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Can a seller's agent re-list a home at a higher price on the date a contract has been approved and ratified? Why would this happen?
Home was listed at $290,000. Contract ratified at $310,000 ($20,000 over asking). Now listing shows asking price of $300,000 and says, "Under Contract."
What do you think about new Elliott Homes price? (New Riata, Innovations 3.0 )
I went to the Elliott home sales center last week. The price is about $248~$250/Per s/q. The New Riata they will do your backyard but not for the Innovation 3. Also, they are not negotiable. Is this price…
I am a resident of Stratton ohio but I am currently out of the country and I am now in the process of coming back to Toronto area at the end of aug,,
I am interested in finding out more info about homes on a rent to own basis ,, or is it possible tht I can apply for a home mortgage while I am out of the us thks for your time
Any condos for sale that's been newly remodeled??
price range 150k-250k good neighboorhood
How much of a chance do I have in getting a forclosure that is under contract for a 203k loan?
I really want a forclosure that has a contract on it, they say they are excepting back-up offers. The contract that is on the house is for a 203k loan, we want to put in a higher offer, and we are planning…
Purchased home at 5744 S. Hilltop Drive at an auction for 75,000 for my daughter. The judge would not approve because it wasn't 75% of appraisal. The
The appraiser appraised said house at 145,000 without entering the home. There are many many things to fix. It is now in said to be in probate, but I see it here on Trulia. We would love to have opportunity…
Are there any signs that a Short Sale Lender is close to accepting a buyers offer...?
...we put in an offer about a month ago and now the sellers lender is requesting all kinds of proof and documents from us and they are communicating very quickly with the sellers agent. We realize there…
Where to pay tax?
Where to pay tax? My wife and I are thinking of moving to Vancouver, WA. We may end up working in Portland. We were wondering would we pay tax on our wages in Oregon or Washington or both?
Can I transfer a home deed to my son? I purchased the home in my name because he previously had to sell a previous home under a short sell.
I know I will remain on the mortgage, but can I deed over to him so he can claim is interest payments on his income tax return?
I am looking at new home in 7 Lakes subdivision in 37363 area code. What is short / long market outlook for this area ?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3063517607-8146-Perfect-Vw-Ooltewah-TN-37363
hello! how do we bid on a foreclosure house?
we are looking for a house in studio city 800.000 or less 4 bedrooms 3 baths
Where can I go for a USDA or FHA loan?
I am a first time home buyer with a 683 credit score. I am looking for a house in Barrow county. I have heard that a FHA or USDA loan would be best.
What is the space rent in Sunquest?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3036371446-73450-Country-Club-Dr-136-Palm-Desert-CA-92260
I live in washington state and currently own a home home that I bought VA and I am looking to buy a second home in oregon
I won't be able to use that as my primary home for about 3-4 yrs. Can I get a loan either conventional or FHA? My credit score is at 640 and I don't have much equity in my home right now. If…
little neck north by the back way to douglaston..
has anyone sat at a bbq or walked in the backyards of a home behind the train in little neck? Is it really that muggy? I am being told that if flushing and fresh meadows are hot and humid in the summer,…
Are we in a contract or not?
We put in an offer for a bank owned townhome a week ago and were told we had it. Our realtor emailed the listing agent several times trying to get her contract. Now I just received this. Filled it…
Please help are we under contract or not?
Ok. We signed an Addendum a few days ago and didnt hear anything. I emailed our realtor office to ask if the Addendum was the contract. She said no its not the contract it's additional info…
What is the lot rent on Beavertail Ln PD?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3049832500-13-Beavertail-Ln-Palm-Desert-CA-92260?ecampaign=con_day_propertycomp_bk&eurl=www.trulia.com/property/304983…
Progressive neighborhood in Miami?
Hello. We are a young family who are interested in possibly moving to Miami. We are from New York City and are looking for a neighborhood that is less about fancy cars and shopping malls are more about…
is it really required to pay 20% down payment when buying a coop? how about condo or single family house.?
first time buyer, interested in a 2-3 bedroom house, coop, or condo in 11234
Can I get approved for a mortgage now? Or Wait?
- I purchased a home in 2007. Currently being used as a rental, I live in another state. Two years rental history. Timely mortgage payments every month for past 5 years. - Buying a new home to live…
Is anyone else tired of all these mortgage companies and/or lender delays?
It seems like nothing with a loan these days is closing on time. And, the banks do not even care about attempting to meet a closing date.
Can I ask my mortgage company to put us in a temporary home, because they messed up on my loan?
At the beginning the mortgage company, managed to forget to order the appraisal and it put the loan process back about 3 weeks. Our closing date was set for the 17th of July, my husband and I went with…
what is required to be a bedroom?
Is there a minimum size requirement? Does a room have to have a closet to be considered a bedroom? If so, if the closet space is filled with an exposed air duct and is not longer usable does it count as…
What are the school. Academic. Rating
Like Wat your graduating percentage
What is the long term outlook for Real Estate Interest Rates in next 24 months?
Just curious about what folks feel. Is 6% out of the realm of Possibilities?
Supposed to close in 5 days and we don't have our appraisal back yet, can we still close on time?
Our whole process up to now has been absolutely miserable, my wife is a teacher and her VOE took awhile to get back since the school is on break, so during this time they just sat on the loan for 2 weeks.…
No Credit Score
I've no Credit Score. I owe no one nothing not a dime to anyone. If ever I owe I always paid off with the utmost speed. I want to try HUD FHA will they work with me even though I have no bills, owe no…
When it is advertised Sold As Is Tax deed Property ...?
I read this ad and I just do no feel comfortable reading those words so is this a warning of some sort ? "100' front x 100' deep (.23 acres) Sold as is, tax deed property This is not an offer for sale…
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