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Looking in New Mexico Santa FE , Albuquerque or El Paso area, Retired VA Financing. one disabled daughter of college age, 100 % disabled Vet buyer
Had a home purchased in Chama but after three extensions, they still could not installed Tie downs to VA satisfaction, I refused to sign further extensions. with De La hunt Realty Century 21 Chama NM>…
What are the income requirements for a 50,000 or less mortgage?
I want to buy a home in Florida, but due to recent unemployment my credit is shot. My mother who lives in Florida is willing to buy the house for me to live in (and then i will purchase it from her when…
prat of drive way has elevated
who is responsible for the drive way in which part is elevated ; I have a 10 year warranty on the structure. My address is : 2511 Rose Bay Dr Pearland TX 77584 . Telephone # 404-512-7912 .the house was…
I sold a residence and have since determined that part of the septic system had been placed on the adjoining lot. Is this now the new owner's?
issue? The residence was my permanent residence. I bought the adjoining parcel a few months after purchasing the residence to have a larger backyard. I sold the residence under a rent to own eight years…
when should we sign the new house contract?
We want to build in a new subdivision. Our builder offered to sell out current home at a discounted percentage rate. Now we are being pressured to lower the price below similar homes in the area. It's…
What impact has the Norfolk Intermodal System had on real estate values in Moscow?
I am not from this area & have been looking at moving into the area. During my research of the community, I discovered that Norfolk built an Intermodal System. I am very concerned about this. Once a system…
Looking for a single family house in edison or iselin in the range of 350 - 400K not more than 25 yrs old
What are my chances of getting a good single family house in the above range in these areas. i commute to Newyork city , so want to be in the driving range to the stations .
I would like to know if there are any agencies that will do home loans with the ITIN since I do not have a SSN in KCK.
I have a good downpayment to give and I have been working in the same place for more than 12 years always paying/reporting taxes...
hud home on burgland with land how much are they asking for it?
dose any one know whats going on with this hud home on burgland in emmett idaho there is a for sale sine i h ave called and left messages no answer back i am wondering how much they are asking for it i…
How do I find a house to rent or buy on contract?
My fiance and I want to move from Des Moines to Newton and cannot find any house rentals and I don't think an agent helps those who just want to rent a place. We want to wait a year before buying…
Rough cost of utilities in a Hills Bedminster NJ condo?
just trying to get a rough estimate
What is the first step in looking for a bank owned home in the Hills in Bedminster, NJ?
I am a first time homebuyer. I'd hate to rent when I think I could buy. Any tips are greatly appreciated!
I would like a new construction home with atleast 4 bedrooms and office. Are there new home communities in this area? And how far from the beach?
Looking for 4 bedrooms, new construction. large/open kitchen a must, pool and outdoor kitchen area is on the wish list.
Anything available in Park City ks rent to own?
Looking for a rent to own or lease to purchase house in Park City, Ks! Atleast a 4 bedroom/ 2 bath or a 3 bedroom/2 bath with room to build another bedroom. My husband has been in National Guard going…
does anyone have any experience dealing with Astoria Short Sales?
Everything has been turned over 45 days ago...first they said they have up to 30 days to make a decision, then in two weeks, last week it was after the holiday...this is never going to end....Please let…
Should a soon to be estranged spouse be on any mortgage documents on a home I'm purchasing alone?
I've recently put an offer on a house in Colorado. I am married but I have a court date to be legally separated in two weeks. The agreement states I am in no way responsible for the loan in our current…
First home buyer
My credit is around 600 I have been at the same job 12 years how is the best and easiest way to get a first home and what kinda price range should I be looking at
Miami, FL: Areas with high net rental income?
Hello everybody, I want to invest approx. 140K in buying 2 properties in Miami, which I want to rent out. Within this framework, I would like to know which areas offer both a high demand for rentals…
50% sold criteria?
when purchasing a new construction town home, if the bank/lender requires 51% sold what are your options if 5 out of 12 are sold
Is a per diem penalty considered a closing cost for the buyer?
If a buyer is paying a per diem charge when escrow doesn't close on time, and the buyer is also receiving a closing cost credit from the seller, of which there is still several hundred dollars left…
Trying to get a first home
Well I'm trying to get my first home was wondering how is the best way to get a loan . I have ok credit just not established enough so it's in the 600 to 700 is there any way I can get any help
Hi everyone, my ? todays is how do i go about buying a dollar house in Philadelphia, and where would i find the listing for the houses to choose
from.. Also, I do not wanna do morgages I just WANT to buy a fixer upper in philadelphia.. Please help.. I dont even know where to start my search.
I'm currently renting a home from my uncle, with the intentions of buying the home. What would be the quickest & easiest way to do this?
I know my credit may not be the greatest probably low to mid 500's. But I really want to own my own home and he's willing to sell this one to me but if there is a cheaper way & a faster…
any HELPFUL tips in buying a house through VA?
We want to buy a house through VA home loan. Any helpful tips would be greatly appreciated..Thanks.
how long after i file for bankruptcy can i buy a house.i file a 1 ago,i have a good job now.
how long after i file for bankruptcy can i buy a house.i file a 1 ago,i have a good job now.
What can I do when a seller rejects my highest, best, over full-price, all-cash, no contingencies offer-- instead selecting a significant lower offer?
I made an offer on a home listed as a short sale that is $100k over asking price. It is an all-cash offer, no contingencies, no required inspections, ability to close immediately, and can allow seller…
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