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can anybody tell me the fees at The Atlantic Hotel and Condo Ft. Lauderdale? Some listings give the fees and others do not, why is that?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3111387579-601-N-Fort-Lauderdale-Beach-Blvd-Fort-Lauderdale-FL-33304
Seller wants us to remove contingencies, we have not even gotten close to finalizing the price!!
We put down an offer that the seller accepted. After appraising the home we got a value that was 35k under the offer price, when the seller found out about this they recommended we get a second appraisal…
How easy is it to rent out or sell in Honolulu right now?
I'm looking at buying my first house and my job contract is for 3 years in HI.
Is there anyway to get a mortgage after bankruptcy when you resumed mortgage, but not reaffirmed?
Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharge in 2007. My house was included in the bankruptcy. 5 months after the court date I resumed payments on the property, current as of the moment. Present day, I have a family…
I want to know about home buying in Fremont and Milpitas area.
Our budget is $500000. We are interested in Townhome/Condo.Please suggest me good area in Fremont/Milpitas where good school option
house with termite damage
I am interested in a house that had termite damage. The seller told us that the house had termite damage 6 years ago. When I called terminix, I was told the house had termite in 2002, which was 11 years…
1319 Cedar St Steinhatchee 32359
is this home up for sale
What is the best school district in Hampton, VA?
I have a 10 year old son & I would like to move to Hampton, VA from Cape Cod, MA.
How difficult is it to get a FHA loan a month after a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy discharge?
Our Chapter 13 BK was completed June 2013 with on time and paid in full payments. We really want to look into purchasing a new home and are worried about our chances of obtaining a loan. Both my husband…
Tax appeal: want to buy a condo at lower price than its new construction sale price.
The tax of the property is much higher than justified by its current market value. Agent told me that was because the seller bought the place as new construction and he paid a much higher price then. Can…
About cancelling offer and getting refund back
I make an offer to a house after it fell from last escrow. I signed standard contract. I deposited $3000 as HEM. I asked realtor to show me home again but he always has excuse that owner went India and…
I am a military veteran and I am looking to buy a home in Duluth, GA
I am a veteran with a credit score of about 600 and I am employed with a annual figure of 80K. I am looking to buy a home in the area of Duluth, GA or Gwinnett County area. Can someone help me and…
My fico score is 605, can I qualify for a conventional loan?
I wanted to buy condo in certain area, none are approved with FHA, my only option is to get a conventional loan in order to buy in one of those area.
mid score 605?
my mid credit score is 605. Is it still possible for me to get a home loan for that credit score? Or should I pay some of my credit cards first. I was told to pay of my car with is only about $4500 left,…
Buying a house. First step?
How do I find out what I need to do to get approved for a liam to buy a house?
terminate seller contract
I have spoken with my agent and the broker about how unhappy we are with their service. They have agreed to end my contract, but I wish to do so unconditionally. Is there anything specific I need to add…
Looking to buy an investment home, will not live in it, all cash around 1million, more interested in the property appreciation than necessarily rents.
I believe a multi family home will be worth less over time rather than a SFH, looking more in that direction. Looking in the HB, Costa Mesa, South Orange County areas, Fountain Valley, San Juan Capistrano,…
Granada Condo area
Is this a good place? Is it quiet and safe? Seem the prices are much lower than other condos and co-ops.
What are the thoughts surrounding buying in Sahalee. I am in my early 30's and love the thought of living on/ near a golf course.
What is expected to happen with this market? Will it remain inline with pricing in the areas?
Buyers right to cancelation
Unfortunately I'm using the sellers agent to purchase my home. I want to exercise my right to cancel within the contingency time period. I have not removed any contingencies. Nor have I signed my…
I am very upset ! i send an offer to a property that was from Chase bank , they called a Reo property ...i dont know whats mean My offer was rejected
I am upset ! my offer was rejected and i dont think my agent did something wrong ... i was doing some research over the internet and i found this video ...CAN THIS BE TRUE ???? PLEASE ADVISE http://…
Want a Sammamish (Eastlake HS boundary) home - flexible move in--July1 to Sept. 1. Lease option would be ideal, or 12 mo lease.
I'm moving to the Sammamish area over the summer-I have one son living with me who is a Sr. next year and we need to be in the Eastlake HS area. I'd love to find a Lease Option (Credit is pretty much…
We are looking for a realtor who is in with the home strong program, much knowledge of VA loans, Knows the San Joaquin county ( Stockton, CA. )
Didn't think it would be so hard to fine one. We need someone who works on weekends, can bid on Hud homes, are not afraid of short sales and really knows the VA loan rules. Is there any one out there willing…
How long do short sales in Southern Florida take these days?
I heard they aren't taking as much time to complete? Are we talking 2 months now on avg?
My listing agent doesn't seem to be doing his job
My listing agent appears to not be as interested in selling my house as much as I am. My question to other agents is, do you have any ideas I can suggest to him in order to help push this process along.…
Appraisal question
My contract requires me to get an appraisal within 15 days of the date the contract was executed. The appraisal was ordered yesterday but the appraisal company has not contacted the sellers agent. I only…
Is it required for the option money to be receipted the contract by selling agent/seller in order for 1-4 Fam Texas contract to be valid?
I am a real estate agent and I have a 1-4 Fam Texas real estate contract that has been fully executed. I have 10 days option period on it. The earnest money has been received by the title company and…
In a 1-4 Fam Texas real estate contract, does the contract have to be receipted by the selling agent/seller if there is an option for it to be valid?
The buyers have an option period of ten days on the contract, and the contract has been executed. The option check has been mailed to the seller's agent by U.S. snail mail. The earnest money is…
I am trying to find out info about the "good neighbor" home loan program. I would like to check to see if my husband's occupation
qualifies. We live in Macomb Mi & wondering if any of the surrounding areas would work for this program. Also interested in homepath properties. I'm having trouble understanding these programs…
NJ towns with low property taxes
Which towns in NJ have low property tax(
We are thinking of moving to houston area and I want to know where the best place to raise a family, with close shopping, restaurants
Things for kids to do. We are buying and looking in the $200K and under price. Need a house with a yard. Willing to drive around an hour to wherever I'll be working (not sure where I'll be)
My Subdivision falls into the USDA home loan program. 100% financing w/ no M.I. I would like to promote
the proiduct but would like more information from those of you who have used it in the past. http://www.edenwoodfun.com Thanks in Advance.
We purchased a house - had a home inspection done and are now (within 2 weeks) finding major problems. These
are not problems the home inspector could have caught. Ex. Home inspecter told us the fireplace needed to be cleaned and there were loose bricks on the top of the chimney. We allowed $ to fix that.…
Can I submit a cash offer on a house that's still in redemption status and has been for a year now?
I am really interested in this one particular property that is owned by Bank of America sbm and has been in redemption for one year now. I called the bank and told them my interest in it and that I am…
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