the positives and negatives to these areas including crime, privacy, neighborliness, etc? Any good deals…
who owns the lot 318 n state st konwaw ok 74849?
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Is there lot rent for this home? If so how much and why don't you list that info.? Are there any pictures for this home any where?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3116608357-6223-E-Sahara-Ave-121-Las-Vegas-NV-89142
Do you want to learn how to get the best sweat equity out of your house?
Learn how to gain sweat equity on your house with effectively using your money wisely in an ever changing housing market.
Seller doesn't want to sell home
We have contract to buy home, seller decide not to sell home three days before closing. What to do in this case?
Can I buy a house with my ITIN number?
Hi I was wondering if I could buy a house with my ITIN number? I filed my taxes for the first time on this current year 2013 since I just got my ITIN number on march, reacently I also got credit approval…
I'm trying to buy my parents' house which is non-conforming, so I cannot take out a conventional loan. How should I buy the house?
They have $450k left on the mortgage so I could take over that mortgage and pay my 4 siblings off the leftover $200k to buy the house at its appraised price. But how would the ownership/title transfer…
Is there a mortgage company that lends in Florida for a person coming out of a short sale only a year ago, has 685 credit, & 25% down?
Extenuating circumstances forced a short sale. There were delinquent payments on the mortgage in order to get the lender to agree to short sale. We've rebuilt credit to 685 and have saved 25% down. Is…
I am looking for an "all ages family" park in the myrtle beach area. We need something near public transportation, jobs, stores, etc.
we need a fixer-upper mobile home on lot, or small fixer-upper house for very little money. Can you recommend a web site or a realtor that would specialize in such, or actual trailer parks that I could…
Can I buy a house with my ITIN number?
Hi I was wondering if I could buy a house with my ITIN number? I filed my taxes for the first time on this current year 2013 since I just got my ITIN number on march, reacently I also got credit…
Can i buy a property in Walnut Creek, near to BART for around $180,000?
Any areas you'd recommend, i do not know the area at all.
Is there a way to view houses for sale in just the Boaz and Sardis city limits?
I would also like the to view listings that are out of city limits but you can still go to Boaz or Sardis. -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/1085800346-315…
Looking for home under $260K, 3 beds/2 baths, great school district.
No. Babylon and Holtsville, NY are good. $25K down, husbands credit in high 600's, will get past 700
Looking for a town to buy a house in the 350k range with an hour commute to Penn Station. Schools are not important.
Would love a small town/community atmosphere with some older homes with character that have been updated.
Do HOAs ever compromise on their rental restrictions??
There is a property which I absolutely love, but everything is being held up by the 2 year rental restriction. I'm not an investor, but I'm currently living out of state and anticipate moving to the purchased…
Currently I owe about 74k on my house, i want to do some renovations, should I do a refinance for 30 yrs and or can I do that?
..Currently I owe about 74k on my house, i want to do some renovations and wanrt to take out equity, now currently its at 15 yrs, should I do a refinance for 30 yrs and or can I do that?
My question is this the property at 1501 Lawton what is the value of the property
minus back taxes and all applicable fees, and is the area undergoing revitalization, and how much has the area properties increased in value recently is it a good ideal to invest in properties in the…
Can the seller walk away without sending us a Notice to Perform?
Perform? We had an offer accepted with a 30 day close agreement. Because we have a 203k rolled into the loan and the underwriter requesting the contractor to fix a couple of items, we won't get the…
Looking to buy a home within walking distance of Disney, and other
I am doing initial research in preparation to eventually buy a winter home (I live in Michigan) in the Disney area. Because of certain disabilities, I am unable to drive, so I am looking for a place…
Is this property in pre-foreclosure ? How do I find out?
1833 Superior Way, Kissimmee, FL 34759
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