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Who manages the condos at 10244-50 Haskell Ave. & 10728-58 Devonshire St. in North Hills, Ca.
It's all one development. There is no sign on the property indicating management.
Hey, Currently I live & work in Virginia but I am planning to buy a house in Boston before moving there in May 2013. Please help.
I am planning to attend a school in Boston for 2 years from May 2013. I think that this home is going to be temporary residence for me since I plan to live there for 2-3 years only. I have never bought…
The public records section of many newer home listings on your site (homes built in late 90's thru 2010) state: Roofing: Asbestos.
Is this information possibly inaccurate since asbestos was outlawed by EPA many years ago?
I need advice about my current house, i am a tenant and was told i have 10 days to get out i don't think its legal to give me such short notice...
the owner is a family member and im the tenant. I don't see how its possible to close escrow before the potential buyers bank has approved the loan. They still have to come and do an inspection. To top…
How difficult is it to sell a 2 bedroom, 1 bath house built in 1947?
I am thinking about upgrading to a larger home. I currently own a 2 bedroom, 1 bath in the Parkdale area of Dallas. I am in the process of getting it leveled and painted. I plan to pay cash for the…
I want to report a post for fraud. It's in my mobile app notif. but not on the website. Help.
The address from my mobile app is 1009 Wylie St SE, Atlanta, Ga 30316 but the actual property address is 791 Wylie St SE Unit #1009, Atlanta, GA 30316. The guy who I've been corresponding with wants me…
We just found out the short sale we are trying to purchase has two mortgages, what now?
We just found out that the short sale we are trying to purchase has two mortgages on it. Does that mean it will take even longer? The owners told us that that they had four other offers on the house that…
Hello, Looking for an agent familiar with King City, CA to send a referral to. Must know the area well and have experience with USDA loans.
I have a very special client moving to the King City area. If you are interested in a referral, please contact me. Must be knowledgeable about the area and USDA loans AND a pleasure to work with. Thanks, Lynne…
3185 Surrey Hill, Stow, Ohio
Crime rate, sex offenders
Looking for a home waterfront in Port Charlotte $500,000 ,cash deal
requirements dock or not with good depth at low ebb,3-4 bed room,2-3 baths,two car garage,gated w/security an option !
what is the difference between Insurable and Marketable title?
A property we are looking at was under a P&S contract in 2010, but the sale fell through because of questions concerning the property title. The issue was that part of the house sits on land owned…
1st-time Buyer Incentive Programs: Wisconsin?
Was curious if there were any incentive programs out there for 1st-time buyers? Anything in the state of WI? Honestly, I like to do some homework before calling up a RE agent and look completely glassy-eyed…
An owner collects the money form a tenant and didn't pay his mortgage. What the renter should do?
The landlord did not inform the tenant and did not give notice. What are the tenant's rights? Not in a rent control city.
Is there any recourse for a situation where a lender withdraw approval in underwriting, but went ahead and had the insurance policy issued ?
The approval was withdrawn by the underwriter from Polaris stating a 403b from a former employer was unacceptable as a portion of the reserves. The t&c stated I was eligible to withdraw funds upon…
Buyers broker attempted to send sellers appraisal
My wife and I are first time buyers and need to know if this is abnormal or not. We have been working with a buyers broker and were a little worried when my mortgage rep informed me two days ago that…
If you have been discharged 2 yrs ago from chapter 7 can you get qualified for a homepath loan? Also we had a short sale included in with the bk.
My husband and I have been discharged 2 years ago, also we have a short sale that was on the bk can we get qualified?
moving to melbourne area
i m looking for months a house with fruit trees [peach,apples,citrus],vegetable garden,were i can raise some hens and one rooster ,and tie a cloth-rope on my future backyard any suggestion ?
What is the average listing price of a home in Green Trails? Is that figure available?
Currently considering a house in GT that seems to be priced high compared to the area.
Retired families looking for property to share.
At least 40 acres, no/few ccrs, will be housing more than one family so ranch land might be the way to go...not residential lot, remote is fine. Off grid is good too. Contact KC at sisterpine@yahoo.com…
I'm trying to figure out what to offer on a cabin that's listed at $189k. It's been on the market, off and on, for a couple of years.
This property has been on the market for a couple of years, it seems. Any advice would be welcome!
Which is better for re-sale-- lakeview or natural preserve?
Which is better for resale- having a home with a lake view or a home with a pool that backs up to a natural preserve?
The fountains Country Club. Mandatory equity Fees.
What are the mandatory fees for a home/condo owner in the Fountain's country club. Please inculde equity buy in and initiantion fee's and yearly amounts if known. Thank you
rural property lacks comparables
we are trying to buy a rural property in carlton county, however we have been told that there arent enough comparables, next step? it is out near cloquet and homes in this area are on acreage and passed…
Can a Seller back out if agreement is already signed but hasn't entered escrow yet?
My parents recently put their house up for sale, and just signed a contract of agreement with a particular buyer who wasn't making it easy on them. But now, they've changed their mind about…
how long do short sale/auction homes take before the buyer knows that they are in busibess with the house?
at what point does the auction end? is there a magic number that the bank wants to hit or number of days on the market? at what point would i be able to rest assured in knowing that my offer is in competention…
Can anyone suggest a local (Union County) company I can work with to improve my credit score of 530?
I have some derogatory accounts that I would like to remove from my report. I'm looking to buy a house before the end of the year. Thank you for your help.
Why does Trulia comp homes with 2 vs my 3 brs - 1 1/2 baths vs my 2 1/2- 1 car vs my 2 car garage- and they have NO BASEMENT --THESE ARE NOT COMPS?
If Trulia is to be respected this has to stop---any ideas????????????---Lancaster County PA where not everyone is burning plastic barrels in their backyards
Looking to buy single family home in LV area for investment purpose.
My budget is under 100K, minimum 3bedroom, 2.5 baths. area 1600 sq feet in nice neighborhood where renting is quick and rent in the range of $1000 pm. I will be using property management services. Property…
Where should I buy a house to work at Microsoft?
Family of 5 with three elementary-school-aged boys. I want good schools, parks nearby, 4BR, 2-1/2 baths, 2-car garage. Don't want to commute more than 15-20 miles. I anticipate making about ~$150k/yr,…
Finance for overseas property investor with ITIN?
I am an overseas investor with a property (purchased using cash) in the Birmingham/Center Point AL area. It is held in my LLC. I am looking for finance to expand my property portfolio. This is what I have: -…
i'm a first time home buyer. I am in contract to purchase a home. The valuation has just been set at the same
as the purchase price. I estimated my purchase with zillow however the back came in at appox 30 k less. is this common? Am i getting duped? i feel like i am not taking advantage of the buyers market with…
Title Insurance Survey?
My attorney order title insurance for my new property & today they called me to ask should I also get Title Insurance Survey? I am totally unaware of what this term "Title Insurance Survey"…
Buying a house and having serious regrets. We are having to relocate for my husbands job. We were looking for a home in a friendly quiet neighborhood
And seemed to find one, but not perfect. My husband liked it, but it has features I can't see myself living with for ten years or raising a family in. It's a zero lot and I wanted a detached. We were told…
How is new construction taxed after settlement?
My cousin just bought a town home and is freaking out because she got a notice that her taxes are going by $600/yr Thanks!
Which neighborhood is better Skybrook-huntersville or Vermillion-huntersville?
Which neighborhood would you recommend in terms of good schools, low crime rate, resale value, and overall living. Thanks!
we are looking for a lakeview property in Flowery Branch GA
we would like to build our own home, what are the pros and cons of buying a home or building one in Flowery Branch
I'm having an issue similar to what was described here in which I lost the oportunity to walk away from the contract due to removal of
contingencies. I'm purchasing my house through FHA and during the process or removing contingencies the lender informed us (Realtor and me) that we were able to remove all the contingencies since…
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