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Is anyone aware of any pre construction town-home projects that have not yet broken ground?
I represent a private buying group that is interested in buying pre construction town-homes under $250,000 we want it to be a small to mid size developer. We do not want publicly traded construction companies/builders…
Please remove the " similar homes. new listings, price reductions" so we can see the home we are inspecting.... YOU ARE TRASHING YOUR SITE!
Why would you screw up your site at least put it where It doesn't interfere with viewing the pictures of the homes....
credit score in the 600s, $10.000.00 cash look a house for my mother 3bed room 2 bath is it possible?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3063036405-9-Amsterdam-Pl-Mount-Vernon-NY-10553
I was asked to be a co-signer on an FHA refinance
but my credit scores are not great. My highest score is a 547 but I make about $2600/ month. My sister asked me to be a co-signer since she makes less than me but has better credit (in the higher 600's).…
Which states have option periods in their real estate contracts?
Do you have a time limit to get the option funds to the seller?
Do you have any for rent. planing to moveing to your town. marion OH.
Looking to rent. till we sell our house. thanks.
How do I list my home on Trulia?
I have just signed up to sell my hone on LIST2MOVE and I would like my home to appear on you web site also. Thanks, Lindamae
Would you please send me a comparable analysis of home solds in Blooming Grove, 3 b/r, 2.5 bath, 2,300 sq fr., 2 car garage..new build
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3105787525-Lot-10-Primrose-Ln-Blooming-Grove-NY-10914
is there anyway to get a loan to pay of debts on ur credsit report so u can get a houe loan?
i am a disable vet and get ss. i now make enough to pay a mortage but my credit is not in good shape, are there any programs to help me to pay off my debts and qualify for a home loan?
realtor contract
My daughter is looking to buy her first house here in west michigan. She signed some buyer contract with a realtor who is treating her very poorly. She insults her and bullies her and I'm about…
Should I accept the partial repayment with a promise of further payments or do I have grounds to take him to court?
Situation: We were going to buy a house from an individual who informed us that the house had had recent remodeling because of an old leak that had also been repaired. We gave him a partial down payment…
Who should I contact first: Broker or Agent?
Hi, all! I live in Montana but am thinking of buying a house in Clearwater, FL. I'll be down there for a week for a family vacation mid-April and would like to look at houses for an afternoon while…
Does anybody know where I can get a list of all the buildings (coop and condos) which allow renting in White Plains?
I am looking to buy a 1 bedroom apartment in White Plains as an investment and rent it in the future (2-3 years) My understanding is that condos should not have any restrictions but coops usually have…
Looking for good Mortgage rates with little down 10%? I am military and want to buy a home to move into when i retire in 8 years.
I currently have a rental in WA that was financed as a primary home. The VA wont back be because it is not a primary residence. I did however get a VA pre-approval for 350k but im not wanting to use…
I am very interested in a home in Greenview in Thousand Oaks. The listing says it has CC&Rs and I get they include some type of pet restrictions.
It is part of the Sunset Hills HOA however their website says specifically that they do not enforce the CC&Rs. So my 2 questions are: are there pet restrictions of some kind and would my husband be…
Finding public property taxes paid for Qsby area.
Where online can I find public records on how much taxes were paid on a home and also on homes next door. I'm also confused in regards to one home having $3000 taxes a year while the home next door listed…
2014 Taxes Values House at $20,000 Less then 2013
this sucks. I am planning on selling my house this summer thinking I could get what I paid for it and have some equity to walk away with. but my tax valuation notice just arrived and its valuing my house…
I need a rent to own or an owner financing 3 br in this area, can anyone help?
I am a veteran single mom of 4 girls, I have my VA cert. of elig. for a home loan but my scores are bet. 520-570.I am transfering to Disputanta, VA in the coming weeks and do not want to try and rent as…
Can someone tell me more about the rent to own and first time buyer programs in Illinois. My husband and I are looking for a new home.
Our credit isn't very good in fact we recently paid of an eviction on our credit report and are looking for a home. Someone please help!
Is Sundance a HOA? If so, what kind of rules do they have?
We run a small business out of our home, that entails having a truck and enclosed trailer in the drive and building a shop for my Hubby to work on equipment... Would that be allowed? -- This question…
Which are the best neighborhoods in New Orleans?
Hi I'm considering moving to New Orleans because a job offer. Wondering which are the best neighborhoods to raise kids, preferably out of the flooding risk areas??
is there any uwner will do do a lease purchase in these srea.these will be for 3 month at most
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/1039958806-8205-Summerview-Ct-Fort-Worth-TX-76123
Mortgage options?
Hi, I am looking to buy a home in Irvine (or surrounding areas as I know Irvine is expensive) but I do not have a down payment. I want to avoid PMI if I can, especially with the FHA's new requirement…
What are the options for other retirement communities other than Del Webb. I am a little worried about the price premium they are asking.
In one development nearby you can buy a fully upgraded unit of 3000 sq ft for 230k. A basically stock 1800 sq ft rancher in Del Webb is 230k. I am worried if later I want to move and interest rates…
Real Estate Agents specialized in Round Lake Beach, IL Market
Hello; I'm in the process of thinking of putting our house on sale; i would like to connect with the Local Agents that understands the local real estate market with a solid experience of selling in the…
A 1 bed 1 bath condo is listed for about $225,000. What's the lowest bid I can put in to start?
It is the single most expensive 1/1 property listed in the area, and in the last six months, the most any 1/1 property in the neighborhood closed for was $190,000, with the rest grouping around $150,000.…
Can I buy a condo and rent it out?
If I paid in full for the condo, will there be any extra fees? Will I have full ownership? I want to rent the condo out to students mainly. Please tell me the differences between owning a home and owning…
Does this or any of these listings allow large dogs?
Bernese Mountain Dogs -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3108010819-37-Manchester-Rd-D1-Eastchester-NY-10709
I am Retired Army with 100% disability my credit is not that good would I qualify for a VA loan?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3109859216-36194-Turnpike-Rd-Anadarko-OK-73005
looking to buy a 3/2 TH in Miami area
pre-approved for $ 125,000 conventional. only 5% down. but $18,000 in cash. Need an agent that could make a miracle.
Making an offer on short sale property. If I offer less than listing price, can another buyer make higher offer and take house from under me?
Should I offer full asking price, and be done with it, or can they go up and over listing price, and perhaps there be a bidding war? -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.c…
I will be in Erie for 4 years. Does it make more sense to rent rather than buy for this short time span?
I own a home in Montana. I have additional money to put down on a home in Erie if purchase is the right way to go.
suggestions on areas to fix and flip in Austin?
I'm getting out of the California market, the wall street guys are killing the market here. I'm moving to Austin Texas. I love to rehab properties and would like to invest in older neighborhoods where…
How do credits work? If I am in escrow and receive $10k in credit but my closing cost are only $5k, how does it work?
Would we get a check at the end of escrow ? Please advise how my buyer would benefit?
We would like to buy our 2nd home in DE, a foreclosure property . It is need of extensive repairs and won't qualify for a conventional loan.
We have good credit, decent income, some money to either put down or put into fixing it up but we do have some debt. Any recommendations?
i am a cash buyer
do u take cash
Who buys in Riverdale?
I wonder if anyone has comparison on sales Riverdale single family houses n recent months?
Offer on property accepted, loan approved, now Real Estate agent is trying to purchase property after personal business was obtained from lender.
Was approved for FHA loan but after appraisal repairs were required and lender is converting loan to 203K rehab. Requirements for 203K requires 620 credit score, my score is 615.Real estate agent obtained…
Home buying in a low inventory market
My husband and I are are looking to buy our first home. Everyone keeps telling us to buy now because the rates are so low, which makes sense except the inventory is so low. We've already put in a few…
Is there any way to close a mortgage before receiving my first paycheck?
I have great credit and substantial assets, however I would like to buy a home before my job starts because I will be moving across country. Is there something I can do in lieu of a first paycheck, such…
we are very interested in buying in this heighbor hood..How is it?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3083619407-6256-Ardmore-Way-Dublin-OH-43016
Horseperson looking for room/trailer/small house for rent. See my craigslist ad.
The ad applies to Ocala as well. http://harrisburg.craigslist.org/roo/3681897416.html
can a broker charge sales commission on a property they helped you rent if you decide you want to buy it later down the road?
a broker helped me find and rent an apt. they said that if i ever decided to buy, they would charge an additional sales commission since they helped me find the apt. it's been 5 yrs & i have…
Buying my first home - school tax help please.
I am buying my first home, at the moment just searching areas and have not joined with an agent (Though I will when I get closer to my desired time to buy). Can anyone please help me find a way of learning…
my low credit, his high credit, my higher salary, is lower one...
As you can see I have a pickle to deal with. I make more but his credit is better. is there a way to have my income included without my credit being included for a mortgage?
i want to get more information on the property 1852 hwy 260 heber az ...
it says is 4 rooms 3 bath but i dont see any pictures you guys may have the address wrong...
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