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Is there a high rise in a desirable SF neighborhood?
I'd love to have the city views that come with a high rise apartment, but I don't want to live in a sketchy neighborhood. Where should I be looking?
Looking for a NYC apt in the range of $1.2 - $1.7
What are the best schools in District 2 of NYC. What types are loan works best for first time home buyers. Which investment is better coop vs condo in terms of investment, sq ftg, and location.
We will be relocating for a job in Coatesville.. 30 min. commute would be ideal. We would like a small town atmosphere close a village center
quality shopping (ie Traders Joes/Whole Foods/Wegmans), library, etc. Ideally we would like to buy or build a home with at least 2.5 acres of land. Schools are not a concern as we have no kids but…
How are closing cost calculated for the buyer?
How are closing costs calculated for a conventional mortgage on approx $100,000.00 with 11% down
would they take 100,000 for this place?
I like where it;s at ,needs some work
are you selling to foreign people?
I am from Finland and looking for a house to my holidays. I would like to get more info in my mail, thank you Maiju Voutilainen
USDA Loans for condos and townhomes in Mesquite Nevada
All of Mesquite is eligible, the website shows all are good addresses but it does not know if it is a house or condo. Only approved FHA properties qualify and you cannot find it on ANY website. That is…
I'm interested in buying a condo in NJ. The problem is that I don't know the right place. I'm from the Bronx NY and single
professional woman. A coworker told me to take a look at Essex county. So far I haven't seen this part of NJ but it looks very attracted by pictures. Montclair and Bloomfield look very nice! What's…
I have put several offers on houses the past month, I have a pre-approval from Bank of America, proof of
funds of 20% down and I get the offers in the day the houses go on the market. Even though I have 20% to put down I want to purchase the house with an FHA loan so that I have enough money to do renovations…
how do i know if a house can be expanded, do i need to hire an architect or can i check myself with the city?
i am interested in a house on a lot of 4500, currently, the 2nd floor is only half of the first floor. Before i make an offer, i want to make sure the 2nd floor can be expanded to be as long as the first…
i didn't realize there were 2 porto vista condo complexes!! i just saw the nw listings...what's the deal? builder ran out of $$ to finish
nw? (i am interested in maybe purchasing a condo in the porto vista complex(NW) , i didn't know that there were 2 complexes built by the same builder...the SW complex seems like it is more established…
Does the law support my case? With my pool problem.
I Bought a House in Las Vegas Nevada And I found a pool full of dirt and I stones, we dug it all out and found that the pool was in ruins, I would like to know if their is any legal help with my problem,…
I use to live in Sandpoint. My son and I want to move back. I am hoping and praying to find somewhat of a (please don't laugh) rent-to-own
contract. Right now I have a solid monthly income of $1,100 and I can work full time at Walmart and other places. My credit score is aprox 628. Please my dear Friends is there any home you can find for…
my mom owns a home to large for her she owes 14.000 on it she needs to downsize and needs help she has good credit but only makes so much money she
is 61 yrs old is there a program that can help her sell hers and get into a smaller one with less utility bills please help im desperate.. thanks tracy tinyrosebud@sssnet.com
Listing agent represented seller and chose her own buyer.
We put in an "all cash" offer on a condo in short sale with an agent who is in the same office as the listing agent. The listing agent received the same 'all cash offer' from her own…
It is now mid-2012. How is the market in WNC compared to what has been written on Trulia for '09, '10 and '11? How is the job market?
there? What are the vacancies, short sales and foreclosure rates on homes? In other words, please share with me what good present and long-term value purchasing in WNC offers vs other mountain areas of…
Amateur radio antenna towers and antennas
What are the difficulties in getting Amateur radio towers and antennas permitted in the greater ABQ, Reo Rancho, Los Lunas and surrounding areas. With all of the HOA's and local govt. RF interference…
hello...im about to buy a home in 2013. i am totally clue-less & was wondering if I could have my questions answered. would ten-thousand out of pocket on a $100,000. home a good move so that i am not…
Seller assist or no seller assist?
House we want is $137,900. We offered full $137.900 and asked for $5000 seller assist. They came back and offered $135,000 with no seller assist. We are unsure of where to go now. Do we counter with a…
Does a listing agent on any home "condo ' have to disclose hardwood floors in above unit. Especially if this unit is the only one out of 50
units? These were brand new condominiums in Arroyo Grande.Realtor made a boo boo when she told upstairs new owners to go ahead and do what you want before an HOA begins and will stop you.. Hardwood are…
If a listing states xxx,xxx of dollars for a home with 0 down. Do I need to have approval from a lender to apply for a home that is on the market?
I have been with the same employer for approximately 10 years. My monthly rental payment is approx. $998, no car payment, I have average/good credit, I pay my credit card in full every month, I have savings…
Market conditions in SW MI?
I'm interested in purchasing (or renting) a home in SW Michigan, looking at the areas of St Joseph, Berrien Springs, Niles, and pretty much anything west of that area towards the lake. How stable is…
Should Realtors that are a member of a local multiple listing service post current/pending special assessments in their listing information?
On two instances I have had buyers interested in properties that I sent them information on from my local multiple listing service. During negotiations it was found there was a current special improvement…
I want a sale my Anaheim home its almost 9000 lot and 1400 living are and R2 zoning so any one build second unit.
I live close to state collage and Lincoln in Anaheim.i want a sale my home its almost 9000 lot and 1400 living are and R2 zoning so any one build second unit because its corner lot. my question is is it…
My husband and I have low credit scores abut we have a income of 130,000.00. Is there any type of finance that we could do?
We are wanting to move to Texas, we are currently in La. We have not tried to get finance, due to our scores. Our advisor told us not to try until we were serious.
Do you need to be pre-approved if you pay cash for a home?
We are retired, our mortgage is paid off, and we are going to sell in the next 6 months. I read on certain homes, that 2nd time home buyers will be looked at second. Why is that?
how long is too long to close?
We went into executed contract on mid march and its now may. Is this too long too close.
Someone told me that the city council was planning to extend the border for cupertino school distric to include Lorne way (at Sunnyvale. Is this true?
has the decision been already made? also, does anyone know if this will increase the real estate value in this area?
lake or riverfront homes or better yet condos under 150,000.00??????
looking in neenah, oshkosh , new london area
We are in a house that is falling apart and we owe about 36,000 on it still, plus we need a bigger house which we have found and like and can afford.
what should or is recommended to do in this situation help me please. We have lived in our current house for six years and more problems then we can deal with..
Questions regarding property/school taxes in Northern Westchester/Putnam counties.
As a home buyer in this area, I am constantly surprised at, and confused by, the wide range of taxes I'm finding for comparable homes in the same or adjacent neighborhoods. For example, there's a 1560…
what is the average value of land in southmayd? per acre
i have .53 acre received from rail road that closed track, it almost unuseable
Residential Investment Property in Elk Grove, Area
Hi Professionals, What are some of the good areas to buy residential investment properties in Elk Grove area? say, under $200k? My goal is cash flow with rental yield around 7-10%. I'm planning to use…
Why Rocky Flats was built there : Transcript for Len Ackland OH0991?
From the Boulder Library Oral History project, Len Ackland, one of my favorite writers, has this information, which explains why that site was selected, with unfavorable winds and large nearby population... 51:11Did…
Short sale in escrow, getting sticky with exclusions
Short sale was listed on the MLS with "Shutters and Surround Sound not included" We wrote an offer with no exclusions in Section 8 of the contract and now Listing agent is asking us if we…
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